Lori's Story
by Colt 45

I don't know if you're into this, but Lori is and wants to tell her story! After finding ourselves much more into BDSM, my husband Phil and I joined a group of like people to share our passion with. We found those who had little experience with it just didn't appreciate the things I was willing to do. We got a swingers magazine and checked out a few places listing ads there. We spoke with several people at each, and decided one of them would fulfill our expectations.

Maybe I should tell you a little about us and how we got into this. My name is Lori and I'm 35 years old. Phil is 36. He's blond 6'2: tall and weighs 195 lbs, while I am a redhead, 5'6" tall and weigh in at 115 lbs. Phil has an eight inch cock, though not real thick. My figure is 38 - 26 - 34 and I carry my tits around in a D size cup when I bother to wear a bra. Nine years ago, we go into swinging, but not with a club. I was bi and Phil is straight, well for the most part, but I'll go into that later. One night, Phil had left me at our table and went and sat at the bar. Several men had approached me, but I was hungry for some black cock that night.

Finally, a black man approached me and after a few drinks, asked me to go out back in the parking lot with him. I agreed, and signaled Phil to stay put. We went to his van and got in the back where he had a bed. He was all over me and was very rough. Hell, I didn't mind, I wanted to be treated like a slut, not a princess! B efore three minutes had passed, he was fucking me, hard and deep. He had ripped off my panties, and just pulled my skirt up. He also had pulled the tube top down over my big tits and was pinching my nipples so that they hurt. But I loved that! His cock was really big, and I felt my cunt stretch to the limit as he pounded into me. He sucked on my neck giving me some very visible hickeys and pinched my nipples so hard that it felt like they'd burst. He lasted about fifteen minutes, and then he groaned, and I felt his cum blast into my hungry cunt. I had cum three times, and was still horny! He pulled out of me and I bent to his cock and started to suck it into my mouth, hoping to get it rock hard again so that he'd fuck me some more.

I soon felt that big black cock harden and move into my throat. His hips pistoned back and forth and he finally had that prick buried so that his balls were bouncing off my chin. I couldn't believe it, but I was cumming as he made each hard long thrust into my throat. He finally pulled out and came all over my face and hair. He drove off and I walked back into the bar. Phil saw me and met me at the table we were at originally. He said "God, you look like such a slut with all that cum all over your face and hair! God, I want to fuck you right now!" I told him he'd have to wait 'til we got home, and we finished up our drinks and left. We got out into the parking lot and five young blacks came up to us and asked for a cigarette. Then one of them pulled out a knife and told us to go with them quietly or else.

We walked around the block and into an abandoned building. All the while, they were telling Phil that they were going to fuck me and there was nothing he could do about it. They tied him to a pole and told me to strip. I did what they said, starting to feel like a real whore again. I stood naked in front of them, and one of them slapped me hard enough to knock me to the ground. He got between my legs and I spread them wide. I felt his cock enter me, and was surprised that I had a second big cock that night. I was to find out that the smallest cock I was to fuck was my husband's. The rest were all longer than twelve inches. While the first was fucking me, another knelt over my face and made me suck his cock. I say made me, because he hit me with it, and told me to do it. I complied. As he began to shove his cock down my throat, I felt an orgasm begin to build inside of me. I felt my body heave and shake as he plowed into the depths of my now sopping wet cunt. I screamed out around the cock in my throat and I felt the first one shoot his black sperm way up inside of me. The one in my mouth quickly replaced the cock that was shrinking out of my pussy. Another one crammed his cock into my throat. They each fucked me at least twice and a couple of them had me three times. The only thing I found extremely painful was the ass fucking the first one gave me, but I loved the pain and came before he had fully entered me.

When it was over, they all ran from the building, and I untied Phil. We went home, not saying anything until we got to our bed. Phil asked me if I was all right, and I told him that I wanted him to fuck me one more time that night. His cock was even harder than normal, and he fucked my cunt raw, adding his cum to all the sperm that was already there.

We eventually began to play with toys like big dildos and nipple clamps and things like that. I even had my nipples and clit pierced so Phil could torture me somewhat. Of course, I had to fuck the guy who did the piercing, and he broke me into the pain that caused me so much pleasure. I was amazed at how hard my big brown nipples could be pulled on with the rings in them, and not rip open. Just as I was getting ready to cum the first time, he yanked them so hard that I screamed out in pain. Real pain, which shot me so far over the edge, I felt like I would never stop cumming. Then he put shackles on my hands and feet and attached them to this steel frame. I was completely spread-eagled and he attached small chains to my nipple and clit rings. He pulled them tight, 'til I was sure that they would be ripped out. But they weren't. Then he brought out a riding crop and gave me my first whipping. He stung my ass, my thighs, my tits, and my cunt with the crop, then he inserted it up my ass and began to fuck me deeply with it. I had bright red raised welts where the crop had stung me, and then he pulled it out and replaced it with his cock. My ass was extremely tender, and I could feel his pubic hair rub the welts as he fucked my asshole. He put on a set of nipple clamps and tightened them down so that I felt real pain. The difference between these clamps and the ones at home was that these had teeth in them, and they cut into my nipples. He brought me close to passing out many times from the pain of his attention, but I came so much and so hard that I knew I had found exactly what I wanted from my now kinky sex life. He finally flooded my asshole with his cum and he left me chained there for an hour before he finally came back and set me free. I asked him if I could come back again, and he told me I had better. He said he wanted me there every Wednesday night at 7:00. He gave me several things to take home, including those clamps and the chains to attach to my nipple and clit rings.

