Bobbi's Adventure 30
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

In my last letter, I told you about the second part of a mini vacation that Tom (my husband) and I took on November 22nd and 23rd. Well, since we arrived on Friday night, I had taken on a couple of guys in the hotel hot tub, and then had flashed my pussy to twenty guys in the mall. I also invited all twenty guys to a party at our hotel room that night. While I was waiting for the party to begin, I had Tom take me to an adult bookstore where I took on about a dozen guys in a video booth. For about an hour and a half, I sucked one guy's cock through a glory hole, while another guy joined me in the booth and fucked me from behind. I think I did about a dozen guys that way (two at a time) before we had to leave to get ready for my party. I'll tell you all about the rest of the weekend in this letter.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bobbi Sue, and I have turned out to be quite the exhibitionist. Well, I guess that is putting it mildly. You see, I don't just like to show off, I really enjoy following through. You'll get a better idea after you read this letter. I am 31 yrs old (I just had a Birthday!), 5'1" tall and weigh about 105 lbs. My measurements are 34A-22-34, and I have shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. I enjoy running, biking, roller-blading and cross country skiing, and I keep my body in very good shape. Most guys seem to like my nicely-muscled ass and although I have small breasts, guys also seem to like my prominent nipples.

Okay, so Tom and I arrived back at our hotel about a half hour before the party was supposed to start. We had driven through the drive through at MacDonald's to get something to eat, and I had pulled my sweater up to flash the guy who took our money. Once we were in the hotel room, Tom suggested that I get cleaned up. I really love the feel of being sweaty and sticky from fucking (I do wear deodorant, so I don't smell!), so I told Tom that I'd rather not get cleaned up. He likes me that way too, so it was easy to talk him out of it. We decided that I should look available when the first guests arrived, so I stripped down to my garter and stockings. While we were waiting, Tom rubbed my pussy with baby oil to sooth it. I was still very well lubricated (like I said in my last letter, once I get started on a string of guys, I just get hornier and hornier!), and I couldn't wait for the guys to start arriving!

It was almost seven o'clock when we heard the first knock on the door. I got up and opened the door wide, exposing myself to whoever might be standing in the hallway. I recognized the guy from the adult bookstore, and I invited him in. I asked him if he was ready for a wild ride, and while he looked me over, he said that he sure was! I shut the door and led him over to the bed. "How do you want me?" I told him that he could do anything he wanted to me. "Anything at all," I repeated. He kept glancing at Tom, so I put him at ease by telling him that Tom was only there to see that I didn't get hurt. That loosened him up some, and he asked if I really meant what I said about him being able to do anything he wanted. "Anything you want," I repeated, "and the nastier, the better!"

As he was about to tell me what he wanted, there was another knock at the door. Tom got up and opened the door and admitted the two guys who were standing there. Now that I knew I'd have an audience, I got even hornier! I turned to my partner and said, "Would you like to fuck my ass?" He nodded his head and I grabbed the K-Y jelly from the nightstand. I instructed my lover to grab a condom from one of the boxes on the nightstand as I lubed my ass. I worked two fingers in and out of my asshole, and then I got up on my hands and knees on the bed. I turned and looked at the two guys who had just entered the room and said, "You know, I'm going to need something to suck on. Why don't one of you get in front of me and feed me your cock!" Then I asked the guy who was about to fuck my ass, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

So, two of the guys stripped and one got on the bed on his knees in front of me. I hungrily sucked his unsheathed cock into my mouth, and braced myself for the cock I knew would soon be sliding up my ass. I felt the guy get between my legs and I felt his cock probing for the entrance to my butt. I reached back and felt a nice, long cock, and I placed the circumcised head against my rosebud. I felt sooooo decadent as he pushed forward and impaled me on his long cock! And within a minute he was plunging the entire length all the way into me. Now I was in my element! I moaned and slurped at the cock in my mouth as an eight inch cock filled my ass. After sucking so many rubbered cocks, it felt great to have one in my mouth without a rubber. I decided that I'd suck them all first without a condom, but if they wanted to cum in my mouth, they'd have to rubber up.

