by Colt 45

In an effort to help pay for our new house, Carrol and I decided to rent out two of our bedrooms. We chose two college students that seemed like responsible young men. Mark was 19, tall and well built, and Kevin was 20, with an average build. Carrol is 35 years old with the body of an 18 year old. A well stacked firm bodied 18 year old that is. 5'4" tall and 110 lbs, Carrol has a 38- 26 - 34 figure with D sized tits. Her blonde hair is waist length and her eyes are a captivating green. Sex with her has always been great, and with her reaching her sexual peak, she was almost insatiable. One night after our boarders had moved in, we were in bed and I suggested a fantasy that I had held for some time. As I slid my cock into her from behind, I muttered how it would be great for her to have another cock to suck at the same time. She seemed very receptive to this fantasy and she went wild during that session.

One day, about two months after our boarders arrival, I came home early one Friday afternoon. I was going to surprise Carol and take her out for the weekend. It turns out, I was the one who was surprised! Not finding anyone downstairs, I started walking upstairs to find Carrol. The I heard her saying "Oh yes Mark, that feels so good! God, you are big! Yes baby, give it to me!" Then I heard Mark in a husky voice "Carrol, you're the best fuck I've ever had. Oh God, you really know how to use that cunt!" I quietly went to the bedroom door and peeked through the partially opened door. There was Mark on top of Carrol, fucking away. My view was unimpeded and I could see his huge cock gliding in and out of her hot pussy, glistening with their juices. Carrol continued moaning out her passion with Mark rapidly fucking her. In his hands were both of her big tits, and he was pinching those thick erect nipples that I so loved sucking on. I wondered how often this had occurred. "Oh God Carrol, I'm gonna cum! Where do you want it baby?" Mark bellowed out. "Fill my cunt baby! Shoot that sperm all the way up my cunt baby!" I noticed Mark's balls tighten and he began thrusting extra hard as he shot his cum into Carrol's hungry cunt. She screamed out in orgasmic delight as Mark's cum blasted into her slut cunt. Finally, he rolled off of her. "Oh God Mark, you're a fantastic lover. Almost as good as Ronny!" she said. This was an ego boost, for when I saw the size of his cock, he was far bigger than I am. Now, semi hard after cumming, his cock appeared to be ten inches long and very thick. Carrol moved around on the bed and began to take his cock into her mouth. "You want more Carrol?" Mark asked. Carrol answered "Always!".

I was amazed at how he started growing again, and watched in awe as she began to swallow his thick dick. She pumped his shaft and soon he was at his hardest. "Where do want it this time lover?" Mark asked. "I want you to fuck my asshole" Carrol replied as if she were ordering a pizza. She got on her hands and knees and Mark mounted her from behind. She took his cock and guided it to her little brown bud. Carrol loves to get ass fucked, and I have no problems with that! I watched as he slowly began to enter her, stretching her tight asshole out with his big cock. Finally, the head of his dick pressed inside of her. She gasped and moved backwards to feel more of him in her. "Come on Mark! Fuck me, stop teasing me! I want to feel your balls slap against my cunt!" God she was acting like a whore! My cock felt like it would burst just listening to her. I watched as the sweat dripped from her brow. She was hot! Mark began to fuck her in earnest now, his hips moving faster an d faster. She thrust back to meet his every thrust and soon his balls were slapping at her cunt. "Oh god! Mark! Fuck me! Harder! Faster! Yes, do me baby!" she cried out. His strokes were almost a blur as he pulled out at least eight inches, then rammed it back into her. "Fuck! I'm gonna cummmmm!" she screamed. With that, her body convulsed and she came. For a long time too. Finally Mark began to shoot his sperm deep within her asshole. "Oh shit, I can feel your hot cum blasting up my ass! Yes lover! Fuck me! Use me! Oh God yes!"

I went back downstairs and outside. I opened the car door, then slammed it extra hard so they'd hear me "come home". I made a lot of noise downstairs, and called out "Carrol, you here?" I walked upstairs and heard the water in the shower. Mark's door was closed and I walked into our bedroom, then into the bathroom. "I'm home honey" I said nonchalantly. "In the shower Ronny" she said. When she came out, she was looking guilty and I looked at her puzzled. "What's wrong Carrol?" I asked innocently. She replied "I'll tell you later." I was amused by this, and couldn't wait to hear what she had to say.

Later on, we went out to dinner then to a club downtown for some dancing and drinks. As we sat at our table, she began. "I don't know how to say this." she began, "First, let me say I love you more than anything else in the world. But I've cheated on you. I fucked Mark four times since he moved in, today the most recent." I looked in her eyes and said "Did you enjoy it?" "God yes!" she replied, seeming confused at my response. "You don't act mad though. What's up?" I told her "Carrol honey, I love you. That goes above everything else. Remember the fantasy we discussed a while back?" She nodded her head. "Well, I have no problem with it at all. I'd love to watch you though. It would be a real turn on to see his cock gliding into your cunt and ass." Carrol's face flushed, though I'm sure it was more because of her excitement than embarrassment. "Let's head for home and see what develops." I said.

