Beth's Story
by Colt 45

My husband and I recently hosted a going away party for one of our friends. There were fifty people there, friends of ours and his. Jack was going Australia for his work and would be gone for about three months. As is usual, I couldn't hold my liquor and was soon feeling pretty drunk. My husband Steve knows how I get when I've had too much to drink and he kept on encouraging me to have more.

After the party was beginning to wind down, Jack asked me to go for a walk with him. I agreed and soon we were in the woods strolling along hand in hand. "Beth, I think I'm going to miss you the most while I'm away" he said. "Oh? Why's that?" I asked. "I've been jealous of Steve for a long time. You're one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I've ever seen" he replied. "Could I kiss you good bye?" My mind was working in a haze due to the alcohol, and I agreed. After all, what's a kiss? I found out his idea of what a kiss is very quickly. He took me in his arms and his lips sought out mine. I felt limp in his arms, he was so commanding. His tongue sought out mine and soon was exploring my mouth. At the same time, his hands were moving down my sides and around to my ass. He began to squeeze my firm ass cheeks and it felt great! But, I had to stop this. I was married after all. I broke the kiss saying "Jack, this isn't a friendly good bye kiss!" He replied "No, but I'd like something more to remember you by while I'm away. Come on Beth, I want you." He again kissed me and I readily opened my mouth. His tongue moved around, darting this way and that inside my mouth. I whimpered as his hand brushed my tit and he took that as a go ahead.

We sat on the ground and he continued kissing me. His hands were all over me, feeling, stroking, squeezing. I felt like I was on fire. I knew that this was wrong, yet I had no control over it.

"Please Jack, this isn't right. I can't" I stammered, but my protests fell on deaf ears. Soon, he had my tits out and was playing with one nipple as his head dropped to the other. I felt so horny that I couldn't fight even if I wanted to . I grabbed his head and pulled it hard to my tit as he sucked on it. I felt his hand drop to my thigh and lightly rub the inside of it. As it went higher under my dress, I felt my legs spread as if they had a mind of their own. It felt as though it was taking a lifetime for him to make his way to my cunt. When his hand finally reached my panties, he found them soaked through. He rubbed my clit through the soaked material, and I came. No warning, I just came. My body shuddered as wave after wave of orgasm took me over. I hadn't cum like that since I was first married. I heard him unzip his pants and knew that soon I'd feel his cock inside of me. I wanted it desperately. I also knew it was wrong, but I had no control over it. My body had betrayed me and I wasn't about to stop anything else that would happen.

"Beth, please, suck my cock." he asked. I went right to his lap and saw the huge pole that was awaiting me. I started by licking his balls, taking each one into my mouth and sucking them. Then I stuck out my tongue, and licked the underside of his twelve inch cock, stopping at where the head meets the shaft on the underside. My tongue swirled all around the bulging head of his magnificent cock, then I opened my mouth and sucked it in. It went in almost seven inches before it hit the back of my throat. I let it rest there momentarily until I could open my throat up. I began to swallow this thick long cock and Jack began to moan. He reached under my dress again, and slid my panties down to my knees. I felt a finger enter me, then another. My cunt was like liquid fire as he began to move his fingers all around. Finally, my lips rested at the hairy base of his cock, it having slid right down my throat easily. I increased the suction on his dick, making him groan out in pleasure. He began to hump my throat now, and I knew that this beautiful cock would shoot a great load of sperm down my throat. I prayed that he wouldn't get soft right away either so I could feel it move into my cunt.

His hands went to my head and pushed as he thrust upwards, causing his cock to stab even deeper down my throat. From this cock in my throat and his fingers in my cunt, I began to cum again. As I started to cum, I felt his cock begin to spasm and knew that we were both cumming together. He shot what felt like a gallon of sperm down my willing throat just as I coated his fingers with my own juices. He pulled his cock out of me and ripped my panties completely off of me. Then he moved between my legs and I felt him slide his cock up inside of me. He slid right in to the end. My cunt was so huge, it would have taken a few more inches easily. His hips moved in circles, thrusting into me and I began to cum again. It was reaching the point where I was going into multiple orgasm. He fucked me for about thirty minutes before he started to hammer his cock into me. I knew that he'd be shooting off inside of me soon. I was right. Just as I peaked again, he groaned and I felt his hot sperm splatter into me. He continued to fuck me for about another five minutes, to make sure I had reached my peak and was finished.

