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Archive-name: Solo/allalone.f

Archive-author: Lena

Archive-title: All Alone

	That particular night I planned to just sit back and

relax. I had a bottle of wine and it was warm enough I could

have left all my clothes off if I wished. I ended up in an old

t-shirt. I might as well have been naked though, because when I

sat down in my easy chair and lay one leg over the arm, my shirt

pulled up almost to my waist, exposing everything it should have

covered. Little did I expect that by the end of the night the

shirt would not be all I would take off.

	My older brother Luke has always been close to me and we

share with each other those things of our own we think the other

needs or would enjoy. Sometimes it's eerie the way we know what

is on the other's mind. He must have known I was going to be

alone that night because he had dropped off a VHS tape with a

note to call him in the morning to let him know my reaction.

	I had enjoyed x-rated movies before, some with Luke. The

first time he brought one over, I couldn't believe my eyes. By

the time we finished watching the movie my mouth was so dry I

could hardly swallow, but my pussy was so wet I'm sure my dress

was damp where it had fallen between my legs. I'm also sure Luke

knew what I had on my mind. He brought over others for me after

that and I always looked forward to each new movie. I loved to

watch the guys fucking and licking the girls in the films and I

especially liked to pretend it was on my stomach or on my tits

their semen spilled. I dreamed of rubbing it into my skin, my

pubic hair, my pussy lips and then sucking my fingers until

their  wetness was licked away. But I hadn't watched one in

months. So I especially  looked forward to an evening of fantasy

as I took Luke's movie out of it's  container and slipped it

into the recorder.   

	The film I put in the player that night, however, was

not what I anticipated. This one did not have guys. It was only

about girls.

	It might have been the wine. It might have been the dim

light. Or it might have just been my mood. In any case, as I

watched the movie, I gradually realized my breathing had become

shallow and I could almost feel my heart beat beneath my breast.

As the women touched each other and kissed each other and rubbed

their breasts against each other, I became aware of a part of

myself only hinted at before. I found myself wishing I was with

them. That it was my skin being stroked; my lips being kissed.

My face became hot and flushed. I looked over my shoulder as

though to see if anyone was there, watching, reading my

thoughts.  My shirt became moist with perspiration and as its

cloth touched my nipples  they became so sensitive I found my

hand moving beneath the cloth, cupping the  soft underside of my

breast, my fingers gently squeezing each to make sure the

feeling I was experiencing was really coming from me.

	Then two of the girls in the movie moved to the shower,

began bathing each  other and as they rubbed the soap on the

others bodies I became aware of my  other hand slipping between

my own legs, pressing hard against myself,  trying to hold in

the response that was beginning to rise within my body. After 

soaping thoroughly they began to shave each others pubic hair.

When they  finished, they moved to the bedroom to continue their

embraces. As I watched  their lovemaking and gazed upon their

newly shaved pink pussies, I experienced  my first orgasm. I

found my hand drenched with my own wetness. My breasts ached as

I pressed harder against them with my hand and arm. And when I

finished I  knew what I wanted, at that moment, more than

anything else; and I knew the  evening would not be completed

until I had been satisfied.

	I rewound the tape to the beginning of the shower scene,

turned the TV and  recorder off and moved to my own bathroom. I

lit some candles, saved in the  bathroom for special nights,

turned off all the other lights and filled the  tub with water,

scenting it with a soothing bath oil Luke had given me. The 

t-shirt came off as I slipped into the warm water and felt its

gentle caress.  As I lay in the water remembering the scenes of

the shower and recalling the  vision of the newly bared mons and

lips, my body took on a new sensitivity.  Each nerve seemed more

alive than ever. The soap became a lover as it used my  own hand

to stroke my body. Soon my attention was turned to my own pubic

hair.  I have never had very much and what is there is sparse

and soft. Because of  the blond color, it seems almost

invisible. But that would not be enough. I  knew every hair must

be removed. The soap was applied and as the razor glided across

my skin, the threatened sharpness brought a new awareness within

the  delicate tissue. Sensuality was joined by a veiled

perception of fear. Starting  at the top and then moving down

and back, I paid special attention to the small  fine hairs

around my clitoris and between the lips. The area below the

vagina  and around my ass was also shaved. When finished, I lay

back in the water, my  eyes closed, and ran my fingers across

the now smoothed pussy confirming that  indeed all its hair was


	I'm not sure how long I remained there, but finally I

moved to the bedroom and toweled myself dry. A softly perfumed

lotion was obtained from the dresser and  I returned to the TV

room, this time without the t-shirt. A record of gentle  music

was selected and placed on the player. The TV and video were

started but  without sound as I realized the only words I wanted

to hear would be my own  thoughts. As the scenes repeated, I

applied the lotion. First across my chest  and then cupping each

breast with one hand, I began to stroke the upper  sensitive

skin with the other, moving closer with each caress to the

areola and  nipple. As my finger applied just a drop of the

lotion to the surrounding pink  areas, my nipples and the small

papilla around them began to project out. But  they were not

hard. Instead they had taken on a softness and sensitivity I had

 not experienced before. I had to stop. As the women on the

screen made love to  each other I realized the only way I could

join them would be within my mind  and the TV images had become

a barrier instead of a door to fulfilling my  fantasy. 

	I turned everything off and returned to the bedroom.

Laying on the bed, in the darkness, I became aware of my body in

a new way; almost as though it had an existence of its own. My

hand returned to my breasts and I found them even more sensitive

than before. I grasped the nipples between my fingers, gently

pulling and twisting. A breath of warm air blew across my naked

body. A soft ache entered my pelvis. My hand move down my

abdomen. Slowly the tips of my fingers began to brush across the

newly shaved mons. A moan escaped from me. It was  like a voice

from another area of my mind, an echo from another existence. I

continued down to my labia, along the sides and then between.

But now I didn't need a lotion. The juice from my pussy was

flooding and as I caressed my newly smoothed softness I found

there was nothing to compare with my own silky cream. My fingers

found their way to my mouth allowing my tongue to taste and lick

the passion from their tips. As they returned to my pussy, I

felt a strange and freighting feeling begin to rise within my

body. The palm of my hand pressed against my clitoris as my

fingers slipped between my lips and into the depths of my

vagina. I began to massage the soft ridges within me. My legs

came back  as the other hand sought my now swollen lips and


	My strokes began slowly, but soon the difference between

slow and fast became meaningless as I began to lose control. The

feeling within my pelvis had taken over. My heart ached from its

pounding and I had to gasp for air because I forgot to breathe.

Two, three, then four of my fingers found their way into  my

pussy as it pleaded for more. Perspiration covered me. A musky

odor mixed with the smell of perfume and my own body became a

stimulant to my senses as my mind exploded with sensations.

Then, within me, I felt the inner ridges of my vagina smoothed

out and open as though expecting a gift. At the same time, the

outer area tightened and began to spasm with urgency and

ecstasy, trying to prevent any escape. I heard a scream and

realized it was my own. Juices poured from me as I began to rub

and spread them over my body, my breasts, my arms, my face. I

put some on my nipples, pushed my breast towards my mouth and

used my tongue to lick it off. My hands caressed every part of

my body. I was insane with a rapture of sexuality. My orgasm had

taken complete control of my mind and body. I was its prisoner,

it was my lover and I responded in any way it demanded.

	I can't tell you how long this went on but slowly the

fog of sensuality was replaced with an overwhelming need for

sleep. As I fell into a deep sleep, I thought of Luke and how I

was going to explain my response to his movie. I also wondered

if there was anyone else I could share it with.

	Good night and sleep tight.



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