Bobbi's Adventure 27
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

Like I said, I love to show off my body. I just get the biggest thrill when I catch a guy looking at my nipples or pussy. I even do a lot of bending over in short skirts for the guys at work. Actually, if you've been keeping up with my adventures, you know that I do a lot more than bend over for those guys! but that's a different story.

Today I'd like to tell you about something that happened last Saturday. I know I could get in really big trouble for what I did, but I just couldn't stop myself at the time.

I have a regular gym where I go to lift weights and run on the treadmill. When I go there, I dress according to what I'll be doing, and according to how horny I am. My horniest outsit is a worn tank top and a pair of baggy-legged, short athletic shorts. I don't wear any underwear with that outfit so I'm able to target guys to flash my pussy and tits to. Well, last Saturday I was feeling pretty horny, so I put on my favorite workout outfit and went to my gym. I had already flashed a couple of guys when I saw this group of teenaged boys enter the gym. I counted eight boys as they walked past to get to the lockeroom. There were several cute guys among them, and I kind-of fantasized about showing off to them. They were all pretty fit looking and I guessed they probably played on a high school sports team. Of course, I decided not to flash them, because they were all obviously too young, probably around fifteen or sixteen.

I saw them again when I was doing my situps. With my hands behind my head, and my legs bent, I would raise up and touch my elbows to my knees. I was doing sets of twenty, and I was in my third set when I noticed that the boys were watching me pretty closely. Well, I figured just looking at me wouldn't get anyone in trouble, so I continued with my workout.

When I do situps like that, with my arms over my head, and wearing that particular tank top; every once in a while the top rides up a little far and exposes the bottoms of my breasts. The mat where I do my situps is in an alcove, and isn't visible form most of the gym, but if you stand in the right spot (right where those boys were standing), you can see the area clearly. Well, I noticed that only those boys were in a position to see me, so I thought I'd give them a little bit more of a show.

On my next set, I made sure to pull my arms up even further, and on about every other situp, my top rode up just above my nipples. I also moved my legs further apart so my young voyeurs could see up the legs of my shorts. I keep my pussy shaved, so I know those boys could see my pussy. I just looked at them and smiled as I flashed them! Then after my last set, I stood and adjusted my shorts. When I looked up at them, they hadn't moved. To finish off my show I looked right at them and lifted my top to reveal my little boobs to them, then I decided to go and talk to them.

It's a real thrill for me to be very blatant about my appetite for sex. I just love posing for guys and asking them sexy questions. So, I thought I'd have a little fun with these guys. I pulled my top down to cover my tits, and then I walked over to where they stood.

"Hi boys," I said, "did you like the show?" They were all very tongue-tied, and it made me even bolder. "How would you like to see more?" I prodded them. I took one boys workout chart and pencil from him, and I wrote my address on it. Then I said, "If you want to see the rest, meet me at this address in fifteen minutes." Then I headed off to the lockeroom to change my clothes. As I put on my street clothes, I thought about what I was doing, and I almost decided to go tell them that I was just kidding. But I really was getting excited thinking about being the center of attention of eight muscular teenaged boys. So, as usual with me, lust won out over good sense.

I drove home and got ready for them, because I was pretty sure they'd show up. Luckily, my husband tom was working that day. I say luckily, because I wasn't sure how he would react to me luring a bunch of teenage boys to the house. I put on a white garter belt and a pair of white fishnet stockings. I thought about putting on my white shelf bra, but decided that these kids probably wouldn't be too interested in lingerie. It wa more likely that they would want to see me naked. Anyway, I put on my 4" white heels, and pulled on a short white knit dress. Just about the time I'd finished dressing, I heard a car pull up in the driveway.

I went to the front door and watched as one more car pulled up and the eight boys got out and stood around. I guessed that the two drivers may have been the only boys old enough to drive. I opened the door and invited them all in. After they filed in to the living room, I closed the door and asked what they'd like me to do for them. Well, these guys were pretty shy, and no one could quite get out what they wanted, so I decided to take charge.