We dressed and headed back to the house. Steve grinned at me, and I knew right then that he knew what happened. I felt like a whore standing there, and then I felt cum dribbling down my leg and ran to the bathroom. I cleaned up and went back out to the party which was beginning to wind down quickly. Everybody left and Steve and I cleaned up the empties and took out the trash. He said "Anything you want to tell me?" "What do you mean?" I asked, but I knew full well that he knew Jack and I had fucked. "You were gone a long time Beth, I was just curious." I couldn't even try to live the lie and I started to cry about what I had done. Steve stopped grinning and took me in his arms and held me tight. We walked to our bedroom with him still holding me. The reality had just hit me about what I'd done. Steve said "Honey, it's all right. I knew what I was letting you get into, so this is all just as much my fault. I'm not upset by it, and I think it actually turns me on" I looked at him and said with a quavering voice "You mean you knew that Jack would fuck me?" "Yes, I just wish I could have seen it." "Steve, you mean you're willing to let another man fuck your wife? To take what was only yours?" "Sex is one thing, love is quite another. I love you as much, no more than before Beth." This thought had hit me pretty hard. I've known men and women who have had affairs, but they were having problems in their own marriage and sought solace with another. I had heard of swingers, but didn't know any, and never understood it. I was beginning to come to an understanding that a man could find it a turn on to share his wife with another man. I had to admit, it was turning me on. As I was about to say something else, Steve kissed me. His hands began to move over my body with a passion that we used to share.

Sex had gotten somewhat boring for both of us, neither being at fault. But now, I had just felt the excitement of being with another man, and here my hu sband was reacting passionately to it. He soon had me naked, and began to kiss his way down my body. He got close to my sloppy cunt and I told him "Stop, Jack came in me and his cum is still there." He responded "Why do you think I want to eat you Beth. I know that" and he went back down to my pussy. His tongue filled me and began to move around inside of me, turning me on. Soon, my hips were pushing against his face. I came hard, and the juices inside of me began to flow out into Steve's mouth. He moved up my body and began to kiss me. I tasted my orgasm and the remnants of Jack's sperm. "I can't believe how big your cunt is Beth. You're huge!" Steve breathed into my neck. "Jack is real big" I said. He stretched my cunt out wide and deep." "How big is he Beth?" he asked me. "At least twelve inches and as thick as my arm. He fucked me deeper than I have ever felt Steve. I came almost non stop after he entered me." "How did it go down?" he asked me again. "We walked into the woods holding hands, and I felt a magnetic attraction to him. We stopped and he kissed me. I tried to break away, but he persisted. I felt myself losing control and when he took me in his arms, I felt like rubber. Soon he had his hands under my dress and he began to feel me up. He had my tit out and was sucking my nipple. Again, I tried to stop, but he was not taking no for an answer. He made me cum, and I was his. After that, I couldn't deny him anything, and he took me completely. He came down my throat and deeply in my cunt. I was like a slut Steve, and it felt wonderful." He then thrust into me, and began to fuck me hard.

Well, since I had turned into a slut, I thought I may as well do everything. "Steve baby, that feels good, but I'm so big I can't squeeze it tight. Jack didn't fuck my ass, but I want you to now!" He rolled off of me and I got on my hands and knees. He slid into my cunt once again and got his cock all lubed up. "God, it's so slimy in there!" he exclaimed. Then he pulled out and pushed his cock into my ass. It slid in fairly easy, and felt great! I began to fuck him back as he thrust into me. That hole was very tight around Steve's cock, and he began to really fuck me hard. All too soon, he began to shoot his sperm deeply in my ass.

We had started it, and now it was becoming an obsession with me. I loved to fuck other men and Steve encouraged me. He went so far as to install a mirror that can be seen through in the closet of the room next to our bedroom. He'd "hide" in there when he heard doors close and watch me as I fucked other men. The fantasy I had set up was that my husband was out and wouldn't return for several hours. The guys who picked me up would come back to our house and we'd fuck. Steve would be watching it all from the next room and most of the time would video tape it. One night he asked me "Beth, do you ever have fantasies about fucking a well hung black man?" I thought about it and answered "Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I almost brought one home last week, but I wasn't quite sure how you would feel about it." He replied "I'd love to see that babe! A huge black cock filling your cunt would be real exciting!" So, we decided that the next time I went out, I'd bring a black man home to our bed.

