Randy Ballard's Domination - continued
by Arc Light

"Raise yourself on your hands and knees. You're about to become a real woman. You resist me and I'll black strap that lily white ass of yours until you won't be able to sit for a week. Do you want your ass Black Strapped little Tramp?"

Trembling uncontrollably, Missy answers with a broken voice, "No please don't beat me. I'm afraid you will hurt me. Please fuck my pussy with your black cock. I can take you there, you will tear my poor asshole."

Even as she begs for redemption, however, she raises herself to her hands and knees. Trying to entice her tormentor, she sensuously sways her ass, hoping against hope, that he will reconsider and sink his manhood between her sopping and clenching pussy lips.

Randy Ballard squeezes an ample supply of the jelly into his hand and lubricates his ten inches of hard Black Manhood. Stroking himself with the slippery jelly, he brings his black manhood into an even greater hardness. Randy knows that hardness is what it will take, to sink the log into the tight chamber winking at him, as Missy continues to sway her cheeks.

At first, he lays the black log on top of the cheeks. He wants his newest inductee to anticipate the entry into her most sacred chamber. Poor, poor Missy was fearful of the insertion of the manhood. She had hoped to lodge the cock into her pussy, in hopes of making it so pleasurable for the black convict, as to seduce him to the pleasure of her womanhood.

Her hope was soon dashed, as she felt the huge purple head rub against the wrinkled winking brown eye of her dark chamber. As Randy Ballard, became more insistent of entry, she tried to knee walk away. Her efforts were for naught as Randy grabbed her by her sleek hips and in one brutal thrust buried half of the length into the tight chamber. Her anal muscles screamed against the intrusion, as Randy rapidly began the forceful thrusting, attempting admission of more and more of his black muscle.

After the first brutal thrust, poor Missy was merely attempting to adjust to the tremendous pressure, the fullness of the black cock filling her tight asshole.

What seemed so horrible at first, began to subside as the pleasure overtook the pain, as her sphincter muscle became accustomed to the huge black cock. The fullness coupled with the friction started to bring pleasure for the young housewife.

Although many blood vessels had been ruptured and were coating the thrusting black love muscle, Missy was beginning to seek the pleasure that was rapidly overtaking her tight body.

As Randy continued cramming his muscle into the tight asshole, he reached around with his right hand and pinched her hard nipple between his finger and thumb. This one simple move created another mind shattering orgasm for the young woman. She had very few orgasms in her young life. This was her first orgasm reached by anal intercourse.

The screaming of his young white wife, could be heard by John Jones, the prison guard just outside the door. The door that he was guarding; the door which separated the ravishment of his wife by the most vicious black criminal in the Illinois penal system. The ravishment brought on by his fear; fear for his life. He tried to block out the screams but couldn't. He realized that his life and the life of his beautiful wife would never be the same. For some reason he felt his own less than ample white cock start to harden. As it harden, he felt the pain of the infected slash as the pus began to ooze into his underpants.

Randy let his own huge muscled body fall to the floor, following Missy's decline to the hard surface. He let his black cock fill her ruptured anal canal, as it softened inside her asshole. After a short respite, he pulled himself up and let his large black cock slip from its tight chamber. As the cock slipped from its chamber, the white cum mixed with strings of blood flowed down Missy's beautiful thighs. The sticky mancum soaked the top dark bands of her hose.

Missy felt the black cock leave her tight constricting asshole and the liquid departing her damaged anal canal. She felt very drained from the last two pleasure producing ordeals. The intenseness of her breeding session nearly overwhelmed her mind, along with her body.

Randy raised himself to his knees and grabbed the beautiful long blonde hair, "Clean my black cock little tramp."

Missy brushed her hair from her eyes and looked up at the still menacing long black cock. All she saw was the one eyed purple head, as she let her tongue snake out of her dark red coated lips and caress the purple head, which is still leaking cum. She tongues the head, trying to clean all the spunk, off the still semi hard black cock. Laboriously, she cleans the entire black cock with her precious tongue. She savors the taste, especially the taste of the cum mixed with her blood. She realizes that this Black Man has brought her to sexual fulfillment. Although the thought of becoming one of his whores is abhorrent to her upbringing, she realizes that she will do anything to continue to receive the rewards of his black cock.

As she finishes tonguing his black cock, he wipes the rest of the scum in her flowing blonde hair. Before rising, he batters the pleasure giving instrument against her cheeks.

Randy Ballard walks to the door and opens it. He is still totally naked and watches John Jones reaction as he urgently looks into the vacant classroom and immediately sees his nearly naked young wife sitting on the hard white tile floor. She is sitting on her ass with her legs brought up to her chin. He can see the cum dripping from her ravished asshole and forming a puddle on the clean white floor. Looking into her eyes he sees a look of satisfaction, a look of pure sexual release, of inner calm.

