Karen's CockTail Party Raven Gets the Big O Chapter 5
by Arc Light

At long last George completes his task. The Black is satisfied by his oral cleaning from the white boy attorney. George is pushed back on his haunches and awkwardly watches the black depart...

Raven, kneels down and whispers into his ear, "Your little tramp is still writhing on the bed like the little whore she is white boy. The little bitch needs to be spanked by a birch seedling. Or aren't you man enough to take care of your little tramp ?"

George, humiliated, with the black's cum rope dripping down his chin, awkwardly sits up. He rises and approaches the bed, where his wife is still writhing in the throes of her orgasm nearly ten minutes past. She opens her glazed eyes as George crawls on the bed. She smiles at her husband, her make up smeared and streaked. She looks like a freshly fucked whore to her angry husband.

George extends his hand as if to slap her senseless, when his beautiful wife spreads her nylon covered legs. He looks down and sees the abundant pearly white spunk coat her reddened thighs. He drops his hand and stares at the escaping cream coating his wife's warm tender thighs.

Suzanne smiles up at her husband and slurring her words speaks to her husband, "George I really had an orgasm this time. Where did my lover go ?"

Her irate and insanely jealous husband grabbed the beautiful brunette by the shoulders and in one brutal movement turned her on her stomach. Seeing a tie on the bed post he wrapped the tie around her delicate neck. As he twisted the two ends together Suzanne pulled herself up by her knees. The movement pressed her tight asscheeks directly against George's thrice spent shriveled cock. The contact however sent a power surge throughout the tender head and George immediately felt his male organ harden and become coated with the sticky discharge flowing from his wife's stretched and gaping pussy chamber.

As he tightens his wife's noose, he feels his spent and deflated cock spring to life and as Suzanne struggles the now semi-rigid male organ lodges itself in her sticky and sperm soaked hole. Suzanne, feeling another electrical spark generate from her overused crack gives one mighty heave and embedded her husband's rapidly hardening cock deep within her belly.

The forceful thrust embedded George Johnson completely and burning himself while at the same time twisting the tightening cord around his wife's neck. Suzanne struggled trying to loosen the tie and force oxygen into her starved lungs. Her drug overdosed mind quickly reasoned that her only salvation against her insanely jealous husband was to give him pleasure............. and pleasure was the asset that she could dispense.

She tightened her pussy and gave any inhumane thrust to capture her husband's now rigid cock. As she felt the sperm shoot co mingle with her black lovers sperm the lack of oxygen blasted another electrical jolt to her frayed mind. As she climaxed, she squeezed the pumping cock of her husband with the force of a vice. The husband and wife collapsed on the cum and sweat drenched bed and Suzanne felt the tie loosen so ever slightly and gasped for the oxygen so desperately needed by her brain.

Observing the bizarre spectacle from the end of the bed Raven, the leather clad black wife, felt her own hole coat itself with her womanly dew. This night had drained many nut sacks and the entire room smelled of sex. As she gently rubbed the outside of her black leather skirt her mind drifted back to the red haired obstinate white boy attorney in the guest room downstairs. "There was something about him that she couldn't put together in her mind." Not only had he been the one to actually behave like a man he was also the one who actually had a respectable cock. Although it was only seven inches long it had responded to her brutal stroking. And there was something............ something else that she couldn't explain.......... something that she couldn't put together in her overheated mind. "What was it ???? What was it that was so different ??"

Raven had humiliated so many white boys; but what was it with Seymour Kelley.

With her panties soaked with her excitement Raven turned and slowly walked out the bedroom door, leaving the Johnson's in their post climatic heavy breathing. Although her husband Derek, possessed a more than impressive ten inch ebony rock hard cock, there were times; in fact most of the time, that he failed to light her fuse. Raven's hooded pleasure was sort of off center and many times the bludgeoning black rod failed to ignite the fuse and left her still craving satisfaction.

When she reentered the guest room off the living room both Seymour and her host John were still standing with their hands interlaced behind their heads with the menacing tall black gang member taunting them. Instantly, Raven looked down at Seymour's white boy cock and stared at it's still rock hard stature. She couldn't believe it. It had been nearly forty five minutes and his cock was still hard. As she stared at the impressive seven inch structure, she noticed what was different. The cock had a right twist and there was something else. The cock was circumcised of course, but there was something......... Finally Raven remembered when she was brutally fondling the white boy cock. The head...... the swollen purple head. The back of the white boy's cock head had a noticeable lip. The lip was nearly a half inch protrusion above the rest of the folded skin. Her mind tried to grasp what she was observing.

