Karen's Cock Tail Party Chapter 4
by Arc Light

Mrs. Amber Jones continued to struggle with Jerome's long black cock lodged in her tight and slippery pussy chamber. At long last her taut legs started to muscle spasm and she slowly slipped to the anaseptic white kitchen floor. As she slid to the floor, with her eyes still blindfolded and her wrists clasped together with the silver plated handcuffs, Jerome's semi rigid black cock slipped out. As he stood above the beautiful blonde wife, he stroked his shrinking cock coating the torn and shredded black pantyhose. The white gunk contrasted with the sheer leg covering.

Fred, still chained to the table leg, frantically looked over to his exhausted wife and felt yet another surge in his spent cock. The black teenager's copious sperm was running down his wife's thighs and coating the tattered pantyhose.

Back in the guestroom the remaining three husbands were standing nervously; completely naked. Each had modestly put their hands over their shriveled manhood's and were staring at the floor. The two black gangmembers were sharing humorous references to there undersized white cocks.

At the very moment when the three husbands felt the most humiliated, the door burst open and in walked the ravishing and stunning Raven. The statuquese black domitrix strode in and looked in each frightened face in turn. Once she reached the end of the line, she turned and in a deep voice gave the first of many commands, "Put your hands behind your head and interlace your fingers."

Each of the husbands looked at the stern face and rather hesitantly obeyed the command.........

Raven stood in front of John......... her host. Looking into his eyes, she reached down and grabbed his shriveled cock and nut sack in her leather encased hand. As she squeezed, a small tear ran down John's cheek.

"What's wrong little man ? Haven't you ever had a woman play with your LITTLE TOY ? questioned the leather clad beauty.

John tried to speak.......... but all that came out was a little peep.

"No wonder your wife wanted black cock so bad. You do know that she begged to be fucked by my son don't you little boy ?" continued the questioning.

With his hands interlaced behind his head and his cock and nuts firmly in the grasp of the black domitrix, all John could do was meekly moan, "No...."

"Your little whore tried to get my son to fuck her stinky tight pussy in my husband's office. But he wouldn't fuck the little bitch there.... He took her to the warehouse where she not only fucked him but these two brothers that have been keeping you company," mocked the black woman.

The two other white husbands were becoming very uneasy at the verbal castration given to John, their host. Fidgeting they prayed their ordeal would not be as brutal.

Raven, after what seemed an eternity, walked to the next husband, Seymour Kelly, an upstart attorney with one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. His reddish hair was swept back and his cock, even under this mental torture showed the beginnings of hardness.

When Raven grasped his manhood, she smiled as her eyes met his. "The pretty little red haired plaything must be yours. When I left the living room my husband Derek was playing with her. Once she has a few drinks she becomes very passionate, doesn't she ?"

Seymour merely bit his lip. The warm contact was causing his cock to throb and harden even more.

"The way your wife was kissing my husband she looked like she wanted cock; Haven't you been taking care of your little wife?" mocked the intimidating Raven.

"My wife has never cheated on me. She would resist your husband, ESPECIALLY if he is black," returned Seymour's scornful retort.

"I like you little red haired man. You are the only white boy in here with a set of nuts. I may let you lick my pussy......" Raven commented as she gave his hard cock a forceful squeeze.

Raven turned and stood in front of the last man, George Johnson, husband of Suzanne Johnson. He was noticeably sobbing and jumped as Raven grasped his shriveled cock.

"Well, little man. You seem to be the stud of the group," laughed Raven.

"On your knees........ Lick my boots little man," commanded Raven.

The frightened lawyer dropped to his knees immediately. He hesitated which of course was the worst thing he could have done. Raven's leather clad had slapped the side of his head causing him great pain in his left ear. He immediately dropped his face to the shiny black boot and extended his tongue in obedience.

"Yes little man. I think you might have gotten the point," mocked the beautiful leather clad black wife.

Raven allowed George to continue his tonguing. He eventually summoned the courage to travel from the tip to the top of the foot; to the ankle; to the lower calf; to the top of the knee high boot. As he reached the top of the boot, he felt the left boot tip slip between his legs and scrape the bottom of his nut sack. His diminutive little cock hardened as a surge of blood filled the veins. He gently placed his hands on the nylon covered leg and continued his tonguing journey up the delightful kneecap. Becoming bold at his subservient performance, his tongue traveled another inch up the firm and delightful thigh. Raven's shiny left boot continued to roughly caress his ever hardening white boy cock.