That Friday night, I dressed up real sleazy. Steve had gotten me a real short skirt and an almost see trough top. I applied my makeup real heavy, looking like a slut, then dressed. I decided on a black garter belt with fishnet stockings to complete my look. The garter belt was longer than my skirt and was just visible when I stood. Steve saw me and said "God Beth! You look completely different! Hell, I'd try to pick you up myself! Hurry home baby!"

I went to a club that I had heard some of my girlfriends talk about that was basically all black. Well, almost. There were quite a few white girls there, also looking for black cock. I ordered a drink, chugged it down and got another. Before to long, a black man asked me to join him. We went to his table and sat down, making small talk. He asked if I was married and I told him yes. He then asked about my husband. "Oh, he's gone for a few hours. He never pays a lot of attention to me, and sometimes I just need to fuck. Will you come back to my house with me?" I asked. Before long, we were heading back to the house, and we went straight to our bedroom. We fell to the bed kissing and his hands were all over me. Before long, he had me naked and was rubbing my juicy cunt and hard nipples. This was just another man, but it seemed so taboo to be in bed with a black man. My cunt was soaked before his hand even made contact with it. I reached out and grabbed the bulge in his pants, happily surprised to find a substantial sized cock. He stripped his clothes quickly off and pulled my head to his lap. I knew what he wanted, and I opened up my mouth and sucked him in. As he grew, I found that I could take about half of his cock in my mouth. He was huge! He would be the biggest cock I had ever had.

He even made Jack's big cock seem small by comparison. My cunt was flooded with my juices as lay me back and spread my legs. He moved into me and I felt his huge cock rub my wet slit. He parted my outer lips and proceeded to slowly enter me. He knew that his cock would hurt a cunt that wasn't prepared for it's size. Mine, however, was growing larger by the second as he pushed his massive head into me. "Oh God Yes!" I screamed. "Yeah baby! Put that big cock in me, let me feel it baby!" He then pushed it in 'til it hit the back of my cunt. He was about ten inches inside of me and had at least six to go. He began to push, gentle, yet firmly. I stretched out more to accommodate his dark black cock. Finally, he was completely buried in me. His balls rested against my ass. "Baby, fuck me! Make me cum baby!" I cried out. His cock inside of me sent shivers up and down my spine and my mind flashed lights in my head. I can't remember anything except the intensity of the fucking he gave me. I began to cum and kept on cuming 'til he blasted his cum in me almost an hour later. Then I told him my husband would be home in about thirty minutes and I needed to clean up my cunt. He left, and I told him I was sure I'd see him again.

I went back to our bedroom and Steve was waiting for me. He again ate me out, licking out the globs of sperm that my most recent lover had left me with. After that, I begged him to fuck my asshole. This was becoming a ritual. Every time I'd fuck another man, we would go through the same thing. He'd eat me out, and then fuck my ass.

After we were through, Steve told me we were going on vacation in a week. He made it a big surprise for me. He had everything arranged for us to spend two weeks in Jamaica. He showed me the brochure of the resort on the coast. It was isolated from any of the larger cities, set in a jungle type atmosphere. There was a small village close by, but the resort had everything you could possibly want. I was excited about going there, and told Steve I probably wouldn't pack very much clothing. I planned on him fucking me for the majority of the time. The day came and we boarded the plane at 9 AM. By noon, we were there and had checked into the resort. There were actually two resorts there, split up into family and just adult parts. The adult portion was separated completely away from the family side as many of the people there wore little or no clothing. As we sat on our balcony, I noticed many people with nothing on at all. I told Steve that we should go down and meet some of them. He agreed and we stripped, and headed down stairs. We sat by the pool and ordered some drinks. The warm sun and the alcohol soon made me feel pretty drunk. I noticed a girl who was laying there naked as men approached and began to talk to her. She got up and went with them, one by one into the under growth. They'd come back after about twenty to thirty minutes, and another man would approach her, and they would leave. This went on for most of the afternoon, and I told Steve to go check her out. He went over and began talking to her, and soon, they were off into the jungle. I followed them and hid behind some trees. I watched as Steve mounted her and began to fuck her. Al of a sudden, I felt hands on my shoulders and I turned around quickly and faced the man they belonged to. I gasped, and he said "Shh! That's my wife getting laid. She's had fo urteen men fuck her today. I love to watch her getting laid. My cock is so hard, how about giving your pussy up to me?" I kissed him and soon we rolling in the grass. As he entered me, I had a mind blowing orgasm. We fucked a lot longer than Steve and Missy (he told me her name) and after so many orgasms I lost count, he blasted his sperm deeply inside my cunt.