I was aware of another knock on the door, and I was delighted by the fact that anyone passing by our room would be able to look in and see me on the bed with two cocks in me! I got so excited, knowing that more men were entering the room, and by being so exposed that I kind-of lost track of what I was going to do. And when the guy I was sucking told me he was going to cum, I forgot to pull his cock out! As he spurted his load into my hungry mouth, I swallowed his delicious cum until he was spent. As I savored the strong taste of his cum, I looked up at him and rubbed his cock around my lips. I really love it when a guy explodes in my mouth. It makes me feel so nasty! And I love to feel nasty! And now that I'd tasted that musty strong scent, I craved to taste some more! As my lover got off the bed, I told him not to leave, and that when he got hard again, he should try my ass or pussy!

The next guy mounted the bed in front of me, and I was treated to a nice thick, black cock to suck on. "Suck my black meat, bitch!" he instructed. I was only too happy to accommodate him, and I took his fairly thick eight inches all the way in and down my throat! Then he started moving in and out of my mouth, each stoke pushing all the way in. He and the guy who was fucking my ass set up a rhythm, and as I moved back, taking eight inches of cock up my ass, the cock in my mouth would slide out of my throat. then I'd move forward off the cock in my ass, taking the ebony cock all the way in my mouth. It was perfect!

The pace of the cock driving into my ass grew quicker and I knew he was going to cum. The black guy buried his cock down my throat, and I knew he was going to cum, too! I hadn't bothered to make him put on a rubber either, and the thought of getting another load of cum in my mouth made me very excited! The two guys came together, and kept me impaled on their cocks as the drained their balls into me. I moved back so that the cock in my throat would deposit some of its cum in my mouth where I could taste it, and the strong acrid taste acted like an aphrodisiac on me. When they were both through with me, I flipped over on my back on the bed.

There were now about ten guys in the room, and to my delight, none of the guys who'd already fucked me had left! I propped my head up with pillows and looked at the ten guys gathered in front of me. They all had their cocks out and were stroking them (even Tom was doing it!) "Who's next?" I asked. Two guys stepped forward. They happened to be two more black guys, and their cocks were very nice looking! Tom has told me how he really likes to see me fucking black guys, and I noticed that he looked really excited at the prospect of me doing these two guys in front of him. I slid to the edge of the bed, so that one could get between my legs on his knees, while the other guy could straddle my chest and fuck my mouth.

Tom was reminding the guys who fucked me to put on condoms, but he wasn't asking the guys I sucked to do the same. Apparently he was as caught up in the excitement of me swallowing all of these guys cum as I was! When the first of my two black lovers climbed up on the bed and straddled my chest, I couldn't see what the other one was doing. I took the big cock that was offered to me and sucked the head into my mouth. It was about nine inches long, and fairly thick, so I knew I wouldn't be able to get it all in my throat in my current position. Still, I really got off on sucking that black meat as he moved his fist up and down the rock-hard shaft! As I slurped away in front of all of those guys, I felt the other guy push his cock into my pussy.

His cock must have been even bigger than the one I was sucking on, and it stretched me wide open! He moved slowly in and out of my pussy, and the guy I was sucking matched his movements. I felt like such a slut, as I glanced at the men watching me. And the tandem motion of those two lovely large cocks moving in and out of my mouth and pussy drove me wild! It took a couple of minutes, but soon the guy in my pussy was fucking me hard, pushing his long, thick cock all the way into me. Every time he drove his pelvis into mine, I could feel him against my clit, and I'd let out a little whimper, muffled by the cock in my mouth. He kept fucking me like that, and after only a couple of minutes, I came. It just made me want more, so I grabbed the ass of the guy who was fucking my face and pulled him to me, forcing his cock into my throat! I love the feeling of a big cock choking me, and his was doing just that! He really got off on my depraved lust and started to cum. His cum filled my mouth around his cock and oozed out of my lips, running slowly down my face! When he pulled out, the guy who was fucking me pulled out and pulled off his rubber. He moved up over me and started to erupt all over my face. After he coated my face with his thick white cum, he slipped the head of his cock into my open mouth. I sucked and licked him clean, and then he pulled it out and climbed off of me.

