Bobbi's Adventure 23
by Bobbi Sue

Hi Everybody,

It's Bobbi. I thought you might be interested in what this 5'1", 105 lb, blond-haired, blue-eyed, small-breasted, fit, firm woman was up to this past Labor Day weekend. How was that for a concise description of myself? Tom and I had talked about going back down south (to the campground we went to over the Fourth), but we decided to stay home instead. Tom did surprise me by arranging for a couple of friends (remember Alan and Joseph?) to visit, though, and it was a pretty wild weekend.

I got started even before the weekend officially arrived. I had been teasing the guys in the lunch room again (it has become a regular habit of mine), and I guess I went a little too far. I normally bend over to get a pop out of the refrigerator, and I flash them my thong-pantied ass. Well, on Friday I was really horny, so I wanted to do something a little more daring. I decided that I'd also show off my nipples.

I was wearing a short, light green summer dress, white stockings (the kind that have elastic sewn into the tops to hold them up), light green pumps, a white thong, and no bra. The dress buttoned all of the way up the front, and before going into the lunch room, I unbuttoned the lowest two buttons, along with three buttons in front of my breasts.

I went in and got my pop out of the 'fridge, making sure to bend far enough forward to show the guys my stocking tops and thong. Then I sat in a chair against one wall and crossed my legs. As I crossed my legs, the hem of my dress fell apart, revealing my stocking tops. I pretended not to notice as I talked with the guys. After I sat there for a little while, showing off my legs, I moved my chair up to the table, so that I'd be closer to everyone.

I sat up straight and moved around as I talked, until I felt the fabric of my dress gap around my chest. I could tell from the way Eric was looking at me from the end of the table that he could see my breasts. And since I was at the other end of the table, that meant that all of the guys between us could probably see my tits, too!

Usually, I try to act like nothing is happening when the guys look at me. It's easy to ignore them when I'm bending over, because I'm facing away from them, but Friday they were all just staring at my exposed breast, so I couldn't ignore them. I looked down, and sure enough, my left breast was almost totally exposed! My nipple was very erect, and I considered touching it. Instead, I acted embarrassed and reached down and buttoned my dress back up.

I left the lunch room right away, still acting embarrassed, and walked back to my office. As I neared my office, I was aware of someone following me, and I hoped that it was Eric. He had followed me there once before and forced me to have sex with him, and I really wanted to feel him in my pussy again. I stood just inside my office door and waited.

It was Eric, and when he turned the corner into my office, he just grabbed me and spun me around. Then he pushed me down onto my desk as he pushed up my dress and pulled my panties to one side. He was in me in a flash, fucking me really hard. I told him to stop, but knew that he wouldn't. I loved the way he took me! And I loved the way his cock felt in my pussy. As he slammed into me, I pushed my ass back to meet his thrusts. This time he had to know that I was enjoying him. He came in just a short time, and pulled his cock from me. He pulled me to my feet and told me, "I warned you what would happen if you kept it up! You just can't show off like that, and expect that nothing will happen to you!"

Eric sat me down, lecturing me about being such a tease, and warning me to stop or continue to suffer the consequences. I pleaded with him to forgive me for being such a tease. I looked up at him and said, "I'm sorry Eric. I know I shouldn't have done it, but I just couldn't stop! I knew that you might rape me, too, but it just made me more excited! And then when you did follow me here, I couldn't stop thinking about how you were probably going to fuck me, and I couldn't wait! You must think that I'm a terrible wife, but I wanted to feel your cock in my pussy! I wanted you to fuck me! I'm so bad! Even now, I want you to walk up to me and force your cock into my mouth! I want to suck you until you fill my mouth with your cum!"

As I told Eric all of this, I slowly unbuttoned my dress. I didn't stop until it was all unbuttoned, and then I opened my dress up, exposing myself to him. Well, Eric's cock was hard again, and after I'd finished talking, I just sat there with my mouth open, looking up at him. Then he gave me what I wanted! He stepped forward and pushed his cock into my mouth. He started moving his hips back and forth, as he fucked my mouth roughly.

