Tina's Testament
by Colt 45

Hi, I'm Tina, and if you've read what my husband Tommy wrote, you know that I've become insatiable in my sexual appetites. He wrote his story, now I'll add in more about our little escapades.

After the first time I had sex with another man after being with Tommy for about 20 years, I found that my need for sex increased immensely. I have fucked our friend Greg many times since this began a few months ago, and even a black man that Tommy knew from work. It was this experience that turned me into a real slut. I acted like a whore when I felt his 12 inch dick in my cunt, and I knew I wanted more of the same. The taboo of fucking a black man was as great a turn on to me as it was actually spreading my legs for him.

One day Tommy came home and told me he had to go out of town for two weeks on business. I told him that I may need Greg to satisfy me while he was gone, and he told me to do whatever I wanted to. I asked if he thought it would be all right if I picked up a new guy, and he told me to go for it, but that he wanted all the lurid details when he got back. I agreed, and that night we went out and I got to practice for the real thing.

We went to a club that catered to mostly black men looking for women to pick up. I had come dressed in a tight fitting, short, low cut black dress that clung to my body as if it were painted on. I wore no panties or bra, but did wear a garter belt and some fishnet stockings. I finished my outfit off with a pair of black spiked heels, all of which had driven Tommy crazy with lust. I asked if he wanted to just stay home, and he said that if we did, I'd only be able to fuck him that night.

Once there, we found a table in a fairly dark corner, and ordered drinks. After the third drink, I had scoped out several likely prospects. I danced with four black men, and had finally gotten it down to one of two of them. Tommy told me if I wanted to, to have them both come back to our house for the night. I danced with them both one more time, just to feel their hard dicks press into my lower belly as they held me close. It turned out that they knew each other, and I told them that I wanted to fuck them both, but that Tommy would be present if they decided to go along with it.

They weren't put off by this, and they followed us home. As soon as we got in the car, I leaned over and undid Tommy's pants and proceeded to suck his dick. He came in my throat as we pulled into our driveway, and I lapped up all his cum. We got in the house, and one of the two other guys, Earl, took me in his arms and began to kiss me. The other one, Jerrod, stood behind me and put his arms around me and sucked on my neck. Both of their hands were traveling all over my body, feeling my tits and ass. I felt my cunt dampen, and my nipples harden as their hands roamed all over my body.

Coupled with the excitement of having two black men at the same time, I was on the verge of cumming very soon. I looked over to where Tommy sat, and saw that he had his dick out and was stroking it, watching as these two studs began what would end the following morning. Before I knew it, they had my dress off, and I stood there naked before them. They took in the sight of my naked turned on body, and went right back to feeling me up. Earl slid two fingers alongside of my cunt lips, giving my clit a pinch as he paused there. I felt little shock waves run through my body at their touch. Then Earl entered me with his fingers, and began to widen my cunt. They told me to get on my hands and knees, and Jerrod knelt in front of my face. He undid his pants and out popped one of the longest, thickes t cocks I have ever seen. I immediately sucked him into my mouth and began to give him head. Tommy and Greg both say I'm the best cocksucker in the world, and far be it from me to argue that point. The I felt Earl kneel behind me and rub his hardened dick along the wet slit of my hungry cunt. I gasped feeling how big he was, and then he pushed into me, easily at first so I could get used to his size (he was 14 inches long, and very thick!). As my pussy became more lubricated, he pushed into me even farther.

Finally, he was in all the way, buried in the inner depths of my sex starved pussy. I had never been filled this deeply, and I was so excited that I went into multiple orgasms as he fucked me. By this time, I had swallowed every inch of Jerrod's dick into my throat, and he was moaning about how good I was. I felt the veins of his dick with my tongue, and could feel the pulsing of his as the blood ran through it. I began to moan around the piece of meat stuffed down my thro at, as I was being slammed from behind. Soon, I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life. I came so hard that I passed out from the pleasure of it. When I woke up, Earl was beginning to grunt that he was cumming. As he blasted in my cunt, I felt the cum shooting up the length of his monster dick, and shoot into my cunt. I've never had so much sperm in my pussy before that.

