Karen's Cock Tail Party Chapter 3
by Arc Light

Karen finally made her way to the waiting black teenager. She could see the mocking eyes, as she drove the two of them to their homes; their homes that stood side by side.

As Karen tried to slide up to her bedroom, as silently as possible, she heard her husband stir. Karen felt the black baby juice slide down the inside of her warm thighs, from her sopping cum filled pussy. As she entered her bathroom, her nostrils inhaled the dusky smell of SEX. The brutal fucking by the three black studs had filled her womb with sticky goo, which continued to leak out of her stretched and reddened pussy lips. She softly stroked the tender blood engorged labia and let her mind slip back the hour before, as her nipples hardened at the scene imbedded deeply in her inner mind. The continuous long hard black cock imbedded deep in her being. Karen spread the lips as she straddled the bathtub and let the man cream drip to the porcelain base below. When she was finally convinced that the bulk of the creme had been removed, she rubbed the sensitive lips with a warm washcloth.

Only then did she rejoin her white boy husband in their martial bed. Her sleep came rapidly and her mind drifted once again to the hard black cock that had reached her inner core.

At nearly noon on the next day; SATURDAY, Karen finally awoke. As she slowly rose, she remembered what Derek, her new Black Boss had planned for her and her husband this very evening. Her mind ached; and she dreaded the next hour. During the next hour, she would have to tell her husband of their cocktail plans for this evening. As she rose the pain shot through her head; and her body remembered her rough and degrading treatment of only twelve hours ago.

Her husband, in total oblivion, was quietly having coffee in their dining room overlooking their immaculate back yard. He motioned for his wife to take a seat beside him and poured her a cup of rich black coffee. He could sense that something was amiss and inquisitively looked into her deep emerald eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity, Karen looked up and softly spoke to her husband, "Derek, his wife Raven, and his son Jerome are coming to our home tonight. We are also supposed to invite the Jones's, Johnson's and Kelly's. John, Mr. Washington expects you to wear your tuxedo and act as the butler." Karen blurted out the entire scenario, knowing her courage to do so would evaporate if she hesitated.

Looking at her husband, John, she could see the shock in his face. Karen paused, then continued, "If we don't do as he says, I will lose my job. John, if I lose my job after you have lost your job, we will lose our home and everything we have."

John silently contemplated what his beautiful wife had just told him. He wanted to argue; to curse his new black neighbors; to show his manhood. Unfortunately, however, he too realized the dire financial situation he and his wife were facing. Reluctantly, he rose, and meekly spoke, "I will go make arrangements for our guests."

Karen spent the afternoon shaking her headache and cleaning their beautiful home. She thought that if she could keep busy, she would not have to think about the activities that she was sure the Derek Washington had planned for this evening.

About two hours before the guests were to arrive, Karen retreated to her bath and took a long warm bubble bath. Taking her razor she scraped her pussy mound clean and then removed the stubble from her long beautiful legs. At long last, she dried her tight body and prepared herself for the ordeal to follow.

She finally worked her way down the long stairway. Karen caught the awe of the gathered guests. Her long legs were clothed in white silk hose; her bare breasts were straining the tight white satin blouse. Her short skirt cradled her tight ass. Her husband stood at the base of the stairs and was clad in his tuxedo as ordered.

When she reached the living room, she looked around and could feel the forbidding mood in the room. Each of the three guest couples were nervously fidgeting awaiting the arrival of the new Black Family in the neighborhood. The three white wives were conservatively dressed. All three had either skirts or business suits on and nervously sipped on their drinks.

Their husbands' were very much in despair as they gulped their drinks; hoping to reduce their anxiety and stress.

Although the Washington's were scheduled to arrive at 8:00 PM, it was nearly 10:30 PM before the doorbell rang.

Karen's husband, John, slowly walked to the door and ushered his new neighbors into the living room.

The Washington's entered as royalty. Raven, the stunningly beautiful wife was totally clad in black leather. Her vest was pulled tight against her more than ample unfettered breasts. The black leather mini skirt was only several inches lower that her black lace covered woman hood. Her legs were clad in knee high leather boots.

As the attention was on Raven, the two gang members who had fucked Karen only one night ago, made their way from the back door. They were clad in black leather jackets ordained with prominent gang insignia. Wasting no time, they cuffed one of the husband's necks and pulled another one to his feet. The quick brutal movement caught the docile white neighbors off guard.

Derek Washington took charge of the intense situation. "Each of the white boy husbands will retire to the guest bedroom with the two black gentlemen. DO IT, NOW !!!"