"Your wife's asshole was tight but I managed to stick my BLACK COCK to the limit. She squealed like a stuck pig but I finally made her a woman, something you will never be able to accomplish, with that four inch noodle you have between your legs. Did you hear her scream when I stuck it to her?", mocked the Black Master.

John Jones had no response. He could not take his eyes off of his beautiful wife, her look of satisfaction, as the black cum was dripping from her ass. His deep dark thoughts, is that he would have given anything to watch the ravishment of his wife fucking or more properly being fucked by the huge naked black man standing next to him. He was brought back to reality when his face was slapped by the inmate.

"I have several friends who want to meet your wife. They are waiting in Classroom B down the hall. Go get them, your wife is waiting," orders Randy to the dumbfounded white boy guard.

His mind shattered, the guard absent mindly walked down the long hall to escort three more black inmates, who were going to have sexual intercourse with his precious wife. Upon arriving at the proper classroom he knocked and shortly the three black inmates came to the door and preceded to walk towards the room, containing the beauty that they breed this afternoon.

Although none of the three had more than the basic intelligence of the common criminal, they made up for it in the physique of the street gang. Each of the three were highly muscled and each had physical scars of battles past. One, named Big Foot was six foot eight inches and weighed over 320 pounds. While not all muscle, a good portion was and what wasn't was made up for by the brutality of his thought process. He was currently serving thirty years for the criminal sexual assault. Although he contended the young blonde sought out his company, the District Attorney for Northern California chose to prosecute anyway.

"Does your wife fuck black men very often white boy?" mocked Big Sam.

Correction Officer John Jones did not answer. He knew, or thought he knew the answer. After today the answer would obviously be totally different.

"When I stick your wife with my Black Dick she's going to have my black seed drip from her ears. After I stretch her delicate little pussy she won't even be able to feel that pathetic little cock of your's guard man," Big Sam continued.

John Jones continued to look straight forward. What could he do? Admit that his wife now craved black cock? Admit that she had just been ass fucked by the most vicious prisoner in the prison? There was no answer, and what John Jones feared the most was that Big Foot was in fact right in his analysis. What if his precious Missy's love box was stretched by the hard Black Cock that she would be receiving. His inadequate manhood could never measure up to these black cocks. At the moment all his cock could do is throb from the ragged slit and infected outer skin. Even as they walked down the hallway the puss and blood were soaking his uniform pants having coated his underwear.

When the four reached the door of Classroom D, the inmates waited for the guard to open the door. One final humiliation, having the white boy guard open the door to allow the three black convicts the opportunity to black seed his precious white wife.

While John was on his journey to retrieve the next black servicing participants, Randy Ballard had told poor Missy her next duties. She was informed that when the three black inmates entered the room, she was to walk to each one and deep tongue each one in turn. She was also told to rub her precious petite body against the hard bodies of the entering inmates. Her final instruction was that she was to humiliate her white boy husband. She was to describe in detail her desire and longing for the black cocks that she was about to receive. She was to praise them for their sexual ability, and degrade her inadequate husband. If she failed in her assignment, her white boy husband would be the next example of Black Gangster Elite vengeance. The sexually stimulated wife was anxiously awaiting her next love partners, but she did not want to inflict more emotional damage on her husband. It seemed, correctly, however that she had no choice.

When the trio entered, Randy Ballard, ordered the white guard to man the door, on the inside this time. He wanted to totally break the guard, by forcing him to watch the degradation of his wife, as she was bred by the assembled Black Cast.

Missy had taken the brief interlude to straighten her now torn hose and brush her hair. She applied a fresh coat of dark red lipstick but could not repair the mascara and other makeup. Her first fucking had badly smeared the excessive make up and the smeared look, made her look more like a street whore at the end of the night, rather than the privileged white housewife. She was still wearing the knee high black leather boots, Randy Ballard liked boots and Randy always got what Randy wanted.

The black trio of vicious inmates stopped about half way into the room and Missy walked over to welcome them to their new playpen. The first in line, naturally, was Big Foot. Poor Missy had to stand on her tip toes to reach his mouth. Smiling into the scarred face she closed her eyes and slid her tongue into his deep oral cavity. His foul breath caused by his rotting teeth almost made her gag but she forced herself to tongue fuck the monster while rubbing her body against his massive frame. As she finished, she looked over at her astounded husband and smirked, "If only you were a real man. These are the only men that I plan to get this fine white body. Maybe if you take notes you won't be so useless in the future."

