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Archive-name: Solo/sohorny.txt

Archive-author: Nancy

Archive-title: I'm So Horney

from Intimate Acts

I'm writing this letter for a very important reason.  I'm horny.  Horny

enough to know I'd like to get laid or at least fool around, but not

horny enough to take off my panties and play with my cunt.  I know that

if I write to you and tell you how horny I am, I'll get hot enough to

pet my pussy 'til I come.

  Heres what I'm doing right now.  I've got my pen in my right hand and

my left leg is up on the couch.  I'm sitting at a folding table.  I've

just now taken off my panties.  I haven't touched my cunt yet, but I can

veel cool air circulating around it, and it seems my clit is already

kind of hard.  I think my cunt's a little wet, too.  I just ran my

middle finger up and down my slit, real gentle, not even opening up my

cunt lips.  Mmmmm, I did it again, only this time I stuck my finger into

my slit.  I'ts kind of moist, and when I sniff my finger I get the most

delicious sexual armoa.

  Right now I'm holding my pussy lips open with my index and third

fingers, and I'm using my middle finger to rub my clitoris.  Ooooh, It

feels so good!

  My cunt's pretty wet now, and I'm getting really excited.  I've got my

make-up mirror nearby, and now I'm looking at my cunt, and It's very

pink and shiny, and I'm going to sign off now so I can watch myself

masturbate . . .


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