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Archive-name: School/back2sch.txt

Archive-author: Warren Mansfield

Archive-title: Teacher

	After the Gulf War the Corps had no place to put me.  I made

the error of accepting a promotion to Major in July, I figured this

war was going to happen, I might as well be in charge.  I should have

stayed at the comfortable rank of Captain, but I guess I wanted to be

a big shot.  The war was over, I was sitting around waiting for the

next thing to do.  Col. McBride called me in and told me that I had

been RIF'd (Reduction In Force) I was out of a job.  18 1/2 years in

the U.S. Marine Corps down the fucking drain.

	After some soul searching I decided it was time to go back to

school and work on my Doctorate.  I fucking hate school, but I hate

hanging around looking for something to do, even more.  So, I ended up

in Texas.  Big fucking deal.  Uncle Sam has to pay the freight so

who cares.  I end up living in an apartment complex full of snot nosed

mama's boy types.  I had never seen such a bunch of weird fuckers in

my life.  12 weeks on the Island and I could make men out of these

little homo bastards...Or I'd end up killing them, after all, that's

what Marines do, they kill, and they die....It's a great job.  But

this Marine is going to be smart now, he's gonna be a P H fucking D.

	I buckled down and went to work.  I had a mission, I had a

goal, I had no choice but to finish, and finish I will, In true Marine

Corps fashion.  Things got better, I was not so repulsed by the

assholes that walk around wearing sweatshits that say B.U.M.

Equipment and wearing their fucking hats backwards.

What the fuck exactly is B.U.M. equipment?  Is that some shit that the

fudge packers use? And if you can't wear your cover squared away, get rid of

the fucker, and get a fucking hair cut too!

	Let me tell you a little more about Major Warren Mansfield.  I

was born to be a Marine.  I spent my lifetime getting to where I am

today.  I worked hard, I played every sport there was I fought every

asshole in my school just so I could learn to live with pain.  I went

to college and got my degree, then off to the University Of Science

Music and Culture (U.S.M.C.) 12 weeks at Parris Island, the best, most

memorable days of my life.  I was hit, I was kicked, I was slapped,

punched and pissed on.  I ate constantino wire and pissed napalm.  I

learned to do what I was bred to do.  I learned how to be a killing

machine.  1 Year later I lead my troops into a small village in Viet

Nam, I got to see first hand what a blown up skull looks like.  Sure I

was a young Lieutenant, but I felt like a seasoned war dog by the time

we secured that little piece of commie heaven.

	Then that asshole Nixon decided to pussy foot us right the

fuck out of Nam, I wasn't done yet...I left a job undone, but that was

the only time.  You may want to ask some ragheads in Saudi Arabia

about me....Of course they can't talk because they're dead, but if

they could...

	So, here I am, a frustrated Marine.  I hate this school, I

hate this state, and I damn sure hate being a civilian.  I also hate

sitting around my apartment while shitbirds on roller blades zip by my

window...I was thinking how nice a length of piano wire would be,

right about neck level.  Then I decided to go for a beer.  Like a fool

I headed for the local student hang outs, I found the company to be

repulsive.  So I bought a six pack of Lone Star and headed back.  On

the way I stopped to get a pizza.  I was standing there waiting for my

pizza and I saw this girl.  For some reason I was very attracted to

her.  She smiled, I nodded.  I turned away, but only for a moment.

When I looked back she was talking with her friends.  I got my pizza

and headed for the door, but on the way I walked to her table.  Now,

this is not my type of woman, first of all, I have a daughter in

Okinowa that is the same age....But I thought maybe this is what I

need, a little something different.

	I walked to her and said "Hi, I'm Major...I mean, Warren, how

are you?"  She looked up, she seemed pleased that I had approached.

"Hello, I'm Donna..."  I stood silent, I was not sure what to say

next, but this came to me "Well, at the risk of being rude to your

friends, I have a pizza and a six pack and no one to help me get rid

of it..Are you interested?"  She giggled as she and the other girls

looked at each other, she asked them "Do you mind?"  They all

encouraged her to go with me.

	We walked back to my apartment, we talked a little on the way.

I think she was more nervous than I, but not too much more.  Sure, I

have fucked many pretty women, that's the other thing Marines do

besides kill and die, we fuck.  This one, though, had me wondering.  I

think she was going to be a challenge.  We got inside and she

commented how nicely I kept the place.  That is another thing we do,

we clean things.  I got us some plates and mugs and we ate and drank

and I did my macho Marine stories for her.  She was different than a

lot of the others, she actually seemed interested in where I had been

and in what I had done.

	It was getting late, I was getting horny looking at this

woman's breasts...They were very nice, and she had no bra.  I guess

she knew I was looking at them because she smiled and said "I could

give you a closer look Major..."  I chuckled, she knew I was very

interested in seeing them closer.  I moved toward her, she pulled back

a little.  "You planning on getting laid Major?"  I got all serious

now, "I don't like a tease....So, let's make a decision here!"

