The Probation Officer
by Arc Light

Jackie Thurman, one of the senior County Probation Officers pulled her long brunette hair back and wrapped in a bright red elastic band. The thirty five year mother of two still had her award winning high school body. The tall, five foot six inch beauty still had the eye turning measurements of 34B-23-34 with long sensuous legs and a tight little butt. She rubbed the sensitive little orbs of the pencil size nipples on her small but perfect little breasts and sighed as the delectable little buds hardened and sent a sharp spark of electricity through her tight body.

If only......... her police man husband could satisfy her needs. If only.....

Jackie felt her pussy flaps moisten; and felt the shivers of pleasure travel throughout her body. Her husband, Steve, tried. He was a good husband..... but.... The pleasure that Jackie needed; that Jackie longed for...was missing. When Steve tried to insert his under sized and usually limp male organ into her wet and willing body he failed.

Looking at herself in the mirror Jackie felt a longing. Jackie let her delicate fingers drop to her swollen lips and gently rub the fur lined slit. Her practiced fingers found the elongated little clit and she gasped as she manipulated the swollen organ.

"Oh God," she thought. "Why oh Why !!!" Why couldn't Steve satisfy her womanly needs. Her deep yearning for sexual pleasure.

As she softly stroked herself she wondered aloud how her two children had been conceived. It must have been a horrible accident; she could not remember the last orgasm that was caused by her overworked but devoted husband.

She slowly opened her eyes and gazed at her bright green eyes in the full length mirror which had captured her tantalizing vision. Her eyes followed her sleek tanned lines... from her pouting her firm and perfect breasts topped by the still erect rock hard nipples..... to her puffy pussy lips protruding from beneath her fur lined find covering. Her gaze dropped more to the perfectly formed thighs and calves of her long legs. The clock's hand rapidly advanced to eight in the morning and she blew herself a kiss in the mirror as she dropped to the edge of the bed to pull on her white thong panties. She then pulled on the sheer panty hose and encased her perfect gems in the tight half bra. Mischievously she pulled the top of the half bra down and allowed the hard nipples to protrude.

A smile again formed on her face. "At least she would be able to tease the lowlifes at the County Probation Office. And then there was the usual thugs and human dredges that she enjoyed dropping a few notches," she thought to herself. As she inventoried her thoughts about the days' activity her mind focused on her most recent case. A "street nigger" named Salam Ali, a sixteen year old muscled high school football player. Her mind brought up a picture of a six foot six inch, 230 pound block of solid granite. He had been charged by a petite sixteen year cheerleader with aggravated criminal sexual assault. The small girl had been picked up by a squad car near the infamous "Garrett Housing projects". Jackie visually recalled the photographs of the "alleged" rape victim. Her tender body was covered with red marks and bruises; and her tender little hole was shown with the leaking manfluid dripping down her tender little thighs.

Jackie quickly replaced the vision of the pictures with the need to pull on her white silk blouse. The tight silky cloth caressed the tender nipples. She then pulled on short tight navy skirt. The short skirt came to three inches above her dimpled knees. She then applied a bright red lipstick and hurried out the door. Another dreaded day had arrived and she had to go service the dregs under her control.

As she arrived at the bustling county office building most of the males sucked in the vision of the beauty as she sauntered down the hallway on her three inch spiked black patent heels. Although she was a vision of beauty she was also know as "The Bitch From Hell" within the tight confines of the County Building. She had the well earned reputation of being a true bitch with not only the probationers that were assigned to her but also her co- workers. The men in the department had been ripped apart by her sharp tongue and the women could not stand the beauty and the tantalizing hold over everyone in he office.

Jackie shuffled the files on her desk. Her secretary entered and informed her that "Jim" the only deputized Probation Officer called in sick. "Damn," screamed Jackie. The two Probation Officers were scheduled to make a home visits to Salam Ali to collect a urine sample; and to insure that the monitoring bracelet around his ankle was still functioning.

"Well, I'll call Mr. Ali and tell him that you won't be able to make it," commented the secretary.

Jackie thought a minute. "No, I will make the visit. Maybe the little asshole needs a lesson in humility," she told the secretary. She then looked at the office secretary and noticed the frightened look in her eyes.