As each of the husbands looked to the other for comfort; courage (?); or merely reassurance; they came up lacking. It only took the stare of the large and menacing Derek Washington to cause action. When each had reached their feet. they were roughly shoved forward and into the first floor bedroom. Even though John tried to re-establish some kind of order, he too was pushed along like frightened white boy.

Although none of the husbands had seen any weapons, the mere presence of the black gang members was enough to instill a dreaded fear in their over worked imagination. Once they were in the small bedroom the largest of the two black gang members gave the husband's their next order, "Strip. Now!!!!, or. . . . . . ."

The assembled frightened men did not wait for further elaboration of the order and grudgingly started to disrobe, leaving their clothing in heaps by their feet.

Back in the living room the three white women guests were in a total state of fright. They meekly huddled together on the sofa nervously fidgeting, their eyes wide with terror.

Derek Washington slowly walked over to the sofa. Standing in front of the three seated wives, he pointed to Mrs. Jane Kelley, a stunning petite redhead. She was clad in a dark blue business suit. He pointed his long index finger and took one step back as Jane stood up trembling. The black giant took the petite redhead's face in his large hands and slowly caressed her beautiful face. Lowering his face, he let his tongue slip out and lick Jane's trembling lips. He continued his probing against the red painted lips and at long last they parted and he let his thick tongue taste the warm oral cavity. Her mouth was sweet and his probing was relentless.

While probing her oral cavity, he let his hands drop to the trembling tight breasts covered by the dark blue jacket. After what seemed an eternity Jane felt another set of hands grope her tight ass cheeks. Derek's wife, Raven, had slipped behind the trembling beauty and was openly fondling the muscular mounds of flesh, covered by her skirt and slip.

Jane felt her nipples harden; and felt her feminine dew start to form in the deep recess of her red lined pussy lips. She closed her eyes........... She hoped that her inner need would not be visible to the black man and his amazon wife who were openly fondling her many charms.

"Have you ever had a Black Man, Mrs. Kelley ?" questioned the black giant.

Her eyes downcast, Jane meekly moaned, "No . . .. "

Jerome, the seventeen year old son had moved behind the sofa and whispered into Mrs. Jones ear. "Come with me to the kitchen."

Mrs. Amber Jones, a five foot seven inch blonde with a page boy haircut, desperately looked to the other women for support. The other women, just as apprehensive as Amber nervously kept their eyes downcast. Jerome wrapped his hand around the nape of Amber's neck and pulled her upright. Although she did not want to rise, she meekly followed the seventeen year old black boy to the kitchen. She tried to look back to the other white wives but could not escape the grip of the black hand on the nape of her neck.

When the two entered the brightly lit white kitchen, Jerome pushed the young wife forward. She was facing the cabinets when Jerome spoke, "Do not turn around. Do as I say and you will only receive pleasure; Not Pain."

Amber, already near hysteria, complied completely with the black teenager. Jerome inched behind the trembling woman and Amber felt herself become even more terrified as Jerome looped the black blindfold over her forehead. "Please . . . . . ," was her only utterance.

Jerome tied the blindfold; tight. He then let his hands follow the arms of his terrified plaything. When he reached Amber's wrists he snapped the handcuffs. The click was sharp and distinct and he felt Amber jump. He pushed up against the quivering young white housewife. "Grab me. Feel my strength Mrs. Jones," Jerome ordered.

The housewife reached back and her hands rapidly found the growing bulge in Jeremy's black leather jeans. She gasped as her hands relayed the size of the man organ that she was grasping. She could feel the long organ pulse as it rapidly filled with blood. Jerome inched forward one more step and planted his steel hard cock between her still covered ass cheeks. Another gasp escaped her lips as she could feel the hard organ between her ass globes.

Jerome's hands encircled the beautiful blonde and his fingertips pinched her tight nipples. She never wore a bra and the hard fingers rolled the nipples between them as they became blood engorged and hard. As the brutal caressing continued Amber pushed against Jerome; attempting to have more of his large organ implant itself in her ass cheeks. Her panties were moist and Amber felt herself generate more of her lubricating fluid. Her husband was a mere four inches and it was very seldom that he was skilled enough to bring her to climax. Her mind raced, hoping that this black teenager could reach her inner depths and bring her to orgasm.

She continued to thrust hoping that tonight she would achieve from this black teenager, what her husband was totally unable to provide.

