Jule's Fantasy
by Colt 45

I was a little surprised when Jule told me a fantasy that she had been building for the past 7 years of our marriage. At first I felt like something had been violated in our marriage, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this was a hot subject. One night after having sex, we lay there and she told me "Paul, have you ever thought of a threesome with another guy?" I stammered "Well, uh, no, why?" "I have to tell you that I heard about it from one of my girlfriend's a while ago, and as she described it, I began to get more than a little hot. I've often wondered what it would be like." I thought about it and voiced one of my concerns "Jule, what if you found you liked it? I mean, I don't want to lose you to another man." "Paul, I love you. I'm not looking for another husband, just another cock to bring more excitement to our bed. Think about it and I'll not say anything more. If you decide you'd like to try it, I'll be more than willing to go along. If you don't, I'll drop it."

Jule is one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. I know that any guy would jump at the chance to get into her pants, and I wouldn't blame them at all. She not only has a body that just won't quit, but she has beauty that is visible in her looks, and her personality. She's perfect in every way, including her sexual appetite. I began to think about it, and found that I too was being consumed by the thought of another man shooting his sperm into my beautiful wife. One Friday night, I told her to dress as slutty as she could, and we'd go out. She sensed that this would be the night, and when she emerged from our bedroom, she was dressed like a whore. She had on a transparent blouse with no bra, showing her firm dark nipples, a black miniskirt, black fishnet stockings and garter belt, and these black heels that caused her body to scream out "Fuck me!". She had applied her makeup more heavily than normal, accentuating her beauty even more.

We arrived at a bar about 10 blocks from our home, and I let her out at the door, then went to find a place to park. I ended up having to wait until a car left to park, which took almost twenty minutes. When I finally got inside, I saw Jule sitting with another man, laughing and having a great time. I felt some jealousy as I watched them, and decided that I'd sit at the bar and see what transpired. I saw that his eyes were on her tits, which was perfectly normal considering that they were standing out firm and visible through the see through material of her blouse. After a few minutes, they got up and went out on the dance floor. He held her tightly against him, and his hands dropped to her solid ass. I watched as he began to squeeze her asscheeks and draw her close to his groin. She responded by clasping her hands behind his neck and pulling him close. My cock was getting hard watching these two as they groped each other and I knew that somehow, this would be the night that our fantasy would be fulfilled. After a while, he bent his head to hers and kissed my sexy wife. Her eyes were closed as she met his tongue entering her mouth. They moved around very little as they kissed and fondled each other. He moved her to a wall, and pressed his cock into her lower abdomen, grinding and moving all around. When she finally opened her eyes, I saw an expression of lust on her face, more than I'd ever seen before. His hands went under her skirt, and I saw her body convulse. I knew he had entered her cunt and was fucking her with his fingers. In no time, she began to shake, signaling that her orgasm was upon her.

They went back to the table and talked some more, and finally Jule looked around and caught my eye. She motioned me over to the table and introduced Jack to me. She told me that she had explained what we wanted and he was ready to fuck her. We left the bar and I led the way to our home while Jule rode with him. After we pulled into the driveway, they didn't get out of the car, and I walked back and leaned in the window. I saw Jule's head moving up and down Jack's shaft very fast. His head was back and he was groaning. Jule sucks cock very well, in fact, I think she must be the best in the world!

Jack groaned out "Oh God, she has my cock all the way down her throat and I'm going to cum any second!" With that, he grunted again and started thrusting up into her mouth and throat, pumping his sperm out and into her belly. When she removed her head, I was surprised to see that Jack's cock must have easily been twelve inches long. It was a turn on to know that she could take something that big all the way down. We went inside and headed straight to the bedroom. I wanted to watch the two of them fuck before I got in it, and I stripped and sat in the chair at the foot of the bed.

Jack soon had my wife naked and she him. His cock stood hard and straight, jutting out from his groin. He lay Jule down on the bed and started kissing her. He worked his way slowly down her body, stopping at each nipple, sucking them both to their fullest. He then progressed down between her legs, and started to suck at each of her thighs where they join her body. The next day, I was to find the tops of her thighs covered with these love bites. Slowly, he finally made his way to her clit. She cried out and came as soon as he took it between his lips. "Oh God Jack, please, fuck me! Fill my cunt with that huge cock of yours! Oh please, fuck me baby! I want to feel that big cock ram into my cunt! Please!" He moved up on her body so that his cock was at her mouth and said "I will slut, but first suck my cock down your whore throat again!" She sucked it in and took it down her throat all the way, like she was starving, and this was the first thing she had in months! She writhed around on the bed, her horniness building towards a climax that would be the most exciting for her ever. Her legs were spread so wide, and I could see the opening of her pussy which was more swollen with lust than I have ever seen it. A bottle could have easily been inserted in the sweet tunnel of lust that lay there wide open. Finally, he pulled his cock from her throat and moved it to her gaping cunt. As big as she was, he spread and stretched her cunt even more. She immediately came, crying out "Oh yes! Jack, oh fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Oh my God! Yes, I'm cumming!! Oh Paul, he's so deep! His cock is so fucking huge Paul!" My own cock was as hard as rock as well. I had never seen her this way before. She was truly a slut, and she acted like this was the last cock on earth and she hadn't had one for years. She was going through multiple orgasms, which was the first time for her. I think she came constantly for the next hour as Jack rammed his cock in and out of her. I was only about four feet away and I saw every stroke he made into the liquid fire of her cunt. His balls slapped up against her upturned ass as he made his powerful thrusts into her. The expression on her face was one of lust, her eyes rolling back into her head if they weren't squeezed tightly shut. Her breathing was so labored I thought she was having a stroke as he continued to fuck his huge cock into her.

