My Slut Wife
by Colt 45

It was about 4 AM and I was asleep when Jeannie came home. I awoke, feeling the bed move, and asked her if she enjoyed herself that night. Jeannie and I have an open marriage, and she usually goes out Friday and Saturday nights, sometimes not returning home 'til Sunday night. This time I sensed something wasn't right. She had gone out at 8 PM looking like a real slut. "Well, let's just say I got more than I bargained for tonight." she said. I pressed her for more info and she told me the following story.

"I went to Super's (a local club) and had several drinks. Soon after, a good looking black guy asked me to dance. When the music got to a slow song, he took me in his arms and held me tightly. Soon, his hand had gone to my ass and was squeezing it, and he pressed his groin to mine. I found myself getting really wet from this and soon he began to rub my tit. I found myself unable to stop him, actually wanting more than we could do there on the dance floor. After the song ended, I excused myself and went to the ladies room. I was soaked, and I took my panties off, hoping that he'd find a way to work his hand under my skirt and into my cunt. I went back out and found James. We went back to where I has been sitting and had a few more drinks. I was feeling pretty drunk by this time, and when he kissed me, I returned his attentions passionately. His hand moved to my upper thigh on the inside, and my legs began to spread. My nipples were hard now and I felt so horny. His touch fe lt hot as he traced up towards my cunt. His tongue was moving in my mouth, and I sucked on it, feeling it with my tongue. His fingers eventually arrived at my cunt. He found me wet, and he entered me with little effort. Two of his big fingers pressed into me and I found my legs spreading open all the way to allow him access. His other hand pulled down one of the straps of my top and he exposed my tit, rubbing my erect nipple.

After about ten minutes, I felt an orgasm well up inside of me, and I coated his hand with my cum. He told me we should leave so that he could fuck me, and I was more than willing to comply. Once in his car, I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I thought it was huge, and now I knew it. I lowered my head to his lap and began to lick his semi hard shaft, from his balls to the tip. Pre cum was forming at the head, and I licked it off. His cock eventually reached it's full hardness, about fourteen inches long, and I took his head into my mouth, swirling my tongue all over it. We soon stopped and he shut off the car, but he told me to keep on going and make him cum. He began to groan as I swallowed his cock, taking it all the way in to the base. As I sucked, he thrust into my mouth, faster and faster, and finally his balls began to tighten and I knew he was about to cum. He pulled my head up so that his cock head was in my mouth, and he began to cum. He filled my mouth w ith his sperm with just two blasts, and I had to swallow quickly to take it all down.

We entered his house and I was surprised to find another four men inside. James and I went to a bedroom where he stripped me quickly. I lay on the bed as he also stripped, admiring his muscular body. His cock was still rock hard and I knew that I was in for a real fucking. He kissed me, and his hand went right to my cunt. As he finger fucked me, he sucked on my nipple, making me cum almost immediately. He got between my wide open legs and I felt his cock press into my cunt. He entered me slowly, getting about half the way in, yet almost touching the back of my cunt, then he pulled almost all the way out. Then he thrust his hips forward and entered me all the way, causing my pussy to stretch 'til I thought I would be split in two. He began to fuck me, getting a real rhythm going. I came again before three minutes had passed. He fucked me like that for about twenty minutes, bringing me off time and time again. Then he had me get on my hands and knees and he entered me from be hind. I lay there gasping for breath while he plowed into me. Then I noticed that we weren't alone. I was staring right at another cock, and it began to rub my lips. I opened my mouth and started to suck on it. I couldn't believe how slutty I felt. I was ready to do anything they wanted and more.

The huge cock fucking me was slamming into me now, and I heard James groan and felt his cock spasm. Then I felt his hot sperm blast against my cunt walls, flooding me. He pulled out, and I felt another hard cock start to enter me. I was getting gang banged, regardless of what I wanted. If I tried to fight them off, they would have only continued, raping me. Soon, the cock I was sucking was pulled out of my mouth and he stroked it until he shot his cum all over my face and hair. Throughout all of this, they were telling me what a good slut I was, calling me a whore and urging me on. This sent me over the edge and propelled me to many orgasms. Then the one fucking me began to shoot his load into the depths of my cunt. The next one lay on the bed and had me slid down his big cock. He fully entered me, and I started fucking him hard. Then one of them got behind me and started pushing his cock into my cunt, next to the one that had already filled me wholly. I was sure he would n ever get it in me, but I was wrong. My cunt stretched even more to accommodate two big black cocks in it. The feeling also had me cumming quickly and it felt like the most intense orgasm I ever had. When they came, they both came together, blasting so much cum in me that it shot out like a jet. God! It felt so good! But they were far from done with me. After they came, one of them got in behind me and entered my now stretched out cunt. He then pulled out and slid his massive cock meat right up my asshole. It hurt like hell, but the pain left me after a while, and a new feeling overcame me. With a cock up my ass and another in my mouth, I started cumming again. The whole night was filled with them all fucking my in every hole, relentlessly. Finally, they had all had enough and James took me back to my car. Now I'm here."

