Randy Ballard's Domination Part 1
by Arc Light

Randy Ballard is the Vice Lord of the BLACK GANGSTER ELITES. However, he is currently serving a thirty year sentence for first degree murder, at the Jacksonville (IL) Correctional Center for Men. For all practical purposes, he controls the prison and all the inhabitants within the cold gray walls.

Of the inmate population, nearly three fourths are under his direct and brutal control. The remaining twenty five per cent of the white boy prisoners are so fearful of his harsh and brutal commands, that they make every effort to avoid all contacts with the BGE'S.

The other people in the prison consist of the guards, who are even more intimidated. They have never questioned the authority of Randy and the BGE's, since the first day he arrived. The first day found nine of the three hundred guards admitted to the hospital with serious wounds. Since that day of wrath, the warden and the guards have effectively turned day to day control over to Randy and his fellow black thugs.

Randy is constantly surrounded by six of the most cruel and unmerciful members of his gang. On the first day of April, he is in the weight yard strengthening his already over powering massive body. At six foot six inches, he is a tower of pure and unrelenting muscle. Very seldom did he have to exert direct control, as he allowed his inner guard to inflict whatever punishment that needed to be meted out.

As he finished his work out routine, he was leisurely observing the parking lot. As the most beautiful creature that god ever created sensuously slides up the long walk way to the main gate. As she entered, virtually ever male eye in the compound observed the perfect beauty. Her high chiseled cheeks were framed by shoulder length blonde hair. Her deep blue eyes rested on each side of a perfect nose. Her sensuous mouth hid perfect white teeth. Her face was the face, that demanded to be on the cover of every magazine in the country. The perfect body of the young woman, should have been the sole entry in every men's magazine for six months. Her most striking feature was that of her long and perfect legs. The gathered throng could only guess the pleasures below the stylishly cut short sun dress.

When "Missy" reached the guard shack, her husband of only six months rushed out to retrieve his lunch sack, before every inmate in this cruel place shot off in there prison work pants. Pecking his beautiful wife on the cheek, he could only gaze as she scampered back down the long walk way. The obscene catcalls from the gathered human debris followed the young girl back to her car. Although she was upset and angered by the animal like behavior, she extracted a small degree of revenge as she slowly slid behind the wheel of her sleek camaro. Since the car was parked perpendicular to the chain length fence, she allowed her short dress to ride up her long and graceful legs. Once seated on the bucket seat, she pulled up the short dress even more and let her lips form a mocking smile as she slowly closed the door and sped off leaving gravel flying behind the back tires.

As Randy turned to his cronies, he muttered "That little white bitch will be in the stable by this time next week."

He then ordered the inner circle of thugs to obtain the name and travel pattern of the white boy husband, a junior guard named John Jones. Within the hour, Randy was reviewing the guard pattern of the unsuspecting young husband. Within the second hour, the unfortunate guard was on his knees, in front of Randy, fearing for his life. The inner circle of guards had captured the young man on his routine pattern directly outside the shower area by the gym. It took only two of them, to bring him to his knees with several brutal punches. Once on the ground, one guard produced a jagged homemade knife, which he put directly against his neck. The other black thug grabbed his dark mane of hair, so that he could look directly up into the unforgiving eyes of Randy Ballard, his new master and mentor.

"Well, you little piece of shit. I can't think of any reason that you should remain among the living, can you?" questioned Randy.

"Oh God Please. Don't kill me, please don't kill me," begged the unfortunate John.

Upon a nod from Randy, the huge black with the jagged knife started inserting the blade into the soft neck flesh.

"Please, please don't kill me. I'll do anything to stay alive, but please don't kill me," pleaded the now bleeding white guard.

Mocking the pleading guard, Randy scratches his chin. "Well, well white boy. I wonder what you have that would interest me?" Smiling at his gathered ensemble, he continues, "Maybe that little piece of white trash that you are married to, would want to save your miserable life. What do you think white boy?"

With the jagged knife continuing to cause his skin to rupture and bleed, John quickly made the decision to save his own miserable live at the expected expense of his beautiful wife.

"I'll let my wife be with you, but please, for god's sake don't kill me.", continued the begging prison guard.

While the black master was considering the possibilities, his assembled inner guard had unbuckled his belt and pulled his prison uniform pants down to his knees. The most vicious of the enforcers had firmly grabbed the testicles and manweapon in his huge black hand and produced another homemade jagged edge knife, which he placed against the shriveled white boy cock.

