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Femal Domination
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Archive-name: Amazon/melisa.txt

Archive-author: Jeff Leyser

Archive-title: Making of Melissa, The

                   Chapter one, the experiment

Her name was Melissa, and at 22 she was a senior at the Edison Institute of

Technology.  Standing only 5'1" tall, and weighing a skimpy 98 pounds, Melissa

had never been what one would call aggressive.  In fact, during high school the

cool kids had called her Mousey Melissa.

Melissa had always found it difficult to make friends due to her shy nature,

and so had few at school.  Boys were also few and far between.  She was no

virgin, owing mostly to her pretty face and svelte body, but no man ever seemed

to call the morning after.  College had brought relief from the name calling,

but the occasional immature idiot still like to insult Melissa.

One recent day, in fact, Melissa had one of the most humiliating experiences of

her young life.  While walking back to the dorm from class, she accidently

bumped into the captain of the Football team as he was talking to four of his

teammates, knocking both her books and the books of the jock into a mud puddle.

"You stupid little bitch, look what you did!  Why don't you watch where you

walking instead of scurring around like a little mouse!"

"Hey, yeah, it's Mousy Melissa!" yelled another jock.  Melissa cringed at her

old nickname.

"Don't call me that!  I am not mousy!"

"ewwww, the mouse can squeak!"

With that, the jocks formed a ragged circle, and began to push Melissa between


"Stupid Bitch!  You ever fuck a real man?"

"Real man?  I'll bet she never fucked anyone at all!"

"Yeah, she looks like a dildo lover to me, all right."

"Stupid mousy dildo lover!"

On and on the yelled and pushed.  Melissa became more and more upset,

eventually bursting into tears of shame and humiliation.

"Ahhh, enough of this fun," the captain finally order, pushing Melissa roughly

to the ground.  "Let's go back to the house."

For almost ten minutes, Melissa wept quietly, wishing she was bigger.  Wishing

she could teach the jocks a lesson.

About a week later, Melissa spied a small ad hanging in the lobby of her dorm.

"Wanted: female, 20-25, for growth experiments.  See Prof. Dean in BioTech"

Melissa ripped the ad off the wall, and practically ran to the Professor's lab.

Prof. Dean was a handsome man, standing about 5'10", and looking a well muscled

180 pounds.  Also with the Professor was his assistant, John, a short, scrawny

graduate student.  After dispensing with the introductions, the Prof got down

to business.

"My field is human growth, and I've developed a way to actually cause

spontaneous growth in humans, both in height and musculature.  The procedure is

quick, safe and painless.  And I need test subjects.  Interested?"

"You bet I am!" Melissa nearly shouted.  "But how do you know the procedure


"Simple.  I used it on myself!  I was once 5'5", and as scrawny as John there.

But I've learned through extensive testing on animals that Testosterone, the

male hormone, interferes with the growth process I induce.  So now I need to

try my growth ray on a woman."

"When can we start?" asked Melissa.

"Right now!"  With that, the Prof led Melissa to a small changing room.

"Please remove all your clothing, and put on those white pajamas.  They will be

a bit large, but only for a short while!" Prof Dean added with a smile.

Melissa emerged from the room with the PJs hanging loosely from here like some

kind of weird hand me down from a much older and bigger sister.

"What size are these things?"

"John made those for me.  They are designed for someone 6'3" tall, with massive

17.5" arms, 28" thighs, 20" calfs, and a magnificent 45DD chest.  I don't know

if we'll get you quite that big today, but better safe than sorry."

Melissa's smile was huge.  "I can't *wait* to be big and strong!  Can you make

me even bigger?"

"Perhaps, but if it's strength you want, 6'3" is big enough.  I guess I forgot

to mention that my ray will also increase the density of your muscle fibers.

You will have *five* *times* the strength of a 'natural' human woman of those

proportions, if there were such a thing!"

John took Melissa into the next room, and had her stand on a pedestal in front

of a large cannon shaped laser-like device.  "Please stand up straight, and

move as little as possible."

The Professor walked to the ray gun device.  "We'll be using a 'burn' time of 3

seconds. Ready? Then here we go!"

With the flick of a switch, Melissa was bathed in a deep red light that covered

her from head to toe.  Almost immediately Melissa began to change.  A small

moan, sounding almost sexual in nature, escaped from her lips.  She quickly

shot up to 6' tall, her breasts expanding, and her hips widening.  But most

impressive were her muscles.  With amazing speed, Melissa began to fill out her

pajamas.  Before, where there had been little more than skin and bone, bulging

muscle began to form.  Melissa tossed her head back, and moved into a spread

eagle stance, her arms half bent at the elbows, her new biceps bunching into

rock-hard baseballs.  As she clenched her large fists, powerful muscle expanded

on her forearms, beginning to fill the once loose fitting sleeves of her shirt.

