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Archive-name: Solo/moonlust.txt


Archive-title: Moon Lust


    The night air dipped slowly into the high penthouse window above the

sleak alleys below.  She stood by the opening, a bright carving of

lushious flesh.  The cool breezes bit her soft nipples and made them

hard and full.

    She was alone in her dark intimate haven and thoughts of sinful deep

passions errupted.  She could not sleep and stood slave to her nocturnal

desires.  Her hands carressed her firm young body, one which she

indulged in knowing it's sweet powers of bliss.

    Her fingers glided over 23 years of richly woven satin-like skin,

and hair that flowed like strips of hot silk. She pressed in with her

palms against her taunt stomach and let them push upward towards her

angelic breasts.  Her breaths became deeper, her blood rushed into her

longing pores.

    Squeezing at first softly, then faster and wantingly, the goddess

massaged her breasts and tilted her smooth face towards the heavens,

opening her sweet lips slowly.  Her moistened tongue yearned to taste

her gifts of flesh and swiftly she lowered her head towards her

throbbing nipples.

    Her tasting muscle lunged out and painted the tough bit of womaness

with a sweet blanket of hot saliva.  She sucked in her firm fleshy feast

and moaned at her own dreamlike form.

    After breathing in her perfect erect breasts(now a bright pink aura

from her wanting mouth) she leaned back into the late dark sky and let

the colder air lick her wet stomach and nipples, this sending bolts of

blissful lightening down her entire body.

    Her hands and fingers knew her curves well and they danced against

one another in a heavenly ritual.  This woman and her soul moaned and

reached out for their palace of pure unending pleasures.  Her legs

quivered under the tips of seeking fingers.  They found the fresh, firm

skin and muscle just below her arched back.  She squeezed her flesh and

let that hot wanting tongue glide under her bulging red lips.  

    Resting on a satin pillow that cupped her soft form like a strong

knowing hand, her raised up her long silky legs and stretched out her

feet sensing the burning muscles in her body yell out for ecstasy.  The

moon peered down on this nymph of the night and clothed her in a milkly

ray of lights and urges.

    The heart bathed in this beauty pumped harder, surer.  It threw its

rich juices throughout her throbbing body filling every thirsty space,

knowing soon it too would orgasm with her.  

    She grasped her legs thrusting her soft place of most desire outward

letting it breath and taste the heat of her cries. Her fingers, slippery

with enticing sweat, writhed down her succulent legs heading for a

palace within her.

    Suddenly, a flash of heat unlike her own body moved across her

nakeness.  The heat was gentle and flowed over her like some passionate

mist of luke-warm love juices. Her slippery hands couldn't budge and her

entire body ached and moaned.

    The heat wave grew more intense and gripped her plushious flesh with

soaring fingers of blissful pain.  She knew not where this incredible

sensation came from, she only knew how the skin on her hot legs and

lovelips bursted with unbearable heat.  Sweat rushed down her heeving

breasts pouring over her rigid nipples.  She moaned louder and let her

thick tongue reached out and beg for her ultimate pleasure pulse.  The

light and heat that bathed her pushed into her as her juices cascaded

down legs that already shined with sweet sweat.

   Deeper and harder the pleasure dived until she felt every muscle,

every cell, every lust in her body explode again and again.  Waves of

energy pulsed out between her thriving legs and her hands squeezed their

throbbing breasts.  Second after second, minute after minute she cried

and tried to hold her precious body together as the tital waves of

ecstasy errupted onto her soft spots and taunt nerves.

   Finally the ocean of heat and lust calmed and her exhausted flesh lay

still.  The cool winds again blew into her sweet haven and tickled the 

sensative nymph.

She opened her glazed and tearing eyes and peared towards her sacred

moon.  The moon which once tossed deep clouds of light was now black and


    The crisp night breezes lapped her soft breasts and weaved into her

delicated trimmed hairs and smooth thighs.  She smiled and ran a gloosy

red tongue across full firey lips, the stars above swirling around her

distant moon.



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