"You can't fuck me with your clothes on Mrs. Jones. Do you want me to remove your clothes ?" Jerome innocently asked. His mocking tone cut through the innocent wife like a knife.

Softy, Mrs. Amber Jones begged her tormentor, "Please take off my clothes."

Sensing his victory Jerome wanted more. "Beg me to fuck you."

Her mind was totally distraught. It was a mere ten minutes ago that she had been brought to this antiseptic kitchen. Brought to this room by an arrogant black teenager who she was terrified of. And now. . . . . . . she was ready to beg for this arrogant black teenager to stick his long hard cock into her married chamber of love. Her inner being where only her husband's insignificant manhood had entered.

The words were softly spoken; the surrender complete. "Please. . . . . . . Please fuck me."

Jerome's fingers dropped from Amber's hardened nipples and rested on her waist. His fingers sought out and found the belt buckle. Amber inhaled as she felt the buckle being pulled free. Her eyes closed even under the blindfold as she felt the button being freed in the waist band of her skirt. Her lips opened and her tongue caressed them as she felt the strong hands tug down the tight skirt. When she felt the skirt hit her feet, she unconsciously backed against the hard black man weapon that so excited her.

Back in the small bedroom her husband, Fred, had just meekly stripped for the two dominant black gang members. Before this night he would have seemed to be a very macho man. One prone to boasting on how masculine he was; he was now meekly disrobing in front of the two blacks. He was terrified even though no weapons were ever presented. The dominant matter that the gang members had exhibited was enough to totally intimidate the four white husbands. Although he was still young Fred had a row of flab around his waist. His manhood; or what he considered his manhood was a mere four inches. Even that diminutive size had now retreated further given the circumstances.

A dog collar was attached to the flabby neck and a small silver chain snapped to the ring in the collar. His hands were fastened with silver handcuffs.

The large black gave the intimidated husband one simple order, "You are not to speak."

The black then pulled the large but flabby husband out the door and paraded him by the shocked wives in the living room. Mrs. Kelley, of course, was still being fondled by Derek and his wife, Raven. However Mrs. Johnson and Karen merely stared at the humbled husband as he was pulled through the living room by the chain attached to the dog collar on his neck. Fred Jones eyes were downcast and his wrists clasped together by the silver handcuffs.

He finally looked up when he was dragged into the brightly lit kitchen. His eyes bulged as he stared at his beautiful blonde wife pushing against a lanky teenage boy. She wore a blindfold and her wrists, like his were clasped behind her. He could tell from her moans that she was aroused; aroused and her pussy dripping with love fluid.

The black took the chain and fastened it to the base of the leg on the kitchen table. It only allowed for approximately eighteen inches leeway and Fred had to strain his neck to watch his wife back against the black teenager. He could tell that she was extremely aroused by her undulating thrusting against the black teenager. His eyes bulged and he groaned as he attempted to look at his aroused wife and her frantic attempts to entice the black teen age boy into burying his long hard black cock deep into her precious woman chamber.

Amber, still looking away from the door, begged Jerome to fuck her, "Please, I need a cock so bad. Please . . . .. . . . . . " she sensuously whimpered.

Her husband, semi prone on the kitchen floor less than ten feet away listened to his loving sensuous wife beg for the black teenager to fuck her. He felt rage, helplessness, and as he glanced down to his naked torso an unbelievable hardness in his cock. His cock, although small, was harder than he could ever remember. It's hardness seemed to stretch the tight skin to the limit. He looked up, begging with his eyes for his wife to not subjugate herself to her carnal needs and let the black teen age boy bury his black cock deep in her womb. He and his beautiful blonde wife had never had sexual intercourse without him wearing a condom to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. They could not afford the lavish lifestyle they were accustomed to with a newly born child. Try as he could, he could not silently communicate his desires to his overheated wife.

Amber continued to rub against the amused black. Jerome put his hands on the writhing ass cheeks and asked Mrs. Amber Jones a mocking question, "How am I going to fuck a little white bitch if she has her panty hose on ?"

Amber, totally consumed by lust meekly begged, "Please take my pantyhose off. I need your hot cock so bad........."

Jerome, pushing his plaything to the limit, mockingly inserted his finger and thumb into the top of the dark pantyhose and deliberately pulled the covering document down, inch by painful inch.

"Oh God, please...... don't torture me like this. I need your cock so bad," begged the submissive housewife.