Phil seemed very concerned about the way I was starting to act, but he loved every minute of it. His concerns were for my safety and well being rather than over my turning into the biggest slut in town. I told him about my escapades that day and instructed him on causing me the pain that would bring me the pleasure I desired. He got very good at it also. Jack, my first torturer, continued to draw me deeper and deeper into this BDSM world. I asked him one night if Phil could tag along and see him in action. He agreed and the next time Phil went along. Jack had made him strip and he strapped him into a chair from which he could not move. Then he went to work on me. He had created a new frame to secure me. I was bent over a board and my hands and feet were tied to the legs of it, and my cunt, ass and tits were all exposed. The clamps were firmly placed on my nipples and he brought out a crop to whip me with. He was much more forceful this time, and he didn't hold back as he be at me. Then he stopped and pulled out a spiked dildo. The spikes were plastic, but they still caused my cunt to become raw as he forced it's fourteen inches inside my tender pussy. He left it inside of me and then he began to grind his cock up my ass. All during this, I had managed to cum at least a dozen times. He then grabbed a gag he had made with a dildo, and he shoved it down my throat and secured it with straps behind my head. Now I had all three of my fuck holes filled and started to pull on the chains to my nipples as he crammed his thick hard cock up my ass. Finally, he shot his load off and then left Phil and I tied up in the dark.

Again, an hour passed before he came back and untied us. He kissed me good-bye and told Phil to tie me down and pour candle wax all over my nipples and cunt, then to ravage them. When we got home, Phil dragged me to the bedroom and tied me securely down. This was going to be my first time with hot wax, and my eyes were wide with the ant icipation of the pain that was to come.

He gagged me, which was a good idea, because when I felt that hot wax hit my tender nipples, I screamed. If I hadn't been gagged, the whole neighborhood would have heard me. He used two candles on me that night, pouring the hot wax all over my nipples and cunt. Then he pulled his belt off and began to beat me with it. I loved the pain I was receiving, and my cunt came freely. He hit my tits, my cunt, my thighs, repeatedly and hard with that leather. After he was beginning to tire, he fucked me. This was so exciting for him (and for me!) that he soon came, flooding my whore cunt with his sperm.

We continued to visit Jack, but when we'd go out looking for other cock, they'd all just fuck me. I needed the pain to get off, and that's when we started looking for a club. The group had twelve couples, three single girls, and eight single guys. We met at one of their homes, and went to the basement which was converted into a torture chamber. They told us that the first Saturday night of each month would be initiation for new members. If there were no new ones, then it would revert to an orgy of pain and delight. We agreed even though they didn't tell us what the initiation was going to include. We were forced to strip, and then Phil was tied to a wooden frame and was suspended upside down. He was forced to suck some of the guys cocks, even though he protested. Meanwhile, some of the girls began to fuck his ass with some pretty large dildo's. I was chained to a movable frame, and swung in a position that had me horizontal. A whip was brought out, and I was beaten with it. I was also forced to eat out quite a few of the girls as they clamped my nipples hard. I glanced over at Phil and saw one of the guys move in behind him and shove his cock up his ass. He screamed, but his cries were muffled by the cock that had been forced down his throat. Then the guys began to have their way with me. I was fucked in every hole, and treated like a whore. We were both ravaged that night, and after it was over, we were pampered by the others.

The group was split into males and females, and the "leaders" drew straws to see which group would be dominant, and which would be submissive. It was neat that way, as neither group would have to be the same every time. This lead to many different types of sex. One night, the girls won and decided to be a group of Amazons who would rape this group of men they found. It went on like that all the time. Everyone had a chance to indulge their fantasy. One night, the girls were all shaved and our cunts were tattooed with "Slut". Most of us continued to keep our cunts shaved and the tat exposed. One of the girls went to her gynecologist and when he saw her tat, he ended up fucking her in the exam room.

Things may have gotten out of hand with our sex life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Phil loves it too, for the same reasons I do. He gets to fuck different girls, and fulfill every fantasy he's ever thought of. We girls decided to go away one weekend and do whatever we wanted to. We acted like high school sluts, and fucked everything with cocks that we could find. We even had each other quite a bit. This group of people are the best friends I've ever had, and I love them all. As I sit here writing this, naked, I hear Phil's car pulling in the garage. Soon, he'll be using that crop on me, and I can't wait to feel that sting on my cunt as he whips me. My nipple clamps are in place and I'm starting to pull on them now.

God, I love being a slut!

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