Bobbi's Adventure 26
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

It's Bobbi. I thought you might be interested in what this 5'1", 105 lb, blond-haired, blue-eyed, small-breasted, fit, firm woman was up to this past Labor Day weekend. How was that for a concise description of myself?

I thought I'd write and tell you all what happened at work last Monday. If you remember from my last letter, I had been instructed by Larry (a co-op student) to wear something sexy to work that day. Larry had caught me being a real slut at a party at his fraternity house. As a matter of fact, he discovered me when he pulled my wig off while he was savagely fucking my throat. We were in an upstairs bedroom at the frat house, while the party was going on downstairs. I had already fucked or sucked about half of the guys at the party when Larry showed up for his turn. I had worn a wig and a mask to the party to try to keep him from finding out that it was me fucking all of his friends, but as you can see, it didn't quite work out!

After he came in my mouth, I asked him to come back later and fuck my ass. When he did come back, and while he was forcing his big cock in and out of my well-used asshole, I told him that I didn't care if he told the guys at work about my performance. I was so hot at the time, I didn't care what he told them! That's when he told me to wear something sexy to work.

So last Monday, as I dressed for work, I expected that Larry was going to tell the other guys about me, and that he would make me fuck some or all of them. I was nervous about it, too! I had managed to keep my slutty behavior a secret from most of the guys at work, and now I thought that would change. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind working somewhere where at any time during the day, one of my co-workers might stop by my office to slip his cock inside my pussy; or maybe all of them would! I love fucking, and I love having guys know that I'm available. But, I also enjoy my job, and I was pretty sure that the upper administration would not tolerate that kind of behavior. So, last Monday morning, I found myself scared, but excited.

It was a cold morning, and I knew that if I wore something sexy, I would probably be cold all day at work. So I decided to wear something sexy, but underneath something warm. For those of you who don't know me, I am 5'1" tall, and weigh about 105 lbs. I have small breasts, but perky nipples that are erect most of the time, and a small waist with a firm ass. My measurements are 34A-22-34, and all of my muscles are well-toned from running and working out. The company I work for is informal, and everybody wears casual clothes most of the time. I am one of three women at work, and the only one who interacts with the guys regularly. I choose to dress less casually most of the time, and I enjoy wearing dresses with stockings and heels. I enjoy it, because I like to show off to the guys at work, and how could I do that if I were wearing jeans!

Anyway, last Monday morning, I put on a green crop top, and a short pleated green skirt. Then I put on pantyhose (to try to stay warm), and a white, bulky sweater. I finished off my outfit with a pair of white, low heels. The crop top hung loose from my shoulders against my breasts. It was short and only came down to just below the bottom of my breasts. I think it is one of my sexiest tops. If I stand close to someone who is seated, they can just see the bottoms of my breasts; and if I lean forward (say to reach for something on their desk) the bottom of my top falls forward away from my boobs, giving them a nice view! So, of course, I didn't wear a bra, and I wasn't wearing any panties under my nylons.

By the time I got to work, I was really getting excited about what might happen. I confess that I rubbed my pussy all the time I drove, and when I got to my office, I still couldn't stop playing with myself. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long. I was only in my office five minutes when Larry popped his head in the door. The first thing he did was chastise me for not doing what he'd told me to do. "You call that sexy! I can barely make out your shape through that bulky sweater. You're going to have to do better than that!"

Instead of explaining that I was just trying to stay warm, I thought I'd just show him how I planned to dress for him. I stood up and took off my sweater, and then I pulled up my skirt and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my pantyhose and peeled them down. When I was done undressing, I stood before Larry in just my heels, skirt and crop top. "Is this better?" I asked. Larry looked me over, and said, "Oh yea! That is much better."

