Cindy The Slut
by Colt 45

Cindy has always been a tiger in bed, never seeming to get enough fucking. Lately, it's all I can do to keep up with her. Seems like the more she gets, the more she wants. When we watch X-rated movies, I notice that her nipples get particularly hard when a scene with two men on one women comes up. One night I brought the subject up while we watching a tape, and she got really turned on thinking about it. When we fucked, her cunt was bigger than usual and she was insatiable even after we fucked three times. I decided that we would find a way to put Cindy into a situation like that and see what happened.

Cindy is 32, with a 38 - 26 - 34 figure, deep blue eyes, blonde, and firm all over. Her DD tits love attention, like there was a direct line between her nipples and her clit. One Friday night, I told her to dress as slutty as she could imagine, and we went out. She took me to my word and when she came down from upstairs, she had on a dress that clung in all the right places, with a slit up the side. She had on a garter belt to hold up her fishnet stockings, but nothing else underneath. She had put on her makeup and made up her hair, in a way that gave her a totally different look, one of unadulterated lust. If I wasn't trying to implement my plan, I would have taken her right then, but I had something else on my mind.

We walked into a bar near our house and took a table in a darker corner, ordering drinks and listening to the band play. After a few drinks, I went to the men's room and then lingered at the bar while I watched our table. A young black man was sitting there with Cindy, and they were smiling and talking with each other. Then a slow song started and they got up and went to the dance floor, enveloping each other in their arms. I watched as the young stud's hands went to my wife's tight asscheeks and he began to rub them. Cindy didn't make any attempt to stop him, and he danced her into a darker area. I moved a little closer, not wanting to interrupt what was building between them, watching closely. He bent his head to her mouth and kissed her firmly. She responded by pulling his closer, and he went a little farther. He reached up with one hand and began to massage her full tits, bringing her nipple to a stiffness that I noticed only when she was extremely horny. They continued to kiss and I noticed him grinding his hips in a circular motion against hers.

I knew now, that regardless of anything else, he would be stroking his cock into her before long. I went back to our table and sat down, pretending not to notice them. Finally, they both came back to our table and we were introduced. Cindy told me that she had explained to Willie what we wanted, and he agreed to come back to our house with us. The three of us walked back to the house, Cindy in the middle, hand in hand. I unzipped her dress and told her to take it off as we walked back. She stripped as if she did it all the time, and I carried her dress while Willie put his hand on her tight ass. By the time we got back to the house, she was soaked with her cunt juices. She later told me that being nude in public made her so horny, that she came on the spot.

We went directly to our bedroom, and she faced Willie and kissed him. I reached behind her and felt her cunt which was soaked with her love juice. She reached down and unzipped Willie's pants and pulled out a huge black dick. She dropped to her knees and licked up the shaft, then teased the under side with her expert tongue. Soon, she had taken the head of this big dick into her mouth and began to suck more and more of it down. "Oh God, I can't believe the size of this thing! I'm not sure it will fit in my pussy" Cindy said, breathing heavily. "Well, let's find out" Willie responded, and they moved to the bed. Many thoughts were running through my head and all I knew for sure was that my dick had never been harder.

She lay back on our bed, and spread her luscious legs wide, giving him a view of the paradise he was about to experience. His cock in hand, Willie moved between her wide spread legs and began to rub his big cock all over her aching pussy. Finally, she could take no more and begged him "Oh God, put it in, Fuck me please! I need that cock so badly!". With that, Willie pushed the head in a couple of inches, and Cindy let out a low guttural moan as he filled her. He had her nipples in his hands and he pinched and twisted them as he entered her. Before he got the entire length of his cock into my wife's pussy, she came, begging him to fuck her hard. I watched and saw this black monster fill my wife's cunt, and saw her response of pure lust. He withdrew his tool and then slammed it forward into her messy cunt. Again and again, he thrust all the way into her, then pulled almost all the way out and then sank his twelve inch beast back into her cunt, deeper than any man had ever gone. Cindy was cumming from the time he sunk his meat into her, until he finally started to groan and the shot his sperm deeply into her cunt.

After he rested a bit, he had her get up on her hands and knees and had me get under her. I started to eat her sperm filled cunt, and she devoured my own seven inch cock. I watched, up close as Willie again moved the head of his huge cock into my wife's well fucked pussy. I continued to lick her clit as I watched him fuck her. She had taken my dick all the way in and was sucking harder than she ever had before. Consequently, I came very quickly, but didn't shrink as she continued to suck me. Willie's sperm leaked out around his cock, and was dripping down to my mouth as I sucked Cindy's clit. She again started cumming, remaining orgasmic until about forty minutes later when Willie pulled out and shot his cum all over her cunt.

He left as I continued to eat Cindy's slutty cunt, and when she got real horny again, I moved behind her and placed the head of my dick up to her asshole. She begged me to fuck her ass, and I thrust into her with one stroke. Even her asshole had swollen from her first black cock, and I reamed her like a whore.

"Oh God, yes, fuck my whore asshole. Take me like the slut I am. Please, give me all of your dick!" She wailed, and I was only too happy to comply with her wishes. I pounded into her and she continued to beg me to fuck her harder. Finally, I could last no longer, and shot my own hot load up her asshole. She screamed, experiencing another orgasm as I came. After that, we fell together in a heap and slept 'til the next day.

That was the first, but by far not the last time that Cindy has been fucked by more than one man at a time. She wants more and more cock and is becoming a nymph, getting laid at least five times a week by other men, and by me at least that much each week. But, she is still insatiable. I came home one night from work to find her tied to our bed, spread eagled out, and cum dripping from her cunt. More sperm had dried all over her body, and she related to me that she was gang banged by at least twelve men that day. I kept her tied to the bed and started abusing her myself. I told her what a whore she was and she begged for me to teach her a lesson and punish her. I turned her over, and noticed that her ass was already black and blue. She told me how they spanked her until she begged them to fuck her.

I began to spank her myself and soon she was begging me to fuck her. I was willing to comply with her wishes, and I entered her cunt, which felt as big as a cave. There was dried cum all over her face, in her hair, and on her tits, along with on her belly. Soon, she began to cum, and I couldn't hold back. I filled her already full cunt to overflowing with my own sperm. Then I untied her, and she told me how she had let them pick her up early that morning in a 24 hour club. They came back and tied her up and fucked her the whole day, stopping about twenty minutes before I got home. My dick was up again and I started to eat her sloppy cunt, sucking it out. Then I told her to spread her asscheeks, and I fucked her asshole, which also was filled with the sperm of others. I added my load to what was already there, and rolled off of her.

Yes, Cindy has become a nymph and I love it! Every man should have the experience of eating out his wife's cunt after it's been gang fucked. Turn your wife into a slut and you'll not regret it!

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