Now 6'2", Melissa's mammoth thighs stretched the fabric of her clothing.  Her

back arched, Melissa's now-giant breasts threaten to burst the seams of her

flimsy cotton top.

"This feels *wonderful*," Melissa cried!

Suddenly, just as the magical ray should have turned off, the machine gave off

a loud POP, and sparks flew.  "Power surge," the professor cried!  "I can't

disengage the ray!  John, pull the damn plug!"

"I can't!  The power surge must have fused the metal!"  Suddenly, John pointed.

"My GOD!"

The professor turned to look at Melissa.  What had once been a mousy little

girl was now a Giantess!  Standing 6'7", Melissa was pure female muscle.  Her

bulging, power-packed arms stretched the seams of her shirt.  Already her tree-

trunk thighs and diamond hard calfs had shredded her pants.  Professor Dean

stared open mouthed as Melissa flexed and relaxed her thighs.  With each flex,

Melissa's giant thighs exploded into bigger and bigger steel-like ropes of

feminine muscle.  Her size and definition were beyond compare to even the

largest male bodybuilder.  And still Melissa grew!

At 6'11", Melissa's clothing could contain her no longer.  A final flex of her

gigantic arms blew her shirt sleeves apart, and her ever-expanding breast

plowed through the front of her top.  Now revealed, Melissa's neck muscles

bunched into lead-pipe-like cords of power.  As she continued to moan and

thrash in the light, Melissa's abdominals clenched into a solid brick wall of

muscle.  Her massive legs were easily the size of the Professor's muscular

chest.  Her power-packed biceps were the size of grapefruits, and obviously as

hard as steel.

With a final shower of sparks, the amazing ray gave out.

"Wow!  That's some invention, Professor!"  Melissa laughed as she nimbly jumped

down from the platform.  Landing gracefully on her toes, Melissa's huge breasts

quivered slightly at the impact of all that female beef landing on the floor.

And the fact that her new muscles didn't so much as ripple gave hint to the

amazing power Melissa now possessed.

John and the Professor quickly began taking measurements of the massive woman.

"Incredible.  You now stand 7'2" tall and weigh 295 pounds.  And with upper arm

measurements of 29", thighs of 39", and calfs of 31", I'd say you are the

biggest woman ever!"

"Don't forget her 55EE chest," John panted.

"hahahaha, your both cute!  But who cares about tape measures.  I feel so

powerful, like I could rip a man in half!  I want to test my *strength*!"

Melissa growled.

"Have patience, dear, all things in time," lectured the Professor.

Ominously, Melissa's eyes narrowed, and she slowly turned towards the

Professor.  With great purpose and deliberation, Melissa slowly began to

advance on the much smaller man.  With each step, she flexed her power-packed

thighs and immense abdominal muscles.  Her fists clenched, she dropped her arms

to her sides, tensing her enormous upper arms and horseshoe shaped triceps.  As

she approached closer to the Professor, she slowly drew her arms out, and

expanded her lats to their full, vast proportions.  To the hapless professor,

it appeared that a solid wall of unstoppable female muscular power was

descending upon him!

Melissa stopped her approach only inches away.  The Professor found himself

staring into the Giantess' jutting breasts.  Looking up, Professor Dean saw a

dangerous look in the towering woman's eyes.

Keeping her massive muscles flexed and taught, Melissa grabbed the Professor by

the his upper arms with two hands, and effortlessly lifted the man to eye


Melissa spoke in a slow, commanding tone.  "No, you fool, I want to test myself

*now*!"  And with that she gave the hapless Professor a taste of her power.

From across the room, all John saw was an increased tightening of Melissa's

colossal arms.  But suddenly the Professor's face changed to a mask of terror

and pain, and his breath rushed out of him.  Melissa's strength was so great

that even a barely perceptible squeeze of her titanic arms was enough to almost

crack the man's ribs!

Melissa released the Professor, and he dropped to the floor.  Hooking her

thumbs at her hips, Melissa entered the classic bodybuilders lat spread and

stared down at the Professor.  Well, what are you waiting for? she boomed.

Staring up at Melissa from the floor, Professor Dean could barely comprehend

what he saw.  Melissa's great girth and height complete filled his field of

view!  Never before had the Professor seen or felt such a display of pure

power.  It both excited and scared him.

The professor swallowed hard.  "Right...Right away ma'am," he stammered.

Still flexing her stupendous torso, Melissa smiled an evil smile.  "That's more

like.  Don't forget, I'm not Mousey Melissa any longer!:

To be continued in chapter two:  Tests and Domination!


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