Although the look unsettled Jackie she quickly became involved in the routine of the office. The morning hours flew by as she ran roughshod over her co-workers and probationers. The clock finally closed on at four o'clock and Jackie realized she should leave for the home visit. On the way out the door she picked up a sixteen ounce urine specimen container and the key to the ankle bracelet.

As her sleek car sped towards the dark and forbidding ten story housing project her mind was racing. She started fretting, "Maybe I shouldn't come to this black animal's apartment," she thought to herself. She then reasoned that his mother would probably be there this late in the afternoon and then her mind became more at ease.

Upon entering the graffiti stained building with garbage and debris strewn about she quickly made her way to the staircase. Ignoring the catcalls and crude remarks made by the winos and other riffraff that the housing project attracted she hurried to the top floor and her destiny......

She finally pushed the non functioning door open with all her strength she looked down the dingy hallway. Apartment 1030 was the last apartment down the dark hallway. Although she always was in control of the situation she now had second reservations about making the home visit alone.... she should have waited until tomorrow until the male probation officer could have accompanied her to this cess pool of humanity.

Jackie quietly knocked on the heavy metal door. After several minutes she became upset; Salam was under court order to be in this location. He would have his probation revoked if he wasn't on the other side of this door. At long last she wrapped her delicate hand around the door knob and turned. It opened easily and Jackie let herself in the nearly dark room. It took several minutes before her eyes became accustomed to the dim light in the corner apartment.

"Whatcaha you want honkey bitch ?" came the deep male voice.

The sudden question startled Jackie but she quickly recovered.

"Look you little monster you best be shutting that insolent mouth. One call from me and you will be in the county jail within the hour. Show yourself; NOW !!!" came the decisive order from the petite Probation Officer.

Salam walked into the light. Jackie felt a small tremor travel her body as the huge black of black granite appeared before her. The muscled black teenager wore only a pair of tight white gym shorts. His bare hairless muscled chest glistened with a small covering of sweat. Jackie's eyes inventoried the massive black teenager standing before her small frame.

She stood in front of her case file and she felt a shiver run down her back and her voice broke, "I've come to watch you provide a urine sample". She had hoped that the humiliating statement would gain her the advantage.

A sneer covered his handsome face and he walked to the petite woman and stood only a foot away from the now noticeably trembling officer of the court. "Shore, There is nothing I would rather do than piss in front of a PROBATION OFFICER," he mocked the shivering young mother of two.

Salam's huge paw reached out and took the container from the delicate white fingers. His dark forbidding eyes burned into the frightened emerald eyes of the married white wife. Slowly, he turned and walked towards the bathroom. Once inside he kicked the door partially shut.

Jackie, trembling, followed her charge. Once she reached the bathroom door she nudged it open. Salam was standing by the stool and his face turned towards the open door.

"I must see you fill the container," she meekly offered.

A ridiculing smirk formed across the rapist face. "I can't get the lid of the container off. Could you help me ?" he scoffed.

Jackie, angry at the arrogant young tough, pushed her way into the small bathroom. She grabbed the specimen container and ripped the lid off the jar. Only at that point did she realize that Salam had backed up and was now between her and the door. An icy chill ran up her spine as she looked up into the menacing dark eyes.

"If you want me to pee in your little cup you best be pulling down my gym shorts, Miss Thurman," he ridiculed.

"No....... " slipped from her throat as a mere sob.

The large black hands cupped Jackie's chin and he looked into her now petrified eyes. "Take my trunks off.........." was the simple order.

Jackie tried to shake her head but the large black hand held her chin in place. "I want to leave....." she whispered.

"You came to my home for a jar of piss.....and a jar of piss you will receive," Salam laughed.

"If I have to tell you again you will regret the consequences Mrs. Thurman...." mocked the huge black.

Salam then moved so that he was directly in front of the young wife. "Do it now..... or I'll have to paddle that little tight ass of yours. NOW !!!!"

Jackie's trembling fingers slowly reached towards the waist band of the tight short gym trunks. His black rippled stomach muscles were warm to the touch. Her eyes were downcast as she softly inserted the delicate fingers into the elastic waistband. Her breathing was becoming irregular as she felt the fingers tug the waist band down. She forced herself to not look up into what she knew was the mocking dark eyes of her tormentor. After the first inch of two the trunks became very tight against the muscled ass cheeks of the black athlete. As she reached behind him to pull the trunks downward she was pressed against the hard black body. His sweat glistened body soaked the white silk blouse and caused Jackie's nipples to harden.

