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Archive-name: Solo/mstrcl1.txt

Archive-author: Diane

Archive-title: Master-Class I

It always stikes me as strange that when I read of sexual exploits there

are always tales of 1 on 1, 2 on 1, gang bangs, orgies, domination,

water sports...but do you ever hear of sex by yourself?  Or with someone

watching?  What do you do if even the Heineken can't refresh someone

elses' "other parts"?  Yep!!  Get your fingers moving!

It was only a couple of months ago when my boyfriend, David, amid a

frank discussion (I'd told him to confess his innermost fantasies or I

wouldn't untie him!) said that he'd really like to see someone else wank,

and to be watched himself as he played with his 7 inches of manhood.

The idea was lost as he flung himself on top of me when I undid his

bonds but the seed of an idea had been planted...

A few days later, it was saturday evening and I'd been in preparation for

a couple of days.  The shopping had been done and I was ready to play.

Seduction at our place often starts with a good meal and a bottle of

plonk and, having shared an extra glass of wine after dinner I led

David up to the bedroom.  It was cosy in the room and the light was

dimmed a little. I sat David on the bed and told him he was just to

do as I asked.  He smiled and I gently pushed him back onto the bed,

kissing him ever more deeply.

At first we just kissed, lips and then tongues, until our hands began

to rove over each others' body.  I held his face, then one hand went

behind his neck, pulling his lips harder to mine as my other hand

trailed outside his shirt, over his chest and around his nipples.

Davids' nipples are sensitive and it didn't take long for me to feel

their hardness through my fingertips.  My nails started to scratch his

cherries where my fingers had lightly stroked and the intensity of the

feelings had him pressing his erectness hard against me.

David lay underneath me and I straightened up a little, undoing his

shirt and gripping his firm chest and scratching his nipples directly.

His cock was almost bursting out of his trousers and his fingers fervently

fondled my breasts through my blouse and bra.  Just to surprise him I

shuffled up his body and, with my short, tight skirt having risen around

my hips I sat with my thighs each side of his face.  He was treated to

a dripping wet pussy, no knickers, and he instantly reacted by delving

his tongue as far into my cunt as he could.

I laughed quietly to myself and moved from him, knowing that more,

much more, was to come...

As I moved from Davids' face he reached for me but I avoided his hands

as he let me take off his remaining clothes.  David has a good build and

he wasn't ashamed of letting me see his naked body and I smiled as I saw

how big his cock had become.  I loved to tease him and I could see that

my ministrations were having a massive effect on him!

David lay waiting for me to move towards him again so that he could

undress me and take me, but I had other ideas.  From under the bed

I pulled two ankle cuffs; they were each attached to two chains and,

hidden under the bed, each chain was attached to one of the four corners

of the bed.  I quickly slipped the cuffs onto Davids' ankles before he

could protest and then stood back.  The cuffs allowed him almost total

freedom - but only within the confines of the bed.  There was lot of

spare chain so he could roam around the whole of our double bed but,

start towards the rest of the room and the chain pulled him short.

Davids' eyes questioned why; all I said was "I just want a little freedom

to play where I want...why don't you watch me..?"

As I spoke I let my long, mousy hair down from its clips - the ends

settled just above the swell of my firm 36 inch bust.  My tits were

firm, and full, and I loved touching them.  As my hand slid outside my

blouse, as I stood, leaning against the wall at the foot of the bed so

that  David, propped up on pillows could see me over his throbbing cock,

I raised my face so that my boobs strained against my caressing fingers

and my hips arched my ass from against the wall.  I sighed gently as I

felt my nipples, rigid through my clothing, pushing nail-hard against

my touch.  My sighs turned to small mews in my throat and I unbuttoned

my blouse and my front-catching bra, finally feeling my hands on my bare

breasts, squeezing and caressing their fullness and pinching and pulling

at my long nipples.

The more I played the more carried away I became and I pleaded with David,

"Watch me Baby, watch me play with myself."

He just replied, breathily, "Yes, Darling, do it, wank for me, masturbate,

jerk yourself off, finger-fuck your cunt..."

I was surprised at the vehemence of his words but then, glancing through

my half-closed eyes I saw that David was firmly rubbing the flat of his

hand over his cock.  His hands intermittently played over his thighs and

balls and his fingers occassionaly went to tweak his nipples, leaving

his back arched as his cock pleaded to regain its rubbing hand.

Closing my eyes again I scratched hard at my nipples, hurting them and

loving the pain.  My right hand dived under the waistband of my skirt

in order to rub away some of the frustration from my soaking pussy but,

finding it restricted by the waistband and only able to tantalisingly

play with my erect clit, I undid the catch on the side of the skirt with

my left hand and then cried out in pleasure as three fingers of my hand

rammed themselves deep into my gaping cunt as the skirt dropped around

my ankles.