I imagined what he must think of me, an unfaithful wife who begs for cock, and I hoped that it was true! Soon, he pushed his cock as deep as he could, and I felt him spasm as he shot his sperm down my throat! I swallowed it all and licked him clean as he looked down at me with his disapproving look. As he left my office, I told him that I'd try to be better in the future. In reality, I was already looking forward to the next time he would force me to have sex with him.

Later that night, I told Tom about it as he made love to me. Tom said he thought that it must have been one of my sluttiest performances, and I had to agree. That's when Tom told me he had a surprise for me. Well, I'm the kind of person who has to know about everything, so I teased him until he told me. Apparently he'd been in touch with Alan and Joseph (two of the guys we'd met on our vacation earlier this summer), and that if I did as Tom asked, I would get to see them Saturday. If you remember, Alan and Joseph are two black guys with VERY large cocks. Alan was the first guy with a ten-inch cock to get all of the way inside my pussy, and Joseph has the biggest cock I've ever had, a full twelve inches!

I told Tom that I would do anything he asked, as long as my reward was to feel Alan and Joseph inside of me again, and I asked him what he had in mind. Well, he wouldn't tell me! he told me that I'd have to wait until the next morning! I guess he was just showing me that he could be stubborn, too.

It took me a long time to get to sleep, thinking about what would be happening on Saturday. I was going to get to feel those two marvelous cocks inside me again! I had day-dreamed about them often, and finally, I was about to get my wish. I was really curious about what Tom had planned for me, too. Usually, he just goes along with my plans, so I was surprised that he had planned something for me. As soon as I woke up, I started to bug Tom about what I was to do for him.

He still wouldn't tell me, so I showered and then continued to bug him over breakfast. Finally, he told me to follow him to the bedroom. Once there, he opened his dresser drawer and pulled out some clothing. He handed it to me and told me to put it on. Apparently, Tom had done a little mail order shopping for me. I looked through the things he'd handed me, and wondered where I was supposed to wear them. There was a black vinyl waist nipper, a black lace garter belt, black fishnet stockings, black 4" heels, and the shortest black leather mini-skirt I'd ever seen. There was also a really sheer, black blouse, and a black leather choker.

I put everything on, and looked at myself in the mirror. I really liked the way I looked! I looked more like a prostitute than a prostitute! The waist nipper pushed up my small breasts and displayed them clearly through the sheer blouse. The tops of my stockings were inches below the bottom of my skirt, which only came down to my crotch. The bottom of my ass was just visible, as was a hint of my pussy lips. And that was with me standing up straight! I turned my back to the mirror and looked at my ass as I bent forward. I didn't hardly have to bend at all before I could see my pussy from behind, along with most of my ass!

Even though I thought it would be fun to go out in that outfit, I told Tom that I didn't dare wear it around town. It was just too blatant! Tom agreed, and suggested that we go out of town. I told him that I thought we were going to meet Alan and Joseph, and expressed my desire to see them as soon as possible. That's when Tom told me we were to meet them that afternoon in a neighboring city. The city he was talking about is two hours away, and is much larger than our town. I was excited about being able to wear my new outfit, without shocking the locals here, so I suggested that we get going.

So, I grabbed my purse, and Tom and I walked out to our car. On the way out of town, Tom stopped for gas. I was a little worried about someone we know seeing me, but he pulled to the last self-serve pump, and I relaxed a little. Of course, being Labor Day weekend, the gas station was pretty busy, and I guess it was inevitable that someone would see me. A guy came looking for a squeegee to clean his windshield with, and on his way back to his car, he passed right by me. I didn't know him, so I felt no reason to cover up, and I got a little flushed as he looked directly at my breasts. I just looked back at him and smiled as he walked by. It was pretty funny, he was craning his neck so hard that he almost walked into Tom as he returned from paying for the gas!

