Bobbi's Adventure 7
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

I can't believe it's almost Saturday. It was only a few days ago that I was telling you about my fling last Saturday with three guys from the gym where I work out. Let me just say that I haven't been a good girl since then.

When I went back to work on Monday, I was still horny thinking about the weekend (especially after posting the letter to the newsgroup). So, to relieve myself, I asked Bob if he wanted to go for a run at noon. Bob (a guy I work with) knows that when he runs with me it ends up being more than a run.

Anyway, I won't go into too many details, but Bob and I had a real good time on our run. We ran naked for a while, and then I told him I wanted him to fuck me! It was just what I needed!

Today at noon, I went running by myself, and as usual, I did it in the nude (except for shoes and socks). I ran for about three miles naked and didn't see a soul. After I put my clothes on (meaning my briefless shorts and white sport bra), I didn't want to go back to work right away. I love where I work; as long as I put in my eight hours a day, they don't care when I do it. So today I decided to take a little longer for lunch. I decided to go see if the woman who had watched Bob and I doing it a couple of weeks ago was lying out in her yard. So, I took off running down the trail.

When I got to her house, there she was lying in the backyard on a sheet. I felt pretty bold, so I walked over towards her. When she looked up, I asked her if I could get a drink of water. Remember, this woman had seen me run by her house naked before, and she had also watched and masturbated as Bob fucked me. She got up and led me to a hose with a nozzle on the end, and I turned it on to get my drink. The cold water felt good, and I didn't mind that I got pretty wet trying to get my drink. As I was thanking her for the drink, I took a good look at her. She had on a fairly conservative bikini, but it couldn't hide what was obviously a nice body. She was tall, probably 5'10", and looked to weigh about 120 lbs. She had auburn hair and really vivid green eyes. She looked older than me, and was probably in her mid-to-late thirties. And she had something I wish I had, large breasts. As I looked up into her eyes, I noticed that she was looking at my breasts. I looked down and saw that my bra was pretty wet and my nipples were quite visible.

I made a joke about that not being anything she hadn't already seen, and she said, "yes, I've certainly already seen more of you than that. I see you're wearing some pretty revealing running shorts, too." I wasn't ready for her directness, and it caught me kind-of off guard. She introduced herself to me as Mary, and I told her my name. Then she asked what the deal was with my naked romps through her woods. Well, as long as she was being direct, I figured I might as well be to. So I told her that I had just worked up the nerve to act on my exhibitionist tendencies. I felt my pussy tingling as I talked about it, so I thought I'd elaborate a little. I told her how I'd been caught my first time out, and how I'd ended up letting the guy masturbate on me. Mary said that it sounded like fun and asked how I had ended up performing for her (that was the day Bob had me for the first time).

I told her that it turned me on to have someone watch, and that I'd felt safe having a woman watch. I went on to say how hot it had made me to know that she was masturbating as she watched me. Then I asked her if she'd cum, and she replied that she had indeed. She asked me more questions about my escapades, and seemed really interested when I told her about the time I'd been kind-of forced to take on seven guys in a row. She asked lots of questions. She wanted to know if I was married, and how my husband felt about what I'd been doing. I had to tell her that Tom (my husband) didn't know about it. She told me that she thought her husband would probably like it if she had sex with other guys, that it was a fantasy of his. Well, I told her she should accompany me on one of my runs. I told her that we should go for one right now!

I could tell that the idea intrigued her, so I pressed her about it. I asked if she ran and she said that she did, so I talked her into taking me inside and showing me her running clothes. This was great fun! I picked out a pair of shorts for her and asked if I could modify them slightly. Mary was into it by then and she said to go ahead. Well, I ripped the liner out of them and Mary put them on. I had her pull them up as far as she could. She looked hot! You could easily see a good part of her ass. Then we looked for just the right top. She had a lined white aerobics top and we cut the lining out of that too. When she put it on, her nipples stood out against the thin material. She put on some socks and running shoes, and we were set to go. When we got back outside, I talked Mary into soaking herself with the hose. Now she looked really hot. I didn't want to be outdone, so I turned the hose on myself. Then we took off running down the trail.

We got out to the main trail in a couple of minutes and turned to run towards the road. This was to be Mary's lucky day. We had only gone a short distance when we saw two guys running our way. I told Mary to follow my lead. When the guys were almost to us, I stopped and put my hand up to my eye. Then I exclaimed that I had lost my contact lens. Then turning away from the fast- approaching men, I bent forward at the waist, pretending to look for it. Well, this exposed the rest of my ass to the two guys. Mary played right along and held up her hands indicating that they should stop. She told them that I had lost a contact lens, and could they please help us look for it. Then she bent over in front of them to show off her ass, too!

The guys had stopped and were now distractedly helping us look for the imaginary contact lens. I pretended to find it, and pretended to put it in the little pocket inside my running shorts. I thanked the guys for their help and told them they deserved a reward. I could see that they were hard from watching Mary and I show off our butts, and now they seemed mesmerized by Mary's boobs (they were pretty clearly visible through her wet top). I was just about to tell them that for being so helpful, Mary would be happy to strip for them, when Mary said, "How would you like Bobbi to give both of you blow jobs?" I started to protest when she stepped up behind me and pulled my sport top up above my breasts. Then just as quickly, she pulled my shorts down! So, there I stood naked in front of these two guys we had just met! Then Mary grabbed my hair and pulled down. She told me to get on my knees and get prepared to suck some cock!

