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Archive-name: 3plus/donna01.mff

Archive-author: T. Janes   (c) 1991

Archive-title: Donna and I - 1

               Donna and I were introduced by a mutual friend.  I felt

          an instant attraction for her, unlike any other woman I had

          met.  I had known a lot of women, but none could match Donna,

          when it came to inner beauty.  Outwardly, Donna is very

          pretty, too.  She is tall and lean, with dark brown hair

          that hangs down to her cute little butt.  We dated for two

          months before we had sex.  Little did I know, until later,

          that Donna had still been a virgin when we first made love.

          She had been a little shy, but acted like she knew exactly

          what she was doing.  After about a year of dating, we began

          living together.  By then, we were considering marriage. 


          It was before we got married that, in the course of one of

          our marathon love making sessions, Donna confided that she

          thought that she might be bisexual.  This was something

          entirely new to me.  I loved Donna deeply, and was not

          bothered by this revalation in the least.  In fact, I was

          excited by the possibilities.  We discussed experimenting

          with a threesome, to see if the reality was as good as the

          fantasy.  After that night, the subject sort of fell by the

          wayside, as our wedding plans progressed.  Besides, in the

          small town in which we live, there wasn't much chance of

          finding a woman interested in a threesome. 


          We were married two and a half years after we met.  Later,

          during a hot love making session, the subject of a threesome

          came up again.  This time, we both took the idea more

          seriously.  We talked about all of the possible consequences

          of bringing a third person into our bed.  We both felt

          comfortable with the idea, and decided to see what we could

          do to make this fantasy a reality.  We went over a mental

          list of potential candidates, and came up with a few who

          might be interested, as well as interesting.  The first

          three women we propositioned politely declined.  Then, late

          one night Donna thought of a girl she had attended school

          with.  Donna said that her friend, Kim was very attractive

          and always horny.  The next day, Donna called Kim and after

          a long chat, propositioned her.  We were delighted when Kim

          heartily agreed. 


          Kim came to our house the following evening.  Donna and I

          had spent the entire day getting ready.  Donna was wearing a

          very sexy red mini-dress.  Under that, she wore a black

          garter-belt, stockings and g-string.  we were both so

          excited about the thought of what lay ahead, that it was all

          we could do to restrain ourselves from making love before

          Kim arrived.  We prepared a romantic candle-lit dinner for

          three, of giant prawn shrimp, and champagne.  Kim arrived

          before dinner was ready.  Kim and Donna spent the time

          before dinner catching up on "old times", and what had been

          going on since.  As I watched these two lovely ladies

          chatting, I couldn't help but think about what it would be

          like with both of them in bed.  Kim was wearing a pant-suit,

          and apologized that she didn't have anything sexier to wear.

          Donna has a closet-full of sexy clothing, so she offered to

          find something for Kim. 


          I took over the kitchen duties, while Donna led Kim into our

          bedroom.  Kim picked out a sexy dress.  Donna also picked

          out a white garter-belt, stockings and g-string, and

          suggested that Kim try them on.  Kim had never worn a garter

          before, so Donna followed her into the bathroom, to help her

          into it.  From the kitchen, I could hear them giggling like

          a couple school-girls.  The anticipation of what lay ahead

          was killing me!  Donna had been nervous about "making the

          first move" with another woman, but while they were in the

          bathroom, Kim solved that by giving Donna a big kiss.  By

          the time they came into the dining room, I had dinner on the

          table.  While we ate, the air was electric.  There wasn't

          much conversation, but the sexual tension was running high.


          After dinner, Donna suggested that we play an adult

          board-game.  The game required that each of us perform

          tantilizing acts.  We had spread a blanket on the living

          room floor, and were sitting on it.  Kim took her turn, and

          got a game card that required her to tell Donna her wildest

          fantasy.  Kim leaned over and whispered something into

          Donna's ear, and both ladies began giggling.  Next, it was

          Donna's turn.  She had to remove one article of clothing.

          Donna stood up and removed her dress.  Kim's eyes were

          riveted on Donna's firm body, clad only in her stockings,

          garter and g-string.  I took my turn.  My task was to kiss

          the player to my right, which was Donna.  Her nipples were

          rock-hard by now, and it was obvious that she was getting

          very excited. 


          Kim took her turn, and had to place her hand in my lap for

          the next round of play.  She was a bit hesitant at first,

          but one glance in Donna's direction told her that it was

          o.k.  Kim placed her hand directly over my cock, which by

          now was throbbing.  She smiled at me, and cooed her

          approval.  Donna took her turn, and had to kiss Kim.  Donna

          didn't hesitate, and gave Kim a deep soulful kiss.  While

          they were kissing, Kim gave my cock a squeeze through my

          pants.  Next came my turn, and I had to remove one piece of

          clothing.  I wasted no time pulling off my shirt.  On her

          next turn, Kim had to sit in Donna's lap.  Donna rolled the

          dice, and was required to tell Kim and I what her secret

          fantasy was.  She said that she wanted to make love to both

          of us.   