My cock was as hard as a rock at this point, and I turned her on her back and lowered my head to her cunt. I licked her clit and she started to moan. My wife still hadn't gotten enough and I slid three fingers into her, and found her cunt to be even bigger than it usually was. I eventually had my hand in her cunt, fist fucking her while I sucked her clit. She came, her body wracked in a large orgasm. Then she had me lay back and she got on top of me. I thought she'd guide my cock into her well fucked cunt, but instead, she engulfed me with her asshole. It was still soaked inside of her, all the cum from the other guys still there. She pounded her asshole against my cock like she had never been fucked before. She leaned forward, and I began to suck and bite at her nipple, finding it to taste like sperm. I felt the dried flaky cum of the other men all over her body and in her hair. Jeannie worked herself up to another orgasm, and I timed my own to meet hers. After, we fell asleep with my cock still buried in her ass.

The next weekend, Jeannie had her best friend Lynn over to spend the weekend with us. Lynn's husband was out of town for a convention and she was lonely. I took it upon myself to begin to hit on her, and soon I had her in my arms, kissing her. She tried to make me stop, but she was only putting up a token resistance. Soon, I had her halter top undone and was sucking at her nipple. "Please stop Tom! I don't want to cheat on Jeff." Jeannie told her "Relax honey, Jeff is fucking another chick right about now, why shouldn't you be enjoying yourself?" This realization must have hit home, as she stopped her resistance to my attention and began to get into it. I felt Jeannie move between Lynn's legs and I looked down and caught her eye. She smiled as she raised Lynn's skirt and began to lick at her through her panties. I undid my pants and pulled out my eight inch cock and wrapped her hand around it. She moaned, and I kissed her lips. I watched as Jeannie began to pull her panties off, Lynn raising her hips to accommodate her. Her nipples had hardened and I again took one in my mouth, sucking and biting it. Lynn began to moan out how good it felt, and I saw Jeannie really going to town on her clit. She also had three fingers buried in Lynn's cunt, making her quiver with excitement. I pulled Lynn's beautiful face towards my cock, and she began to lick it, hesitating at first, but eventually getting into it. Her mouth felt like silk as she sucked my cock towards the back of her throat. She couldn't deep throat me, but she wasn't that far from the base of my cock anyway. I saw Jeannie pick up the pace and soon Lynn started to cum. I also came in her mouth at the same moment of her orgasm. She kept it all in her mouth and when she calmed down, Jeannie moved up and kissed her, sharing my sperm. My cock was still hard, and I got between Lynn's legs and rubbed the head of it against her slimy slit. I didn't enter her right away, and soon she was begging me to fuck her. So, I slammed my cock in her slut cunt and started to really fuck her. Jeannie had moved up and was pulling Lynn's face to her cunt. Lynn seemed hesitant about this, but was soon eating out her best friend's cunt with a passion.

Jeannie came, hard, then left the room. When she returned, she was smiling. I asked her what was up, and she said "You'll see!". About an hour later, I heard the door open downstairs and I jumped up. "Relax Tom, it's OK." she said. Then I saw a figure in the doorway, dark and not recognizable. It turned out to be James, her black cock from the previous weekend. Both of us took turns fucking these two little foxes all night long. I was in Lynn, and I saw James lower himself into Jeannie's cunt. "Yes James! Fuck me! Oh God! Your cock is so huge! Please! Fuck me!" She cried out. Lynn's asshole was still virgin, and I wanted it badly. As I began to press my cock into her tight brown hole, she cried out "NO! Tom, don't do that! I've never let anyone go there! Please Tom, not my asshole!" Jeannie responded "Relax Lynn, he's going to take it regardless, so you might as well enjoy it. Just realx and let him in. If you go along with it, it won't hurt too bad, and the pain wil l soon go away". I continued my entry up her back door, and she cried out several times about how bad it hurt, but I was going to fuck that tight little hole no matter what. The feeling was so intense, and as I reamed her, my pace picking up with every stroke, she began to get into it. Soon, she was bucking back against me, meeting my every thrust. My balls were bouncing off her cunt as I fucked her asshole, bringing her close to another orgasm. I heard Jeannie plead "Oh Yes James! Slide that huge cock up my ass! Yes! Fuck me, hard!". This drove Lynn on, knowing that her best friend was also getting her asshole pounded.

Like anything good, it ended much sooner than I wanted it to. She clamped her asshole hard around my cock, and with no control, I shot a load of cum up her asshole. James followed suit and was soon filling my wife's ass with his sperm. Then I heard Lynn start to softly cry. We asked her what was wrong and she replied "Wrong? What's wrong? I just cheated on Jeff, and I feel so bad about it. I never wanted to hurt him!" Jeannie held hr close and tried to console her. "It's OK baby, I bet he's in bed with a woman now also, so don't worry about it." "How can you be sure? He's never cheated on me before!" Lynn cried. Then Jeannie told her about the party we threw around Christmas. "We were both drunk, and Jeff tried to hit on me. Finally I took him in the bedroom and blew him." I didn't know how Lynn would react to that, but it seemed to make her free to fuck again. This time, James took her, changing positions every ten minutes or so. I knelt by her head and made her suck my cock while she was being filled by this black cock. Lynn was fucked at least six times that night by James. I had her several times myself, and Jeannie also ate her, and rode her face quite often.

When Jeff got home, he told her he had fucked another girl, and she came clean with him. They both swing with us now, and with other's as well. The most exciting time for Lynn was the night that Jeff arranged a gang bang without her knowledge. Lynn took on 28 men that night, many fucking her two and three times each. Jeannie was very jealous of her, and I had to do the same for her two weeks later. It's a wonderful life!

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