Well, this suited me just fine. Now I could enjoy having their cocks in my mouth and remain kind-of innocent. I mean, after all, it wasn't me who initiated it! I was just following orders! The guys seemed a little taken aback by all of this, but Mary took matters in hand. She told them to pull out their dicks and step up. As they moved within reach, I opened my mouth and sucked in the cock closest to me. Then as the other guy moved forward, I moved over to his cock. I took turns sucking on them, and they looked like they were enjoying the attention. All the time I was sucking them, Mary stood beside me and masturbated and urged me on. Well, I let them fuck my mouth until both guys had fed me loads of cum, and then Mary told them they'd have to leave. After they left, Mary made me suck on her clit until she reached an orgasm. It was as good as I expected it to be, and I knew that I would get plenty of opportunity to do it in the future.

After we both settled down a little, Mary asked if she had gone too far. I told her that I loved what had happened, and about how it made me feel like I wasn't really doing anything wrong, because I was just following orders. I did tell her that I still hadn't cum yet though, and I didn't think that that was very fair. Well, Mary said she would take care of that in a little while.

So, once we got our clothing straightened out, we started out running back towards Mary's house. On the way there, I talked Mary into taking off her sports top. I was envious as I watched her large bouncing boobs; I really wish mine were a little bigger. Anyway, we got back to her house and she asked me inside. She led me right to her bedroom, and then she gave me a big kiss! I had never kissed another woman before and it felt pretty strange. I felt kind of depraved, locked in an embrace with another woman, but it didn't stop me from responding. Remember how I told you about seeing my college roommate 69ing with another girl? Well, that's what kept running through my mind. As we kissed, I began caressing Mary's breasts. Now I really felt wicked! She responded by pinching my nipples, and then moving her hand down into my shorts to my clit. I broke off the kiss and told her that I wanted to 69 with her, and we moved to the bed. Mary was kind-of breathless, and didn't say anything, but she had a really lusty look in her eyes.

We took off the rest of our clothes and I lay down on the bed and Mary climbed on over me. I could look up and see her pussy, and I couldn't wait to stick my tongue into her. When she had me bring her off out on the trail, I had only licked and sucked on her clit; now I wanted to fuck her with my tongue. I watched as she lowered her head between my legs. She had her arms wrapped around my legs, and I could feel her hot breath on my pussy. Then I felt an almost electric jolt as Mary began licking my clit. I tried to lift my head up so that I could get at her pussy but it was really difficult, so I told her to spread her legs! As she did, her pussy got closer and closer to my mouth until it was only inches away! Then, as I wrapped my arms around her waist, I lifted my head a little and planting my lips firmly against her pussy lips, I forced my tongue up into her pussy. She was really wet, and she tasted yummy. As I tongue-fucked her, my face became wet with her pussy juice. Meanwhile she was doing the same to me! We both came a bunch of times; at times it was almost painful, it was so pleasurable. Usually when Tom brings me to an orgasm by licking my pussy, he stops after I've cum, I mean I get so super-sensitive down there. But Mary wouldn't stop! When I'd cum, she just kept licking and sucking! It was almost more than I could stand.

Eventually, we became exhausted, and Mary crawled up and lay beside me. We kissed and fondled each other for a while longer, but eventually, we just lay there. Mary confessed to me that this was her first time with another woman, and I told her it was mine, too. We talked about how good it had been, and neither one of us felt like we shouldn't have done it. Then we talked about our marriages and husbands. Mary told me that she would like to have me over some time for a repeat performance with her husband watching; turns out that's one of the things he'd told her he'd like to see. I told her that sooner or later I thought Tom would like to see us together, too. We both agreed that having our husbands watch would make it even more erotic.

I told Mary that I had to be getting back to work, but that maybe we could meet again next week. I told her about my plans to take on the guys at the fraternity on Saturday, and she thought that sounded very hot. Then I left and headed back to work feeling very satisfied.

I didn't get much work done today. I'm afraid I kept thinking of Mary's pussy crushed against my face, and how good it had felt. I had to go to the bathroom twice to masturbate this afternoon. I just can't get over how highly sexed I've become. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way. I've never felt so satisfied as I have since I've embarked on this road of intense sexual activity. I'm really looking forward to Saturday. I hope all twelve fraternity brothers are there. I'll have to remember to tell Tom that I'll be gone longer than normal for my workout and run.

Well, I've got to go now and get at least some work done, but I'll continue to keep you all posted on my adventures. So, what do you think of who I've become? Does it turn you on to know that I will be fucking twelve guys this coming weekend? I love being able to tell you all about the things I do. Would it surprise you to know that when I'm fucking and sucking all these different men, I think of how you'll react when I write you about it? I love seeing my letters posted (I read them at work and I always play with my pussy when I read them), but I especially like to read the responses from you. I like to think that you are jacking off when you read about the things that I do. So, keep letting me know what you think. I love you all.

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