Uneasy with her discovery, she looked at the puzzled look on the black gang member. "Take our host to the living room. His wife is the only unfucked wife. See if you can help her out. I'm sure she is need of something other then Mr. Shrivel here.

Slapping John along side his head, the black exits the room. As he does, Raven turns towards Seymour again. He has a smirk on his face which unsettles Raven.

"Why are you smiling white boy? You smile at me and I'll give you an enema with a fire hose," Raven mocks.

The threat does not diminish the smile. In fact the smile becomes wider and Seymour drops his hands. Grabbing his rigid white boy cock he then mocks Raven, "Come suck me you black bitch!!!"

A shot of anger consumes Raven and she closes the several feet separating them. But rather than slapping his face she becomes mesmerized by his dancing eyes.

"Yes you black bitch..... You know don't you...... You know that I can satisfy that terrible ache between your black thighs. I told you to suck me.... NOW DO IT.." Seymour softly lets the orders flow from his lips. He realizes that if his gamble doesn't work, he could very well be in intensive care... or the morgue within the next hour.

Raven, totally unprepared to receive an order for sexual subservience, is dumbfounded. It is Raven who gives orders of degradation; not obey such an order. She wants to slap the smirking face; to call in her husband to beat the white boy senseless.... she wants to remain in control.

Her mind cannot comprehend, when she drops to her knees in front of the mocking red haired attorney. Gently, she cradles the large egg sized nuts and the still rigid uplifted cock.

"Put your mouth on me Raven. You better coat the head if you don't want it to hurt when I enter you," the ridiculing continued.

Raven crept closer and opening her thick lips licked the head of the white cock. She let her tongue probe the lip on it's head and pushed the skin away. She felt Seymour tense as the pleasure reached his brain. Obsessed with her task, she cradled the nuts gently and continued to suck the head of the white cock tenderly. She was skilled at this task; her husband Derek had trained her. The white boy cock was not as thick and she was able to suck nearly the entire length into her throat.

Raven felt complimented when Seymour again spoke, "You suck good for a black bitch. I'm going to enjoy our afternoons together. There is nothing like a black wench on her knees giving her master a passionate sucking."

"You have made me hard. Give me your panties and walk over to the sofa. I want to watch your ass wiggle..." defied Seymour.

Raven obediently rose and pulling up her black leather skirt pulled her black lace panties down. Wanting to tease the white boy she pulled her panties off very slowly.... very slowly. Seymour was intrigued by the wiry black pussy hair. The curly hair had a springy feel as he caressed the coarse hair, when the panties had reached the top of Raven's hose. Seymour let his finger search for Raven's clit and looked in her eyes when he found it. the clit was lower than normal and was just a micrometer off center. Yes, thought Seymour, this bitch will appreciate his white cock.

With her panties at the top of her thighs, Raven brings her hands to Seymour's face and leans forward to bury her tongue in his mouth. Seymour backs up slightly making Raven come to him. He allows her tongue in his mouth and duels with the extended tip of her tongue. It has a salty taste from sucking on his cock and he is intrigued with her swaying body. She tries to rub against him and he backs away.

"Go to the couch and spread yourself for me," he orders.

Raven reaches down to complete the removal of her black lace panties but Seymour slaps her hands. "You had a chance to remove your panties and didn't take advantage of that opportunity. Go to the couch; I will be along to fuck you," ridicules the white boy attorney.

Another flash of anger. Raven is not a whore and she resents being treated like one. Raven is a woman with her secretions dripping down her nylon covered legs and she turns and shuffles to the sofa; the panties restricting her movements. Once she is in front of the sofa, she lets herself fall and as she falls she tries to spread her legs. The black panties restrict the spreading of her long legs and she becomes frustrated.

Seymour casually looks at the black beauty. Still clad in her black leather outfit; the micro mini black leather skirt; the black vest barely covering her large but firm breasts; her legs covered in black hose and knee high black leather boots. Seymour can tell that she is trying to part her legs to obey his order but cannot do so because of the restricting black lace panties. He walks over to where she is spread for him. She attempts to spread her legs more but the back of the sofa and the restricting panties won't allow her seducer greater access.

Raven raises her legs and Seymour kneels in front of the delicious opening. Raven, looks down at the menacing white boy cock with the slight right bend and suddenly realizes it is not sheathed. "Oh my god. Please stop... I am not on the pill. You must cover yourself. I can't have a white man deposit his sperm in me."

Ignoring her pleas he grabs each of her boot covered calves in his hands and in one brutal thrust buries the head into her chamber. The head rubs Raven's sensitive clit and she screams. Another inch is forced in and Raven shifts, hoping to adjust. Seymour pulls his cock out and the lip of his head scrapes the sensitive pleasure bud from the reverse side and causes another scream and Raven's first orgasm. She grabs at Seymour chest and begs, "Please slower....... Oh My God!!!"