I told them to sit down, and I put an Aerosmith CD on. When the music started, I started to dance for them. I am not an erotic dancer, but I do know what men like. I moved and swayed to the music, bent over and flashed my pussy, ran my hands over my body, you know, that kind of stuff. After the first song I was still fully dressed, but during the second song, I peeled off my dress. That left me in only my heels, garter and stockings, and I took the time to show them all of my body, from just about every angle.

The guys were getting excited and they were shifting around so that they could straighten out their hardening cocks. I knew I would soon be moving from one to the other sucking their young cocks, but I wanted to do something really slutty for them first. I told them I'd be right back, and I went to my bedroom to fetch my rubber cock. It is pink and about a foot long. It has two heads (one on each end), and it isn't very thick. I could have picked from two other dildos that I keep at home (I keep one at work, too), but I wanted something that wasn't too big. I wanted their teenage cocks to fit inside me nice and tight!

I laid down on the floor in front of them and, as I asked them if they'd ever seen a woman fuck herself before, I slipped the head of my dildo inside my pussy. This got them really excited and three of the guys unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. I just looked at them as I fucked myself with my dildo. I really got into it and before long I had about eight inches in me. I didn't want to cum just yet, so I pulled the dildo out and I told the boys, "Now I want you to let me suck your cocks."

I crawled over to the boy on the end. He had already pulled his cock free, and as soon as I got to him, I sucked it into my mouth! He was a pretty good size, and he felt really good inside my mouth. I was really excited about doing these guys without condoms. I was sure enough that they didn't have aids, and I was on the pill, so I planned to get them all to cum in me! The first boy cooperated by depositing his load directly in my mouth. I swallowed it down and licked him clean, and then I moved to the next boy.

He was shy, so I had to undo his pants and fish his hard cock out. It was about six inches and fairly thin; real easy to deep throat, so I did! He came in less than two minutes, and it went directly into my stomach. When I had finished with him, I moved on to the next boy. His cock was shorter, but really fat. It was easy to get all of him in my mouth and the opening to my throat, but I had to stretch my mouth pretty wide. He took hold of my hair and literally fucked my face. Well, that was fine with me! He fucked me until he shot his cum into my mouth. There was a lot of it, but I managed to swallow it before it leaked out.

I kept on like that, moving on down the line, sucking the next cock until I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum. The rest of their cocks were unremarkable in size, but a couple of them had some pretty wicked curves to them. I knew they would feel really good once I got them in my pussy!

I finished off the last of the eight boys, and I asked if any of them were ready to fuck me. They had all gotten over their initial shyness for the most part, and they were acting more like a group of friends or a team. Towards the end of my sucking, the boys I had already sucked off started giving me encouragement, and talking among themselves about what was going on. I told them to follow me, and I led them to the bedroom. I stripped off the rest of my clothing (mostly to keep it clean), and I climbed onto the bed on my hands and knees. I told them that if they wanted to fuck me, they would have to get undressed. Well, they all peeled off their clothes for me. It seemed to me like a lockeroom atmosphere. When the first boy climbed on the bed behind me, his friends were hooting and telling him to "Give it to her," and stuff like that. Well, that was just fine with me. There I was on the bed completely naked, about to be impaled on this teenage boy's cock, while seven of his teammate friends watched and cheered him on. I liked looking at them, too. They were all in good shape; nice lean bodies with very little hair; smooth and hard.

I did them one at a time. They each got behind me and fucked me until they shot their cum into my pussy. I only came a couple of times, but the sex was good and hard and nasty, just the way I like it! There were some variations from one guy to the next, but mostly it was just raw animal sex. After they'd all fucked me and cum in my pussy. I thought about asking if they'd like to try something really nasty! I wanted them to do me in my ass, too, but I thought that might be taking it a little too far with these young guys.

I took the high road and just thanked them for all of their attention. I gave each boy a kiss on the cheek and told them to get dressed because the show was over. After they had all filed out, I watched them walk to their cars (high- fiving each other as they walked), and watched them drive away. I was still really hot, and I noticed that my neighbor was home. There were five cars in his driveway (counting his), so I knew he had some friends over. I love to go over to Thomas' house. He is sooo nasty, it brings out the real slut in me. Anyway, I threw on a short black robe, grabbed a vibrator and walked out the door.