Jerome inserted his powerful hands on both sides of the seamed panty hose and ripped the frail garment into two pieces. He tore them down to the crotch and separated the two torn segments. The decisive action startled the aroused young housewife and she briefly pulled away. Jerome quickly followed her slow retreat and inserted his fingers into the delicate white satin panties and repeated his action of only moments before. The panties were quickly shredded leaving Amber's swollen pink pussy lips to the intense glare of both her mentally beaten husband and her new black lover.

Jerome, unzipped his jeans and allowed his nine inch uncircumcised cock to spring forward. The massive log hit the top of Amber's quivering ass cheeks and startled the aroused white wife. "Reach back and rub the head of my cock into that messy wet hole of yours, little whore," Jerome ordered.

Amber reached back with her handcuffed hands and grabbed the large black cock, with the menacing purple head. Rubbing the massive log along her brown fur lined hole. After several pleasurable strokes, Amber softly moaned, "Please, you must put on a condom. I am very near my period and you mustn't fuck me without protection."

Jerome said nothing; his long black cock was growing longer and harder with each gentle stroke from Amber's delicate hands. Her tight pussy chamber was excreting a sticky lake of lubricant and he enjoyed the wet sensation on the head of his cock. The sticky lubricant made the purple head shine, as he looked down at the beautiful white wife bent at the waist.

She again begged, "Please. . . . . You must put a condom on. You will make me pregnant if you don't........ Oh my God, please . . . . . " she agonizingly begged.

As she continued her pleading and begging she was also continuing to rub the large black cock against her rock hard beacon of pleasure. Every time the purple head was rubbed against the blood engorged clit of pleasure a little squeal escaped her distraught lips. Her manipulation of the large cock was bringing her closer to the point of no return.

Jerome had fucked many white wives in his seventeen years. He understood that the more a little white bitch begs for something the less chance she is to receive it.

As Amber continued to writhe in her awkward position Jerome continues his mental domination, "Does the little white bitch want a little black baby juice. My black cum must be the most potent spunk in the entire city. I've already made three babies in little white whores. Don't you want a little black sperm to soak your womb ?"

The tormented young housewife was going out of her mind with the ongoing sexual pleasure that the black cock was generating. "NOOOOOOOOOO....... Please don't fuck me without a rubber. YOU mustn't. I can't become pregnant....."

Jerome slapped the delicate white handcuffed hands and took the black log in his fist. He inserted the head of the massive black cock at the entrance of the leaking and swollen chamber of love. Although he only permitted the tip of the head of the cock to insert itself in the warm tunnel, Amber had her first orgasm. She screamed the first of her releases and the loud shrill sound echoed throughout the house.

Fred, his eyes bulging, felt the man cum drip from the end of his four inch manhood. He looked quickly down to see the large puddle on the floor directly below his still rock hard white boy cock. Feeling a warm serene sensation overcome his body, he quickly returned his gaze to the sight unfolding before his very eyes a mere ten feet away.

Jerome allowed Amber to push another inch of the cock into her tight and inviting pussy. He brutally slapped her ass and softly commanded her, "I want you to embed my cock into your belly. You disappoint me and I force fuck your ass until you won't be able to shit for a week. Now do me little whore."

Mrs. Amber Jones needed no command to have her constricting young cunt to seek out it's pleasure level. She pushed her pussy against the partially embedded black log and each pleasurable inch sought to complete her task. As she become accustomed to each new inch, she rapidly forced another inch to push it's way forward. Jerome merely stood and allowed the aroused white tramp to insert his cock deep into her belly. When she was within two or three inches of having the full length buried in her woman hole, Jerome placed his hands on Amber's hips and in one savage thrust implanted the full length into her wet and willing womb.

Amber's scream could have awaken the dead. She collapsed to her knees with Jerome following her down to the floor; his long black cock still buried to the hilt in the white wife's clenching pussy hole. His sperm splashed against her womb and brought a series of continuous and constant climaxes. Eventually her tired body slipped to a prone position with Jerome continuing to follow the writhing young woman with his black cock still implanted in her now stretched and leaking hole.

"Please, remove your cock. It's leaking sperm.... You will make me pregnant. Please take it out...." begged the young housewife.

Jerome ignored her pleas and continued to let her inner womb soak up his sperm deep in her woman chamber. "I want my black spunk to soak your pussy walls. When I'M ready I will remove my cock from your little pussy," he responded.

Amber's husband, Fred, continued to observe the humiliating scene of seduction from his awkward and painful submissive position. The puddle of his sperm had grown larger and at long last it had started to soften. His mouth was dry and he was distraught at the sequence of the events that had occurred in the last several hours.

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