I went back to where we were sitting and Steve was there. "Where did you go?" he asked. I told him about following them and meeting Pete and fucking him. He told me that Missy had so much cum in and on her that she felt like she'd taken on a football team. We went back to our room and cleaned up for dinner.

Just outside the restaurant, we met Pete and Missy, and we all had dinner together. We talked about things over dinner, primarily about sex. They had been swingers for quite some time, even before they were married. On their wedding night, Pete had arranged an orgy and Missy got to fuck all the guys before they could go to any other girl. She says she lost track how many different guys fucked her that night, but it was more than fifty. God, I couldn't even conceive of more than two, or maybe three. But she had seen and done quite a few things in their time as swingers. Missy looked at me and said "Would you be terribly upset if I borrowed your gorgeous husband for a few hours? I'd love a three way with him and Pete." I answered "No, I guess not, as long as I can have the same experience tomorrow night!" She assured me that would be no problem. Pete piped up and added "Most assuredly my sweet little thing! I'd love the pleasure of feeling your hot little cunt again!"

After dinner, I headed back to our room and put on one of Steve's tank tops. I ventured down stairs and decided to go for a walk on the beach. I got about a mile down the beach from the resort and saw three men approaching from the opposite direction. I thought little of it and they stopped and began to talk to me. They asked me where I was from and what I was doing walking all alone at night on the beach. I told them I didn't think it was a problem and they looked at each other smiling. They asked me if I'd like to go party with them. One of them lit a joint and offered it to me. I took it and inhaled the strong smoke, feeling very high very quickly. I said OK and we went off into the jungle. We came to a small hut and entered. There was a candle burning on the table, but that's all the light there was. I noticed very little furniture and there was a padded bar on a frame that could be height adjusted. I asked them what it was and they said for me to stand up and they'd s how me. I went over to it and they adjusted the height of the bar to my hips. I asked them what it was for, and one of them told me to bend over it. I looked at him and realized exactly what was going on. I said "No!" and started for the door. They brought me back and bent me over the bar, and tied my hands to my ankles. I cried out "No, please! Don't do this to me! I'm married! Oh nooo!!" One of them said "Hey, if your staying at the resort, then you're there for sex and we'll give it to you!" I began to plead with these three black men "Please let me go! Don't do this to me! Please! Oh God No!" I felt one of them grab my hips and pull me towards him. I didn't even realize that they had all stripped and now they were pulling the tank top over my head. I stood there naked, on display for them bent over. I felt the one's cock brush against my pussy, and I knew that no matter what, I'd be leaving there loaded with their sperm. In seconds, he was entering me. His cock was huge, as big as the black man I had picked up weeks earlier. And, he slid into me with moderate ease. Another of them pulled a chair around to the front of me and grabbed my head by my hair. He pulled my mouth to his cock and ordered "Suck me slut!" So, I opened my mouth and took him in. His cock, too, was huge. I felt the veins along the shaft as he parted my lips. He reached the back of my throat and told me "Swallow it now!" and began to push it down (or up) my throat. The one behind me was fucking me hard at that point and unable to control myself, I came. Being man handled like this, even though it was rape, was turning me on so bad. I felt like a wicked tramp with these men taking me. His pace increased and he began to moan that he was cumming. I felt the hot sperm blast into me and had another orgasm right then and there. Shortly after, the cock in my throat began to spasm and he shot his load. As the cock in my cunt began to go flaccid, the last one got behin d me. He slid into my cunt and fucked me for several minutes like that. Then he pulled his dick out of me and began to probe my asshole with it. He was big, though not as big as the other two were. Still, he stretched my asshole wide and I screamed from the pain it initially caused. He was relentless though and soon, the pain went away, leaving me with a feeling like I was the dirtiest whore on earth. At least, he fucked me like I was. They continued to take turns at me all night long. They left me tied where I was, but they did keep putting joints in my mouth to smoke. I remained high the whole night. When dawn began to break, they hustled me through the jungle to a gate that lead to the resort.