I was leaning against a wall, tits out, crying out, fucking with my

fingers for all I was worth and dressed only in white suspenders, white

stockings and white high-heels.  My right hand wanked and my left hand

squeezed and tormented my breasts.  All the time I was gasping, "Watch

this David, watch me fuck myself, watch me wank as I look at your naked

body and your hard cock, watch me frig myself as you pump your rod.

Do it David, do it with me!"

I was in ecstacy, I was rampant, aching; I was loving it and now my

eyes were opened and I watched David brazenly jerking his cock up

and down in his fist.  He was wide-eyed and watching my fingers in my

cunt as he played with his body.  He was writhing on the bed, wanting

to be released but aching for the intense pleasure never to finish.

Suddenly he was gasping and his body bent upwards and he screamed, "I'm

coming, I'm coming!" and jets of spunk flew into the air, up his chest

and even as far as his neck.  I had never seen his spunk come out like

that; loads of it - he almost gave himself a mouthful!

He must have carried on pumping for a full half-minute before he fell

back on the bed, breathing heavily.  I felt like I had come a thousand

times as I had wanked for him but I just wanted to carry on playing...

David has his eyes closed and, gently pulling my sopping fingers from

my hot cunt I went over to him.  I knelt beside the bed and stirred the

juices from my fingers in with his cum that lay tracked across his belly

and chest.  Then I lifted my cum covered fingers to his lips.

"Suck them baby."  I said, "This is you and me and I want you to taste us.

Eat and you can have me all  night - that's a promise."  He was wonderful

- he made like a trussed-up slave being ordered, rather than asked, to

do his womans' bidding.  At first he just extended his tongue a little,

lapping at my fingers, but then he closed his lips around each one in

turn, sucking at our juices and making small cries as though he were

getting excited all over again.  My fingers turned into phallic symbols

for him and he dutifully sucked the five cocks on my hand.  We looked

at each other as he did it, my eyes were wide and he was turning us both

on with his explicit love-play.

When my hand was clean I moved to his feet and, sliding my hand up the

outside of his thighs, over his hips and nipples, I licked, right up

his centre, from perineum, over his balls, sucking on each as I went,

nibbling gently along the semi-erect length of his penis, kissing and

sucking on its exposed head, licking and kissing over his navel and up

to his nipples, lapping up the remainder of his cum along the way, and

eventually stopping, now lying with my head on his chest where I sucked,

licked and teased his nipples and played with them with my fingers.

Under my belly I could feel his cock getting harder as I played more and

more with his nipples.  I slid down the bed again and, kneeling at his

feet, pulled him towards me as much as his fetters would allow so that

now his cock and balls were nearly at the edge of the bed, right by my

waiting lips.  I knew that, after his massive orgasm before, I had time

on my side and so I just gently leaned forward from my kneeling position

and kissed his balls lightly.  I could hear his surprised intake of breath

for, as he lay on the bed, there was no way he could see what I was doing.

Pausing for a few seconds I leaned forward and again kissed his balls -

but slightly higher up the sac  this time - towards the base of his cock.

I paused again, then kissed again, then paused, then kissed - and just

marvelled as, each time I kissed, his manhood would jerk and stretch

a little further...  When I reached the base of his cock I tilted my

head to one side and then enveloped the base with my lips.  I almost

couldn't stretch my lips around the whole of his width but managed it

and then started to lick and suck at that part of his cock.  David was

moaning and moving, arching his hips in a vain attempt to allow the upper

part of his manhood the same favours that the lower part was enjoying.

I only let him writhe for a short while and then, still sucking at the

base of his cock I closed my hand around the upper part and, pulling his

foreskin up and down, to its fullest extent, I began to slowly wank him.

I was tempted to enclose my mouth around the whole of his cock but

blow-jobs were nothing unusual for us and I wanted David to experience

something new; a fantasy come true...

Slowly, sooo slowly, teasing more than exciting, my hand moved up and

down his rod.  My fingers, at the top of their travels, touched the

tip of his cock and spread a little more pre-cum around the tiny hole.

Occassionaly I would leave the foreskin stretched down and, with my other

hand, grazed  his glans and the underside of his rod with my nails.

His moans were incomprehensible but the agonized bucking of his hips

told me all I needed to know.

It took over half an hour for my neck to ache so that I needed to

straighten up; as for David - he was so straight that even I was amazed -

I had never seen him so big and hard!  He was teased to distraction -

he hadn't been able to play with himself as I played with him and my

ministrations were so laid back that he was agonizingly frustrated and

MASSIVELY turned on.  As I pulled away a little from him his right hand

dived towards his cock and his hips rose up, eager for dick to meet

digits to relieve his agony.

Worried that he may come so fast that the moment would too soon be over,

I leant over him, my nipples grazing the sheet between his legs and

reminding me that I was completely turned on too.  As his hand moved

up and down his shaft I closed my hand over his and allowed the two to

move as one.  The extra pressure from my hand and the closeness of my

touch obviously pleased him and he breathed, "Yes, oh Yes!"