"Tomorrow the do gooder ladies of the prison guard auxiliary group is due to save us poor misguided creatures. I expect your little white tramp to be among that group, you dig asshole?" ordered the Vice Lord.

As the jagged blade punctured his flaccid white cock, the guard would agree to anything. "Oh god please. I will do anything you say. Missy will be here. I will bring her to you but I beg you don't let them cut me any more!" whimpered the white boy guard.

Looking down at the cowering white boy guard, Randy decided to add another ingredient of domination. "When your white tramp comes to get bred by a black master, she best look like the whore she is. I want the bitch to be wearing black leather mini skirt, garter and hose, and knee high boots. She best not be wearing any panties or bra,they will just get in the way when I breed her with my black cock," smirks the Vice Lord.

As his eyes tear, John agrees to the humiliating conditions.

To prove once again who the master is, Randy nodded and the two knife tenders made their point once again. The knife at the throat slashed a half moon three inch slit in the left cheek of the guard, while the razor sharp homemade knife menacing his cock, made a surgical slash along the side of his shriveled cock. The slash went from the base to the head of his precious manhood. Although the wound was not deep, it was excruciatingly painful. What John did not know was that both of the jagged blades were treated with human excrement, which would cause both wounds to be infected within hours. Before leaving the bleeding guard, he was treated to a savage kick from behind, which drove his nut sack into his body. As he lay writhing on the hard concrete floor, his tormentors walked arrogantly away.

Unable to face his fellow guards, who would mock him for being so careless in allowing himself to be caught and tortured by the inmates, he carefully wrapped his now bleeding and swollen manhood in his handkerchief. Wiping the blood from the incision in his cheek, he quickly found a bandage from a nearby first aid kit. The balance of his shift was spent in a daze. Only when he was on his way home to be with his precious Missy, did he contemplate how he was going to break the dreaded news to his beautiful wife.

When he walked into their new home, his wife was shocked at the vicious looking slash, which by now was dreadfully infected. After trying to clean the visible wound, she nearly fainted when her beloved John told her the second part of his misery. Devastated, Missy tried to come up with a saving solution. She suggested that they flee the city and reestablish their life thousands of miles away. When her husband explained the reach of the national gang, she desperately told her husband to turn the chieftain over to the warden. Laughing, he told his frightened wife that neither of them would live out the day, if he tried to take "legal" action against the gang overlord.

Despondent over her anticipated rape, Missy fell into a fitful slumber. Awakening the next morning, she resolved that she would have to comply with her husband's pleading. At the fitful moment, when she was slipping into the whorish looking attire, she finally lost her remaining shreds of respect for her sobbing husband.

As she slipped the white silk blouse on, she could feel her pert nipples thrust against the tight material. Looking in the mirror, she became embarrassed at her sluttish appearance. The black leather mini shirt, was extremely short and extremely tight. It molded against her perfect body. The young housewife felt naked without her lace panties and bra. At the last minute, she slipped on a pair of sheer white lace panties. Although, it was against the expressed wishes of the gang overlord, Missy felt she needed at least a shred of decency, if she was to enter, the debauchery that her husband had landed her in.

As they drove up to the drive way, in front of the main gate, he could feel the stares of not only the inmates, but also of his fellow guards. As the two entered the compound, John could see the astounded stare of the warden, as he meekly explained that his wife was joining the prison guards women's auxiliary. He hurriedly escorted his wife to the main set of classrooms.

He had been instructed to present his wife to Randy Ballard, Vice Lord of the BGE'S at Classroom D. Unknown to him and the other prison staff, Classroom D had been specially modified to accommodate the carnal needs of the BGE'S. The four monitoring cameras had their lens removed and replaced by a sophisticated laser photograph of the room at the four different camera angles. When the bleary eyed monitoring guards viewed the room, all they could see was a vacant classroom.

The room was a very distinct classroom, but not one where standard classes were taught. The classroom was modified to accommodate the initiation of the white wives of the prison guards and staff. In the closet, was the latest tattoo and piercing equipment. In addition, every available bondage device was hanging from the over flowing closet. Several dirty cum coated mattresses were laying along the side of the room and there was a solitary chair directly in the center of the room.

When John and his young wife Missy reached Classroom D, he meekly tapped on the door. Randy heard the meek tapping, but decided to make the young white wife wait to be serviced, serviced like a mare waiting for her stallion to mount her.