I walked into our room and found Steve asleep. I lay there alongside of him and he awoke. "Where have you been? Are you OK?" he asked me. he was real concerned about me being OK and I told him I was fine. I told him about my night and how I was raped/fucked. It started out as rape, but it ended up being a good fuck for me. Soon, Steve was on top of me, fucking my well stretched and well fucked cunt. I passed out after he came in me, and awoke about three PM. Pete & Missy knocked on our door and I told Missy about my experience the night before. "God, that sounds so erotic!" She exclaimed. "Maybe I'll take a walk myself tonight while these two studs take care of you!" Pete had sat down next to me and pulled my head to his cock. I sucked him deep and had him cumming soon. I glanced at Steve, and he was behind Missy with his cock up her ass. Missy was a real slut also.

We had dinner and Missy said she was definitely going down the beach that night. She said she'd put up a fight so they'd really rape her. She told us how being raped turned her on, especially if it got rough. She was going naked however, so that there'd be no excuse for anyone not to fuck her. Pete came back to our room with us and he began to eat me. His tongue definitely knew what to do and soon he had me writhing on the bed. I had him lie back and then straddled him, taking his cock and guiding it into me. I slowly sank down on him, then Steve got in behind me and I felt him lube my ass up with some KY. Soon, I felt his cock enter me, filling me completely. Having two cocks in me like that had me cumming in no time. The guys took me in every conceivable position, finally collapsing against me after they had each cum three times. I was still exhausted from the previous night, and was soon asleep. Pete fucked me in my ass one more time while I was asleep, and then he too passed out.

We awoke to a knock on the door and it was Missy. Her hair was disheveled and her body a mess. She had really been raped the night before, and not by the same men that took me. There were a dozen of them and they weren't gentle at all with her. Her face was bruised from them slapping her, and she had love bites all over her body. She had been ravaged by these men, yet she loved it. They forced her to do everything they could imagine. Two of them with cocks that were every bit as long as fourteen inches, had entered her cunt at the same time. Again, they weren't gentle either. Pete went back to their room with her and helped her clean up.

As much as we hated it, after two weeks we had to go back home. Since they lived only about a hundred miles away, Pete & Missy agreed with us that we get together every few weeks. When we got home, a message was on our answering machine from Jack. He had gotten through early and was now home again. Steve asked me if I wanted to go spend a night with him, and I agreed that it would be great. I called him up and told him that Steve had to go out of town for a couple of days, and asked if I could come over. He readily agreed and I drove to his apartment. He answered the door naked and told me to get that way also. I stripped before he even shut the front door (I had so little on). We went to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed kissing. I hadn't told him about my sexcapades since he took me those months ago, and acted like this was our secret. It added to the excitement by imagining that he was taking this "forbidden fruit", even though Steve knew everything that was happening . And what he didn't know, I'd tell him! I could never hold anything back from the man who truly made me the happiest woman alive. What other man could ever love and trust his wife enough to let other men fuck her? Anyway, Jack was in me in a flash. I knew that he'd had sex with other women while he was gone, but he acted like I was the last piece he had before he left, and had gotten nothing since. He fucked me with the same abandon he had on that fateful night, and soon had my cunt filled with his sperm. We stayed in bed fucking for two days straight, sleeping only when we passed out. He had filled all three of my holes with sperm, repeatedly. I felt like a cum goddess. Finally, I left and went home. I told Steve all about it and how it seemed a big secret and we had a big laugh over it. Steve said it would be a great prank to play on Jack if he acted like he was out to kill him for fucking his wife then telling him it was no problem!

I can honestly say that I have the best of both worlds. Steve does satisfy me in bed, but more importantly in my head. That he allows me to experience other men and is not jealous of it goes a long way to show how much he loves and trusts me. I know that he has had other women, he's told me about each and every one, and I too have no problems with it. We love each other more than anything else, and our commitment is to each other. I'd never leave him for another cock, just as he'd never leave me for another cunt. Why, when we can have whatever we want, whenever we want it? Girls, if you can develop this with your own husbands, then don't hold back. Do it! It'll make you both very happy!

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