DC - Master of Seduction - Chapter II
by Arc Light

I watched the beautiful Mrs. Charles Thornber III slip into a fitful sleep on my black leather sofa. As she slipped away into slumber I watched as my sticky cum dripped from her stretched pussy lips onto her expensive blue skirt. She continued to lay on her stomach and cradle her auburn covered head in her hands. After what seemed an eternity of watching the beauty; especially the tight ass and long, long legs I covered her body with an Afghan on the back of the sofa. I then slid down in an easy chair directly across from the sofa and the even breathing wife. After many years in working in a hospital environment I was able to quickly drop off in the comfortable chair.

The next morning at approximately 0700 hours the first rays of sunlight peeked through the closed curtains. I awoke first and immediately brought my weary eyes to focus on the still slumbering beauty directly across from me. During the night the afghan had been somewhat twisted and my eyes again focused on the long and beautiful limbs of my latest conquest. My mind quickly converged on the continuing seduction (domination?) of the beautiful white wife.

My usual plan would involve at least three or four meetings to slowly seduce the tormented wife into becoming mine. However as I considered this more subtle and time consuming approach my mind reverted back to last night when I felt her clenching and clasping pussy lips sucking the mancum out of my long black cock. As that pleasurable memory returned I quickly made my mind up on the next step of seduction.

A few moments later the beautiful auburn haired beauty stirred and rubbing her eyes quickly focused on my naked black body seated directly across from her. Her mind then quickly remembered the events of only a few hours ago and I sensed a moment of great anxiety on Gretchen's mind.

"My cock needs your lips around it. Come here!" came my direct order. I had made my mind up on the pattern of seduction. To hell with the gentle and more time consuming manner I normally pursue. In the next five seconds I would know if I had made my conquest; or if the beautiful wife would rebuff my dominant order and run to the apartment door.

I knew from past experience that even if she chose flight rather than subservience I would have no fears. She would be far too frightened to let anyone know that she had came to my apartment and been hammered by my long black cock. Most white wives that I have seduced are far more afraid of public exposure; of being ridiculed by their husbands; by their families; by society that I have no fear of retribution.

She let her emerald eyes converge on my semi hard black cock and then raising her face to look directly into my forbidding and unsympathetic eyes murmured a response that she knew was unacceptable; "Please, I need to go to my husband."

"Maybe your husband would like for me to explain to him in detail how his precious wife came over to my apartment and fucked my black cock silly last night. Do you think that explanation would help his recovery? Or maybe you could tell him why you didn't take your birth control pill last night and your cunt was filled with black mancum.?"

As I questioned the distraught wife I could see her self confidence fade rapidly. No. . . . . she wouldn't want to explain her actions of only a few hours ago. The cutting remark about her pussy filled with black sperm caused her tormented mind to reel.

I could sense that conquest was seconds away. I resisted the temptation to push the wife over the edge when victory was within my grasp. I merely smirked while the different emotions ate away at Gretchen's troubled and confused mind.

After what I considered an ample amount of time for the self doubt and self recriminations to overwhelm the tormented young wife I repeated my original command; "Come to me and suck my cock; or you will have some very difficult questions to answer from your husband."

I could see the defeated look in Gretchen's eyes as she slowly uncoiled her tight and desireable body. Her white silk blouse was unbuttoned to the waist and revealed the small but pert nipple hardened breasts. Her expensive navy blue skirt was still bunched up around her waist with a six inch stain of my dried cum commingled with her sweet smelling pussy discharge. Her panties of course were already in my trophy case. As she started to rise I completed the subjugation, "Crawl to me."

The stunned look in her emerald eyes made my already hard cock stiffen even more. As she dropped to her knees I knew the conquest was complete and conclusive. Mrs. Charles Thornber III was now mine. Mine for whatever demented pleasures that I could conceive. Mine for endless hours of sexual domination; Mine for whatever I wanted to use her desireable body for.

Her journey of six feet was probably the longest journey that she ever had to travel. When she reached the vortex between my long muscle bound legs she meekly looked up into my eyes. Sensing no reprieve from the black bastard who had dragged her to this degradation she cupped my large nut sack in her delicate hands and silently sucked in the tip of my nine inch black cock. The sensation of her oral cavity encasing my cock quickly brought me to full arousal. As she slaved on her mission I could see her left hand drop to her exposed and cum encrusted pussy which she massaged with ever greater intensity As I reached the point of climax I could see the tense and tortured look on her pretty face.

"I want you to look into my eyes when I cum Mrs. Thornber," I mocked.

Startled, she looked up just as by nuts sent the blast of man cum down my long chute. The initial blast of sperm caught the housewife by surprise and she swallowed as rapidly as she could; but alas a great quantity of the warm liquid dripped down her chin onto her rigid nipples, again soaking the white silk blouse.

