Bobbi's Adventure 29
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

In my last letter, I told you about the start to a mini vacation on November 22nd and 23rd. Well, Tom and I were in the city for a little fun, and I'll tell you all about the rest of the weekend in this letter. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bobbi Sue, and I have turned out to be quite the exhibitionist. Well, I guess that is putting it mildly. You see, I don't just like to show off, I really enjoy following through. You'll get a better idea after you read this letter. I am 31 yrs old (I just had a Birthday!), 5'1" tall and weigh about 105 lbs. My measurements are 34A-22-34, and I have shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. I enjoy running, biking, roller-blading and cross country skiing, and I keep my body in very good shape. I've been told that my best feature is my well-toned ass.

Okay, so Tom and I arrived kind-of late at our hotel on Friday night, but I was still able to take on a couple of guys (Karl and David) in the hot tub and sauna. Saturday morning I teased Tom a little by showing him the shopping outfit I had in mind, and by sucking his cock as I told him about what I wanted to do that day.

My outfit consisted of a fuzzy green sweater, a very short green lycra miniskirt, a white garter, white fishnet stockings, and a pair of green four inch spike heels. I told Tom that I wanted to spend some time in different shoe stores in the malls, trying on shoes, and to finish the day off, I wanted to go to the adult bookstore to get a new toy. As I told Tom all of this, I sucked his cock until I thought the head might burst. I didn't let him cum (even though I really wanted to taste him!), because I'd decided that neither one of us should cum until after we got to the bookstore. Tom had told me about the video viewing booths at the bookstore, and I thought that would be a good place to have my first orgasm of the day.

I went down and got our complimentary continental breakfast and brought it up to the room on a tray. I wore my robe with nothing under it. I didn't flash anybody, but it was exciting being down there among the other men and women, knowing I was naked under my robe! I did undo the belt on the way back up to our room in the elevator, and as I walked down the hall, the robe hung open in the front. Unfortunately, no one was there to see me, but had they been, they would have been able to see my pussy. Tom almost attacked me when he opened the door and saw me standing there like that, but I reminded him that he'd just have to wait.

After breakfast, we got dressed and headed for the first mall. Of course the first store I went into was a shoe store. Tom doesn't like to go with me when I flash the clerks, he just walks back and forth out in the mall, peeking at me as he walks past. I walked over to the wall of the store where the high heels were displayed and the clerk came over to help me. We were the only ones in the shop, so I knew I'd have his complete attention. I picked out a couple heels to try on, and then I found a seat and waited for him to return with my selections in my size.

I got all tingly when he pulled his little stool up in front of me and bent down to take my foot in his hand. Sitting down had caused my miniskirt to ride up, and the tops of my stockings were just visible below the hem of my skirt. The clerk was very gentle, almost caressing my foot, and it gave me shivers as he helped me on with one of the new shoes. He was bent down, and he lifted his head to ask how it felt. That's when I parted my legs just slightly, giving him a close-up, clear shot of my shaved pussy. He still had his hand on my foot as he just kind-of stared up my skirt. I took the opportunity to move my legs even further apart, and I whispered to him, "Why don't you touch it?"

I was sitting facing away from the mall, so if he was discrete, no one would know what he was doing. He looked around for a second, then he slowly moved his hand up my leg, to the inside of my thigh, and right on up to my pussy. I slid forward on my chair and told him, "Stick it in me." He didn't miss a beat as he worked his finger in between my pussy lips, and curled it up into me. He worked his finger back and forth, and while he did I told him that I was planning on entertaining a few guys that night, and I asked if he'd like to have a chance to do more than just finger me. He said he'd love to see more of me, and I reached into my purse and handed him a piece of paper with my hotel, room number, and address on it. "The party starts at seven o'clock," I told him.

Then I told him I had to go, and he removed his finger from my pussy. I took hold of his hand and bent down and sucked my juices from his finger. "I guess I'll see you later, then." I smiled as he took the new shoe off and put my shoe back on. He asked me if I wanted the shoes I'd tried on, and then he said I didn't have to give him any money! So, I took my new shoes and went to go find Tom.

Tom was nearby, but he hadn't been able to see all that had gone on, so I told him. He asked when I'd made up a slip of paper with our hotel and room number on it, and I opened my purse to show him what was there. "I took a little time earlier this morning to make these," I said as I showed him all of the little notes in my purse. "There are twenty of them, and I hope I get to pass them all out!"

The rest of the morning, and half of the afternoon, I went from store to store, sometimes buying clothes, almost always showing my pussy, and inviting more and more guys to the hotel that night. At around three, after I'd passed out my last slip of paper, I asked Tom if we could go to the adult bookstore.

There were a bunch of cars in the parking lot, and I was really excited about going inside. I knew that most of the men in there would be happy to see me, and I planned to act accordingly!

Tom hung back a little, so as not to scare the guys away, and I walked into the bookstore. We'd never been to this bookstore, but had driven past it on an earlier trip. There appeared to be two areas, a big room with racks of magazines and wall displays of various sex toys, and a hallway off to the left. I knew from talking to Tom that the hallway wound around in a room that contained a number of video viewing booths.

