by Colt 45

My experience with sex began at age 15. I was in my bedroom one day, having just discovered the satisfaction of masturbation, with my fingers in my cunt. Just as I was experiencing an orgasm, my brother walked in my room. "Get out!!" I yelled, making an attempt to cover myself. Jeff replied "Aw, c'mon Cindy. Let me see your pretty pussy." Lustful thoughts were going through my head, but I had a lot of fear also. Then Jeff came over and sat on the edge of my bed. He reached out and put his hand on the inside of my thigh, lightly rubbing it. "Please Cindy, let me see" he said. I was almost there when he entered my room, and I was now very horny. His hand went higher on my leg, and I found myself responding to his touch.

My thighs parted, allowing him access to my cunt. As his hand moved to my clit, I found my nipples stiffening, and what felt like little electrical shocks moving through my body. I lay back and raised my legs, spreading them wide as I did. He lowered his he ad to my clit, and kissed me gently and lightly. My breath started to come more quickly as his tongue began to lick and suck my cunt. He inserted a finger into my pussy, easily, and began to explore the inner recesses of my cunt. He quickened his oral attention and began to pump his finger in and out of my now sopping wet cunt. It didn't take too long to bring me to the brink of an orgasm, and I grabbed his head, pulling him closer to my cunt. He began to lightly bite my clit which sent me over the edge quickly. He didn't let up until I pushed his head away. Finally, I was satisfied, and I made him stop.

"God, that was great!" Jeff exclaimed. "You really know how to cum!" I replied "You really know how to suck a cunt. That was fantastic! Let's do it again in a while." "OK, but how about sucking me now?" Jeff asked. "I don't know how, but if you tell me, I'll try it" I said. He stood up and pulled his shorts off, now standing completely naked before me. His cock was semi hard and about six inches long. He sat on the bed, and I moved so that my head was in his lap. "Just lick up and down the shaft for now Cin" Jeff said,

I stuck out my tongue, and began to lick up and down the first live cock I'd ever seen. It began to harden to it's fullness, and he told me "OK, now take the head of my cock into your mouth and suck it, licking it all over with your tongue". I did as he told me, and soon it was completely hard. I tasted the pre-cum that oozed from the little slit of his cock head, and found it to be very good. Then he instructed me to take more and more of his cock into my mouth, sucking as I went up his dick. It was finally at the back of my throat, and he told me to swallow as much as I could into my throat. At first I gagged, but soon was able to take his dick down my throat. This drove him wild, and soon, he began gasping and then started to cum. I swallowed as much as I could, but some did drip from the corners of my mouth, and down my face. "You look so slutty with my cum dripping from your mouth" Jeff said. "Now it's your turn to experience another orgasm. With that, he went back down on me, sucking my clit and cunt into his mouth. His tongue felt hard as it entered my cunt, and he began to flick it in and out of me.

Just as I was about to cum, he moved upwards on my body and I felt his cock at the entrance of my fuck hole. I panicked and told him to stop, but he was already entering me. "I promise Cin, I won't cum inside of you." He continued to thrust his dick into me until he had sunk it all the way in. This felt so god and I rais ed my hips to meet his thrusts. Soon, I was on the verge of cumming, and just then, Jeff pulled out, and told me he was about to cum. "So am I Jeff, put it back in me." But what if you get pregnant?" he asked. "Fuck it, go ahead and make me cum, now!" With that, he thrust back into my pussy. I came as son he pounded in to the back of my cunt. Within three thrusts, he too began to moan, and I told him "Yes Jeff! Flood my cunt with your cum! Fuck me! Really hard now!"

This sent him over the edge, and soon he blasted his sperm into my pussy. He rolled off of me, and looked at my pussy. "God, that looks so slutty, seeing my cum run out of your cunt like that" he said. I replied "Oh Jeff, please eat me out again, it felt so good!" With that, he lowered his face to my cunt and began to lick out all of his cum. He laid back on the bed, and had me sit on his face. Then I felt his tongue snaking it's way into my cunt, and licking me out. Very shortly, I was cumming again. As I rode his face, I began moaning and saying "Oh yes Jeff, eat me! Oh God that feels so good, oh yesssss, I'm cumminggggggg!" After that, I slid off his face and went down on his cock. I sucked it 'til it became hard again, and then deep throated it 'til his balls were the only thing left. It didn't take too long before he was moaning and telling me he was about to cum. He filled my mouth for the second time that day with his sperm, and I hungrily sucked it all out of him.

It continued that way until I went off to college. Jeff would either fuck or eat me almost every day, except when I had my period. We developed more than a sibling love for each other, and our sex lives were always fulfilled. I went on the pill soon after we began fucking so as not to become pregnant. When I started to become sexually active with other guys, I would always ask him to eat me out after I had sex with them. Even when I would come home from college for a weekend, or one of our vacations, Jeff and I always fucked each other.