I asked Larry if he had told anyone about my performance at the frat house yet, and he said that he had changed his mind. I was kind-of relieved, but disappointed, too. Then he told me about his plan. He said that he'd told a couple of the guys in the shop that he had something he'd been blackmailing me with. He'd told them that, a long time ago, I'd had an affair that he knew about, and had pictures of. He told them that, to keep him from telling Tom (my husband), I had agreed to perform oral sex on him.

Larry told me that he had promised these two guys (Mike and Mark) he'd prove it to them that morning. He told me that he'd told them that he'd been able to get me to agree to give him blow jobs in return for his silence. I was to give him five minutes, then follow him to his office in the shop. There, I would be required to bend over and suck him off. The two guys would be watching from behind (so they'd be able to see my ass as I bent over in my short skirt), through an outside window as I sucked his cock. Then, after he came in my mouth, I was to leave. Then I'd have to go to the break room at break time, wearing my sexy outfit, and talk to the guys who watched me give him the blow job. Later, in the morning, Larry would call me to his office again, where he would make me suck off those two guys, too. He didn't really give me any time to agree or object; he just turned and left my office.

I waited for five minutes, and then I walked out to the shop. I had to go outside to get there, and as I walked between the buildings, a gust of wind blew my skirt and top up, revealing my tits and pussy. I don't think anyone saw me, but it got me all tingly anyway. I caused quite a commotion as I walked through the shop, and I think everybody stopped what they were doing to watch me walk through. My nipples were erect, and they held my crop top out away from my breasts. I smiled and waved at the guys as I walked by, and they waved back. It was really pretty flattering!

When I got to Larry's office, I opened the door and walked right in. He greeted me and then came around to the front of his desk. He thanked me for coming, and then he reached up and unzipped his pants. As he unbuttoned them and let them drop, he sat on his desk and reached up and put his hand behind my head and pulled me towards him. He told me to, "Suck my cock, slut!"

I did just as I had been told. I bent forward at my waist and lowered my mouth to the head of his cock. As I bent forward, I felt my short skirt ride up over my ass, and I knew the guys outside the window had a nice view of my glistening pussy. To give them an even better view, I moved my feet apart a little. Then I moved forward and sucked Larry's cock into my mouth! I rested my elbows on his legs and began to give him his blow job.

I could feel my pussy juice running down the inside of my leg as I deep- throated Larry's big cock. I was soooo hot, sucking his dick, and thinking of the guys watching me do it. I wanted something in my pussy, but Larry seemed content to just let me suck him, so I rested my weight on one arm and used my other hand to finger my pussy. I started wondering if the guys watching would be able to hear us, too, so I started making slurping noises as I sucked Larry's cock!

Larry must have been pretty horny, because in just a few minutes he was painting the back of my throat with his cum. After I licked him clean and straightened up, I asked innocently, "How many times am I going to have to do this, Larry?" Then Larry said that maybe he should just tell Tom about the affair I'd had. "No," I protested, "please don't tell him! I'll keep sucking you off, but you've got to promise not to tell him!" Then Larry said, "I wish you'd let me fuck you, too. You've got such a pretty pussy, and I know how much you love to fuck! I can't believe that you'll suck me off, but you won't let me fuck you!"

"That's entirely different," I said. "It's bad enough that you make me do this, but I'd rather you told Tom about my affair, than let you fuck me! I'll continue to suck you, but I won't fuck you!" Then I spun around and left the room. I made sure not to look directly at the window, but I did catch some movement out of the corner of my eye.

I was soooo hot!!!! I put a little more swivel in my walk as I walked through the shop, and I smiled at a couple of the guys as I walked past. The wind had died down a little, and my clothes didn't blow up in the air as I walked back to the office building (darn it!). I went back to my office and sat down and immediately started rubbing my clit.

I didn't have much time, because it was almost break time. So, I got up and walked down the hall to the break room. When I got there, most of the guys were there already. One of them whistled when he saw me, and I just smiled at him and said, "Hey! Better be careful or I'll file a sexual harassment complaint." Then I laughed a little and went over to the refrigerator to get a pop.

