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Archive-name: Amazon/jill.txt


Archive-title: Jill

	This is a story about a beautiful & talented

dancer/performer named Jill. Jill has long, beautiful legs 

that are quite capable of destroying a man. I know because 

that's just what she did to me. Let me tell you my story.

	I met Jill through a mutual friend of ours. Bill had told 

me that he knew a girl that was very talented at wrestling 

and really enjoyed putting men into scissors holds and 

working them over until she had totally reduced them to 

sobbing little boys. I thought he was crazy and I told him 

so.  Naturally he suggested that I find out for myself. I 

readily agreed and added that I would give her $50.00 if she 

could make me submit the entire match to her; and $100.00 if 

she knocked me out. Jill was thrilled at this idea; she had 

seen some cute outfits that she wanted to buy and told me, " 

I'm going to destroy you more totally than any male I've 

worked over before. I'll bet that you will get on your knees 

and beg me to let you take me shopping after I've put you to 

sleep with these legs of mine. They don't look like body 

builder's legs, but they are strong as you will soon find 

out. "

	I said, " look little girl you may be in good shape; but, 

I'm a man and every one knows men are the stronger sex. I 

outweigh you by a ton and here feel this arm. " I proudly 

flexed my arm for her and she reached over and squeezed it. 

Then she laughed and said, " You call that a muscle ? Mine 

isn't nearly as 'fat', but it also doesn't give at all when 

you squeeze it. Yours is sort of rubbery. Besides the size of 

a muscle has nothing to do with the strength of it. Feel how 

much harder mine is than yours. "  She flexed her bicep and 

she was right it was smaller than mine, but harder. I was 

beginning to get a little worried that I had bitten off more 

than I could chew, so to speak; but, there was no way I was 

going to let her psych me out. So I walked confidently over 

to the area that had been cleared for our contest.

	Jill slowly walked over to me and almost gently placed her 

arm around my shoulders. The next thing I knew I was sailing 

through the air and landed on the floor with a jarring thud. 

Before I could respond Jill was sitting behind me and she 

grabbed a handful of hair to control where my head went. She 

knew exactly where she wanted to put it; between her long 

legs. She slammed her thighs against my neck and then began 

to increase the pressure. She also was rocking me from side 

to side. I was helpless to do anything; I grabbed at those 

legs of hers only to feel solid muscle. She didn't bother to 

grab my hands, she knew that I was not strong enough to 

separate them. Finally she stopped throwing me from side to 

side and raised her butt off of the floor; this put 

additional pressure on my neck. She started squeezing and 

shaking her hips from side to side. I had had it ! I could 

find no way to fight this onslaught. Just as I was about to 

submit she dropped back down to the floor.

 	I thought she had worn herself out; but, she was no where 

close to being through. She placed my hands on her thighs and 

then snapped her legs out straight and squeezed with such 

force that I began to feel light headed.

	My God, she was going to knock me out with the first hold. 

Once again before I could submit the pressure eased up, Jill 

sat up, leaned over and whispered in my ear, " How's it going 

down there ?  How many times have you thought seriously about 

submitting already. I'll bet you thought you were a goner 

after that last squeeze; but, I'm not ready to start knocking 

you out yet. I could have if I wanted to. Oh, what the heck." 

And with that she slammed her thighs closed again and crushed 

my neck with tremendous power. I tried to submit; but all I 

could do was gurgle out sounds. I don't think it would have 

mattered any way. Jill was in control and had decided to put 

me out with her first scissors.  And that's just what she did 

to me !

	I came to with her sitting on my chest looking down at me. 

When she saw me start to stir she slapped my face a couple of 

times saying, " come on, wake up you wimp. I didn't even use 

all of my power and your pathetic little body went limp on 

me. I can't believe that you are so bored with this that you 

went to sleep. I guess I'll just have to squeeze you harder 

next time to keep your attention. Why, what are you shaking 

about ? Are you afraid of my strength ? You ain't seen 

nothin' yet. I'll let you rest for a few minutes before I 

show you how strong I really am. "  Jill stood up and flexed 

her legs one time to emphasize her words. Then she stepped 

over me and left me lying there.