Missy quickly moved to the second black, much smaller in height but massively muscled. His shoulders and arms were rock hard as a result of five years of five hour per day weight lifting. As Missy inserted her delicate tongue, he planted his hands on her ravished ass cheeks and pulled the young woman brutally forward against his solid body. By the end of her tonguing, Missy's cock absent pussy was starting to throb from anticipation.

The third black to receive the cool and sweet tasting tongue was nearly the ugliest human alive. His face, burned by acid in an inter gang battle was hideously deformed. Missy closing her eyes, inserted her tongue into the twisted oral cavity and rubbed her tight body against the hard build of the black convict.

As she backed away, she noticed that Randy Ballard had brought two dirty mattresses to the center of the room. The black inmates finished undressing and Missy sensuously walked over to the mattresses and laid down, spreading her long legs in an enticing inducement.

"I want you to watch John. I want you to see how a real man takes care of his lady. These black men are going to pleasure me, something that you could never do," cruelly mocked Missy.

John merely stood at the door, transfixed by the tongueing that his wife had just performed on the vicious hardened criminals. As she spread her long perfect legs, inviting the blacks to black service her, his white cock painfully sprang to attention. He said nothing. There was nothing to say.

Big Foot pushed his smaller companions to the side. He planned to be the first and no one objected. He walked to the mattress and straddled Missy's chest in order for her to be able to suck his long black cock to rigidness. He lost no time with niceties, as he shoved his cock into the delicate white wife. As Missy struggled with the length of the large cock the second black crawled between Missy's widespread legs and let his tongue do the talking. His long tongue snaked into sopping pussy folds and quickly brought a gushing response from the aroused Mrs. Missy Jones.

When his cock was hard and rigid Big Foot pulled out of the delicate mouth and asked Mrs. Jones the obvious question, "You want my black cock little tramp?"

Wanting the large pleasure giver in her aroused woman hole and mindful of her orders, she used her sexiest voice, and made sure that her husband could hear her response, "Please give me your black cock. I have not had any cock as magnificence as yours. Please fill my hole."

Big Foot needed no further invitation, as he shoved the licking black from her entrance. As he knee walked into position Missy struggled to spread her long legs even more. Since she was petite and since he was huge, even her best effort could not achieve what she desired. Before inserting his huge black cock into her seeping hole, he took both booted ankles in his hands and forced them wider. Missy felt as if she was a wishbone.

At the moment of entry she forgot about the stretched leg muscles and did everything to accommodate the massive black log. Even her sopping pussy was not prepared for the fullness and length that followed. As he brutally entered the small woman, she screamed as the massive log was buried to the hilt in one savage thrust. As she opened her mouth to scream a second time, she found that the scarred black had planted his face over her mouth and was savagely kissing the struggling woman. The muscled black had taken her sensitive nipples between his index finger and thumb and was pinching the abused tip causing a great bruising.

It took only minutes for Missy's third orgasm of the day to occur. Her climax preceded Big Foot's who merely continued to pound the precious pussy into submission. By the time he flooded her fuck chamber, poor Missy had orgasmed no less than four times.

As rapidly as Big Foot pulled his massive black log from her love chamber, Missy was pleading with another black to take his place.

Her husband stood silently by the door observing the total abandonment of his previously virginal wife. As she climaxed a second time, his own cock spewed forth a rocket shot of sperm against his prison uniform pants. His orgasm occurred without John even touching his bleeding and infected cock meat.

The muscled black was the second to deposit his black seed into the precious chamber of lust, previously owned by Mrs. Missy Jones. Missy seemed to orgasm constantly, as the Blacks continued to take turns making her swollen and red pussy hole the recipient of black seed. While his underlings were having their way with the little white tramp, Randy was carefully recording each sexual release. He also dutifully took picture after picture, making sure to include close ups of the sperm splattered face of their latest guest fuckee.

Randy was the last to deposit his fourth load, this one in the willing mouth of the beautiful white housewife. As she licked the final drippings from the end of his black cock, Randy made one last mocking gesture to the white prison guard, "Tomorrow your little tramp of a wife is starting to whore for me. You'll need to take her to the black reindeer club. She won't need to wear any panties; the black boys down at the club will become impatient if she does. Right white boy?"

As John Jones looked at his beautiful wife, with a constant stream of cum running out of her swollen cunt and down her face, he knew that his precious wife was lost forever. He should be ashamed, but the wet cum stain on the front of his prison uniform, was the result of the most intense orgasm that he had ever had. Even at this stage of his wife's degradation, he was wondering if he would be able to watch, the activities at the club the next night. The thought brought another surge of hardness to his tormented cock.

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