Vacation Fun
by Colt 45

One of our friends had offered to let us use his cabin in the northern Adirondack Mountains whenever we wanted to. We had planned the trip for several months and one night we were discussing it with one of my high school friends, Shay. Shay was black, standing about 6'4" tall, and had a solid rippling body. He worked in construction and this had kept him in shape since the years we got out of school. One day after gym class, as we were showering, I saw that what I had always heard about black guys was right. Shay was huge, and I understood his popularity with the white girls at school.

The night we were discussing our trip, Shay said he wished he could do something like that. Later, after he went home, Sara and I talked about taking him along with us. He could help drive getting us there much quicker as we wouldn't have to stop overnight. I phoned him the next day and he was pretty thrilled about going along. Many thoughts went through my head after this. How to get Shay and Sara in bed was the primary thought. We have experimented with other's switching partners a few times. Sara enjoyed it, as did I, but my biggest thrill came from seeing her fucking another man. All of the previous guys were white though, and I was hoping to see a big black cock shoved into my wife's pretty cunt. Sara is now thirty two and is beginning to reach her sexual peak. She loves to fuck and I love to fuck her 38 (D) 26 34 115 lbs body. Her nipples get real hard and long when she gets turned on.

One night, we invited Shay over to talk about the trip and before he got there, I brought up the subject of her sleeping with Shay. "Pete, I don't know if that's a good idea, or if I could even let a black man do it to me." she said. "Sara baby, I think you'd love it. His cock is huge, more so than any of the guys you've had recently, and you know how that turned me on!" She blushed at this thought, knowing that she turned into a real slut in bed, yet feeling very shy about it. We talked more about it, and I could see that the thought was becoming very appealing to her. Shay was due at 8:00 p.m. and we set it up so that Sara would be getting out of the shower when Shay got there. I'd send him up and we'd see what developed.

As usual, Shay was right on time. I heard the shower go off as he rang the doorbell. I opened the door, and asked him if he could go upstairs and help Sara with something, and he said "Sure". I gave it about ten minutes, then crept up the stairs. Since he didn't come back down, I knew that things were progressing. I sat on the floor, and had a great vantage point. They were in each other's arms, Sara completely naked. She pressed herself into Shay, and I could see he wasn't quite sure about this. His words confirmed it. "Uh, Sara, Pete and I have been best friend's since high school. I wouldn't want to hurt that friendship. I mean, you're beautiful and I really like you, and if it wasn't for Pete, I'd already be inside of you." I knew it was time for me to enter. I walked in and his eyes opened wide. "Relax Shay. It's because we're such good friends that I'm offering Sara to you. Go ahead, you'll both love it. I've seen her fuck a couple of different guys, and I think its one of the greatest turn ons a man can ever experience. To see another man take your wife is beyond description." He looked at me as if to say "Are you nuts?!" and I assured him it was OK for him to have my beautiful wife. I looked at Sara and she was all smiles as he turned back to her. He bent his head and kissed her, eliciting a throaty moan from my wife. His hands went to her firm ass cheeks, which he rubbed and squeezed. Sara held him tight, pressing her tits and cunt against his well built, dark, black body.