Mrs. Jackie Thurman was not prepared for the next sight. Her only experience with the male organ was that of her husband and he was........ not overly endowed.

As she pulled the white trunks downward the Salam's massive black muscle was slowly uncovered. The contrast of the white cloth against the purple headed black monster was uncovered inch by tantalizing inch. Jackie could not comprehend the size of the gargantuan black muscle. The uncovering took the distraught young wife nearly two minutes to accomplish. As the white trunks dropped to the floor Jackie could only stare at the now throbbing black organ.

Salam again cupped Jackie's delicate chin in his grasp and lowered his lips to hers. Jackie was caught off guard......again. She felt the wet tongue caress her lips and then felt the tip insert itself into her warm oral cavity. Her eyes instinctively closed as she felt Salam's strong tongue lick her teeth and duel with her tongue. Just as quickly as it inserted itself it retreated and only then did she open her eyes.

The face of her tormentor was a blank mask; void of emotion. "You want me to fill the jar; you hold it. Put your hand on me and squeeze the piss from my cock," was the calm order.

Jackie shook her head. "Please don't make me....." she begged.

"If I have to repeat your instructions once more I will cane your tight ass until you can't sit. Don't think about disobeying me Miss Probation Officer," Salam mocked.

With her emotions conflicting with her instincts she tried to shake her head again. But when she looked into the dark eyes she instinctively reached out for the large black organ. As her delicate fingers tried to find their way around the girth of the large muscle she was amazed at it's warmth...... and it's thickness. She held the specimen container near the large purple head and felt the first blast of urine splash against the container. She was amazed at the amount of fluid flowing into the container. When the flow stopped she again looked up; her face reaching only to the bottom of his hard pectorals.

"Squeeze the last drops out," Salam commanded.

Jackie, her head swimming, grasped the purple head and squeezed the remaining drops from the end of the organ.

She tried to regain control...... control was power. Jackie always controlled the situation and was thus ALWAYS was the person in power. She put the container on the lip of the sink and quickly sidestepped the large black athlete and almost made it to the door. As she almost made her escape she felt the strong black hand grasp the back of her hair and jerked her to the floor. She found herself on her back staring up at the horse sized Dick and balls of her "case". From her prone position the huge black cock seemed almost surreal.

"I will tell you when you are done......." came Salam's simple comment .

Jackie struggled to turn around. With her legs under herself she was pulled up the long black body until her face was directly in front of the magnificent black cock.

"If you suck good......... You may be able to walk out under your own power," came the sinister statement.

Jackie's emotions had see sawed from total terror to total fascination for the last hour. Looking up at the hardening black monster she realized that her options had ceased when she had entered the dark and dingy apartment. It took one more forceful tug on the back of her hair to bring her face in contact with the still dripping organ of lust. Her lips parted, and ......................she tasted the musky dark manorgan. At first she could hardly get her lips around even the dark purple head. But as the organ was coated with her saliva the entry became much easier. She nearly gagged on the black cock as Salam pulled her face deeper on the ever hardening manhood..

Time became inconsequential........ Mrs. Jackie Thurman's only goal was to feel the hot liquid blast deep into her throat. Her hands sought out the large testicles hanging below the now angry black cock. As her fingers massaged the tender testicles Jackie felt the massive ass cheeks tighten until.........the hot blast of man cum scorched her throat and she struggled to swallow each blast of the hot liquid. When the last tightening had subsided Salam pulled his black cock from Jackie's pouting lips and stroked the last several spurts on the pretty face of his Probation Officer. Jackie did nothing as the sticky strings slid across her face before dripping off her chin and onto her expensive white silk blouse.

Salam stepped across the squatting white wife until he was straddling her confused body. "Clean my nuts....... and then rim my asshole with that tender pointed tongue....."

Jackie wanted to say no. She wanted to rise and run from this dirty apartment. She wanted for time to run backwards...... Mrs. Jackie Thurman wanted a lot. But Mrs. Jackie Thurman pushed herself up so that her head was directly beneath the swollen nut sack of the sixteen year old boy that she had just sucked to climax. Her tongue darted out and she bathed the testicles and when she heard the teenager start to growl she closed her eyes and drove her delicate tongue into the dark recesses of his black asshole. The salty taste attacked her senses... but she continued to thrust her tongue deep....

