Sandy Returns Home - Chapter 2

Sandy slides in beside Jerome and starts to button her dress. Jerome turns his stare to the beautiful white housewife and the stern look alone forces Sandy to drop her hands to her side. The top three buttons of the white summer dress remain open and exposes her small pert breasts to the Black's dark eyes. The cool spring day has caused the nipples to harden and Sandy squirms uncomfortably in the white leather seat. Her ass cheeks still burn from the harsh spanking she received at the hands of the black. Her mind vows to not disobey him again, as she tries to find a comfortable position.

The ride along the country lanes is silent. Jerome does not want to be bothered with idle prattle and Sandy tries to adjust to the new rules of her life. Never in her twenty four years has she ever been totally dominated by a man; especially one of color. Absently, she turns and takes in his six foot four inch solid muscular body. Her gaze then drops to his lap; under his loose fitting dress pants, rests the black monster that has only invaded her mouth. Her mind recalls the huge hard black steel rod as it forced it's way down her delicate throat and discharged a seemingly unending torrent of hot man creme.

Her mind drifts away and in the next instant it appears that she had arrived at her house. Her hands unconsciously come to the top of her dress and then she remembered the black's admonishment. She lets her hands fall to her side and she makes her way to the front door. She could feel her neighbor's eyes follow each step as the black casually followed along behind her. When she reached the door, she opened it and stepped inside the lavish great room.

Her husband, sitting in a large chair become somewhat befuddled. His beautiful wife stepped into the room with her dress partially undone with her bare breasts thrusting against the cloth and making their charms known. Only after several moments, did he see Jerome behind his wife and he suddenly arose and walked over to where they stood.

"What the hell is going on Sandy ?" questioned the irate husband. He was still in his puzzled state and could not comprehend the current situation.

"It's really quite simple. I saw your wife at church and concluded that she needed a real man; since you were such a dip shit it was really very easy to make your wife mine," stated Jerome matter-of-factly.

Rage boiled within Jim and he closed the distance between himself and the large muscular black. "I have a mind to give your black ass a thorough thrashing you fucking prick," he stated, as he waved his fist.

Jerome, merely stared through his dark eyes at the irate husband. Unbeknownst to the people in the small suburb, Jerome had a Masters Degree in Psychology and realized he was quickly gaining an advantage over the irate and humiliated husband.

Jim came to a sudden halt when Jerome refused to give ground. He realized that his five foot eleven inch, one hundred sixty pound frame would not fare well against Jerome's six feet four inch two hundred frame of iron. Rather meekly, given the circumstances, he then sort of whimpered, "I want you to leave my house."

Jerome became amused at the rapid developments and moved quickly to gain dominance over the now frightened husband.

"I was going over to Phyliss' and Andy's this evening but I think I might stay here and breed Sandy. That is if you don't mind me sticking my cock deep into your wife's belly MR. JENKINS ?" Jerome stated in a mocking attitude.

"I, . . . . . . . .. . . . . Please just leave.......... I want you to leave now....." continued the broken husband.

"Take down your pants," countered Jerome.

Jerome could tell by the frightened hallow looks in the husband's eyes that he was broken. He wanted to continue while Sandy was present; while she was present to observe the total deflation of her husband.

Sandy, anxious and tense merely stood to the side of her husband; and her new black lover. Jim has always been over bearing and boastful and now, face to face with a muscular black man was backing down. Not only, was he backing down but Sandy could detect the fear and trepidation in his shattered voice.

"You were told to remove your pants white boy," continued Jerome. Turning to the trembling man's wife, he made a simple statement, "Show you husband what happens when he disobeys me."

Her eyes wide, and her mouth gaping, Sandy slowly turns and with her back to the two men bends and the waist and grabs the hem of her short dress. As she bends her reddened and swollen ass cheeks leap into view. Even though it has been several hours since her spanking, her beautiful ass still shines bright red from her disobedience.

Jim, the husband is in a total state of shock. He tries to focus his mind on what has transpired in the last few moments. He feels the black grasp his belt and start to unclasp the buckle. Immediately his hands grasp the larger and stronger hands of the black.

