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Archive-name: School/angel1.txt

Archive-author: Hans John

Archive-title: Seduction by an angel

     I would like to tell you a story about one of the sexual

encounters I had while attending college.  I had been  eyeing a  woman

who was perfect physically.  She had long blond hair, a perfect  face,

a perfect ass, and the best legs I have seen in a long while(a  fetish

of mine).

     Anyway, I finally got a date with her.  We went out to dinner

and to hear Maynard Ferguson play downtown.  She was very stand-offish

all evening and I was incredibly horny (great!).  After the concert,

we went back to my place to watch some cable TV.  After a while of

nothing going on, I slowly reached over and kissed her.  The response

was incredible!  I felt the smoothness of her tongue reaching for mine.

I didn't need any more encouragement, so I reached up and caressed her

left breast slowly.  Her hand started to massage my hard cock through

my pants, and I suggested that we continue without the aid of our

clothes.  She smiled, stood up, and quickly removed her dress.  Her bra

was quickly removed by her deft fingers and I was still trying to get

out of my pants.  She helped me off with my shirt while I sucked on her

hard nipples.  She slowly fondled my cock and rubbed my pre-cum juice

into her fingers.  As we laid down on the couch, we spontaneously went

into the 69 position.  Her ass was so tight that I had a hard time

getting in there to lick and suck her hot cunt.  She was an expert with

her mouth on my cock as she was a flue player, anyway(honest!).  After

about a minute of this, she stopped sucking me, turned around and said,

"Fuck me!  I want your hard dick in my pussy!" Okay.  I laid back on the

couch while she lowered her slippery cunt down onto my cock.  This

produced moans from us both.  Needless to say, I was too excited to last,

and I came inside of her.

     I would have to say that I would like to see her again, but she

moved to California and got married about 3 years ago.  Hey, but I'll

always remember that first date.....


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