Seymour sets the pace, not the bitch he is fucking and reinserts his white boy cock into the pink opening. The head again rubs the clit and Raven digs her hands into his shoulders. She is still wearing her leather gloves and cannot get a good grasp. Desperately, she again tries to adjust to the cock causing her stress.... Again she fails.. The cock is pulled back out and the lip lodges itself against her hooded clit until at long last it breaks free causing another massive orgasm for the heavy breathing black housewife. Never has she felt these electrical jolts to her slit. She begs.............."Oh my God, Have Mercy..................."

The white cock again plunges deep into the writhing black goddess. Raven is spasmastically thrashing around as Seymour again pulls out all but the head of his cock. The electrical volts roll back the black leather coated wench. Seymour rips the black leather vest open and grabbing the hard nipples in his fingers twists cruelly. Another surge is transported throughout Raven's charged body.

Seymour, always one step ahead, commences his normal rhythm. His tense asscheeks bury his cock deep into the pink opening. The ravished black pussy grips his cock like a glove. He feels pleasure as the coarse black hairs catch his fine red prick hairs. The primeval screams are now non stop. They reverberate throughout the house and everyone looks towards the open door. Only Derek recognizes his wife's screams.... And he cannot believe it. How can a white boy be bringing HIS wife to pleasure.

Tears are freely flowing from Raven's wide open eyes as she tremors from constant orgasms. Seymour does not allow her to recover from her last climax until he is igniting her next one. The white cock is attacking the swollen clit with each stroke. Raven buries her ass deep into the sofa cushions attempting to retreat from the pile driving thrusts. Seymour anxiously follows her retreating black ass and buries his cock even deeper. Raven, her breasts heaving from her heavy breathing again begs the white boy. "Please oh dear God Stop.....I can't stand it anymore. My clit is being rubbed raw by your cock."

Her legs are slowly being forced ever higher as Seymour wants to bury more of his white boy seven inches into the tight black glove. The heels of the knee high black leather boots are touching the gaudy ear rings on Raven's ears. Raven can see only black as she starts to pass out. The pain; the pleasure is too great. Her constant climaxing body is not allowed to recover; not for a second as the next orgasm blasts forth.

Raven's scream is nearly inaudible because it is so high pitched. The cruel white fingers continue to grip and pull at her sensitive nipples. They are blood engorged and nearly bleeding as Seymour continues to pound at the helpless black bitch.

"Are you ready.... Are you ready for some white boy spunk you black bitch ???" smirks Seymour.

Raven can't answer.............

The scalding pent up discharge blasts Raven's outer lips. The salt encapsulated spunk coats the raw and tender clit. Seymour has pulled his cock out nearly all the way so he can soak the clit. The discharge covers the super sensitive woman pleasure giver and causes Raven to suffer another orgasm. Her head throbs at the pleasure. She struggles to pull the white cock from her chamber but Seymour's superior position allows him the control. Control of the writhing and dominated black plaything.

"Beg me to release your pussy bitch!!" mocks Seymour.

Raven, her throat parched, struggled with the words, and the energy to speak them. "Please, NO MORE. I can't take your cock anymore. You rubbed me raw........... Please OH GOD take your cock out."

The begging of the black wench was music to Seymours ears. The bitch was now his..... his and his beautiful wife's. The Kelley's enjoyed, shall we say an interesting sex life.

Seymour pulled out and stroked his cock free on the last jizm on the hose of his latest conquest. Only then did he realize the audience standing in the door way. It appeared that the entire guest list had gathered when they heard the pitiful screaming of Raven. Derek stood with his hand covering Seymour's wife's breast. Her clothing were in disarray but it appeared that she had not yet been mounted by the huge black who had demanded this gathering. Seymour had a slight smile as he imagined what was going through the black husband's enraged mind. Here was his dominant black wife fucked to oblivion by a small white boy cock.

"Timing is everything" ran through Seymour's contented mind. After emptying the last vestiges of his spunk on the waiting thighs of his Derek's wife he rose and gathered up his clothes. Walking to the door he grabs his smiling wife by the arm and drags her along with him. Derek stood, mouth open trying to adjust to the very reversed situation. Heretofore it was the white wives who had succumbed to his black colleagues and their long and powerful cocks. How could it be that his own wife was sensuously moaning her last trembling orgasm, coated in white boy jizm.

Derek heard the door open and quickly turned to see the backs of the Kelley's making their rapid departure. To those standing near the large black supervisor the heat generated from his forbidding rage became apparent. The revenge would be sharp......... and quick.

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