Jerome merely looks into his face and Jim's hands slide away. The black continues to roughly undo the belt. When the belt is pulled from it's loops, he reaches for the clasp and roughly pulls the eyelet apart and unzips the shivering husband. Once the zipper has been pulled down the pants fall to the floor. Only then does Jim look into the Black's face.

"Take your underpants off," comes the direct and complete command.

"I, ah. . . . . . . . . . ." Jim hesitates and stammers.

Jerome bores down with his intense stare and the broken white husband meekly pulls down the white briefs. He lets them fall to the bunched up suit pants around his ankle.

"Put your hands behind your back and clasp them. You put them in front of you without my permission and I will break every finger you fucking wimp." orders Jerome.

Jim meekly complies like a terrified rabbit and absently looks over to Sandy whose face has a mask of horror. The complete dominance; complete degradation of her husband in so short a time has totally overwhelmed the nearly naked wife.

The white husband's attention is again gained when the black fills his hand with the shriveled and shrinking manhood hanging between his legs. The sudden and harsh contact brings a little tear to his eyes.

"No wonder your wife needs a man. You don't have enough manhood to tickle a six year old girl." Jerome then looks over at the distraught wife, "When was the last time this little boy satisfied you ?"

Sandy, her voice trembling merely sobs, "Jim has had a hard time keeping himself hard.. . . . . . ." her voice quietly fades.

"Little boy, you best keep out of my way," Jerome states; and reiterates his order by forcefully squeezing the sensitive but completely flaccid white organ.

"Listen up.... both of you. I plan to move in here with you two so that I can properly breed the mare," Jerome states in a forceful voice. Looking at Jim, who is on his tiptoes trying to relieve the strain on his scrotum, Jerome asks the simple question, "You don't mind if a breed your wife do you white boy ?"

Jim, about to lose control of his bladder quietly sobs the obvious answer, "No..........."

"When you speak to me you will address me as Daddy," simply states the dominating black man.

Still firmly in control of the husband's jewels, Jerome turns and gives Sandy her next instructions, "Go clean yourself. Put on something sexy and come to me when you are ready to have my bury my cock in that tight pussy of yours."

Sandy, glances quickly at her husband and turns to leave. She hurriedly makes her way up to the martial bedroom to comply with her instructions.

Both of the men's eyes follow the sexy creature as she makes her departure. Disgustedly, Jerome looks into the husband's face and releasing his grip on the man's cock and nuts, leisurely walks over to the sofa and gracefully spreads his large muscular body into it's deep cushions.

Jim doesn't turn but meekly asks his captor, "I have to pee. May I go to the bathroom ?"

Amused, and wanting to continue the drama, Jerome forcefully answers, "No. You have to pee, you do it where you stand."

The husband merely tightens his groin muscles and stands in the middle of the room in agony.

"Your wife sucks cock like a pro. I may put her out on the street after I get tired of her. By the way Jim, have you ever fucked her in the ass?" continues the black tormentor.

Facing away from his tormentor and looking at the stairs Jim merely answers a sobbing, "No. . . . . . "

"I bet your wife's ass is tighter than a garden hose. After I get her tight little pussy stretched I'll stick her with my woman trainer. It's obvious that the little noodle you pack would never bother her. Why would a woman as pretty as your wife stick with such a fucking loser like you wimp ass ?" comments Jerome.

The constant humiliation brings moisture to the eyes of the grown man. His mind reels at the onslaught. His bladder begs for relieve but he continues to strain to hold it in.

After what seems an eternity Sandy yells from the up stairs bedroom, "I'm coming down."

As the beautiful wife makes her way gracefully down the stairs she captures the attention of both of the men. Her husband, straining to control his bladder, has a look of disbelief on his face. His eyes are wide open as he captures the total beauty of his wife. She is clad in a black leather mini skirt with dark hose. Her legs are covered with her black four inch knee high boots and she is wearing a short black leather vest exposing her tight rippled stomach. She has over applied her make up and her lips are painted a bright red.

