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Archive-name: Amazon/trisha4.txt


Archive-title: Trisha Grows Up - 4

The Night I Will Never Forget

IT had to be more than 15 minutes later when I finally regained consciousness 

and realized I was still in Trisha's basement wreckroom.  I was back on the 

sofa, only now I was sitting on Trisha's lap with my shorts down around my 

ankles, her left hand tugging my erection, making it stretch then shrink 

like an accordion with each stroke of her long fingers.  "I didn't know it 

would be so easy to tame you John," she said.  My thighs put you out in 

only a few seconds and I wasn't really squeezing you that hard.  "All the 

times I've wrestled with Brian, he only passed out on me twice, and it took 

ten times longer and I really put a crush on him".  I didn't know what to

say but I could knew it wouldn't make any difference, but what she said 

next took me by surprise.  "I think you're going to be spending a lot more

time with me this summer John, you might not be able to keep your landscaping 

job, but I can get you work with me at the swim club.   Won't that be great? 

Well? What do you think?" she asked.  The whole time she spoke she kept 

jerking my tool and like it or not, I was getting harder and harder.  Then

she shifted her legs, clamping them together and trapping my knees firmly 

between her solid thighs.  She just kept on talking and never gave me time 

to answer even if I could have.  "I think it's going to be wonderful.  Besides, 

there's nothing you can do about it right now anyway, I think you realize I'm 

much stronger than you are now and I just love it when I get you all turned on 

like this and helpless".  I was already sufficiently weakened from the earlier 

encounter with Trisha's powerful thighs, and her nonstop stroking of my 

privates had me moaning in pleasure with my mind wondering somewhere else.  

She slowly wrapped her right arm around my chest, bending me backwards and 

pulling me to her side.  Her powerful right arm crushed down across my chest 

and stomach, pinning me so tight I was having difficulty breathing.  She 

slid her right hand down under my ass and grabbed my cheeks firmly, pushing 

my hips upward and forcing me to arch in a painful backstretching position.  

She had me helpless and she continued to stroke me till I erupted in a 

frightening display of delirious relief.  I couldn't have stopped her no 

matter how hard I tried, I had to do something to put a stop to this.  

Before, when she had trapped me in the pool using her thighs to get me

off, it was more like a simulation of sex.  It felt good then, even 

though she had forced me somewhat against my will.  But this was 

something different, trapped under her arm and between her powerful

thighs while she played with me and forced me to ejeculate.  This 

wasn't playful wrestling anymore, this was more like physical domination,

and there was nothing I could do to stop her, she was way to strong for 

me.  I was embarassed by my helplessness and inability to stop her, I

was prepared to fight.  As I started to struggle to get free, Trisha

laid back on the sofa and pulled me on top of her.  She wrapped her

arms and legs around my chest and waist and smiled up at me saying

"Don't be mad at me John, I just wanted to prove to you that I can

take you like that whenever I want to, against your will if necessary.

Now be a good boy kiss me."  She captured my lips with hers and kissed

me, her tongue probing my mouth as she held my head firmly in place 

with one hand manipulating my neck.  I felt her arms and legs tighten

around my body squeezing me with such force I found myself actually 

listening to hear which bones were going snap first.  Her mouth and 

tongue never let me go, she just kept tightening her grips each time I 

struggled to take a breath of air.  My eyes were pleading with her now

to release me, her lips mashed to mine, her tongue probing, thrusting, 

deep into my mouth, her eyes cold and smiling as she knew I was fading 

slowly into darkness.  With a final surging squeeze from her long arms

and crushing thighs, I passed out.   

I woke up around midnight to find myself partially dressed and laying on

the sofa in my basement wreckroom, Pam was there and said "I let Trisha

in, she carried you over here, she said you fell asleep at her house.  

You sure don't look like you fell a sleep" she said with a laugh as she

went upstairs.  I thought for a moment maybe this had been just a bad dream, 

but my sore back and ribs told me a different story.  I thought about trying

to never seeing her again but realized that with her living right nextdoor 

and Brian and Pam so attached to each other, there was really no way I could 

avoid her amorous attacks.  Hell, my parents treated her like a daughter and 

they would never have believed what she had done, even if I told them.  I 

could barely believe it myself.  The only two believers I knew were Pam and 

Brian.  I think Pam knew everything that was going on and she loved it, 

Trisha had been keeping Brian in line for several months, and now she had 

me, I was the center of her attention.  Sure, she was built like a god damn 

goddess and the swimming and weight lifting had made her tremendously strong, 

but I really don't think she fully realized what she was doing to me.  She 

treated the whole situation like it was some sort of crazy game, enticing and

seducing me with her her abundant charms and then physically dominating me, 

taking complete control over me, physically, emotionally and sexually.  I was 

still attracted to her ample charms, but now I was truely afraid of what she 

could do to me physically, I was glad that the previous encounters with her 

awsome power had been in private, with only the two of us.  I knew that Brian 

was well aware of what Trisha could do, in fact he was probably glad that I was 

now her new target, she was letting him get off easy.  What I really hoped

was that if I played along for a while, things might calm down to a more 

mutually gratifying relationship.  What I'm trying to say is that this girl 

is genuinely beautiful, and built like she emerged from one of my wet dreams.  