The ride was pretty uneventful, with the exception of me flashing a few truck drivers as we passed them, and in a little over two hours we were at our destination. Tom pulled into a motel and parked the car right in front of one of the rooms. He told me to get out with him, and we walked up to the door and he knocked. I was delighted when Joseph opened the door! I gave him a big kiss, and I had to stand on my toes to do it. Of course this pulled my skirt up revealing my ass to the passing motorists, and I knew why I heard horns honking!

We stepped inside where Alan was waiting, and I gave him a big kiss, too. Both Alan and Joseph really liked my outfit; I could tell from the bulges in their pants. Seeing that made me really horny, and I asked if I could do anything for them as I sat on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. Alan was the first to react, and in just a few seconds he had his lovely, big cock at my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took the head of his semi-hard cock between my lips. It had been sooooo long since I'd had him, I really had missed feeling his cock in my mouth. I reached out and pulled his ass towards me as his long, thick cock slid down my throat!

I love having a thick cock filling my mouth, and Alan's was certainly thick. He slowly fucked my mouth as I gazed up at him, and I could feel his cock getting harder. The harder he got, the more difficult it was to accommodate him in my throat, so eventually, he was just working the head in and out of my mouth. "Cum in my mouth," I told him, "I really want to taste it!"

It didn't take long until I felt the first blast inside of me. There was too much for me to swallow it all, and a little cum dribbled down my chin. I sucked Alan dry and then cleaned him up with my tongue. "God that tasted good, Alan. You can't believe how many times I've thought about doing this," I told him. Then I turned to Joseph and asked, "Are you next? I really hope so!"

Joseph was indeed next, and I watched with excitement as he unveiled that huge cock of his. Luckily, he wasn't very hard yet, and I thought I might be able to get it down my throat. I hungrily took him in my mouth and then pulled him towards me as his cock did slide down my throat! I hadn't been able to take him the last time we met, because he was already too hard (and way too big) to accommodate. But this time I was able to deep throat him. I wasn't able to take him for very long, though. After only a few seconds of his cock sliding in and out of my throat, he was too big to fit back down. Joseph's cock is about 12" long, and as thick as a coke can, when it is erect. I guess erect is the wrong word, because neither Joseph nor Alan get fully erect. They get very big and solid, but not stiff. But that's okay; I think I'm able to take them all of the way inside of me because their cocks conform to my insides, and that couldn't happen if they were rigid.

Anyway, I worked on the head of Joseph's cock (that's all I could fit in my mouth, and that wasn't easy!) until he told me he was going to cum. I wanted to act really slutty for him, so I got off the bed and got on my knees on the floor. I opened my mouth and looked up at him and told him, "shoot it on my face, baby!" Joseph complied eagerly, and shot jets of thick white cum all over my face. I was really craving cum, so I moved forward and milked the remaining cum from his balls into my mouth. I swallowed it all down, and then I asked Alan if he was ready to fuck me with that big cock of his.

That's when Tom told me that I'd have to wait until I'd fulfilled my bargain with him. Apparently, Tom wanted to show me off around the city before I could have either Alan or Joseph inside of me. I was so hot by then, that I eagerly embraced Tom's idea. Truthfully, I would have done anything in order to fuck those two black men. So, Tom, Alan, Joseph, and I piled into Joseph's car (ours was too small for those big guys) and drove away from the motel. Joseph asked Tom if he'd drive, so he and Alan could sit with me in the back seat, and Tom was eager to do it. As we pulled away from the motel, both Alan and Joseph were playing with my pussy and clit, while I sat back and enjoyed the ride.

The first stop was a self serve gas station, and Tom instructed me to get out and fill up the car. God, it was exciting being out there, pumping gas as everybody stared at me. I was both scared and excited, I mean what if a cop were to pull in. I rationalized that I wasn't really naked; that I did have clothes on. They just didn't hide anything. Anyway, with all the guys at the gas station looking at me long and hard, it wasn't too hard not to concentrate on the risks. And the women looked, too! They all acted pretty disgusted, though, but I didn't care, I just concentrated on the looks from the guys.