As I came I could feel her climax as she grasped even tighter my nut sack and forced them to release their precious fluid. Her entire body shuddered as she frantically stroked her nub of pleasure. After what seemed an eternity she dropped to the soft carpet below. Looking into her tormented eyes I could see the complete surrender. She had achieved sexual escastasy twice in the last eight hours. If she was typical of my white housewife conquests this was the best sexing she had ever experienced. While her husband climbed his way to success he left his sexually starved wife far behind. His idea of passionate sex consisted of a few brutal strokes at the the end of his fourteen hour days.

I rose, and standing over the now content sexually drained housewife slowly threaded my black cock to let the last sticky discharge drop to Gretchen's questioning face.

"You better clean up. I will find some appropriate clothes you can wear to see your husband," I offered.

Gretchen slowly got up and made her way to the bathroom and I heard the shower explode with its refreshing spray of warm water. Gretchen took a long time to soothe her stretched muscles. When she arose I had laid out a pair of black leather hot pants and black leather vest. I figured they would go with her black leather boots and more importantly it would make a very alluring sight. She looked for her panties but I indicated she would no longer need the useless undergarments.

After watching the modest wife dress in front of me I quickly showered and received a phone call from the hospital upon emerging from the relaxing shower. The head nurse on intensive care ward wondered if I could locate Mrs. Thornber. Quickly laughing to myself I assured her that I could locate the missing wife and get. her to the hospital as soon as possible.

As I was escorting Gretchen to the elevator I could sense her apprehension. At my apartment she did not question the apparel that I selected. However as she walked down the halls of the clean and Spartan hospital with my arm around her shoulders I am sure she felt her selection of black leather hot pants, boots and vest were not the appropriate outfit to greet her severely injured husband.

When we reached the ward Mrs. Gretchen Thornber was informed that her husband had made a miraculous recovery from his head wound but that he had a broken left leg; broken right ankle and broken left wrist. He was in great pain and had casts securing all of the broken limbs.

As we stood by his bedside I believe he could see this giant of a black man with his arm cradling his wife's shoulders. He may have even seen the long black fingers stroke the outside of her right breast. I was not sure; his more than ample sedatives were fogging his brain.

There was more than ample time to inflict this displeasure on his broken and damaged body.

As we left I could sense the great turmoil in Gretchen. This too pleased me.

DC & Gretchen - Chapter III

As Mrs. Charles Thornber III and I left the hospital I had my plan of complete domination completed.

As I slid next to her in her sleek Mercedes convertible I told her to drive us to her home. She turned and with a questioning look asked why.

My straight forward answer was short and simple. "I am going to fuck you on your marital bed. The bed that you used to share with your husband; but will now share with your lover."

During the next several weeks I fed the insatiable housewife my black cock nearly every day. My domination was complete. On several occasions she tried to back away. . . . . . but she couldn't stand to be deprived of sexual bliss now that she had tasted the forbidden fruit.

On the occasions that Gretchen was totally submissive I allowed her to take her birth control pills. However when she became insolent or independent I made her throw that days pill away. This sexual torture; the Russian Roulette of having a black bastard implanted deep in her womb quickly achieved my goal of total subservience. She became terrified of having my black seed fertilize her eggs and she would comply with any of my requests. . . . . . no matter how depraved or demented.

I moved into the palatial estate and took full advantage of the luxurious surroundings. Dutifully I made her visit her husband who was still in great pain and agony. Although I made my new playmate dress more and more provocatively I forbid her giving her husband any pleasure while he was in the hospital. On several occasions she told me that he had begged her to give him a blowjob but she steadfastly refused. I was amused on the occasions that I was there as the caring hospital professional to see the tormented husband drool as his beautiful and foxy wife and could only watch from afar. As we left his room on that cold winter day I let my hand drop to her tight ass and massage the firm cheeks as we left the room. I smiled knowing the torment that the simple action must have caused the cast laden husband. If he knew the other liberties that I had taken with his desireable and sexy wife he would have went out of his mind.

Feeling mischievous that day I allowed Mrs. Thornber to give me a nut busting blow job on the stalled elevator. I tried to push the limits for the previously sexually deprived housewife and on more than one occasion we were nearly caught. I always delighted in placing the prim and proper housewife in an embarrassing and compromising position whenever possible.

In order to test my domination I deliberately avoided Gretchen for nearly three days. My answering machine recorded her frantic and helpless pleadings. Amused I asked her to come to my apartment the next afternoon. I ordered her to wear something I would find intriguing.

My request was granted in full as the delightful creature arrived in a exquisite white suit. The skirt was cut nearly six inches above her dimpled knees and the jacket was left open. She wore a rose covered silk blouse; and her small tight firm titties were unfettered. As she entered my apartment she became very apprehensive as I had invited three of my black brothers to witness my domination over the beautiful white wife.

Caught off guard she stood nervously in the middle of the living room and searched desperately for compassion. Her search this day however would not be granted.

"I have told my friends that they can use my little bitch today. Lift your skirt; I want them to see that you are not wearing any panties," I ordered.

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