One time when I was in college, I was raped one night. I had gone out drinking with some of my girlfriends, and they had been picked up by different guys and left the bar. I left about 1 AM by myself and began to walk back to the dorm. On the way, three black men pulled me into the woods. They told me to strip and when I hesitated, one of them slapped me hard across the face. "Do it!" he commanded, and I undid my jeans and pulled them off, then my halter top.

I was standing there in just my panties, and he said "How do you expect us to fuck you with your panties on?" Another was behind me, and he pulled them off of me, and made me get down on the ground. I lay there on my back, begging them not to do this, but they only laughed at me. The alcohol had made me pretty drunk by then and I was in no condition to fight them off, not that it would have been any different even if I was sober. They undressed and I saw the biggest, blackest dicks that I had ever seen before. One of them grabbed my legs and spread them wide and high, and another one got between them and began to rub his cock against my slit, making it wet. Another knelt in front of my mouth and dangled his dick in my face. "Suck it!" he ordered me, and I opened my mouth and let him enter. I began to suck it while the other dick started to force it's way into my cunt. They were treating me like a whore, and I was beginning to respond to their attentions. My cunt felt like it would split as the one entered me, forcing my cunt wide. He reached the back of my womb, and continued to push into me farther, stretching me out even more. It lasted for about an hour, with each of them fucking my cunt and mouth. I was filled with black sperm, and I felt so slutty. I went back to the dorm and showered, then fell asleep in my bed. It was over, and I was OK.

Then, after graduating, I met a guy named Rick, and we decided to get married. We went to Jamaica on our honeymoon, and the next tow weeks were filled with sex. On our third night there, Jeff and I began to fuck, and after he came in me, he pulled out and rolled over. I told him I hadn't cum yet, and he said "We'll fix that!" There was a knock at the door, and Rick opened it up. In walked two Jamaican men. They undressed and got in bed with me. "Happy honeymoon!" Rick said. These two men had cocks that were fourteen and sixteen inches long, and very thick. As they lay on either side of me, they took my nipples in their mouths and began to suck on them. I was still very horny, and with Rick allowing these strangers to fuck his wife, I was soon more than ready to take them on.

They had me get on my hands and knees, and one of them got behind me and entered my cum soaked cunt, all the way to the hilt. He was huge inside of me, and made my cunt swell up and stretch out. The other got in front of me and had me blow him. I succeeded in deep throating him, and he pumped his meat in and out of my throat. The excitement of two strangers fucking me while my husband watched was too great for me and soon I was cumming. I came countless times as they ravaged my body, making me feel like a whore in heat. Soon, they both began to cum inside of me, and I swallowed the one's sperm as the other pumped his load into my worn out cunt. This was only the beginning though. They both fucked me numerous times, emptying the contents of their balls deep inside of my throat and cunt. Rick joined in several times, and soon, I passed out from the exhaustion.

I awoke the next morning, in the midst of an orgasm, and from the size of the cock in my cunt, I knew it as one of the Jamaicans fucking me. We all stayed in bed for two days and nights, fucking each other constantly. One night after they had gone, Rick and I went to one of the bars close to our hotel. It was crowded and seating was limited. As Rick went in search of drinks, I walked around trying to find us a table. There were about twenty guys at this one long table, and they invited me to sit with them. I did, meaning to tell them that my husband would soon be joining us, but it never got to that. They formed a circle around me, and soon they had me bent over the table.

I had worn no underwear that night, so when they flipped my skirt up, they knew I was ready for fucking. I felt one of them enter my cunt from behind, and another got in front of my mouth. I was a whore this week, and was getting my share of cock. Rick finally found me, laying there with cum dripping from my mouth and cunt, and encouraged the guys to keep going. So, I was gang banged by the twenty men, and ended up going back to one of their rooms, taking on ten of them repeatedly that night. I drug myself back to our room the next morning, and Rick asked if I had a good time. I told him I felt like a real slut, and he told me I looked like one. Cum had dried in my hair and on my face, and my cunt was dripping sperm.

Rick threw me on the bed and began to ravage me as I told him how they fucked me all night long. My cunt was too sloppy for him to fuck, so he turned me over and I felt the head of cock enter my asshole. I had been plugged there four times the previous night, but not as much as my cunt had been, so Rick was able to fuck my asshole and still me grip him. it had hurt somewhat earlier when the others had been fucking my ass, but Rick's cock wasn't quite as big as the other's an with them fucking me, my asshole had stretched out slightly.

So, now it's ten years later, and I go out almost every weekend getting laid by strangers. It makes me feel very excited acting like a whore who needs a cock fix. Rick not only allows this, but encourages me to do it. I've developed a taste for huge cocks, either black or white. Anyone who wants to fuck me has no problem getting into my pants. So, who knows? One night it may be you who ends up doing whatever you want to my body. I won't complain. I've been in every kind of sex imaginable. Form D&S to S&M, to bi, to leather, and everything in between. I've done it all, and love it! Cum get me and have a great time!

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