I love to get pop out of that refrigerator in front of those guys! I know just how far I can bend over to show them almost everything! But I always stop just short when I'm not wearing panties. When I wear my thong underwear, I bend over further so that they can really see my ass. So, on that day, because I wasn't wearing any underwear, I stopped just short of exposing my pussy as I reached for my pop. I had forgotten about how short my top was though, and as I bent forward, I gave the guys to the sides of me a nice view of my tits as the material hung down away from my boobs.

I straightened up after I had retrieved my pop, and I went over and sat down by Mike and Mark. I got sooooo wet, talking to them, knowing that they had just watched me take Larry's cock down my throat! I could hardly stand it!! My nipples were sticking straight out against the thin material of my crop top, and I could feel their eyes on me whenever I'd look away! I told them I had some work to do, and then I got up to leave. I may have parted my legs a little as I got up, just to give them a little look. Then I walked back to my office.

Larry had been in the lunch room, and he followed me back to my office. "Larry, let's do it right now," I told him. "I need to do something right now!" He told me okay, and to wait for his phone call. Then he left. I sat in my office, waiting. I tried to do some work, but I couldn't concentrate. Then the phone rang. I answered it, and it was Larry. He told me that he had a task for me, and to come and see him right away.

I practically ran to his office; I was soooo hot! When I got there, the door was open, and Larry, Mike and Mark were all inside. "Come in and shut the door, Bobbi," Larry said. I did as I was told, and then he started talking about how he'd told Mike and Mark that he could get me to do things for him. "What do you mean," I said in feigned dread. "I told them that you would suck their cocks if I told you to," Larry said. "You will, too, won't you."

I acted as though I knew I had no choice, and I whispered, "yes." "Yes what, Bobbi," Larry questioned. "Yes, I'll suck their cocks," I said as I looked at Larry. I walked over to Mike and undid his pants. then I turned to Mark and did the same thing. When I had both of their cocks out, I dropped to my knees and started taking turns on them. As I sucked them, Larry told them what a good cock sucker I was, and how I would suck them anytime they wanted me to, from then on. He told them that he had a hold over me, and that I'd do whoever he told me to.

All the time he talked, I sucked those two guys cocks. They didn't know that I was getting off on it, but I was! I deep-throated them, and really gave them my best. They ended up cumming in my mouth, and then Larry made me suck him off again. I'll never forget how Mike and Mark left the office as I sucked on Larry's cock. As soon as they left, I stood up and bent over Larry's desk. "Fuck me you bastard!" I told him. Larry came around behind me and gave me what I needed. I came almost immediately, and by the time he shot his load in my pussy, I'd cum once more.

So, that's what happened last Monday. Since then, I have had to suck off each of the guys in the shop. It has really changed things around here! I still fuck Jim and Bob, but now I usually suck off at least one guy a day in the shop. I use Larry's office to do it, and the guys really appreciate it. Break time is a little different, too. If only the shop guys are in there with me, I no longer stop bending over just before my pussy comes into view. Now I keep going so that they can see everything.

I don't let them fuck me (little do they know how much I want them too!), and they all think that I suck them off under protest. Well, at least that's what I tell them. I always say something about how I shouldn't do it, but when I look them in the eyes as they slide their cocks in and out of my hot mouth, I'm sure they can tell that I'm enjoying myself! Sometimes I play with my pussy as I'm sucking them, and once when I was doing three of them at once, I let one of the guys finger me. I eventually told him to stop, but I think they could tell that I enjoyed that, too.

It hasn't gone any further. I mean, they don't appear to have told anyone in the office. But then, why would they? Right now they are getting free blow jobs from me! Anyway, I thought you'd like to know. Now when you jack off over me, you can picture me walking through the shop to Larry's office. There are four guys following me, and as soon as we close the office door, I'm going to pull their cocks out and suck them till they fill my mouth with their cum.

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