	I don't know if it was my forcefullness or the fact that she

wanted to get fucked, but she got serious too, "Well Sir, I'd oblige,

but I've got my period."  Marine instinct took over now....I grabbed

her by the arm and dragged her body to me.  I looked in her eyes and

planted a kiss on her lips.  My tongue slammed deep into her mouth, I

tickled her gums and the roof of her mouth with the tip, all the while

I was undoing her pants and letting my hand wander over her cunt.  I

felt the string of her tampon.  I lowered her pants and brought them

over her shoes, her pussy was vulnerable to me now.  I removed the

tampon and brought my mouth to the opening.  She gasped as I let my

tongue enter her, licking all over her beautiful cunt.  There is one

thing this Marine loves, and that is eating pussy, I can do it for

hours, and I don't care if she is on her period, it still makes me

hotter than hell to do it.

	My mouth continued to make a full scale assault on her wetness

as I stopped to remove my clothes.  She looked at me and said "I want

to be your slave Major....Please?" She was almost begging me to be her

master.  Suddenly I was back at Lejune, preparing myself to drill

troops, to bring them down as low as whale shit then build them back

up til they were Marines, that is what I was going to do to this

woman, I was going to destroy her, then rebuild her, only better than

she was.

	"Ok, you little worthless bitch...You think you have what it

takes to fuck a Marine?  I don't think so, I think you are a little

cockteasing, pussy playing slut...You don't have enough wet cunt to

satisfy the cock of a fucking piss ant and you think you can make a

Marine cum?"  I could see she was becoming more aroused, but she was a

little scared too, after all, she was seeing a different side of me.

I picked up my t-shirt and wiped off my face, her juices were all over

me.  I took the shirt and tied her hands behind her back "In case you

get any idea that you are going to touch me."  I had a hardon that was

well hidden behind my briefs, I decided to deploy that particular

missile, and let her see just what was coming later.

	"See this!  This is genuine U.S.M.C. issue Cockmeat!  It's

gonna have a fun time reaming your tight little ass BITCH!"  With that

I grabbed a hand full of her beautiful hair and assisted her from the

sofa, with my left hand I ripped her shirt off in one fell swoop

letting her breasts hang free, her nipples hard and ready for play.

"You ready to learn how to treat a Marine?"  She wimpered "Yes

Major..."  I slapped her hard on the ass, "You're in training bitch,

you'll speak when spoken to, you'll answer Sir yes sir and I wanna

hear you, not listen for some squeely little pissy prissy fucking cunt

voice, I wanna hear it loud and clear got that!"  She was almost

breathless as I screamed this into her face.."Sir YES Sir!" I knew I

had her now...I was sure this was going to be fun.

	I dragged her into the head and started the shower going, the

water was hot, steam was building up as I lifted her intothe stall.

The hot water was burning her skin as I saw her wince..."What't the

matter recruit, water to hot for your tender fucking skin?"  She was

gasping as she replied "Sir NO sir, it's fine SIR!"  I reached in and

took a nipple in between two fingers and pinched "You are letting

these lose their squared away look..I want them hard DO YOU UNDERSTAND


"SIrrr Yesss Sirr..." She got the words out just barely"  "BULLSHIT I

CAN"T HEAR YOU!"  "SIR YES SIR" She replied.  I left her there under

the hot spray, by now her body was getting used to the hot water.  I

left the room.  I returned and walked to the shower...I slowly brought

my hand to her right breast, her head was tilted back and the water

was splashing over her face, her eyes closed...As my hand touched her

breast she screamed as the ice cube in my palm touched her hot soft

nipple and brought it back to reality....I held it there, she winced

in painful pleasure.  The ice melted and left a trail of cold water

down her chest and torso.  I joined her in the shower and took the

massager wand off of the wall.  I lowered the temperature of the water

and turned it to pulse.  I brought it to her pussy and spread her

swollen lips with my fingers, the spray shooting all over her very wet

hole.  I teased at her clit with the pulsing spray, I let it scald her

tight asshole.  She moaned in pleasure as I brought my hand to her ass

again with a sturdy slap.  I got up to her face and yelled "I never

told you to make a sound!  You know the rules, this is for my pleasure

not yours, if you want pleasure go find a fucking sailor and pay him

ten bucks!"  I brought my hand to her breast and gave a strong pinch.

My cock was hard and probing against her ass as I pulled her towards

me, my other hand bringing the shower massager to her clitoris and

letting it splash freely against it.  She was doing all she could to

suppress the moans and she was standing still, frozen as the hot water

pleased her hardened clit.