	After a few minutes she came back over and asked if I 

thought I was ready to continue the lesson. I said yes and 

again before I could react she jumped in the air and circled 

my waist with her legs. She wrapped her arms around my head 

and squeezed with her legs and her arms. I dropped to the 

floor and began to roll around trying to get loose. I could 

hear her laughing, " that's it little one thrash around and 

try to fight it. I just love it when guys try to give me some 

competition, so far you haven't shown me much. Are you having 

a hard time breathing ? You think it's tough now wait until I 

start putting the power into the holds. " And right then she 

some how did just that. I don't know how she did it, but she 

was hurting me even more. My pleas for submission were 

muffled. Jill knew I was trying to concede but she kept 

saying, " what's that ? I can't understand you. What are you 

saying ? You'd better quit talking and start fighting back or 

I might get mad and really work you over. "  Finally she 

released my head and concentrated on the scissors hold. I was 

afraid she was going to break my ribs.

	She must have read my mind, " Do your ribs feel like they 

are breaking ? Don't worry I'm a pro at this hold. I can take 

you to the verge of breaking but I'll back off before they 

snap.  I'm going to show you another trick that I love.

I'm going to take you to the edge of unconsciousness then 

back off and let you recover some; then back to the edge and 

back again. After I think you've had enough I'll let you sink 

into the darkness of unconsciousness. You'll be sore after 

this encounter with me for days; but, there won't be any 

doubt in your mind that Bill told you the absolute truth 

about me and my capabilities. "

	Jill would squeeze until I screamed for her to stop; then 

ease up and crush again. She kept this up until I was 

sweating from the pain and could barely even submit.  She 

finally released me and I once again lay in a heap at the 

feet of this beautiful woman. She smiled down at me, and blew 

me a kiss as she walked off.

	She walked back over, placed her foot on my chest and 

flexed her calf muscle. " We haven't even started the calf 

muscle holds yet and by my calculations you are already 

$150.00 in the hole. This could get really expensive so I'll 

tell you what I'm going to do. I'm having so much fun that 

just for you I'm going to give you a two for one special. For 

every submission you pay for you get one free; and for every 

knock out you pay for you get one free.  Isn't that sweet of 

me ? I'm going to speed this up so we can get to the shopping 

center. This next round will be fast so lets get it on. " 

Without waiting she stepped forward and reached down for 

another handful of hair. She raised my neck between her 

calves and started squeezing. My neck was so tender by now 

that I was in instant pain. Then she stood up on her toes and 

put every bit of pressure she could into the hold and I was 

unconscious again.

	Jill toyed with me after this by placing me in a head 

lock, " Well, my legs have softened that old neck up so I'll 

bet my arms can do you in. Let's give it a try. " Once again, 

she was right; out I went. I could not even think straight by 

now. She had reduced me to nothing and I hadn't even gotten 

her in one hold.  As I slowly got to my hands and knees Jill 

came over and placed my head between her thighs and gave one 

long solid burst of power, " is there anything you would like 

to say, or do you want to keep on having fun like this ? I'm 

not even tired, but you look like you have had it. How do you 

feel ? "  I told her I had had enough. She squeezed me again, 

then let up and then squeezed until I was on the verge of 

passing out; then she let up. She kept this up for several 

minutes. Finally she released me and I fell to the floor. She 

rolled me over and made me get to my knees before her. " Now, 

what do you want to say to me ? "

  I begged her to stop and to let me take her shopping. Jill 

smiled and said, " well, I don't know. I'm really having fun 

here. Are you quite sure you have had enough ? Put your head 

between my legs and ask me nice to knock you out one last 

time. "

	I immediately did as she had instructed. WHAM !! Out went 

the lights. Then I took her shopping. It really was a 

smashing success !!!


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