"Hey little boy. Has your wife ever had the privilege of fucking a street Niger?" questioned the black beauty.

Stunned by the question Mr. George Johnson, Esquire peeped out an unconvincing, "No......"

"I bet these two black boys can take your wife to one of the bedrooms upstairs and bury their dirty black cocks into your little white wife's belly within thirty minutes," continued Raven.

Her mocking question caused the little white cock to drip a drop of pre cum on Raven's shiny boot. Seeing the immediate response from her little white boy she continued the taunting. "Do you want to make a friendly little wager white boy ?"

George, hoping to ignore the ridiculing black bitch continued tonguing the soft delightful thigh. His hope was that the black goddess would become as aroused as his hardening cock. The shiny leather tip had caused his cock to stretch the tight white penile skin to the limit. It was becoming nearly painful; but painful in a way he had hoped that it would never end.

"I will bet you that my black members can have both of their cocks buried in your wife's tight little pussy within thirty minutes. If I win I get to watch them butt fuck you; if your little tramp remains faithful you get to lick my pussy. Whatcha say white boy......... Do you think your little susie two shoes wife can resist a man with a real cock.... not a little white boy cock like yours?" questioned Raven.....

George, tried to sort out his humiliations. He prayed that his wife would remain faithful....... but what if she didn't? As he kneeled before the most sexually exciting woman in his entire life, he wanted nothing else in this world to sink his tongue in her black lace covered dew box.

If he was wrong about Suzanne the consequences were too horrible to contemplate. Being sodimized by some black street gang member.............. no doubt in front of the entire gathered neighborhood.

As his tortured mind tried to analyze the dreaded options, the tormenting black leather boot lifted his nut sack and forced more of his sticky pre cum on the boot. This time however it did not retreat but continued the exquisite contact. The pleasure was driving George mad, as he could think of nothing but the sensuous touch of leather on his blood engorged testicles.

Taking the bait, he finally looked up at the standing black goddess and stuttering accepted the challenge....."My wife cannot be seduced by some fucking street nigger."

His choice of words drew an intense stare from the two seated black gang members. The flash of hatred soon dissipated into a plan for a fitting revenge. Both the short and tall gang members let their thoughts race to the five foot four inch 104 lb brunette seated alone in the living room.

During the lifetime that her husband had been absent, the petite and anxious beauty had been sitting on the sofa; alone since Amber had been dragged off by the arrogant seventeen year old son to be savagely fucked from behind in the kitchen. Although Suzanne had not seen the coupling, she had heard her best friend scream for the black dick to be buried deep.

Only five feet away her other friend, Jane Kelley had allowed Derek to openly fondle and grope her many charms. The two adulterers were now seated in an oversized recliner. Derek had his hand up Jane's skirt and was sensuously caressing the warm upper thighs........ the naked flesh above the nylon dark borders. As his hand burnt the tender flesh, he continued to bury his tongue deep into Jane's wet and warm oral cavity.

Suzanne, normally a teetotaler, had nervously downed five double scotches in the last hour. Her eyes were becoming glassy and she struggled to retain conscious in the surreal world evolving around her. Her mind could not fathom the bizarre developments of this last hour. The total wantonness of her best friend......... the complete domination by the new black neighbor........ the total and complete capitulation of her husband and the other four white husbands....... the absolute sexual domination of the five blacks...... and.............. and the strange over powering feelings of arousal within her tight compact body. Her red lace satin panties were totally soaked. Mrs. Suzanne Johnson tightly clenched her long beautiful legs together for fear, that the wet stain would become visible to the vile animals that were in total and complete domination of the assembled white couples.

Something caught Suzanne's attention and through glazed and unfocussed eyes, she looked towards the doorway where her husband was being held captive. Her eyes immediately focused on the large and forbidding (for her husband) erection that jutted from his stomach. Suzanne could never recall such firmness; such hardness from her usually limp husband. Blinking, she tried to focus her stinging eyes and saw her husband being pulled back into the room by the statuesque leather clad black wife. As he faded from the doorway, the smaller of the two black gang members appeared and walked towards the sofa where she was seated. Suzanne immediately dropped her eyes to the floor in front of where she was seated.

It seemed an eternity before the black combat boots appeared in her line of sight on the floor in front of her. She slowly looked up into the black face that had a horrible knife scar running from his ear to his chin. He had a large gold nose ring and his smiling front teeth were all gold. She trembled.............. the huge muscles only partially covered by the black leather jacket frightened the previously sheltered housewife.