I could see that more guys had joined the party, and it looked like no one was anxious to leave. The room wasn't all that big, so the guys were lined up around the walls of the room. God, it made me feel sexy to have all of those guys there watching me! I wanted to give my audience something really hot to watch, so I asked, "Who has the biggest cock here?" Pretty soon one guy stepped forward from the rest. He too was black, and his cock was gorgeous! It was fully a foot long, and the head was as thick as a pop can! And amazingly, it was sticking straight out, and as hard as a rock! I've noticed that most really big cocks don't always get rock hard, and I think their suppleness is what has allowed me to take them all the way inside of me. Well, that wouldn't be the case here! I love the challenge of taking something really big inside of me. It doesn't have to be a cock, but I especially love trying to accommodate huge cocks! Now I was going to do it in front of over twenty strange men!

I got on my back on the bed and let my head hang over the side. My black lover knew just what to do, and he knelt in front of me and fed me the head of his enormous tool. I've found that if I can get the head of a really big cock in my mouth, I can eventually take it all down my throat. It isn't easy, and involves using some force, but I like that kind of thing! Anyway, I opened my mouth wide as that ebony monster moved froward. As he pushed froward, I licked all around the head, and it started to inch in. Tom handed the guy the K-Y jelly and I watched as he rubbed it up and down his glistening shaft. As I was just able to get the head in and my lips closed around the shaft, I felt someone get on the bed. I couldn't see who it was, but he lifted my ass off the bed and then lowered me onto his lap. I knew that he was going to fuck me, and I welcomed the feeling as he slipped a nice thick cock into my pussy.

I reached out in front of me and placed my hands on the ass of the guy with his cock in my mouth; and I slowly pulled him to me. I heard the guys urging me on as I felt inch after inch of that huge cock slide into my mouth and reach the opening of my throat. I took a deep breath through my nose and pulled him to me. I gagged as his cock entered my throat, but I kept exerting pressure on his ass, until he had one foot of rock hard cock down my throat. The guy who was fucking my pussy was also in to the hilt, and I was in heaven!

The guy in my throat started fucking me with long slow strokes, and I was able to get a breath each time he pulled back and that huge cock retreated from my throat. I refused to let him take it all the way out; it just felt too good having him in me. As he fucked my throat, I felt the guy in my pussy quicken his pace. Then he pulled out of my pussy and I felt him spray my belly with hot cum!

Before someone could take his place, I pulled the huge cock from my mouth and begged, "fuck my pussy?!" The guy got up and walked around the bed and climbed on top of me. He was a very big man, and I loved the way he felt on top of me. I pulled my knees up and spread them wide so that he'd have easy access to my sloppy wet pussy. I was in heaven as he started to slide that huge cock into my waiting pussy! He bottomed out in me after I'd taken almost ten inches. It was kind of painful, and really intense, feeling his 12" cock against the back of my womb. Still, I wanted it all, so I bit my lip and grabbed his ass and pulled! He obviously knew what I wanted, and he pushed until he'd forced the entire length of his 12" cock into me. I've had cocks that big before, but his was straight as an arrow, and hard as a rock, and it didn't conform to me as well as the others had. It was a feeling that I'd felt before when the others did me, but it was even more intense now, and I let out a scream.

