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Archive-name: Solo/nukemast.txt


Archive-title: Nukes and Masturbation

WARNING:  This story does NOT have a pleasant theme.  If this disturbs

          you, read no further!

     She streched out, naked, across a lawn chair, high atop the

roof of the 64 story building.

     This was it, the realization of all the science fiction movies

for so long, and she intended to enjoy it to max.

     Her city was getting nuked.

     Plain and simple.  The government had given 20 minutes warning

to the public of a 90 megaton nuclear warhead headed straight to

detonate right over downtown.

     Well, that was it.  There was only one option to avoid getting

killed- get out of the city.

     Unfortunately, a 90 megaton bomb does not just take out a

portion of a city, it takes out the entire city.  Suburbs and all. 

Highways were backed up for miles on end.  If you were real lucky,

you might manage to get out of the city by speeding on the local

roads, but to get out of a sprawl is not as easy as it seems.  20

minutes, she suppposed, would have saved you from not coming into

the city.  But it was too late for everyone else.  It was about 6

minutes until it would hit right above the city.  And she was

alone.  Everyone was going crazy on the streets below.  But not


     She took out a bottle of lubricant and start to massage it all

over herself.  Her heart beat, as she thought of what was

happening, and what she was doing.  So calm.  So ironic.

     Delicious irony.  Delicious was the word that came to mind

when she when she saw and felt her wet pussy.

     Her brown pubic hair was thick and attractive at her pubic

mesh, and naturally thining out some at her slit.  As if built for


     But it wasnt sex that she was interested in right now,


     She enticingly picked up some of her vaginal fluids leaking

out on her index finger and slowly sucked on it in her mouth.

     Honking on the streets below.  The former sounds of

construction were all gone.

     She took her finger out and starting to circle around at her

breasts.  Her breasts were comic book perfect, sticking out like

small cones, and jiggling when needed.  The nipples were pleasantly

erect and visibly upwards.  She then started the concentrate, with

both of her hands, on the hard pink nipples.

     People were screaming.  At the top of their lungs.  Men,

women, and children, all in complete chaos.  The end was near.

     Pleasure, tingling up chest, making her pussy more and more

wet.  She could smell, as she was laying down on the soft plastic

chair, the musky essence of her womanhood slowly dripping down on

the chair, and through the cracks onto the ground.

     She lifted her head and she started to suck on her own nipple,

with the other hand flicking the hard point about on the other


     Ambulance sirens.  The fools.  They cant fucking save anyone.

     She released her head, and moved her hand down.  She rubbed

her firm belly circling around her navel.  Her pussy was aching

now.  So close, but not yet.

     The would all be fried by the radiation if the flashburn didnt

get to them.

     She spread her legs out and closed them rapidly as she

increased her sexual tension.  Her tits started to jiggle, bringing

her closer and closer to orgasm.  Without even touching her horny


     "Bounce my fucking titties" she moaned softly as shivers went

up her spine.

     Gunshot.  Two.  Someone blew their head off and their lover


     The seemed to flow thru her, as if some ultimate aphrodesiac,

her state of arousal was the highest she ever experienced.

     She finally led her hand around, but not touching her hole,

her pussy.  She gently patted the pubic mounds, as some erotic


     A child, screaming from a window 9 stories down.  A mother had

killed herself by flinging herself out the window.

     "Oh yes scream baby scream is your mama dead would you like to

fuck me instead".  Scream baby scream the agonizing pain of some

child innocent of the the world, shock and angst as his end would

come soon too.


     Her hand was covered in moist vaginal fluid.  It was the end

of the world as was known.

     And she felt fine.

     She stuck her first finger in her clit.  Beyond words.  The

second went in and finally the third in her hot, tight and wet


     Rapid automatic fire.  Over and over.  Screams not of


     "Yes, yes, fuck you all SCREAM!  AAAAAOOOOOOOOHH......."  She

felt the flood of emotions and pleasure pain fuck as she began to

masturbate and move her fingers up and down the lubricated walls of

her vagina.

     The noises became all engulfing.  There was no peace.  There

was just chaos.  Climactic.  Faster.  Faster.  Harder her pussy was

almost there as she saw humanity the fucking universe at its common

denominator.  Entropy.  Entropy and Ecstacy.  Orgasmic.

     She was at the verge of orgasm.  Faster harder she felt

burning and the sounds of manmade disorder was overcome with the

rumbling that seemed like an eternity.

     She orgasmed as she was fully unleashed and burning, blinded

by light screaming and one with the universe so hot and vibrant.

     The last millisecond came the final climax of an ultimate

expression of herself sexuality and mankind duality.  She lost

herself as she became one with the energy of her pussy.  The energy

of sexuality.  Never to come back as she was fused into the ground

by the radiant energy of the nuclear bomb blast.


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