I walked on in to the main room and caught the attention of several men who were looking at the magazines. I noticed a sign that stated there was a cover charge of $1, so I started to dig in my purse for a buck. When I tried to hand it to the guy behind the counter, he just smiled and said, "That's okay, I should be paying you." I asked him what he meant, and he said that having a pretty girl like me in his store was likely to increase sales. I smiled and thanked him, and then I started walking around looking at the different magazines.

I was just making my way to the displays of sex toys when Tom came in. Tom did have to pay his dollar, and by the time he got over to me, I had taken a rather large black rubber dildo down and was looking at it. As Tom walked up, I said in a normal voice, "I wonder if I could get all of this in my pussy?" Well, my voice carried pretty well, and by the time I'd finished the sentence, every head in the room swiveled to look at me (of course most of the guys were already watching me). I just laughed and said, "Looks like I'm not the only one who's wondering."

Tom and I walked over to the counter and I asked the owner how the video booths worked. He explained how they accepted $1 and $5 bills, and how there were different types of movies in different booths. He also told me he had a couple of booths where I could select a movie from his selection of rental tapes, and watch the whole thing for $20. I asked him how many people were allowed in a booth, and he told me that normally only one person was allowed per booth, but that he didn't enforce that rule. He also told me that if I wanted privacy, I should stay away from certain booths, because they had holes connecting them to the booths on the side. I asked him to explain further, and he told me that they were called glory holes, and that gay men sometimes used them to give each other blow jobs. He went on to say that if I selected such a booth it was likely that guys would be watching me through those holes. "So, if you want privacy, I'd stay away form those booths," he said.

I asked which of the $20 booths were like that, and he said that only number 12 was like that, and that it had glory holes on both sides. I thanked him for the information, then I asked Tom to help me pick out a video. As I leaned against the counter to look over the various titles, I spread my legs, which caused my skirt to ride up, just exposing the bottom of my ass. I asked the owner if he had any tapes with gangbangs on them, and he showed me a whole series of gangbang tapes. I picked out one that showed a petite blond woman on the cover taking on four rather large black men, and I told Tom, "That's the one I want to see." When the owner asked which booth we wanted, I told him in a clear loud voice, "The one with the glory holes; Number 12." Then while tom paid our $20, I turned and looked at the guys who were looking at me and ran my hand up over my ass, pulling my skirt up to show them I didn't have any panties on.

Tom asked if I was ready, and I took his hand and we walked out of the room and down the hall to booth number 12. It was a fair size, with enough room for Tom and I to sit and watch the movie without being cramped, but it was kind of dirty; and there was nowhere to put my clothes. I asked Tom, "I wonder if that guy has somewhere I can put my things?" I really didn't want to get my good clothes stained. Tom suggested that I ask him, and I left the booth just as the movie was starting. I passed a couple of guys heading my way, and they looked confused. "Don't worry guys, I'm coming back," I told them, smiling from ear to ear. This was going to be fun!

I told the owner about the state of the booth, and my concern about my good clothes, and I asked if he had anywhere I might put my clothes while I was watching the movie. He offered to put them on a shelf under the counter, and said "Just have your man bring them to me. I'll take good care of them. "Oh why don't I just give them to you now, and save Tom a trip," I said. Then I unzipped my skirt and slid it off and handed it to him. I reached down and grabbed the bottom of my sweater and pulled it over my head and gave that to him too! So, there I stood in my white garter and stockings, in my spike heels! After I was sure he'd had a good long look, I thanked him and turned and walked back into the hallway. I had to walk by a couple of guys to get back to Tom and our booth, and I brushed my hand across the fronts of their pants and said, "The shows about to start."

When I opened the door to our booth, I was greeted by the site of an actress being sandwiched between two black guys with enormous cocks. That was just the type of thing I wanted to do! Tom already had his pants down and was stroking his cock. I sat next to him and began playing with my pussy. I looked at the two 4" diameter holes on each side of our boot, and I saw an eye behind each one. I put a couple of fingers in my pussy, and looked from one eye to the other. Then I said, while looking at the guys behind the holes, "Okay, here's the deal, I will suck or fuck anyone who wants me, but only if you are wearing a rubber. Why don't you guys spread the word, then get back hear and stick your rubbered cocks through those holes!"

Well, they were gone in an instant, and in only about one minute, there were two nice-sized cocks sticking through the glory holes. I got down on my knees in front of one of the holes and sucked a nice seven inch cock into my mouth. I tried to arrange myself so that I could take the other cock in my pussy, but there was just too much distance between the walls. I turned to Tom and said, "Honey, why don't you trade places with the guy in that booth. I just can't reach his cock from here! You can watch me from there, okay?"

