Bobbi's Adventure 4
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

This is just a quick post to let you know what happened on my run with Bob today. I wore my running shorts with the brief cut out of them, and when we got to the trail, I pulled down my panties and stashed them. Bob was pretty blown away by this and spent the first few minutes on the trail running behind me to look at my ass (for those of you who haven't been following my posts, lets just say that these particular running shorts provide anyone who watches with a view of my ass). Then he pulled up alongside, and we talked about why I dressed like that. I told him about wanting to spice up my sex life by showing off my body, but I didn't tell him about my encounter with the mountain biker. He asked if I wasn't afraid of being seen and I told him that that's what made it exciting. Then I told him that I only started my runs this way, and that I sometimes took off all of my clothes.

Well, let's just say that Bob wanted to see that, so I stopped and peeled of my top and shorts. As I stood there in front of him with only my shoes and socks on, I watched as his dick began to grow bigger. Then I hid my clothes in the bushes and took off running down the trail. He caught up in just a few seconds and told me that I was some kind of wild woman! I told him that he should join me, but he said he didn't think he could. Then I told him that if he did, I would let him fuck me! I knew that I would eventually end up having to fuck him to keep him quiet, so I really wasn't giving up anything I wouldn't have to give up anyway. Well, that decided it for him! Bob wasn't wearing a shirt, so all he had to take off were his running shorts, and he did that as I watched. He had a big cock! It must have been eight inches long and pretty thick!

Anyway, I started running again and he fell in behind me. At first it was hard for him to run because his cock was bouncing around, but after a short while his erection went down and it was easier for him. We turned onto the trail that went near the yard of the woman I had flashed the other day, and we ran through the woods. As we got close to her house, I told Bob to stop and wait there for me. I walked ahead to see if she was outside again today, and as I came into the clearing by her yard, I saw her lying on a sheet catching a few rays. I had formulated a loose plan as Bob and I had run down the path. I thought that if she was there, I'd get Bob to fuck me just out of her sight.

I planned to make a lot of noise, and hoped that she would come and investigate. It really turned me on to think about getting caught fucking and I figured if she was outraged we could get away okay. So, I turned and walked back to where I had left Bob.

When I found him, I took him by the hand and led him back down the trail towards the woman's house. When I was sure we were well within earshot, I told Bob that I wanted him to fuck me. I sank to my knees and started to suck on his hard cock. Every few stokes I would pull it from his mouth and say really nasty things in a loud voice. After about a minute of sucking, I got up and turned around, and as I bent over, I told Bob to fuck me. He didn't need any more urging and pretty soon he had all eight inches buried in my pussy. I screamed and moaned, and begged him to fuck me hard, hoping that the woman would come to look. I was bent over at the waist with Bob really fucking me hard from behind when I first caught sight of her. She was watching us from behind a row of low bushes, about thirty feet away. Bob was oblivious to her presence, but I looked right into her eyes as I begged Bob to fuck me harder. I will say one thing about Bob. He sure has staying power! He must have pumped in and out of me for nearly ten minutes before he told me he was going to cum. And for most of that time, I had held the gaze of our observer. It made me so hot to have her watching me!! I'm sure she was masturbating, because I could see her arm moving up and down. I decided that I wanted Bob to cum in my mouth so I pulled away and dropped to my knees as I turned to face him. He came in buckets and I couldn't swallow it all. I made sure that the mystery woman saw the cum dripping down my chin, as I wiped it up with my fingers and put them in my mouth.

Bob stood there for a minute, then he pulled me to my feet and thanked me. I noticed that the woman was gone, but I knew I'd see her again. We started running and made it back to our clothes without incident. We talked on the way back to work and came to an agreement. Basically, Bob is going to get to fuck me, but only when I initiate it. And he promised he wouldn't tell anyone about my deviant behavior, and I believe him.

Anyway, I've got to get some work done now. Saturday I meet the mountain bikers at noon. I've already promised to give Dan (the only one of the bikers I've met so far) a blow job, and I guess I'll decide what to do with the rest of them when I meet them tomorrow.

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