After I started pumping the gas, Tom told me to check the oil. I REALLY got hot when I bent over the front of the car to get at the dipstick, blatantly exposing my ass and my pussy. I caught a couple of guys looking, and I gave them a big smile. The oil level was okay, so Tom had me close the hood, and when the tank was full, he handed me a twenty and told me to go inside and pay for it.

As I stood in line to pay the cashier, everyone around me looked me over. It was great! Some of the guys just stared, but some acted nonchalant. I did feel really self-conscious as the female cashier looked through my see-through blouse at my breasts and erect nipples. She looked me over, shook her head, took my money, and gave me my change. As I walked out of the gas station, through the people, I just smiled and walked as seductively as I knew how (it's pretty easy in 4" heels). And before I climbed in the back seat with my two studs, I purposely dropped a dollar bill, then bent forward to pick it up.

I took my time, in order to give everyone a good look at my pussy. Then I opened the door and got back in and climbed over Alan to sit between him and Joseph. As I rubbed their cocks through their pants, and as they spread my legs and ran their hands up my thighs to my pussy, I asked Tom if I'd done okay. "You were a perfect slut, Bobbi," he said. Of course I thanked him for the compliment, then asked, "What's next, baby?" He smiled back at me in the mirror and told me that I'd find out pretty soon.

I was really horny by then, and I'm afraid that I tried to talk Alan into fucking me. I know I was supposed to wait, but I was really hot. I knew that Tom wouldn't be able to stop me while he was driving, so I sat on Alan's lap and whispered in his ear, "Will you put your cock in my pussy? Just a little of it, okay?" Well, he was game, and in a flash he had his big dick out, and sticking up between my legs. I had to practically stand up to get the head by my pussy lips, and when I did, Tom caught me! "Not yet Bobbi, you've got two more stops to make first!" Alan said that he was sorry, but that I should do as Tom said. God I was frustrated! I wanted that cock in me!! But I settled back down on Alan's lap, and contented myself with just rubbing the base of his cock against my pussy.

Just about then, Tom pulled into a supermarket parking lot. As he parked he told me that I was to buy some vegetables, and then to go next door to the adjoining Pharmacy and purchase a dozen condoms. I asked what kind of vegetables I should buy, but I knew the answer before he said it. "Cucumbers and stuff," he said, "things you can fuck yourself with." He gave me some more money, and I left the security of the car to enter the busy supermarket.

I walked right in, and went directly to the produce section. I was really attracting a lot of attention, and I loved it! I asked a clerk in the produce sections where they kept the cucumbers, and he was so tongue-tied all he could do was point. I ended up selecting some Zucchini, and I took them to the register to pay. I only had two of them, so I was able to use the express isle, and I ended up between two guys. Boy did they look me over! It took forever to get through the line, and I was getting more than a little nervous.

There were a lot of women in there, and some of them were actually hostile. One woman accosted me on my way out of the store, telling me that I should be ashamed of myself; that there were children around, and that she ought to call the police!

I ran to the car as fast as I could in my 4" heels and Tom drove off without making me go into the pharmacy. I was really glad to get out of there! For a minute, I'd had an image of my parents learning that I'd been arrested for indecent exposure, and it kind-of put me off of sex for a minute or two. I was glad that Tom hadn't made me get the condoms, and I thanked him. "You still have to get them, Bobbi, but we can go to a different store if you like," was his reply! I couldn't believe that Tom was going to make me do it!

I pleaded with him, but he just told me that I had to!

He pulled up in front of a different pharmacy and told me to get out! Tom had never done anything like this before, and I have to admit that it scared me a little. I looked around, and found that this place wasn't nearly as busy as the last place, and I decided that I would do it.