I guess he didn't want anyone busting into our room, because he covered my mouth with his big hand and started moving in and out of me, forcing his long, thick cock all the way in on every stroke! Tom looked at me, to see if I was alright, and I nodded my head to let him know this was something that I wanted. I came twice while that big man fucked me, and after a couple of minutes I was enough used to his size and length for it to not be painful anymore. When I stopped crying out with his every stroke, he pulled his hand away from my mouth. "Cum inside of me," I told him, "I want to feel your cum in my pussy." Tom looked a little concerned, but I noticed the swollen head of his cock and knew that it turned him on. "Oh yea baby, fill me up," I urged him. And when he did cum, he did fill me up, too! As he started to get soft and pulled his cock from between my pussy lips, I could feel his cum run out and down the crack of my ass.

As he climbed off of me, another guy took his place, so I was without a cock in my pussy for only seconds. A guy knelt by my head, and I sucked his cock down my throat; I was back in heaven! It was like that for the next seven hours; I fucked each of the twenty-seven guys there at least once (and a lot of them twice!), and I'm sure I had every cock there in my mouth. I took them in my mouth, pussy and ass, and while I did most of the guys two at a time (including a bunch of DP's), I did three triple penetrations (one with that big cock in my ass!). After I'd let several more guys cum in my pussy, Tom got nervous and made me tell them to wear condoms after that. Still, with all of that cum in me, the noises my pussy made as they fucked me were sooo sexy! And each time a new cock plunged into me, it would force some of that cum out around the shaft! God it felt yummy! I did continue to drink their cum, and I think I probably sucked all of them off over the course of the night. It was the hottest and best sex I can remember having (with the possible exception of the two times I fucked Alan and Joseph), and it was definitely the sluttiest! After the last guy left, I made Tom eat me out, and then rewarded him by letting him fuck my ass.

After it was all over, at around 2:30 A.M., I called the guys I'd met on the first night of our trip, and asked then if they'd like to fuck me again. Of course they said yes, and I asked them for their room number. I told them I'd be right up, and then I walked to the door of our room and opened it. I was still wearing my garter and white stockings, and I put my heels back on. I told Tom not to wait up for me (knowing he would!), and I stepped into the hall and closed the door! I walked down the hall to the elevator and pushed the button. I could hear it getting closer, and I heard the sound of loud conversation. As the door opened, I could see four guys who had obviously been drinking. I stepped in and faced them as the door closed behind me. I asked them, "want to fuck?" Then I turned and leaned forward against the side wall, and spread my legs. It didn't take them long to respond and within about thirty seconds I had one of them in my pussy.

The elevator arrived at the floor we were all going to and the door opened. I suggested that we all go to their room, where they could fuck me without interruptions. When we got in the door, I leaned against the wall with my legs spread, and stayed there until they had all cum in my pussy. Then I thanked them and walked down the hall to the room I'd been headed for. I knocked on the door and was admitted to the room. I walked over and knelt at the edge of one of their beds and leaned forward across the bed. "Fuck my ass," I told them, and that's just what they did!

When I got back to Tom after being gone about an hour and a half, I told him what I'd been up to, as he jacked off on my face. We tried to add up how many times I'd been fucked, but our usual method of counting the remaining condoms didn't work this time. Tom had counted the number of guys in our room, and came up with 27 (not counting himself). So, adding the guys in the elevator, and the guys in the room upstairs, I had been used by thirty-three men that night. We figured that I had probably drank 27 loads of cum, and talking about it made me want more! We had started the night with five boxes of twelve condoms, and there were only 28 left! So, counting the first seven guys, whom I let fuck me without condoms, and the six who'd fucked me later; that means I had sex a total of 72 times! And if you count the guys I'd fucked and sucked in the adult book store, it comes to around 84 times!

My pussy, ass, and mouth were sore the next day, but I still stopped off next door at my neighbor's to let him and three of his friends fuck me before I settled in with Tom for the remainder of the day. So, there it is. I hope you enjoyed this adventure; I think it was my wildest ever. When you think of me, why don't you picture me standing there in the elevator, bent forward with my legs spread, and asking those strange men, "Want to fuck me?"

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