John continued his meek tapping, increasing the tempo and loudness, while anxiously looking around for any of his fellow guards.

Finally, the huge black appeared at the door and filled the over sized door frame with his massive body. He was bare chested and his muscled hairy black chest bristled with his massive pectorals. He was wearing only a small pair of gray cotton gym shorts. His muscled stomach is tight and seems to point towards his large unrestricted black manhood. He wore no shoes and much to the chagrin of his frightened quarry, he wore no supporter under the skimpy shorts. His massive nine inch black cock was already thrusting against the thin material.

Missy's bright blue eyes fell to the thrusting bulge, which appeared to the petite girl like a mammoth log. She was nearly in shock at the huge black cock thrusting against the cotton shorts.

John, terribly apprehensive now that the time had come, meekly introduced his lovely wife, "Mr. Ballard, this is my wife, Missy."

Missy, terribly conscious of her attire, submissively held out her small hand. Expecting the black giant to shake her hand, she held her hand outward while Randy Ballard mockingly stared at the yuppie couple. Amused, he merely stared at the frightened young housewife.

After a seemingly eternity, Missy let her hand ball to her side, while her bright blue eyes dropped to the floor.

"So this is the piece of white trash you brought me to fuck," questioned Randy.

Shocked at the brutal statement, John merely nods.

Wanting to further humiliate the prison guard, Randy arrogantly reaches out and fondles Missy's breast, in front of her tremblingly husband. Missy, her eyes still downcast, stood quietly while the huge black giant continued his stroking of the tender breast meat.

"Have you ever had a real man, you little bitch?" asks Randy, his fingers pinching the hardening nipples.

"I've only been with my husband," sobs Missy.

Randy couldn't tell if the sob indicated submission to him or disdain for her nervous white boy husband.

"Yes, I think that I'm going to like sticking my black cock up your tight white cunt. Once you have been privileged with black cock you won't go back to that wimp ass piece of shit you're married to," continued Randy.

John could only meekly stand near the door and look at his shoes. The twitching of his infected cock, hurt tremendously as it tried to harden, as his beautiful young wife was fondled and humiliated in front of him.

Brutally pinching her nipples, Randy gives his first order; "Suck my toes you piece of white trash!"

Missy, trembling at the fondling and at the fear over taking her young body. Fear of discovery by another guard, fear of her growing excitement, fear of the huge black manipulating her arousal by his forceful fingers. Seeing no options, the beautiful Missy drops to her knees and lets her tongue slip out of her red coated lips. She touches the toes with her petite tongue. The total humiliation is causing her white lace panties to become soaked. The arousal at her total submission is causing all sorts of wondrous feeling throughout her tight body.

After what seems an eternity to John, Randy Ballard finally speaks, "I best be taking your wife inside now, for her first real fucking. I plan to warm up this little frigid bitch of a wife that you have given me. After today, she will be put in my stable of bitches on the outside to whore for me and the BGE'S. You won't be minding if your precious little wife starts whoring for me, will you white boy?"

John, stuttering tried to say something. but nothing came out.

Randy slaps the white boy guard across the lips and asks the question again, "You don't care if I turn your little tramp of a wife out to walk the streets for me do you white boy?"

Trembling, with tears running down his cheeks meekly sobs, "No."

Randy, looking down at the cowering wife at his feet, gives his next order, "You best be getting in the classroom. I might even open up that Hershey highway of yours. Would you like me to stick my black cock up that tight little ass of yours?"

Terrified, Missy says nothing, but rises and enters the room where her ordeal is to begin.

Before entering the room, Randy turns back to the sobbing John and instructs him, "You stand guard at the door. I don't want anyone interrupting me, while I fuck your wife. She looks like she will really enjoy me sticking my black cock up her love channel. When I'm through with your wife, she will be a woman, not a little piece of fluff waiting for you to come home."

Randy slams the door and pushes Missy towards the center of the room and the lone single chair. "Go sit in the chair," orders the Vice Lord.

Missy slowly walks to the center of the room and sits down in the chair facing the huge black giant. She modestly keeps her long boot and nylon covered legs tightly together. Her white silk blouse is half open from the ruthless fondling of only moments before. She stares at the black, who sits on a bench near a table.

"After I breed you today, I will expect you to obey me. I will want you to seduce some of the other guard's wives into the BGE'S. You will also bring pleasure to the rest of my inner staff here at the prison. Do you understand what is required of you, Mrs. Jones?"