Time again evaporated.

Jackie was lost in her submissive behavior..... Her next conscious remembrance was when the second blast of hot sperm covered her face. This discharge was thick........ and it was entirely deposited directly on her upturned face. Through her tears she could see his ridiculing smile and she made no attempt to wipe the sticky discharge from her pretty face. The rope like strings of black cum slowly dripped from her chin to her blouse where the wetness caused her nipples to remain hard. As she pitifully looked up at the sixteen year old boy who had so dominated her during these last several hours she let her hand drop to her tortured and unfulfilled pussy. The wetness of the crotch of her pantyhose surprised her as she unconsciously stroked her lips through the nylon covered pussy.

Salam leaned against the door frame of the bathroom and looked down at his Probation Officer. "How long have you been married Mrs. Thurman ?" he questioned.

The question caught Jackie offguard. "It is none of your business.." she quickly answered. When she looked up Jackie realized that she shouldn't have been so harsh. She could see the fire in the brooding brown eyes.

"Insolent bitches get their asses spanked. I've warned you about that before haven't I ?" answered Salam.

"With my cum streaking down your face you look like a street whore. I believe that a married mother of two should have more dignity....... or at least know acknowledge her transgressions. Shouldn't she Mrs. Thurman ?"

Before Jackie could react the agile football player closed the short distance and pulled the lithe brunette beauty across his lap. The quick movement caught Jackie by surprise and she tried to look up over her shoulder. By the time she adjusted to her new subservient position the first slap had landed. Although it was shielded by her navy skirt, pantyhose and panties it still sent a sharp electrical spark to her confused brain. The next slap found her second cheek; and then the third and then...........

Jackie tried to shield her burning ass from the constant slaps but the sharp blows continued to rain down. The asscheeks were turning a bright crimson under the constant and persistent barrage against the unprotected firm ass cheeks. Jackie begged for the blows to stop but Salam continued the punishment. Mrs. Jackie Thurman's redemption was still in the future; and the hard blows continued to rain down.

Jackie started crying as the spanking continued. Her ass was becoming raw under the skirt and pantyhose covering. "Please, have mercy...... I have sucked your cock....Please stop spanking me......Please...." begged the young wife.

Salam finally relented. He shoved the sobbing wife off his naked lap and onto the dirty carpet below.. As the tears coated the wife's cum coated face she pleaded with her bright emerald eyes for salvation.

"Get up..... Go to the window. I want my neighbors to see the white slut that sucks my hard black cock," came the humiliating command.

Jackie contemplated disobeying the arrogant black teenager. However when she hesitated she looked up as the huge block of black granite rose and stroked his semi-limp cock of it's pent-up cum. A rope string of black cum dripped from the still huge black pole and fell on Jackie's navy skirt. The skirt was already sporting a huge cum stain in the middle of the skirt where it had come into contact with the cock while she was receiving her deserved spanking. Jackie quickly rose and walked to the large windows facing the cluttered and debris strewn courtyard below. She stepped up on a ledge and looked at the three buildings surrounding the courtyard. The other housing complexes were identical to the one she was standing. Only about a third of the windows were lit; and she could make the occupants of those windows very well.

She was partially startled when Salam turned on the lights to the apartment where she was standing. "Don't turn around. I want my neighbors to see a married white slut; with my cum running down her face. UNBUTTON YOUR BLOUSE; I want them to see your concealed charms....." came the direct brutal order.

"Please don't make me do that. Haven't you shamed me enough ?" questioned Jackie.

"You best be doing what I tell you. You want another whooping Mrs. Thurman ?" came the simple and direct response.

Jackie understood that the black teenager had no reason to be ease her embarrassment. Her delicate fingers unbuttoned each button in her expensive white silk blouse. Once they were all free she dropped her hands to her sides. The blouse fell open but was still partially tucked into the navy mini skirt.

"Pull the blouse out of your skirt Mrs. Thurman....." came the next anticipated command..

Jackie pulled the blouse out of the skirt and let the delicate fabric slide from her shoulders. The lacy half bra did not cover her protruding and erect nipples. Salam smiled as he saw the reflection in the window.

"Do you finger yourself ?" questioned Salam.

Jackie thought for a minute. "Should she tell the black teenager the truth ? What he think less of her ?" she contemplated.