"May I have this dance," resonated from deep within the black leather jacket.

Looking up, for the first time this evening, Susan heard the low jazz background music enveloping the room. She tried to focus on the hideously scarred face and broke eye contact when she softly murmured, "I don't think my husband would approve."

Harsh laughter erupted from her tormentor. "Your husband don't have no say......" With that brief observation he held out his huge hand for me to grasp.

"Please, I want to go home.." I begged.

"Don't make me ask again," growled the impatient muscular black. He pulled off the black leather jacket and threw it on the floor.

Through hazy eyes I looked up... not believing the vision. The black's massive pectorals looked like concrete blocks; his muscular arms were larger than my legs. His stomach was a series of steel bands. The baseball bat in his tight blue jeans reached nearly halfway to his knee.

When he extended his hand again, I heard only a low growl. I extended my hand and it was engulfed in his huge black paw. I felt myself slowly pulled up. As I turned my head I saw George standing naked in the doorway with a look of disbelief on his face. His cock was still rock hard and throbbing; the black goddess was whispering into his ear.

The black embraced me and the effect of the strong liquor made me very unsteady. I felt myself being pulled into the rock solid body of the gang member. His rock solid prod pushed against my sopping pussy and belly. I draped my arms over his shoulders for balance.......... or at least that's how I tried to trick my mind.

I couldn't say we were dancing as much as we were grinding against each other. The black had has muscular fingers on my tight ass cheeks and was constantly pulling me against the hardening black cock. Trying to regain my senses, I tried to pull away only to find myself pulled closer to the hard black body and the hard black..........

My pussy juices were literally running down my hose..... as my mind short circuited with the intense pleasurable feelings. It was now I who was rubbing against the hard mass between the black's legs. I tried to raise up on my tip toes to rub the top of my pussy.... my burning clit against the hard black cock.

"I'm going to let your husband watch when I fuck you," snarled the black into my ear.

"Nooooooo....." I managed to sob..

As I continued to rub against the black ever more frantically, he reached into his pocket and pulled a capsule out. He slowly brought the capsule to my face.... as a Cobra entices it's victims with it's dance. Unable to comprehend his motion, I lazily looked into his sneering face as he broke open the Crystal meth capsule and planted his muscular hand over my nostrils. I immediately tried to struggle but he held me firmly against his solid body as the escaping gas catapulted throughout my distraught body.

Desperately, I tried to break free but each second elapsed and shortly I felt the drug coat my mind. It felt as if my entire body was having an orgasm. I looked at the grotesque black face and forced my tongue into his foul smelling mouth. My arms returned to his muscular shoulders and I again felt his hands return to their place on my ass. I felt the hem of my skirt being pulled up and the cool air coating my asscheeks as he lowered my red sating panties. I had remembered to put my panties on last so they would not interfere with the garter and hose that I had worn to tease my husband with.

George Johnson, Attorney for Con Ed, looked on helplessly as the black slowly but deliberately stripped his petite wife in front of his eyes. He had observed her obvious surrender when she buried her tongue into his mouth and pulled him closer. George felt the leather glove grasp his cock and gently massage the head between the fingers and thumb.

Raven whispered into his ear, "Your wife looks like a little slut to me. What did it take her; ........three minutes to beg to be fucked by a street nigger?"

George desperately wanted to refute the ridiculing statement but he couldn't refute the fact that his wife was slowly being stripped before his very eyes. The black evening dress had now found it's way to the pile of her discarded clothes near her feet. Her only clothing now was the black seamed stockings suspended by the thin black garter belt and her five inch spiked heels.

"Go wait for me in the bedroom...." came the order.

As Suzanne passed her husband on the way to the stairs leading to the master bedroom, he could see the dazed and unbelieving look in her glassy eyes. Although she looked directly at him it was as if he didn't exist. His hard cock was being milked by Raven's long fingers as he defeatedly looked after his sensuous wife. The gentle stroking on the sensitive glans was causing the cuckold husband a great deal of anxiety and he brought his knees together to avoid the inevitable.

As the black passed before him he sneered, "I hope she can take a real cock. After tonight you will be but a memory for my white bitch..."

"Nooooooooo..... " came the mournful sob. His tormented cock sprayed the carpet with it's discharge as the tender manipulations of his black mistress finally achieved her insulting climax.