After he subsided, he pulled his cock out, and moved to my face where I stooped deepthroating Jerrod, and licked Earls dick clean. Meanwhile, Jerrod had gotten behind me, and he slid his cock in my pussy. God but my cunt was stretched out by the two rampaging dicks that had fucked it. Jerrod pulled his meat out of my pussy, and I felt him probe my anus. I pushed back, signaling him to enter me there, and I felt his cock head pop into me. It was tight and somewhat painful, but the pain was worth the pleasure I was also feeling with him pushing into my tight asshole. Tommy joined in now, and slid under me so that we were in a 69 position. He was eating my cunt while Jerrod was ramming his magnificent cock up my ass. I begged for more, telling him to fuck me harder, and he started to slam into my asshole with such intensity that I almost passed out again. I was on sensory overload as he fucked me. With Tommy sucking my cunt and clit, I started cumming and kept on for at least fifteen minutes. As my orgasm subsided, I began to blow Tommy, and Jerrod started to groan that he was cumming. He sent a huge load of sperm up my asshole, and into my bowels. He slid off, and I felt the sperm leaking out of my cunt and ass, and into Tommy's mouth. I always cum very hard when Tommy cleans the cum out of my cunt and ass. It's such a turn on to have your husband lick out another man's sperm from your cunt and ass.

They all had me repeatedly that night, and were still fucking me even after the sun rose. Finally, at 9 AM they left, and Tommy and I fucked privately. Later that day, I took him to the airport to fly out. He again told me to do whatever I wanted to, and that I could tell all when he returned.

My cunt and asshole were still tender from the abuse of the previous night, but I decided to go out anyway. In another club, I met a white guy who, from what I could judge while we danced, had at least a foot long cock hidden away in his pants. We left the bar and headed for his house. Enroute, I slipped down in my seat and undid his pants and started to suck his cock between my puffy lips. My head bobbed up and down in his lap, and his cock started to spasm. He shot a load in my mouth before very long, and I swallowed every drop of his sperm.

We entered his home, and he took me to the bedroom. We lay on his bed, kissing and fondling each other, and he undressed me. When I was naked, he handcuffed me to the headboard, and grabbed my legs and yanked them apart. I felt his cock rub against my cunt lips, and clit, and told him he didn't need handcuffs on me. He told me that he wouldn't take them off 'til we had finished, and I lay there, enjoying the helpless feeling that was over coming me. He slowly began to part my pussy with his cock, and I found it to be very thick. I savored each second as he slowly entered me until his whole cock was buried up my cunt. The he pulled out, slowly, and shoved it back in, going a little faster with each stroke. I cried out for him to use my body, to fuck me, to rape me. He was very strong, and held my legs spread wide apart as he thrust into me.

I came suddenly, and then kept on cumming. He fucked me for at least an hour, and I lost track of my orgasms. He had my nipples in his hands, squeezing them 'til I thought they would burst. Finally, he came inside of me, his cum scalding my inner pussy walls. He didn't untie me, but left the room. I could hear him on the phone, but I couldn't make out what he was saying. In about 30 minutes, I heard a knock on the door, and voices. Then they were in the room with me, and they all started to gang bang me. I still was cuffed to the bed, but that has no bearing on what they were doing to me. Finally, like it always must, it ended. The other two guys had fucked me in each of my three holes, and I had cum, screaming like a banshee. They kept me that way all weekend long, cuffed to the bed, and taking whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Finally, on Sunday night, they set me free. I stayed home the rest of the week, giving my cunt and asshole a chance to rest up.

If you're interested in hearing about the next weekend, when I was gang banged by a dozen men, let me know. Tommy and I have never been as happy, and we love each other more now than ever before. We came to the conclusion that sex and love are not the same emotion, and are separate entities. Because he's given me free reign to fuck who I want to, I planned something for him with one of my girlfriends. Both of us raped him last weekend, but that's another story!


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