Smiling Mrs. Jackie Thurman knew the answer. "I have needs. And yes, Salam I play with my clit......My husband can't satisfy my needs and I bring myself off," she softly told her tormentor.

"Pull the bottom of your skirt up....And finger yourself," Salam commanded.

Jackie hesitated and was rewarded with another hard swift swat on her tender ass. The warning was respected and Jackie pulled up her skirt. Holding the skirt with her left hand she stroked herself with her right index finger. The tender movement brought a pleasurable sensation that soothed the tender red ass cheeks. She continued the gentle stroking of her swollen clit through her panty hose and thong panties. The simple stroking gave her pleasure.

She then felt the large hands massage the tender ass cheeks. Jackie felt herself wince as each hand encompassed a tender ass cheek.

"Hold your skirt up with both hands," was the simple command.

Although Jackie did not want to cease the gentle stroking she obeyed the black teenage boy. The burning in her firm little butt told her of the consequences.

As she pulled the navy blue cum stained mini skirt up she looked out at the increasing number of windows filled with light in the three adjacent public housing buildings. She felt ashamed standing in the young toughs window; her half bra barely covering her small firm breasts.....and holding her skirt up to her waist. The boy's sticky cum was starting to dry on Jackie's beautiful face.

Jackie suddenly felt the strong hands grasp the top of her pantyhose. As the thumbs inserted themselves at her hips she gasped. The sheer pantyhose were slowly pulled down over her sleek hips. He left the pantyhose at her knees and returned his hands to the white lace thong panties. The fingers were inserted into the waist band; he heard the gasp from Jackie's throat. He felt her trembling thighs. The panties were dragged down to her knees to rest atop the pantyhose.

Jackie stood shivering in the window as she felt the strong finger insert itself into the soft crevice of her tight butt cheeks. The index finger outlined the crack and slipped to her moist pussy folds. He sawed his finger back and forth and shortly it was soaked with the delicate creme of her inner lips. Salam felt the sharp intake of breath; and then let the finger slip between the folds.

"How long have you been married Mrs. Thurman ?" questioned the black teenager.

Jackie's mind was swirling with conflicting emotions; she was unprepared for the simple question. It was dark; and she was standing in front of a picture window where everyone in the public housing project could see her. "I've been married for ten years," she meekly answered.

The long black finger found her clit........... she jerked forward at the rough manipulation. "Please let me go home Salam," she pleaded.

Salam grabbed the sensitive bud between his finger and thumb and squeezed the erect little bud. "From now on you address me as 'Daddy', " Salam ordered.

"It was a totally ridiculous request," thought the poor tormented wife. The request was quickly tempered by another squeeze and Jackie nearly dropped to her knees.

"Spread your legs Mrs. Thurman," ordered Salam.

Jackie tried to spread her beautiful legs but the binding pantyhose restricted her movements. "Yes Daddy......."

The sensual stroking was causing the young wife extreme anxiety. The pleasure was becoming almost unbearable. She started gently swaying with the in and out movements of the hard fingers. Closing her eyes she tried to forget her predicament..........

She then felt the warm wet tongue on her red and tender ass. The gentle kisses; the knowing manipulation of her elongated clit; and the increasingly rapid thrusting of the black fingers were bringing the young wife to orgasm.

Jackie continued swaying with the rhythm of the insertion of black index finger. Salam could feel the powerful orgasm building and abruptly removed his fingers.

Jackie could not understand why the pleasure giving fingers were removed. Opening her eyes she pleaded with the black teen age boy......."Oh God, PLEASE DADDY, finish me. Don't leave me like this !!!"

"Give me your Wedding Ring...." ordered the young black rapist.

The order.... the command..... caught the young tormented housewife completely offguard. "NO..... Please no...I can't give you my wedding ring......"

"I want your wedding ring. If you are a good fuck I will return it," mocked Salam. To emphasize his command he slapped the tender ass cheeks. When Jackie didn't respond she was given another.... and another swift slap.

Jackie's tender cheeks could not stand the brutal slap. They were already raw from the previous spanking. After the fourth or fifth slap she again pleaded with the teen age probationer. "Please Daddy. You don't know what you are asking for. I can't give you my wedding ring....It symbolizes my love and devotion for......"

The next series of slaps again brought tears streaming down Jackie's Cum Coated cheeks. It took only another three slaps until Mrs. Jackie Thurman dropped the hem of her skirt to pull her wedding ring off her finger. With tears in her eyes she turned and faced the arrogant young street tough.