Only now she seemed to have developed this physically dominating attitude, 

and it was focused on me.  As I climbed into bed that night, I felt something 

tug on my penis, lowering my shorts I discovered a fuzzy little red bow tied 

around its' base, just like the bow Trisha had worn in her hair earlier that 

night.  I wondered why she did that?, I wondered what the next two weeks would

be like with her parents out of town, I wondered if I could survive.

The next day, Saturday morning, my ribs and back were still sore, feeling much

like the morning after playing a football game.  The lasting effect of Trisha's 

awsome legs were still with me as I headed towards her house not knowing what 

to expect.  It was about nine o'clock when I tapped on the back door and found 

Brian doing the wash in the laundry room.  Looking somewhat embarrassed he said 

"Trisha said you were to go upstairs to her room when you got here" and nothing 

more but continued about his work.  I slowly climbed the stairs and found 

Trisha in her room with her closet nearly empty and the clothing laid all 

over the bed.  "Half these outfits don't fit me anymore" she said, "I've 

outgrown them all, I need you to help me bag them up for Goodwill."  She 

was wearing a little yellow teddy bear nighty that barely covered below 

her naval and matching yellow bikini panties that allowed her fluffy blond 

bush to protrude from each side.  I couldn't take my eyes off her big, firm 

looking tits, the nighty she wore was so sheer that I could see her full 

firm breasts and dark pink nipples right through the material every time 

she passed in front of the window and closet light.  At several trips into 

the closet to sort out the remaining outfits, I heard Trisha laughing as she 

returned wearing the red heels from the night before.  She walked right up 

to me, backing me up against the wall and pinned me there with my face mashed 

between her solid breasts.  "You've been gawking at my chest all morning John,

is this a close enough look for you?"  When I raised my hands to feel her 

gorgeous tits, she grabbed my wrists in each hand and pinned them to the wall 

above my head.  Now she was pressing her whole body against me, smothering my 

face with her tits and grinding her big thighs against my hips with so much 

force I thought we would burst through the wall to the next room.  I could 

only gasp for air every few seconds as she rolled my face between her breasts 

and kept saying "Is this close enough John?  Feel how solid the are, go on 

feel them John, kiss them, Kiss Them John !! and then she wrapped both her 

arms around my head, surrounding me with her bountiful breasts.  I was nearly 

unconcious and felt like I was literally hanging by my trapped head.  "You're 

not going to pass out on me again are you John?" she laughed.  Trisha pulled 

me over next to her bed and uncoiled her powerful arms from around my head, 

letting me slide mercifully from between her arms, onto the bed.  

She was dressed and waiting, smiling down on me from the foot of the bed when

I finally came to my senses.  Her hand was inside my shorts, playing with the

ribbon from the night before.  "I see you're still wearing my little reminder

John, I like that, it keeps me on your mind." she said.  "Why do you keep 

doing this to me Trisha? Why?" I asked.  " Because I know how much you love 

my breasts, and my big body John.  I Love to turn you on and watch you squirm, 

you're usually hard as a rock the whole time too, I can feel it.  You might not

have known it, but thats' what you did to me all summer long a few years a go" 

she said.  "What are you talking about" I said  "Come on, I'll tell you later, 

we're going food shopping, I need you to buy beer and soda for my party 

tonight, some of my friends from school will be here, I want them to meet 


She never fully explained what she ment about her earlier statement, but I got

the idea that when we rolled around and wrestled 2 or 3 years a go, set up by

Pam and Trisha, she was getting really turned on the whole time, and I never      

took advantage of it.  Hell, she was only 15 or 16 years old then and a skinny

little shit, but now she had developed into this six foot plus amazon and she

still wanted me, she was still playing this like some stupid game.  The problem

was, I couldn't stop her and she knew it.

The party was a real hit, twenty plus students from high school and junior 

college, mostly Trisha's girlfriends (and there boyfriends) plus a few of

Brian's and Pam's friends.  It started around eight and had pretty much cleared 

out by twelve.  I met all of them and Trisha stayed in line most of the night.

She didn't embarass Brian and kept her hands off me except for a few backroom

caresses.  I did notice that most of the guys stayed away from Trisha, she 

wore her red heels and towered over everyone, especially me.  She kept 

introducing me by saying "This is my little guy, John" and hugged me to her 

chest or under her arm, pulling me tightly against her.  With her heels on, 

her legs looked unbelievably long and her calves and thighs showed noticable

definition when she walked.  My head was about even with her tits and she 

pulled me against them whenever she put her arm around me as we walked.   

When she hugged me like that she occasionally brushed  her thigh across my 

crotch, laughing after the fourth or fifth time when she felt my hardness, 

nobody seemed to notice it was deliberate and I knew it.  She had a lengthy 

conversation with Pam and two of her girl friends, Sandy and Nora.  They were 

both two big healthy looking girls from her school swim team,  Trisha had 

them all beat though, she was taller and more muscular looking than all the 

other women.  A lot of the other girls were checking me out, probably 

wondering why Trisha was so attracted me, and the fact that she was so 

much bigger than I was.  The party started to breakup around 11:30, Pam 

left with Sandy and Nora, but I noticed their car was still in front of 

the house later on.