We arrived back at the house and were glad to see Mark's car in the driveway. Kevin had gone for the weekend to visit a girl he had met. Mark was watching TV as we entered the house. Carrol went upstairs to change into something sleazy. I started talking to Mark. "Carrol told me that you two have gotten together a few times". His face registered panic and I told him "Relax Mark, I'm not upset with anyone about this. As a mater of fact, it turns me on. Do you enjoy fucking my wife?" He was still flabbergasted and he stammered "She's the sexiest lady I've ever had. Yes, I do enjoy her". "Then come upstairs with me and enjoy her some more!" I told him. He followed me as if in a trance. Carrol's cunt has a way of making a man feel transfixed. We entered the bedroom and Carrol was lying on the bed naked. "I couldn't decide on what to wear, so I wore nothing!" she told us. "Now come over here and make me feel like a satisfied woman!" she commanded.

Her legs spread wide, I could see her pussy was already soaked. I knelt at her head and fed her my seven inches as Mark went to work licking her hot wet cunt. She moaned as his tongue ran across her clit, and I felt her body shudder. She took me down her throat, and my cock got even harder. Seeing another man eat her delicious cunt was very thrilling for me. Her mouth worked my cock over so well that I unexpectedly came, shooting my sperm into her throat. "God baby, I was totally unprepared for that!" I told her. Still, my cock remained hard. Mark began to kiss his way up her body, stopping at those big beautiful tits, paying extra attention to her big nipples. The head of his cock brushed against her cunt lips, eliciting a long sigh. Finally, he began to kiss her throat and he started his entry into her velvet like cunt. "Oh yes Mark, fuck me! God you're cock is so big!" she moaned. I watched as the head of his big cock parted her lips and began it's entry. The blood engorg ed shaft kept sinking further and further into her as she cried out her passion. "Oh Mark, that feels so good! Yes baby, fuck me! Oh shit, I want it all in me, now!" He thrust the entire length up her cunt, his balls slapping at her ass. This was such a turn on for me, seeing my wife taking someone else's cock in what was once, only my cunt. It was thrilling to say the least. I watched as her body writhed all over the bed, sweat forming all over her body. Mark began to pound into her, making her cry out in ecstasy "Oh Mark! I'm gonna cum! Yes! Fuck me! Oh God, I'm such a slut! Yes! Oh fuck!" With that, her cunt burst open like a floodgate, her cum pouring out of her in a fury. Mark also began to cum, more because of her excitement driving him over the edge.

Afterwards, he rolled off of her and Carrol asked me "Ronny baby, will you eat me out now? Please!" I couldn't deny her and I crawled between her legs and started licking her sloppy cunt. Mark's cum began to dribble out, and she thrust her cunt harder into my face. My tongue slowly began to enter her cunt, and I tasted and felt his sperm. It leaked into my mouth and I sucked it out of her. God, but he came a lot! I was amazed at the amount of sperm in her sloppy cunt. Carrol had me lie on my back, and then she straddled my face and began to fuck it. I kept sucking her cunt and soon she was staring to cum. The rest of their combined cum, along with the orgasm she was now having, drained into my mouth as I sucked her. Carrol cried out "Oh God yes! Ronny, I love you! Oh fuck, eat me baby, suck all the cum out of my whore cunt! Yes baby, eat my slutty pussy! Oh fuck! I'm such a whore!" Yes, she was such a whore! And I loved it! Finally, her orgasm subsided and she slid off of me. My cock was rock hard at that point, and I rolled her over. I began to rub my cock against the tight little asshole, deciding that I was going to have it regardless of anything. Soon, I had the head worked into her, and Carrol started groaning out how good it felt. Mark had gotten in front of her and was beginning to pump his cock into her throat. We kept on fucking for about an hour and then Mark moved under her and began to enter her cunt. I could feel his cock move into her pussy, only a thin layer of skin separating our cocks. Carrol squealed in ecstasy as we fucked her hard. About twenty minutes later, we both burst into her at the same time. After we finished cuming, we all collapsed in a heap on the bed, exhausted. I awoke the next morning feeling the bed rocking. I opened my eyes and Mark was fucking Carrol again! Oh to be young and horny!

Carrol and Mark fuck almost every day, and on the weekends, I join in with their fun. Carrol uses him just as he uses her, and they both realize that it is only a physical thing. Next week, Carrol is going to try to seduce Kevin, and we're talking about her being fucked by all three of us. Hopefully, that's another story to be told!

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