"Put the symbol of your love on my necklace pretty lady," continued the mocking command.

It was at this point that Jackie noticed the necklace with four or five wedding rings dangling from it's length. "Please........" came the pitiful sob.

Salam lifted his hand and quickly found the leaking pussy lips of his latest conquest. He allowed his hands to outline the outside of the folds and search for the tender bud of life. "Do what I tell you. Maybe I'll give you a mercy fuck... "

Her emotions overtaking her ability to reason she undid the gold clasp and slipped the thin gold band onto the necklace. The ring quickly slid to join the other five wedding bands.

"Recite the giving of the wedding band Mrs. Thurman," the young tough ordered. He chuckled; his conquest was complete.

"Please don't make me.... I can't betray my husband like that," she begged.

"Doesn't my cheating little wife want a mercy fuck....You've seen my cock. Don't you want it inserted into your little hole ?" the black continued.

The conquest was truly completed. Jackie could not stand any more torment and anguish. She needed relief. She needed cock..Long Black Hard Cock. And she needed it now. "With this ring I thee wed............" she softly sobbed.

Salam quickly rewarded his little cheating wife. The right index finger returned to its soft stroking of her tender and agitated clit. She willingly tried to spread her legs more but the constricting pantyhose again bound her knees in place. The torment caused her to plead with her "Daddy". "Fuck me you Black Bastard. Don't make me wait any longer".

The anguish felt by the cheating wife was complete. She needed; NO, She craved the pleasure giving long black cock. Salam, now completely in control, took his time. He wanted to savor the moment of conquest. Licking his slips a smile enveloped his handsome face.

His fingers continued to manipulate the sensitive blood engorged clit. With each gentle caress he felt the white wife tremble with pleasure. "Yes, " he thought, "My little white Probation Officer will get her reward".

For the briefest of moments Jackie contemplated her dilemma. Here she was, a heretofore faithful loving wife and mother. But now..... but now she was standing if front of a ten floor window in the most dangerous and demoralizing housing project in the city. She imagined the prying eyes of the tenants and could see the stroking of their black cocks........

Another gentle caress...........

"Oh God, how could she stand such pleasure ?" she thought.

"Down on your knees ..... Mrs. Thurman...." came the simple order.

Jackie reopened her eyes and looked into the confident and mocking dark brown eyes of her teenage tormentor. His conquest..... her submission was complete. "At least I none of the prying eyes will see my shame...." thought the young wife.

Jackie meekly submitted and dropped to her bare knees.

"Stick your Lilly white ass up Mrs. Thurman.... You do want your little pussy stuffed don't you Mrs. Thurman ?" questioned Salam. He enjoyed emphasizing the "Mrs." in his commands. He was very confident for a fourteen year kid.

Jackie, her swollen lips coated with her creme meekly obtained her seducer. She lowered her pretty face to the dirty carpet. The smell nearly gagged her; but she felt her need as it leaked down the inside of her legs. After nearly a minute she became agitated as Salam merely stood behind her swaying tight ass. She scooted back trying to obtain contact with the pleasure giving black tool.

Salam observed her subtle movement and instinctively retreated. He wanted to make the desirable young wife beg for his cock. And Beg she would......

Jackie, nearly exhausted from the emotional surrender to the young black gang member continued to scoot backwards in an attempt to lodge the long hard black organ into her wet and willing chamber of pleasure. As the black maneuvered to evade the leaking pleasure hole Jackie became even more frustrated. Her scooting backwards had ripped the knees of her pantyhose which were still binding her legs together.

"Please Salam......... Please have mercy. I need you so much......Please give me pleasure.....PLEASEEEEEE," begged the tormented young wife.

For her begging she received another vicious slap across her redden and bruised tight ass cheeks. As the pain rapidly reached her tormented brain she again consciously lowered her head even more and arched her delightful ass cheeks in the direction of the elusive hard black cock.

Salam, again, with a big smile covering his face, knee walked the two paces separating the two would be lovers. He placed his hard black cock on the reddened ass and let it slide along the red cheeks.

Jackie, her mind comprehending that her pleasure was near twisted her tight ass so that her seeping hole was finally in contact with the black cock lunged backwards until the first five inches was firmly imbedded in her tight pussy chamber. The fullness excited her...... and she pushed backwards hoping to embed even more cock into her seeping hot hole. The man weapon was nearly too large.....even with her more than ample lubrication. Screaming she again pushed backwards; her lust now completely out of control.