Brian was doing all of the cleaning up from about 12:00 on, I figured Trisha

had given him the word and he went about his business like he had with the

laundry earlier.  About 12:30 Trisha pulled me into the house and overwhelmed

me with kisses and hugs, picking me up several times as she passionately held

me captive with her powerful arms.  I think she was a little drunk, she was

laughing and giggling the hole time and seemed to be in a great mood.  She 

wanted to change into her swim suit for a midnight plunge.  "You're comming

along too" she instructed.  "You better change or I'll pick you up and toss

you in with your clothes on" she laughed.  I changed and we headed for the 

pool a few minutes later with our towels in hand.  Trisha was wearing a new

red pattern bikini, matching the 4" red heels she had bought earlier.  I 

really thought this was going to be a fun time, Trisha was in a good mood and 

had been dazzling all night.  She was happy with the way I handled myself 

with her friends and now we were going to be alone together in the pool.  

I never expected what she had in store for me. 

About half way out the walkway to the pool, which was located at the far end of 

their yard, she stopped and pulled me to her.  She wrapped her arms around me 

in another passionate kiss while rubbing my crotch with her thigh.  Sliding her 

hand down the front of my pants she giggled "I see your still wearing my little

reminder John, and your getting stiff already".  She played with me for several

minutes, forcing my head back with another long lingering kiss.  I got as hard 

as a rock almost instantly, she picked me up and I straddled he right hip.  She 

held me there with just her right hand tightly grasping my ass, my erection

pressed firmly to her side as she carried me towards the pool.  As we 

approached the pool fence, I noticed the under water pool light was left on.  

She opened the gate and then I saw Pam, with Sandy and Nora sitting on lounge 

chairs by the side of the pool.  I tried to push away to get free but Trisha 

quickly shifted me in front of her and wrapped both arms around my waist and 

held me tight as she walked towards them.  She was squeezing my waist pretty 

tight as she stopped in front of Pam and removed her heels.  I was kicking my 

legs and pushing on her shoulders with my arms, but a quick and powerful jolt 

of pressure from Trisha's muscular arms took my breath away and nearly broke 

my ribs.  I was gasping for air now, my struggling had stopped momentarily 

when I heard Trisha say " You girls ready for the show?  I know John is, and 

he won't disappoint us will you honey?"

She walked to the deep end of the pool and jumped in, taking me to the bottom

and squeezing the air from my lungs.  When Trisha released me,  I came to the

surface gasping for air and choking up water.  She scooped me up in her arms 

and pulled me under again before I reached the pools edge.  Her hands pulling

my trunks off easily as I struggled to surface for air.  I couldn't escape, she 

wrapped me up in a bearhug that had my arms pinned helplessly to my sides and 

then clamped her thighs together around my cock.  The water was up to my neck 

and Trisha held me tight in her arms while she kept flexing and mashing her 

thighs together on erection.  She was kissing my face and then my lips to keep

my quiet while slowly constricting her arms till I was weak and breathless 

from my struggling.  I was helpless and nearly unconscious after only a few 

minutes in her ever tightening bearhug, she released me and turned my body 

around so I was facing the three girls.  She placed her hands under my arm 

pits and lifted me high in the air at arms length.  She slowly moved closer 

to the shallow end of the pool where the stairs were, holding me aloft the 

whole time and in full view of the three amused spectators.  The closer

we got to the side where the girls were sitting the more facinated they were.

Now at the shallow end near the stairs, Trisha still held me high over her 

head like a trophy with the girls only several feet away and staring at my 

pole.  "Gee John, I had no idea you had such a big dick" Pam said as all 

the girls started laughing.  

Trisha finally lowered me into the water and then scooped me up into her arms 

and carried me from the pool.  "Good show Trisha, Yeh good show Trisha" said 

Sandy and Nora.  "Oh we're not through yet are we John?" said Trisha "there's 

still more to come" she laughed.  The other girls laughed too, knowing exactly

what she had in mind.

It had to be the most embarassing time in my life, manhandled and put on 

display by a girl four years younger than me.  They all loved it, especially 

Pam.  Trisha sat down on a lounge chair and twisted me into the same position 

she used on me the night before.  Trapping my skinny legs impotently between 

her solid thighs and crushing my chest with her strong right arm, pinning me 

helplessly under her armpit.  She pushed my hips so high in the air with her 

right hand I thought she was going to break my spine.  When I didn't respond 

immediately to her manipulating fingers, she had Nora squirt my privates with 

suntan oil from a nearby table.  The three girls gathered around and watched 

Trisha work me over.  Pam was more interested in looking at my face, smiling 

down at me as Trisha jerked me to the most embarassing climax of my life.  

"Good show John, Yeh, Come again some time" they all laughed.



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