Gigantic Greg
by Colt 45

My husband Jack and I have often discussed me having sex with another man, but it was always just talk. Just talk until one night when we were out drinking at one of the clubs here in town. We met several friends there, and after a few drinks, one of them, Greg, asked me to dance. I agreed and soon we were out on the dance floor with our arms around each other. His hands reached down and cupped my ass cheeks, beginning to squeeze them tightly. The alcohol was having it's effect on me, and soon I felt my cunt begin to get wet. He reached up with one hand and began to massage my right tit, with his thumb slightly rubbing my nipple to it's fullness.

He held me closely and I felt the bulge in his pants grow and begin to press against my lower belly. Knowing that if I continued this, I would probably have to fuck him, I finally broke our embrace and went back to the table where Jack was waiting for me. He told me that he witnessed the whole thing and that it was pretty exciting for him. We left shortly after that, and headed home.

As we lay in bed, Jack asked me how I would react to fucking another man. I told him that sexually, it was a big turn on, but that emotionally, I felt bad about cheating on him. He then told me that he knew I loved only him, and that the difference between sex and love was like night and day. He said that if I wanted to fuck someone else, then to go for it. He would love to watch, either openly or from a hiding place, and if that weren't possible, then I would have to tell him all the lurid details. The next night, Saturday, we decided to go out again, this time to a new bar.

Jack suggested the we also called Greg to ask if he wanted to go. I told him that if things went the way they did the night before, that I'd probably end up fucking him. Jack said no problem, so I called Greg. He agreed to meet us there at 9 PM, and I proceeded to get ready. Jack suggested that I dress like a whore, so I put together an outfit and dressed. I had on a sheer blouse and a very short mini skirt. With a garter belt and black fishnet stockings, along with a pair of 4 inch spiked heels, I was transformed into a hot looking slut. I put on my makeup and was soon ready to leave.

We arrived at the club about 8:45 and proceeded to find a table. Greg entered a few minutes later and found us. After several drinks, Greg asked me to dance with him again, and I accepted. Soon, his hands were all over my body again, and this time I put up no resistance to his advances. When he reached under my skirt and found no panties, he asked me if I wanted to go outside for air. I agreed and soon we were in the back of his van. He kissed me, and my wet cunt responded to the tingling that was going on in my body.

He unbuttoned my blouse to just below my full firm tits, and exposed them. His lips traced down my neck and to my nipple, which he took into his mouth and began to lick and suck it. Already hardened by the slutty feeling I had, the sensation was like a direct connection between my nipples and my clit. The more he sucked, the hotter I got. His hand lightly began to move up the inside of my thigh, causing me to get even wetter. He stopped just short of my cunt and told me that if we continued, it would have to be all the way.

My answer was physical, not vocal. I reached out and began to rub the bulge in his jeans. His head dropped to between my outstretched legs, and he started to lick my upper inner thigh. I sighed as his tongue first made contact with my clit and it felt like little explosions wracked my body. I was beginning to cum from the feel of tongue and lips on my sopping cunt. I reached over and undid his jeans and pulled out his massive cock. It was only semi hard and was probably about ten inches in length. It's thickness amazed me, and I wondered how I would fit it into my hungry cunt. After these mini orgasms, I felt a major one begin to come on. He inserted two fingers into my dripping hot cunt, and began to finger fuck me while continuing to suck and lick my clit. I was going crazy, urging him on, begging him to make me cum. Finally I did, and as I erupted, he bit my clit which sent me well over the edge. As I lay back panting, he moved between my legs and I felt his now rock hard dick start to move into my cunt.

I was amazed, but I took the entire length of his cock, which was now fourteen inches long, into the depths of my flaming hot pussy. His size caused my cunt to be stretched wide open as he sunk into me. I cried out from the sensation, and he started to fuck me, slowly at first, then faster and harder until I was cumming once again. After I came back down, I started to feel a little guilty about allowing another man to enter me, but I remembered Jack telling me to go for it. So, I raised my legs high and spread them as wide as I could while Greg pounded into me.

After about another ten minutes of his attention to my cunt, he began to bellow out that he was cumming. He blasted load after load into my pussy and I didn't think he'd ever stop cumming. We then got dressed and went back inside, me with my makeup smeared all over my face, and cum dripping down the inside of my legs. We got back to our table and Jack asked if we had fun. I told him it was great, and he invited Greg back to our house for the night.

He accepted and soon we all in the king sized bed in our bedroom. Jack asked me what I wanted and I told him to eat me out. He got between my cum soaked legs and began to lick the cum out of my well used cunt. Then Jack produced a set of handcuffs and told me that they were both going to rape me. I love this little fantasy game we play, and pretended to fight as they locked my hands to the headboard of the bed. I begged them to let me go, but they were intent on raping me.

Very shortly, I felt Greg's monster sized cock begin to enter me once again, and Jack straddled my face and made me suck his cock. It slid in and out of my mouth at the same tempo that Greg's cock was fucking my tight cunt. They were pinching both of my nipples, making me very hot with anticipation. Soon, I was cumming my brains out, the excitement at being fucked by two men too great to hold back. Soon Jack began to erupt in my mouth, and I swallowed what I could as he pumped in his sperm. I continued to cum until Greg filled my cunt once again with his seed.

Then Jack turned me over on my belly and he started to squeeze some KY into my asshole. I tried to fight him off, knowing full well that if he succeeded in entering my tight asshole, that Greg would also want it. The prospect of his cock up my ass scared me because of his size. Soon, I was sucking Greg's dick back to it's fullest, and Jack was pushing his cock head into my ass. I realized that Greg was sliding under me, and soon felt his massive cock begin to enter my cunt while Jack pounded my asshole. This was the very first (though definitely not the last!) time that I had two cocks in me. Feeling these two cocks working together separated by only a thin strip, soon brought me to a thunderous climax. I screamed out as I came hard, never having experienced this kind of sex before this night. God I was in Heaven! My screams send those two over the edge also, and soon they were coating my cunt and asshole with their sperm. I couldn't believe how much cum they were spurting into me.

After they finished, they undid the cuffs and I started to suck their cocks once again. When they were both hard, they had me get on me hands and knees over Jack, while Greg got behind me. I was so afraid that Greg would try my back door, but was surprised to find them both begin to enter my cunt. They had me spread wide as they both finally had their fully erect cocks in my cunt at the same time. I felt like a well used whore as they fucked me relentlessly. I came once again, then passed out from the fucking they gave me.

When I awoke, Jack was gone, and Greg was asleep with his cock in my pussy. I reached down and began to play with my clit and was soon beginning to push back all the way on his cock. He started to awaken and began to move his hips back and forth while I frigged my clit. Soon, we both began to cum at the same time. I was exhausted by then, and fell back asleep.

That was over a year ago, and Jack still loves me to be a slut to the men I meet. One night I was gang banged by twenty five men who were intent on fucking me repeatedly. I've been raped for real, and enjoyed it. My sexual appetite has become very strong, and I have to have as many cocks as possible in me. Whether Jack watches or not, we always end up fucking after I tell him what I've done. He usually eats out my pussy first, then fucks me in every one of my holes. This is great! I am a slut or a whore who will fuck just about anyone who wants me. I seldom ever turn down an offer for cock and I get my own fulfillment almost every night. It's a wonderful life!

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