Sandy does not make eye contact with her husband but walks by him and stands in front of her black master who is sitting on the sofa. She does not look down but continues to look straight ahead.

"Spread. . . . . . . " was his only word.

Sandy obediently spreads her legs still looking straight forward. The black leans forward and places his large hand on the inside of her ankle. His hand slowly made it's way up the inside of her leg. He takes his time and lets his hand go up and down the inside of the thigh; his fingers resting on the lip of the leather boots. As they travel up her tight leg he feels the soft texture of the expensive hose. A gasp escapes Sandy's lips as she feels the strong forceful finger make contact with her warm flesh above the tops of her hose.

Her tongue coats her lips when the finger rubs the throbbing orb. Jerome smiles; his new plaything had not worn panties. Yes, Mrs. Sandy Jenkins will be very trainable. She is complying with his wishes and he has yet to mount her. Once she enjoys his long black cock she will be his forever.

Sandy lets her eyes close as the black man manipulates her sensitive love bud. Her juices start to flow and coat his fingers.

"Go tell your husband that I am going to fuck you," Jerome orders.

"Yes, Daddy," she softly answers.

Sandy turns and walks the short distance. She feels her creme slide down her inner leg. When she is directly behind her husband she meekly states, "Jerome and I are going to make love." Wickedly she then adds, "You don't mind do you?"

Jim, her husband merely trembles. His bladder is about to burst and his beautiful and sexy wife had just told him that she was going to make love to a black man she had met only eight hours before. What troubled Jim even more was his meek and cowardly stance when the black had walked into his home and not only taken over his domicile. . . . . . . . . but also His Wife.

Sandy then turned and returned to her place before her new owner. The black rose from the couch and cradled the pretty face in his large black hand. He slid his tongue from his thick lips and inserted it in Sandy's warm and wet oral cavity. His tongue dueled with hers and he kept up the teasing for several minutes. Sandy rubbed her tight body against his hard black frame and tried to entice his large powerful organ to emerge.

Jim stood painfully at attention facing the other direction. He could hear the initial stirrings of arousal and it made it doubly painful.

Jerome lowered Sandy down on the sofa and ran his hand up her crumpled leather mini skirt. She opened her legs and his fingers again found the steaming pussy hole beckoning him to pleasure the aroused white housewife.

The black manipulated the blood engorged orb and Sandy gasped at the pleasure the black home wrecker was creating. The large black index finger found it's way deep into her sloppy hole and he delighted in making her squirm as she moaned under his talented hand.

Sandy clutched the broad powerful shoulders and pulled the black onto her prone body. Her tongue rapidly found it's way into his cavernous mouth and she teased his tongue. She felt him slide his pants down his powerful thighs and her mind exploded with memories only a few short hours old. She remembered sucking the head of the monster cock until it exploded deep into her belly.

Sandy squirmed against the black tempting him with her tight body and encouraging him to enter her; to provide her never before experienced pleasure. She tried to look at the mammoth organ as it grazed against her nylon covered thigh. The monster left it's rope like substance coating her thigh from his pre cum drippings.

"God. . . . . . . Please take me," begged the open and willing housewife. Her pleadings ripped at the soul of her tormented husband only ten feet away.

"Please fuck me Daddy.......... Pleassssseeeeeee," came her tormented moaning.

Jerome needed no encouragement. His long black cock was rock solid and he was a master at it's use. He roughly spread the delightful nylon covered legs and with one hand rubbed the dark purple tip against the sopping chamber beckoning it for pleasure. Jerome roughly caressed the elongated clit and Sandy's moaning became almost continual.

She had surrendered to her black master and all she could think of was is the large black cock head probing the outer defenses of her pussy. "Daddy....... I want it..... Please OH GOD, give it to me............"

Her tormented husband could stand no more. His bladder near rupturing finally broke free and emptied his entire inventory down his legs. The urine coated his pants and socks and he felt totally broken. Finally, he fell to his knees in his own debris with his wife begging, now pleading for the black to skewer her lovely white body.