Tom got up and left, and a couple of seconds later, a strange man knelt behind me and pushed his cock inside my pussy. His cock was nice and thick, but not too long. He was able to push it in to the hilt on his first stroke, and it felt delicious! I couldn't really see the video, but I could hear it! The girl on the tape was urging her lovers to fuck her hard, and she was moaning and crying out as those big dicks did a job on her. I took a cue from the tape and started talking dirty to the guys who were fucking me. "Oh yea, your big cock feels sooo good in my pussy! Make me cum baby! Oh jesus, I love having a cock in my mouth! Fuck my mouth baby! Give me all of that cock!"

I felt the guy I was sucking go tense, and then I felt him thrust into my mouth. I knew he had just cum, so I just held my mouth around his cock and felt him pump his sperm into the rubber. He pulled his dick back through the glory hole, I heard a door open and close, and in about thirty seconds there was another cock sticking through the hole in front of my face. This one was really big, and BLACK, just like the ones on the tape! He had a rubber on, but even all the way unrolled, it didn't reach the base of his huge cock! It had to be ten or eleven inches long, but really fat! I would guess that the shaft was eight inches in circumference, and the head was even bigger. When he pushed forward, I took the head in my mouth. That's all I could get in, and my mouth was stretched so wide, it hurt!

He moved in and out of my mouth like that until I felt the guy who was fucking start to buck as he shot his load. As soon as he was done, I told Mr. Huge Cock to get his big cock in that booth with me! He was a really big guy! I'd say he stood 6'8" and weighed 300 lbs, none of it fat! He said he didn't want to kneel on the floor, and he sat down on the bench. I didn't care where he wanted to do it, a long as he fucked me! He dropped his pants and slid forward on the bench, with his giant cock reaching for the sky. I climbed up on the bench with one foot on either side of him, facing him. I wanted to feel him bottom out against my clit! I lowered myself down until the head of that enormous piece of meat was nestled between my pussy lips. Then I sunk down onto him.

I love the way it feels when a really big cock forces its way into me for the first time! It's such a shock, being instantly so full of cock! I only got about five inches in on that first penetration, but as I slowly bounced up and down, I took more and more of his cock in my pussy. I'm pretty flexible, but in our current position, I just couldn't get all the way down on his magnificent tool! He sensed my frustration and stood up, with me still impaled on his huge dick! I held on around his neck and wrapped my legs around his back, as I felt the rest of his thick ten inches fill my pussy completely! I bounced up and down on his cock like a mad woman! I thought how I must look to Tom and whoever else must be watching; my petite white body bouncing up and down on his massive black cock. My black lover fucked me like that for about five minutes, until with a low growl he shot his cum up into me! After that he lifted me off of his cock and set me on the ground. I still had my heels on, but I only came up to his chest. I rolled his rubber off and rubbed his cock and cum all over my little tits. Then he left and another guy entered to take his place. I looked and saw a cock sticking through the glory hole, so I got back down on my hands and knees, and took the cock sticking through the hole in my mouth as the other guy got behind me and stuck his cock in my pussy.

Luckily, my pussy is very elastic, and by the time I had finished those two guys and then the next two, it was getting nice and tight again. I continued to fuck whoever showed up, and I was treated to some nice cocks. After we'd been there for over an hour and a half, and after the movie had run out, and after I'd come about a half-dozen times, I heard Tom's voice through the hole, telling me that if we were going to be ready for the other party we should go soon. I told him to wait until I was through with my two current lovers, and then to go get my clothes and tell the owner that I wanted to fuck him to thank him for the use of his booth. After I finished the two guys who were doing me, Tom left to get the owner.

In a couple of minutes Tom opened the door to the booth and let the owner in. I asked him how he wanted me, and he said he'd like me to lean forward against the wall while he did me from behind. Well, I like it like that, but I've found that it's easier if the guy fucks my ass in that position; I can get more of his cock in me. So I asked if he'd like to do that to me, and he eagerly agreed. I used my pussy juices to lube my asshole, (plus he had a lubricated condom), and I spread my cheeks for him as he pushed his cock up into my asshole. I felt like such a slut (a feeling that I love!) as he hammered away in my butt, and when he was done with me, he handed me $20. He told me that he couldn't possibly accept my rent for the booth, considering the service I'd provided. I kissed him and told him, "It's been my pleasure."

I noticed that he didn't have my clothes with him, and asked him about it. He said that he could go get them, but I told him I'd just come with him, and pick them up at the counter. Then I followed him out to the main room and dressed slowly as several guys looked on. I told the guys who were watching , that I'd love to fuck them, but I had to go. I did tell them where I was staying, and told them to come and see me there later. Then Tom and I walked out to the car and headed back to our hotel. God it felt good to feel so well used! Once I start fucking like that, I just get more and more horny! As I sat in the car thinking about what I'd just done, and about what I was about to do, my nipples got hard. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel to start the next round!

Well, this letter is getting very long! I think I'll take a break here and post this to the newsgroup. I promise I'll get to the end of this story soon, but I want to give you something to think about right now. So won't you please picture me in that dirty little video booth, sucking the cock that's sticking through the wall, while some other strange man fucks me from behind?

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