I let her come from the shower massager.  Then I took her by the arm

and removed her from the shower.  I dragged her by the t shirt that

bound her hands and we went to the bedroom.  I pushed her beautiful

wet body onto the bed, my hands entwined themselves in her hair, I

pulled her mouth to my cock and said "Now, show me that you are worth

a shit, not that I think you ever could be, but take this Marine in

your mouth and fuck me with your throat....You fuck up and touch my

cock with one tooth and I will rip out your eyes and fuck your skull"

Without hesitation she enveloped my cock, it was great, she hungrily,

and with utter abandon sucked and licked my cock, in a way that I had

never had it done.  I felt the head of my cock as it slid to her

throat, her breathing was intense and I felt the warm exhalations from

her nostrils as she plunged my cock deeper into her warm mouth and throat.

I felt my balls getting tight and a rush came over my body. I pulled her

mouth off of my cock as I spewed a hot splash of my jism onto her

face, she tried to lick it up as each stream hit her face and lips,

but I commanded her "No, let it drip!"  I wanted to revel in the site

of her in front of me with my cum dripping on her face.  "Now you may

clean it up and me too!"

I then rolled her over onto her back, she was most uncomfortable with

the t-shirt still binding her hands.  I spread her legs and went down

on her again, this time I prodded her swollen cunt with my fingers,

letting them go into her as deeply as I could.  My thumb made an

attempt to enter her ass, she squirmed as if to avoid my intrusion.  I

stopped my ministrations to her cunt and slapped her across the

breasts..."Stay still....I'm not wrestling aligators in a fucking

Louisianna swamp!  I'm eating pussy and I don't like to have to fight

for it!  Understand me?"  She cried out "Sir Yes Sir"  I returned to

her beautiful muff and started licking her again. My thumb once again

made its way to her ass, this time she froze solid as I let it

puncture its way inside.  I heard a faint whimper as it slid in.  I

held it there and continued to slurp her juices which by now were abundant.

I decided to let sweet Donna reach a climax with my tongue.  My

fingers still probing, my tongue still licking, she came with a great

deal of force.  As she began to recover from her climax I returned to

her swollen clit and sucked as hard as I could, she erupted once

again, her whole body shaking, I nibbled her stomach and navel, and

then traced my tongue back down her torso and over her pussy, I

continued to lick and nibble while she still shook from the aftershock

of orgasm, my finger lightly touching her labia as I let my teeth sink

into her thigh...Not enough to draw blood, but enough to make her sit

up and take notice as she erupted once again.

I removed the t-shirt and mounted her, my cock found its way into her

cunt and we melted together...We were moaning and sighing and trying

to breath, our tongues entwined in a deep sexy passionate kiss, I

brought her to another orgasm as she dug her nails into my back...I

told her to yell "Semper Fi"  She kept moaning, I grabbed her hair and

pulled it lightly "I said SAY IT NOW...."  She took a deep breath and

with all of her strength she yelled "Semper Fi SIR!"  With that I

unloaded my hot seed into her awaiting cunt, she had proven that she

was worthy of Major Warren Mansfield of the United States Marine Corps...

	Things were tough as heck, golly, I had engaged in unprotected

deviant sex with a coed and everything.  Oh well, I woke up and

decided to read my news on the computer which I keep next to my super

Nintendo.  Anyhow, a bunch of people thought I was crude.  I was so

upset.  I had to talk to someone about it...So, being a true Marine,

at least by the today's Army definition..I watched Mr. Rogers

Neighborhood and had a glass of ovaltine.

	Life sure has changed for Maj. Mansfield...Ya, now I enjoy the

finer things in life, like bowling, little hershey's kisses (I love

the holiday ones, such pretty colors) and listening to Richard Marx on

my CD player, he is soooo sensitive.  I think I might join one of

those square dance clubs...You can meet nice girls there, perhaps go

for a malted and a burger afterward...maybe hold hands.   Yup, that's

me, from Annapolis to Sesame Street...I can be a tough guy, or I can

sit and just hold hands and think about life, and how I may have

unjustly killed all those poor unfortunate people in those far away lands...

	Oh, guess what?  I bought a new dog...That Bulldog was too

aggressive...I bought the cutest little yorkshire terrier....Her name

is "Muffins"  She is absolutely to die for....She has a little ribbon

in her hair that matches my new workout suit...I love spandex...It

looks good on men too!  I like to take her for walks now in the

morning, real early....Oh, it is sooo nice...

	Well, I certainly hope all the liberals like the new me...I

have worked so hard to change from a crude ill mannered crazed killer,

to the sensitive, fun loving guy I am today....Oh, I even stop for

chippies when they run across the road in front of my car...Well, I

gotta go make a pitcher of grasshoppers before my Marine "Buddies"

come over...Ollie North....I still love ya guy....And I'm still "A

real Man!"


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