"Yes," came the meek reply.

"When you address me in the future you will address me as Mr. Ballard," ordered the Vice Lord.

"Yes, Mr. Ballard," replies the young white wife.

"Spread those long legs Mrs. Jones. Lets see what charms you have to give me," orders the seducer.

Hesitantly, Mrs. Missy Jones lets her long legs come apart. The tight black leather mini skirt rides up her thighs, as the legs open up. She stares into the dark brown eyes of her tormentor, as she spreads the divine gams further apart. She is feeding off the intenseness of the dark eyes, as they take in the pleasure of the beautiful sight unfolding before him.

As the legs continue to spread, he can see the wisp of the darker bands of nylon on her upper thighs. The white lace panties soaked by her woman fluid become an even greater arousing vision. Usually, the black destroyer of white virgin woman holes, would be distraught at the sight of pussy covering. However, the sight of the darker wet stains was erotic even to the ultimate sexual animal, Mr. Randy Ballard.

"I want to see you spread those pink pussy lips. Do it without taking the panties off," orders Randy.

Closing her eyes, Missy inserts her long lean fingers into the legs of her panties. As she pulls the panties aside, she sensuously caresses the blood engorged pussy lips. She sensuously rubs up and down and outer lips. She allows her fingers to touch the hooded nubbin of pleasure. As her fingernail scraps the sensitive love button she allows a soft moan to escape her lips. As each pleasurable sensation reaches her brain, the frantic fingers increase in intensity their pleasure producing friction.

"Stand up and strip. I don't think you will need any of those clothes for the rest of the afternoon," ordered Randy.

Shocked out of her near fulfillment, Missy stands up and pulls the tight leather skirt down. Looking over to the amused seated Black Master, she slowly finishes unbuttoning the white silk blouse and lets it slip off of her shoulders and fall to the floor. Standing before the Black Master in only her garter, hose, black knee high boots and white lace panties, she looks into her Master's dark eyes.

The Black Vice Lord rises and slips his huge fingers into the gray cotton gym shorts and slowly tugs the tight fitting shorts over his muscled thighs. Missy observing every movement, is awestruck when the shorts expose the ten inch Black Manhood in all its glory. The massive love muscle is only partially erect and is starting to point out at a right angle from the washboard muscled stomach. As she continues to observe the disrobing, her fleece covered love channel starts producing the sweet smelling dew, that starts to resoak her white panties.

When Randy has let the shorts fall to the floor, he points his index finger at the young beauty and motions for her to come to him, "Bring me your white panties," he orders.

As she starts to walk over to him Mr. Randy Ballard shakes his head, "Don't walk, crawl to your Black Master."

Aroused, humiliated and desperate for release, Missy drops to her hands and knees, and crawls over to the seated Black Giant.

When she reaches her destination, he motions for her to stand. When she is standing, facing her tormentor, he smiles and finally speaks, "I want you to hand me your panties. The pretty white panties that your husband bought you, the panties that are wet with your drippings."

Gracefully, the blonde hair dropping nearly to her small but firm breasts, she bends at her waist, and slips the clinging panties over her knees and down the hose and boot covered legs. When the task is completed, she raises her hand and releases her white lace panties to the huge Black paw.

The Black Vice Lord brings the fragrant cloth to his nose and deeply inhales the pleasing essence. Although, he is still seated, he is looking almost directly in the deep blue eyes. Looking at her perfect breasts, her long flowing blonde hair and her perfect legs, his cock continues to harden. Putting the panties on the seat next to him, he asks her a simple question, "When was the last time your wimp husband fucked you?"

"My husband and I made love three nights ago," Missy softly replies.

"Does he satisfy you, with that little white boy cock of his?" continues Randy.

"I don't reach climax every time we make love," responds Missy sadly.

Randy Ballard rises and walks around the now trembling woman. When he is behind her, he reaches out and rubs her firm ass cheeks. "Has your white boy wimp taken your ass yet?"

Shocked, Missy quickly answers, "No. I am too small there. It would hurt too much."

Still standing behind the petite blonde white housewife, and still stroking the firm ass of his next conquest, he matter of fact states, "Before you leave me today, you will not have your ass cherry. If you please me, I will lubricate my black cock before I enter you. If you displease me, I will bludgeon my Black Cock into your useless body, in one stroke."