As I got out of the car, I was more scared than nervous, and I was very aware of my clothing. As I walked into the store, I looked down at my clothes. I could see my breasts through my sheer blouse, and my nipples were very hard. My skirt moved as I walked, and I knew that my pussy lips were visible below the hem. I didn't want to spend a lot of time in there, so I asked this guy who was stocking the shelves (lucky him; he was kneeling down) where the condoms were. I knew that from his vantage point, he could see my pussy clearly, and I started to get a little excited again. So, guess what he was stocking? Yup, condoms! So I moved even closer to him and looked for my favorite brand. You really have to be careful, because most condoms have bad-tasting spermicides on them. As I stood there, looking for my brand, the kid kept looking up at my pussy. There wasn't anyone else in our isle, so I told him, "Put your finger in it." Well, he just looked, so I took his finger and guided it between my pussy lips. "Push it all the way in," I told him. And he did! I stood there for a few seconds as he probed me with his finger, and then I stepped away. I bent towards him and took his finger and placed it in my mouth. After I sucked my juices from his finger, I winked at him and said, "Thanks. That felt really nice." Then I strolled up to the checkout to pay for my condoms. You should have seen the looks I got when people saw what I was buying! I just smiled at everyone. The girl at the cash register even kind-of smiled back at me, so I gave her a wink as I picked up my purchase and walked out to the car feeling sexy again!

Well, in my mind, those were my two final stops, and I was looking forward to getting intimate with Alan and Joseph, but Tom had different plans. He told me that I had one last stop to make! I protested, but I was out-voted by the guys. It seems that Alan and Joseph were enjoying my little shows, too, so they sided with Tom. I asked Tom where the final stop was and he told me it was the adult bookstore. I'd never been there, but I knew that it was really two book stores; one with regular books, and an adult shop in a separate big room inside the regular book store. Well, at least that was somewhere I'd be dressed appropriately!

There were about ten cars in the parking lot, and I wondered how many of the drivers were in the adult store. Tom told me that he and the other guys would keep me company, and we all headed for the store entrance. We had to walk almost all of the way through the store to get to the adult room, and I raised some eyebrows (and probably something else, too). I loved it that they saw me enter the adult room, which was obviously where I belonged.

There were only three guys in there (besides Tom, Alan, and Joseph), two customers and a clerk. Tom told me to put on a show for everyone, so I walked up to the clerk and asked in a clear, loud voice, "What do you have in really big dildos?" There were several behind the counter, on the wall, and as the clerk pointed to different ones, I leaned over the counter a little. As I did, my skirt rode up and it was obvious I wasn't wearing any panties. I had the clerk get several big dildos down for me, and I held and caressed them, one at a time.

As I caressed the rubber cocks, I looked around the room and made eye contact with the two customers. I told the clerk to put one of the dildos aside for me until I completed my shopping (it was 12" long, pink rubber, and two- headed. One head was small, the other was big, and the shaft tapered from the big end to the small end; sort-of a variable thickness cock). Then I wandered over by one of the customers.

He was looking at hardcore magazines, and the particular one he was looking at showed a woman taking on two guys. "Mmmmm, that looks like fun," I said to him, "how would you like to do that to me?" Then I pulled my skirt up in front and showed him my pussy. As I rubbed my clit, I told him, "I'll be in room number 14 at the Super Eight motel all afternoon if you want to fuck me." Then I walked over to the other guy and told him the same thing. As Tom was paying for my new dildo, I told the clerk where I'd be, and to send over anybody he thought might be interested. As we left the room, I called to the guys, "Don't keep me waiting too long, guys!"

On the way back to the motel, I sat in back with Alan and Joseph, taking turns licking and sucking their cocks, as Tom watched me in the rearview mirror.

I'll tell you all about what happened after that in my next letter. This one is getting kind-of long, and I don't want to keep you all waiting too long. Which part did you like the best? I think I enjoyed flashing at the gas station the best. Wouldn't you have liked to have seen me, bent over the hood with my pussy showing? I did get to fuck Alan and Joseph (and some guys from the book store), but I'll tell you about that in my next letter.

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