Allowing my hand to exert a little more pressure on his I slowed

his movements down and, before he could protest at this restriction,

I lowered my mouth over his head so that he could feel my wet warmth

over his foreskin and then directly over the head of his rod as his

hand-movements exposed it.  It was all he needed and, within a couple of

strokes (and a little suction on my part!) I felt his cum spurt into my

mouth; wet, warm, salty - I loved it but did not swallow and, as soon as

he was spent, I moved up Davids' body and, still holding his cum in my

mouth, I french-kissed with him - sharing the warm spunk with its maker.

David is not inconsiderate but, after his exertions, he was obviously

tired and his gentle touches to my drenched cunt were very half-hearted.

I laughed gently, "You take it easy Lover-Boy - I need something good

and hard inside me and you're obviously not up to the you

just watch."

It was the second time that evening that he'd watched me put on a show

for him but, in my state of unsatisfied lust, I would have performed

in front of a bunch of monkeys.  I wasn't putting on a show for him -

this  was my playtime and I was making the most of it!

Opening a draw in my dresser I reached towards the back of it and brought

out a small box, shoe-box size.  Opening the lid I pulled out a large,

ribbed vibrator.  I had chosen the toy carefully, along with a few others

at the local porn-palace and its mechanics were quite wondrous; it pumped,

vibrated and twisted at three different speeds and it took only seconds to

slide the thick, eight inch toy right up my slit.  I needed to be fucked.

We had played for what seemed like hours - foreplay wasn't needed now

and I just leant into that toy for all I was worth.  The speed was at

its second level and I moaned as I stood, in the middle of the room,

shoving that plastic cock inside me and mauling my tits with my free hand.

I could see David, his cock no longer limp, staring at me and gently

stroking his nipples.  A thought crossed my mind and I reached into the

box again to pull out a long, thin vibrator.  I walked over to the bed,

the large vibrator still in my cunt, and told David to lick the new toy.

He dutifully did so and, when it was nice and wet I knelt  over his

body, my thighs straddling his waist.  Leaning forward and asking him

to play with my tits I also took the thin vibrator and, switching it

on, slid its lubricated length up my ass.  The feeling was fantastic,

a hard, moving cock up my cunt, a thin, pulsating length up  my ass and

my nipples being licked and sucked while David moulded my breasts with

his hands and I turned the speed on the big vibrator up to its maximum.

I came and came and came.

I sagged, exhausted, on top of David, still squatting but with my tits on

his chest and my face buried in his shoulder.  If anyone had asked me then

I wouldn't have been able to raise any interest in sex (or anyone elses

for that matter!).  David, it seemed, had other ideas; I hadn't really

noticed the hard length of manhood that was rising strongly to meet my

body but I quickly noticed as, deftly pulling the thin vibrator from

my ass he replaced it with the tip of his cock.  His rod just touched

my slightly widened ass-hole and I, not quite realising his intentions,

just playfully smiled and shook my head, "No, I don't think so love..."

(Un)fortunately for me David was spurred on by my denial of my body to

him and he gripped my thighs from his position underneath me.

"Remember your promise," He said as he gently pushed me back onto his

cock, my legs, spread astride his body, helped his access as did the

juices generated by our previous escapades.  My eyes widened and I

tried to relax as I felt his knob slowly push up my anus.  David, as

I've said, has a big tool and when it was up my cunt it was one thing,

but up my ass was something else entirely.  The first sensation, just

a stretching of my ass-hole and his cock pushing rythmically against

it, each time trying to gain a little more access, were pleasent and

erotic but then, as he managed to get that thick rod further in to me

the pleasure became pain; not a ripping pain but a pain of being filled,

stretched and pleasured in a way I had never known.

My eyes were wide, my mouth screaming contradictions, "Oh yes, no more,

push it in, further, oh please take it out!"  I was ecstatic, in a world

high above my real plane.  Literally screwed out of my brains.

He was in me, filling my ass and the thick vibrator was still in my

cunt, still pulsating.  I was being screwed from every way and Davids'

hands were pulling hard at my nipples.  Only more pain could enhance

the delicious agony in my ass and he was giving it to me pulling and

twisting at my swollen buds.  Suddenly, his hands flattened against my

tits and he pushed me away from him so that I was sitting up, almost

leaning backwards.  I couldn't believe the sensation for it drove his

prick even further into my expectant ass, filling me totally, seemingly

meeting the vibrator in my cunt at mid-point.  The feelings drove me to

even greater heights and I rubbed furiously at my clit, screwing his cock

with my ass, driving my hole onto his cock until I came, massively and,

at the same time, I felt his warm cum spray the walls of my rectum.

This was only our first Masterbation Class but there will be many more

and, I hope to share each one - with everyone!


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