Salam, content to merely being an observer of the ravishment of the beautiful white wife held his ground as the unfaithful wife ground herself on to his massive black log.

It took Jackie nearly five minutes to finally feel the tip of the black cock push against her cervix. Although it brought a sharp pain it also brought immense pleasure to finally feel the entire length of hard black cock. Saliva dripped from her lips as she begged for the teenage thug to impale her even more......"Please, Fuck Me you black bastard !!!!" she screamed.

At long last Salam made his move and brutally positioned the long hard cock into a unforgiving and unyielding cavity of his latest conquest. The hard black buttocks of the brutal gang member propelled the long shaft into the tender inner recesses of Jackie's womanhood. The longer Salam impaled the tender pussy folds the harder and faster his lean body thrust. The two lovers were beyond the point of retreat.

Jackie was the first to reach her mountaintop. Her climax was as hard and brutal as the black cock impaling her tender cuntal muscles.... The orgasm was quick...decisive and overwhelmed the young beautiful wife. It consumed her entire body as she sought total release.......

Salam felt his mastery overtake the bucking young wife. As his probation officer tried to extract every single millimeter of cock length he felt his large testicles fill with hot discharge. As Jackie's tight cunt muscles squeezed his black tube...........the tube filled her chamber with red hot black seed.

Jackie screamed her release........

Salam finally felt the last blast of seed spurt from the end of his cock. The abundant scalding cum exploded around the tight opening where he had buried his black manhood. He fell on top of the now quiet lean white body of the beautiful wife. The weight of the teenager forced Jackie's tender breasts against the hard and unforgiving floor.

Her breathing was irregular and she felt like she was suffocating with the large muscular man on top of her. The two lovers lay quietly for nearly ten minutes as the black seed flowed from her tender and abused chamber. At long last Salam's manhood softened...and another stream of sticky fluid flowed from the swollen lips of Jackie's womanhood.

Salam pulled himself up and squeezed the remaining trapped fertile seed on the back of the delightful thighs of his plaything. "This bitch was his......" was his only conscious thought.

Once he was on his knees he slid to the stain coated coach. It took nearly twenty minutes for Jackie to regain her breath and .............her senses. She tried to quickly analyze what had happened these past several hours. She felt the black seed drip from her treasure. The seed had started to dry in her peach fuzz covering. It matted the sparse cuntal hair and felt sticky on her thighs.

Mrs. Jackie Thurman wanted desperately to dress and escape. She knew that this would not be possible. Mrs. Jackie Thurman was now the plaything for a fourteen year old black gang member and her life was decidedly much more complicated. Her mind traversed to the moment when she surrendered her treasured wedding ring............ "How was she to explain this loss to her devoted husband ?" her mind searched for an acceptable answer.

As her mind swirled for answers, or at least acceptable logic she felt Salam's bare foot kick her tender ass muscles.

Jackie turned and looked up at the black youth. He looked even larger sitting on the sofa with herself in the prone position. Her eyes searched his for even the smallest degree of compassion. There was none......

"Clean me Bitch," was the only response.

Jackie, instinctively comprehending the direct and brutal order pulled her tired and aching body up to a sitting position. Once her body adjusted to the new position Salam slowly opened his legs. The man organ, although semi limp, was still awesome. Jackie could not comprehend how the large prod was able to bury itself into her small tender pussy. Mrs. Jackie Thurman did not allow herself the pleasure of reducing the kinks and pains in her tight body to disappear. She crawled between the open legs and buried her face into the warm and wet crotch. The salty taste burned her tender lips. Jackie felt the muscular legs and thighs tighten around her petite body and draw her ever more into the musky entrapment. The only thing she could do was to open her mouth and swallow the large black cock. Her tongue cleaned each crevice and toyed with the large vein on top of the man weapon.

After she had cleaned her new master she leaned back.

The sharp shrill sound of the door bell jolted her to consciousness.

"My friends are here. Go answer the door you little whore," ordered the arrogant black cocksman.

Mrs. Jackie Thurman pulled the shredded pantyhose from her feet and looked forlornly at the black gang member....

Her mind comprehended that her ordeal was just beginning......not ending........

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