The fell to the bed and I sat in a chair watching them. Sara couldn't stand it any longer, and undid his pants allowing his throbbing hard cock out in the open. It seemed much bigger than I remember seeing it that day in the shower, but then again, he wasn't turned on like now either. His cock was a purplish color, and looked to be about fourteen inches long. The thickness of it was also astounding. It was as large as my forearm is. It seemed to have a mind of it's own as it throbbed in her hands, the veins bulging out of it. Sara immediately lowered her head to pay homage to the large cock she was about to receive. She licked his gargantuan balls, and then up his shaft to the head. Her mouth opened as her eyes closed, and I saw her tongue begin to move around the head as she lowered her mouth on him. It wasn't his length, but his thickness that wouldn't allow her to swallow his throbbing cock. She had about eight inches in, but could go no farther. Her hands stroked up the shaft and back down again, and she kept her tongue very active. "Oh my God!" Shay cried out. "Sara, you're the best I've ever had! No one has ever sucked me like this before. Oh God, you're fantastic!" I knew exactly what he meant. Sara was, without a doubt, the best cocksucker I've ever known. I spoke up and said "And if you think that's good, wait 'til you sink that monster in her cunt!" Sara replied "God, as big as Shay is Pete, I don't know if he'll fit it all in my cunt!" "Patience my dear, patience!" I replied. I told her to get on top of him and let him eat her while she sucked his cock. Sara seems to be able to take more cock down her throat if she's being eaten at the same time. Sure enough, as Shay started to lick and suck her delicious cunt, her head went lower. Now, all but about four inches was in her sweet mouth and Shay moaned out "God, no one has ever taken that much down Sara, Oh my God, what a woman you are!" They continued in this fashion for quite some time, and Sara had gone through a couple of orgasms that wracked her body, making her scream out her passion. Finally, she told him "Oh Shay, I want you to fuck me now! Oh God, I have to feel this huge cock in me! Please!" With that, he slid her off of him and moved between her wide splayed legs. I moved to the side of the bed and watched as he began to rub the huge black cockhead against her wet slit. I saw him press into her and his head slowly disappeared between the lips of her pussy. I heard a low growl come from her, which got louder as he pushed more of his massive cock into her quivering cunt. Sara said "Oh Pete, he's fucking me! Oh God, I've never felt this way before! No one has ever stretched my cunt like this! Oh Shay, baby, fuck me! Let me feel that whole thing baby! Don't stop, no matter what! Fuck me!!" she demanded.

Shay withdrew all but the massive head, then thrust back inside my wife's sopping cunt. As he did, the force of his thrust caused he body to heave off the bed. She cried out in the most passionate voic e I ever heard "Oh Fuck!! Oh my God, yes! Oh God Shay, fuck me! Yes, I need it so badly! Oh fuck, that's the deepest anyone has ever been! Please, Fuck me hard!"

Shay began to move his hips in a circular motion, and Sara came. Actually, I think she came throughout the whole fuck. I never saw her this turned on before, and unintelligible sounds cried out from her throat. My cock was fully hard by this time, and I knelt alongside of Sara's head and began to rub it all over her mouth. She sucked me right in off course, completely and fully. I was in her slut throat, and I began to piston my cock in and out. Soon, she reached another heightened orgasm, and I felt body shake as she came. At the same time, Shay began to bellow that he was cumming. She told him "Oh yes Shay! Fill my cunt with your sperm! Please! Oh yes, ram that monster in me!! Fuck me like a whore Shay!! Yes! Oh God, please, fill my cunt up!" No man could take that and not cum, and Shay couldn't either. Sara was screaming with every blast of cum from his cock. Soon, he finished pumping his cum up her well used cunt, and I saw a rivulet of his sperm leak out of her cunt and dribble to her asshole. I finished fucking her mouth, sending a huge load of cum into her myself.

Shay was far from finished however, and soon he was moving inside of her once again. "Oh God Shay, I've never had a man who could fuck me so soon after he came! Shay, you're wonderful! Yes, go ahead and fuck me baby! Make me yours! Oh Shay, I love you! Yes! Oh God, here it comes again!" With that, she came and continued cuming for the next hour. Finally, Shay came again, pumping more sperm into her cunt. Then they parted and lay there exhausted. Sara told me "Pete baby, thank you so much for talking me into this! It was so intense, something I've never felt before! Now, would you do to me what you usually do at this time?" What she meant was she wanted me to eat her out. I looked at her huge cunt, and saw the sperm leaking out of it, and my cock got hard again! I moved to between her legs and began to clean up her sloppy cunt with my tongue. The excitement of having her husband lick out the sperm from another man after he's filled her cunt is very exciting to my beautiful wife. Just the thought of me doing it makes her cum. As we lay there spent, I asked Shay, "So, do you think you can handle fucking this magnificent piece of ass for a whole two weeks?" I don't know," he said "but I'm sure willing to try it out!"

Guys, if you have the love of your woman, without question, then there's absolutely nothing to fear about them fucking other guys! The only thing it will do is to give you more opportunities to cum than you have now!

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