I walked across our driveways and knocked on his door. Thomas doesn't have a girlfriend, and I've never seen any women over there, so I was pretty confident that those cars belonged to male friends of his. Thomas answered the door and I walked by him into the kitchen. "Who's over?" I asked. "Just a few friends," he replied. He told me that I looked like I need something, and I told him, "Yea, I need something in my ass!" Then he said, "Well, why don't you let me introduce you to my friends. I'm sure that between the seven of us, we can accommodate you." Thomas led me into the living room where six guys sat drinking beer and watching football on TV. "Guys," Thomas said, "I'd like you to meet Bobbi Sue. She has something she'd like to ask you." "Hi guys," I said as I looked them over, "What I really want is a cock in my ass! Can you help me?" As I asked, I opened my robe and let it slip from my shoulders. Then I let it drop to the floor and moved over to the couch. I asked the three guys sitting there if they could please get up and give me some room. Then I took my vibrator and started sliding it in and out of my pussy. As they watched, I pulled it out and stuck it up my ass! It went in pretty easy, and it felt wonderful! I asked Thomas if he had any condoms and K-Y Jelly, and he went to get some from his bedroom. I pulled the vibrator out of my anus and licked it off. I keep myself clean, but I still managed to shock those guys! Then I sat down on the couch, right at the edge, and pushed the vibrator back into my pussy. When I had it almost all the way in, I asked who was going to be first to fuck my ass.

Well, wouldn't you know it would be a guy with a really fat cock! I should have got one of the others to do me first, but having a thick piece of meet stuffed into my asshole had a definite appeal. I lubed his rubbered cock up as he stood over me, then I pulled the backs of my knees with my hands until my knees were tight against my breasts. "Fuck my ass," I told him. He got on his knees and lined his fat dick up with my anus. then he pushed forward and forced his thick cock in me to the hilt. Like I said, it was fat, but it wasn't too long (about six inches); just the right size to fill me up soooo good!

I guess I squealed a little, but it felt really good! As he fucked me, I took one hand and started slapping the vibrator that was in my pussy, driving it further into me. I came and when I did, I used my muscles to squeeze that fat cock. He didn't last long after I did that, and he shot his load into my ass.

After that it was just one cock after another. When I fucked the ones with longer cocks, I lowered my ass a little, so that when they pushed forward, they also pushed the vibrator into my pussy. Then as they did that, I rubbed my fingers over my clit. I came with every one of those seven strange men fucking my asshole. I especially enjoyed two guys who had long curved cocks. The way they rubbed on the inside of my ass was wild!

When I had done them all, I got up and put my robe on. I knew that Tom would be home pretty soon, and I couldn't wait to tell him what I'd been up to. I really enjoyed having those young boys cocks inside me, and I knew I'd like to do that kind of thing again. And then to have Thomas and his six friends fuck my ass, that was the perfect end to a wild afternoon.

I thanked the guys and I went home to wait for Tom. I waited for him in our bedroom, with the vibrator in my ass, as I worked my two-headed dildo in and out of my pussy. That's the way Tom found me a half hour later when he got home. I had worked almost the entire length of my dildo inside me, and as I moved it in and out of my wet pussy, I told him how I'd fucked both groups of guys that day. I told him how much fun it was to feel those young hard bodies against mine, and how great it had been to be able to suck and fuck those boys without having to use condoms. Then I told him how I'd walked next door, practically naked, and let seven guys (six of whom I'd never seen before) fuck me in my ass. Tom jacked off into my mouth as I talked to him, and then when he was hard again, he pulled the vibrator out of my ass and nailed me as I continued to fuck my pussy with the dildo!

Well, that was last weekend. This weekend, Tom has promised to take me on a trip, and I've promised to spend each night wandering the halls of our hotel scantily dressed in order to pick up some strange men to fuck. It should be a great weekend!

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