Missy says nothing, but stands silently, waiting the next haunting question that she is sure will come.

"After I breed you today, I will mark you, so that everyone knows that you belong to me. You will have to start whoring for me, starting tomorrow. Have you ever worked the streets?" questions Randy Ballard, Vice Lord of the Black Gangster Elites.

Shocked by his latest question and comment she angrily replies, "I have never been a whore. I won't be a whore for you!"

Controlling his anger, Randy softly whispers into the trembling housewife's ear; "After I fuck you in your ass today, tomorrow night you will start working the street for me. You disobey me in word, deed or thought and I will take a knife and peel your pretty face off. If that chicken shit husband is terrified of me, how do you think a little tramp like you can stand up to me?"

Poor Missy, standing in the middle of a large classroom, stripped down to only garter, hose and black boots, trembles as she contemplates her next response. Her beloved husband of only six months is standing guard on the outside of the door, while a huge black man is pawing her firm ass, threatening to impale her with his ten inch rock solid Black Cock. "Please don't fuck me in the ass. You will hurt me. You are too large. Please," Missy submissively sobs.

Randy lowers his hand from the firm ass cheeks and inserts his finger into her moist woman hole. As the digit inserts itself, Missy is caught off guard. At first she instinctively clenches her legs together. However, after a few moments, the searching digit starts to bring the young woman the pleasure that has been missing from her marriage bed. She softly moans, as the finger gently scrapes her hooded clit. As the insertion continues Missy closes her eyes and allows her long lean legs to part ever so slightly.

Randy catches the guarded parting of her legs and rewards her by inserting a second finger. The rapid thrusting coats, his hand with Missy's precious lubricant. Missy opens her legs wider, as she eagerly thrusts against the intruding fingers giving her pleasure. As the fingers continue the thrusting, Missy bends over and drops to her knees. She begins moaning louder and louder, as the pleasure giving fingers bring her to a screaming orgasm. As the intense pleasure overwhelms her pent-up desires ,she writhes on the floor as the spasms overtake her tight body.

"Oh God, you bring me such pleasure. Don't stop, please don't stop. It feels sooooooooo good!" screams Missy.

Randy leaves his fingers in the clenching pussy, as the young wife is prone on the hard tile floor. As Missy's orgasm subsides, he lets his fingers slip out. He walks to the cabinet, at the end of the room and brings back a full tube of K-Y jelly. Missy does not see him walk to the cabinet, she is recovering from her first true orgasm in months. Unknown to her husband John, he has not been able to bring his vivacious wife to a fulfilling orgasm since their marriage night. The orgasm that the Black Master has brought to the beautiful Missy was so intense ,she was still trembling five minutes after climax.

"Have you ever had a man? A real Man? A Black Man that can bring your pleasure?" questions Randy.

Still laying face down on the tile floor Missy answers truthfully, "I have never been with a Black Man. I have thought about making love to a Black Man. When John told me of his predicament I was at first shocked, but deep inside I wanted to go through with the rape or the pleasure. You have brought me pleasure."

As she lay on the hard tile floor, she felts the sticky K-Y jelly being squeezed out of the tube and onto her perfect firm ass cheeks. The pleasure giving fingers, began a circular motion and rubs the cold sticky fluid on her perfect and firm ass cheeks. He seems to be lulling the young housewife, with his gentle and soft caresses. Missy suspects the ordeal that awaits her, as the gentle motion continues. She starts to become anxious, as the fingers began to dip in the crevice between the two mounds. Her wrinkled brown eye clutchs, as the persistent index finger sought entrance to her last virgin chamber. The swaying hips try to provide an escape valve, but the Black Master was not to be distracted from his final goal.

The initial penetration of the elastic ring was uncomfortable, but not painful, for the gently swaying Missy. Randy's finger is unforgiving and continues to insert itself deeper and deeper in the tight dark chamber. Missy starts becoming more fearful as the finger became more and more determined in it's goal of free and unrestricted access to the virgin chamber.

Finally, Missy begs for the probing to stop, "Please Mr. Dillard. Don't fuck me in my ass. I'm scared that you will hurt me, scared that your black cock is too large. Please, let me suck you instead."

The Black Master had his goal and it was not merely her warm lips wrapped around his Black Cock. His goal, and one that was not to be denied him was complete domination of the beautiful white wife of a white boy guard, and that domination was to take the form of deep Black Cock Anal Insertion.

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