"Follow me white boy. We can watch your sweet wife finally get what she deserves," Raven commented as she led George down the hall by his now rapidly deflating manhood.

The two arrived at the door shortly after the black gang member had entered. George and Raven stood just outside the master bedroom doorway.

"Spread those lips..... I want to see if you are wide enough for a man's cock little whore.."

Suzanne, her pupils like saucers, delicately pried the wet and sticky pussy lips apart. She observed her own manipulations of her sex and allowed herself the pleasure of dragging her fingers along the hooded clit protecting her dripping, gaping hole. Her actions brings a soft moan and she anxiously looks to her new lover for her next command.

"Does my little pussy whore want a black cock to fill her hole ?" comes the ridiculing mimic.

Seductively the petite brunette wife looks at the mocking black with her smiling eyes. "Cum fill my pussy with that black log of yours." Suzanne then spreads her legs and gripping her swollen lips pulls them even further apart.

The sexual invitation is too much for the now naked and rock hard black. He saunters the few steps to the bed with the wife's eyes transfixed on his black manhood. Reaching the bed he knee walks between the inviting thighs of the petite brunette housewife. Gripping the hard black cock he mashes the head against the sensitive clit bringing a squeal of pleasure from Suzanne.

"Does my lady want her cock ?" ridicules the black.

Panting the housewife desperately begs, "Please, don't tease me. I need you so baddddd......"

The conquest is complete... Suzanne must have her black fix.. Her mind has been over ridden by the crystal meth and the black cock teasing her throbbing sex. She scoots down on the bed hoping to lodge the large male organ deep within her belly. The strategy fails as the black moves back to avoid the insertion... HE is the one in charge and it is more fun to torment the dishonored wife than fuck her.

George is standing by the door when he feels the leathered finger caress his asscheek and probe his anal chute. The forcefulness of the assault drops him to his knees. The leather coated finger follows his flight and he feels the finger again probe; but this time it is firmly lodged into his chute. The unlubricated finger is ripping the tender muscle as it is forced deeper into his ass. George looks up as the muscular black continues his mocking domination of his sex crazed spouse.

"I'll give you a little black cock, if I can mark you as my little fuck bitch Mrs. Johnson," comes the ridiculing offer.

Suzanne's mind has passed the layer of reason and finally snaps completely,"Mark me........I'm your little white fuck bitch..... Oh God Please....... I can't stand it any more....Please Oh God..... GIVE ME YOUR NIGGER COCK YOU BASTARD..........."

As the black cock is driven home a hideous smile covers Suzanne's tormentor's face. A leather covered finger is also driven home in a dry anal chute. The muscles and flesh are ripped apart by Raven's disregard of George's twin defeats.

George listens and watches as his beautiful wife spreads herself for the deep and severe pounding of the large powerful cock deeply imbedded in her tender and stretched married love chamber. Her total surrender has broken him and the brutal anal rape has ripped his ass apart.

"Here comes a little black baby juice honey lips...." the black screams.

Suzanne stretching her long legs grips the back of his thighs with her ankles and pulls the pumping black bastard deeper into her aching and ravished hole. The black raises on his knees and in one furious lunge buries the long cock to his balls in Suzanne's stretched pussy. The blast scalds the wife's inner chamber and she feels the copious sperm lash against her sensitive and burning loins. Her receptacle of lust cannot handle the scalding discharge and the sticky goo drips out of her stretched and swollen lips.

The black has planted his lips on the wife's flawless neck and has sucked a silver dollar hickey on her neck. The sucking was pleasurable to the distraught wife and the black laughs at the hideous scar. He pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed for a brief moment.

Looking down at the violated husband, he smiles before rising. The cuckold husband is kneeling in front of a puddle of white boy spunk. It is not a large puddle and his shriveled little cock has retreated leaving only the head visible.

George's trance is broken when the black kicks him in the face. "Clean me... Your wife's drippings make me itch white boy."

Raven kneels down beside her plaything and inserts the finger deeper, "You probably won't fit in your wife anymore. She has had a real man and I don't think you will measure up ever again.."

The black slaps George's face with his still rock hard cock. The sperm rope attaches to his face and he defeatedly looks into the conqueror's unforgiving face. The black cock slips effortlessly into his dry mouth, where he obediently cleans the weapon. He can taste his wife who is still writhing on the bed only five feet away. As he gobbles the spunk from the black cock he wonders if Suzanne is lost forever................

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