Finally, I noticed his balls begin to tighten and I knew that he'd soon be sending gobs of sperm into her cunt. His breathing was also coming faster as his own orgasm approached, and finally, he grunted out and started blasting his sperm in the depths of her cunt. As he came, she screamed out "Oh Fuck Paul, I can feel ever blast of his cum in my cunt! Oh Jack baby, yes, shoot your sperm deep inside of me! Oh yes! Fuck me baby!!" They both continued to cum and I saw a rivulet of sperm burst between his cock and her cunt. I've never seen anyone cum as long as he did, or as much. After he finished, he slid out of her and rolled to the side, holding her as they returned to earth. Then Jule said "Paul, I want you to eat me baby! Suck the cum out of my little whore cunt!" I almost dove between her legs and soon my tongue was buried up her sloppy cunt. I sucked at the gaping pussy and tasted the sperm as it started to flow from her. Jack moved his cock back towards her mouth, and she started to blow him again. When he got hard, she had me lie on my back and then she mounted me and we sixty-nined. Her mouth engulfed my cock all the way to my balls, and I saw Jack move in behind her.

I spread her asscheeks and his cock glided over her cunt and my mouth. I had never before even considered sucking a cock, but I did as he slid it into my mouth. He continued into my throat and I felt panic but I was unable to move. Finally, I felt his balls hit my forehead and he was completely down my throat. I sucked him and let my tongue move all around his shaft, echoing what Jule was doing to me. Finally, he pulled his cock out and the slid inside of my wife's pussy once again. I was seeing up close, this strangers cock glide in and out of what was previously mine only. We stayed locked in this position for at least an hour. I came, and Jule didn't let up. She sucked my flaccid cock back to hardness again, and kept on going.

Jack finally began to cum, and he pulled out, shooting the sperm from his huge cock all over her cunt and my face. He then made me suck him clean, and then Jule rolled off of me. My cock was rampant and I rolled her on her back. I moved between her legs and slid my cock fully up her asshole. She cried out, though I'm not sure if it was pain or pleasure, or a mix of both. She was opened up wide enough to allow me full penetration, and I rammed my cock into her, hard and fast. She just started cumming as I reached my own climax, sending my cum up her asshole. After I finished, I rolled off of her, exhausted. Jack then took my place and Jule cried out "No, Jack! Please, your cock is too big to take me there!" But, he was going to fuck her tender asshole regardless. I told her to relax and take it. I watched as more and more of his cock disappeared into her asshole. He only lasted about fifteen minutes this time before he sent his sperm into the depths of her once virginal asshole. Then he rolled off of her exhausted, and we all passed out. When we awoke the next morning, Jack was fucking her one more time.

We now usually have a new man sharing our bed every Friday and Saturday night. Jule and I get into a sixty-nine, and then I also suck the shaft that will be fucking my wife's cunt, making it as hard as possible. This is the extent of my bisexuality, and I'll go no further with it. It's only a turn on when we're all in bed together and Jule has my own cock down her throat. Then I get the best seat in the house for a sex show with my wife and a new lover.

Up until a month ago, all of her lovers have been white. Then, that night, I sat in the bar watching as she allowed a black man to pick her up. They moved to a dark corner, and I saw him push her up against a wall. A chair was next to them, and she put one foot on it. He then pulled out his cock and began to fuck her right there. He shot off quickly and I saw his sperm dripping down her legs as they went back to the table. They talked for a few minutes, and she then came over to me. She said "Paul, Jerome wants to take me home for an orgy with his friends. Do you mind if I go by myself this time?" I told her to go for it and asked when she would be home. "Um, I'm not sure, but I'll be there by Sunday night!" I went home and was consumed by the thoughts of her fucking a bunch of black men. I stroked my cock and came many times thinking about this. She did get home Sunday night, at about midnight. She told me all about the nonstop fucking she was getting the past two days. S he had passed out from exhaustion, but that hadn't stopped them from fucking her. All in all, she said that she fucked at least thirty different men, countless times during that period. One of these men was to become one of her most frequent lovers, usually taking her at least four times a week. Last week, he was there every day when I came home from work. Jule's cunt has gotten so stretched out that it's quite a task now for me to get any tightness from her pussy. But, she's a real slut, and I love it now that we've experienced this. She's become insatiable now and feels that she has to fuck as many guys as possible. She has taken to fucking the boy who does our lawn now, in lieu of payment. Not many fourteen year old boys have it that lucky!

She told me how she seduced him one day. He had finished the lawn and she asked him to come inside to cool off and have a drink. Then she went to our bedroom and put on a negligee which was see through. Then she came back down and sat next to him on the couch. She says that she basically raped him there, except that he didn't fight too much! Now, every week, he collects his payment in the form of fucking her. One day she told him to bring over about a half dozen friends to help clean out the cellar, and she ended up fucking them all as much as they wanted. Ever the slut, my wife has fucked the bag boy at the grocery store in the back of our van, our mechanic, and many other men. She also shows no signs of letting up either! What a wife!

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