Jerome finally tired of the desperate woman and in one brutal and unforgiving instance buried his eleven inch rod of black steel deep into her tight pussy chamber. She could not adjust quickly enough to the unforgiving rod and she desperately tried to claw her way away from the brutal implantation of the black pole. Jerome gave her no quarter and with a jack hammer, ass pounded his cock deep into her womb.

After what seemed like an eternity to the married housewife, her stuffed pussy chamber was becoming sufficiently lubricated and accepting to the invading black prong.

As Jerome grabbed Sandy by the shoulders and pulled her back against his hard body it implanted his cock deeper into the tight pussy hole. A blood curdling scream escaped Sandy's throat and she attempted to spread her long legs wider but the sofa cushions prevented this self protecting mechanism. The unrelenting black cock pushed against her cervix and she screamed again. Sandy could not determine if it was pleasure or . . . . . . . . . . . pain. She struggled desperately to adjust to the brutal fucking but every time she shifted Jerome implanted the huge cock deep within her. Her fingers tore at the black's muscular shoulders and she drew blood.

The black man relished the scratches and thrust his hips forcefully between the widely splayed boot covered legs. His balls thumped against her still raw and tender ass cheeks. The constant friction and the unrelenting assault finally wore down the young housewife. She could not keep up with the brutal insertion of the black cock and she finally collapsed and laid against the sofa and merely accepted each now pleasure filled thrust of black meat.

"I plan to bury my seed deep in your womb you little bitch," Jerome finally screamed. As he spoke, his huge nut sack discharged it's scrotum full of black seed deep into Sandy's willing womb.

His discharge brought about the immediate and never ending orgasm so long sought by the voluptuous housewife. Her constant scream and body shudders, marked that she had finally reached her climax.

The orgasm was not lost on the kneeling and broken white boy husband. He had never brought his wife to such a climax. As he swayed on his knees, he looked down at his four inch cock and observed that it too had deposited it's seed in his piss soaked clothing.

Jerome let his body cover the wife and he rested. The sudden shift of weight caused Sandy to push against his massive pectorals. "Daddy, please, you are very heavy...."

"I will get up after my seed has soaked your pussy. I want this to be a successful breeding. I want you to carry my baby, you little whore," Jerome answers.

Up until this point Sandy had not considered that she might get pregnant. The thought brought a startled gasp. "Oh, my God. I can't carry a Black Baby, not in Southern Mississippi." The thought reverberated around her numb mind and sex soaked body.

Jerome, at long last pulled himself out of the tight cunt. Even though it had been stretched it still gripped his long thick cock like a glove. As soon as he pulled out, his white seed flowed over Sandy's swollen pussy lips. The sticky fluid coated the blonde hair covering the pussy lips. Jerome removed his pants and pulled off his shirt as he walked to the kneeling white boy husband.

"Your wife was good on her first mating session. I will be moving into your bedroom. I have to break her pussy in. . . . .My cock is too big for it and it will take some time to stretch it so it can accommodate a REAL COCK. When I'm done you can remove your clothes. You will sleep in the basement from now on. Do you have any questions Mr. Jenkins ?"

The humiliated husband still stared down at the floor. He thought about how broken he must look. Even with the humiliation and degradation he only had one question, "May I watch your next breeding session Daddy ?"

Smiling at the submissive husband he looked back at the sex satisfied wife on the sofa. Her boot covered legs were widely splayed and Jerome's thick spunk was oozing out of her stretched pussy channel. Her breathing was still heavy and her eyes were closed. Her lipstick was smeared over her cheeks and a contented smile appeared on her face.

Mrs. Sandy Jenkins and her wimp husband were now his as well. Although his black cock felt a spark of excitement he turned and walked up the long stairway. A long warm shower would soothe the tears on his shoulder. Yes, Mrs. Sandy Jenkins could turn on when she had a long black cock wedged between her legs. This next week that he allocated to breed the pretty wife would be very satisfying indeed.

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