          I rolled the dice, and took my turn.  My card commanded me

          to kiss Kim.  In spite of the fact that I knew Donna

          wouldn't mind, it still made me feel uncomfortable to kiss

          another woman in front of my wife.  I looked at Donna and

          she was grinning broadly.  Kim was still sitting on Donna's

          lap, so I leaned over and gave Kim a kiss.  It started out

          lightly, but quickly became passionate.  While Kim and I

          were kissing, Donna gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

          With the conclusion of my turn, Kim was allowed to get off

          of Donna's lap, and take her turn.  She had to remove one

          article of clothing, and she chose her dress.  I was shocked

          to see that Kim's body was almost a carbon copy of Donna's.

          I looked at Donna, and it was obvious that she noticed it

          too.  Kim glanced down at her body, and then at Donna.  She

          said; "Wow!  We look like twins!"   


          The sight of these two ladies, one wearing black lingerie

          and the other wearing white, was too much for me.  I

          suggested that we abandon the game, and retire to the

          bedroom.  Both ladies readily agreed, and headed for the

          bedroom.  I volunteered to put the game away, and get us

          another bottle of champagne.  My cock was so hard, that it

          was difficult to walk.  When I got into the bedroom, Donna

          and Kim were locked in an embrace, and were kissing deeply.

          The sight of my wife kissing another woman was very erotic.

          I poured champagne for the three of us, and climbed onto the

          bed with them.  We made ourselves comfortable on the

          waterbed and sipped champagne.  Donna reached over and

          kissed me passionately.  After we broke the kiss, she sat

          back and looked Kim in the eyes.  Kim smiled, then gave me

          an equally deep kiss.  While Kim and I were kissing, Donna

          wrapped her arms around us, and kissed both of us.  Kim and

          I broke our kiss, and she gave Donna a soulful kiss. 


          Watching my wife kiss another woman was very exciting for

          me.  Donna and Kim weren't feeling any pain either.  Their

          hands began exploring each other's body.  It was slow and

          tentative at first, but soon became passionate.  I helped

          both ladies out of their g-strings.  I couldn't believe how

          similar their bodies were.  Except for their faces, you

          would think they were twins.  They pushed me back into the

          center of the bed, and began undressing me.  I was in

          heaven, being stripped by two beautiful, horny women.  I

          thanked my lucky stars for what I knew lay ahead! 


          Kim was on one side of me, and Donna was on the other.  Kim

          began removing my socks and Donna unfastened my pants.  They

          helped me out of my pants.  Kim reached for the elastic band

          of my bikini briefs, and asked, "What do we have here?"

          Donna winked at me, and replied, "Oh, you'll like that!" Kim

          released my straining cock from it's cramped quarters.

          Donna helped Kim slip my underwear off, then grabbed my

          aching cock, and gave it a big kiss.  She ran her tongue

          down the shaft, then back to the engorged head.  Donna

          winked at Kim and asked, "Want a lick?" Kim didn't bother to

          answer, but licked her lips and bent down to suck my cock.

          While Kim was sucking the head of my cock, Donna licked up

          and down the shaft, and teased my balls with her tongue.

          Watching these women devour my cock was absolutely wild.  I

          lay back, closed my eyes and concentrated on the

          overwhelming sensation of two tongues teasing my cock.  I

          had never imagined that anything could feel so damned good. 


          Donna said, "I have to have this inside of me!"  She

          straddled me, and Kim guided my throbbing cock into Donna's

          tight, wet pussy.  Kim lay down next to me, and watched

          Donna riding my cock.  I pulled Kim's face to mine, and

          kissed her passionately.  I broke the kiss, and told her

          that I would love to eat her pussy.  Kim straddled my face,

          so that she was facing Donna.  Just when I thought that I

          had experienced the greatest pleasure known to man, I

          reached a new, and higher level with one sweet, tight pussy

          milking my cock, and my face buried in another.  While the

          ladies rode me, they began kissing and fondling each other's

          breasts.  Again, they remarked at how similar their bodies

          were.  They took turns licking and sucking each other's

          tits.  Their excitement increased dramatically, and both

          began grinding their pussies against me all the more.  It

          didn't take much of this to bring all three of us to orgasm. 


          Donna let my now-flacid cock slip out of her drenched pussy.

          Seeing that my cock was now limp, Kim feigned a pout and

          asked, "Don't I get any?"  With my face still buried in her

          hot snatch, I barely managed to mumble, "As soon as

          possible!"  Donna said, "I know how to get it hard!"  She

          sucked my limp cock into her mouth, and in no time at all, I

          was rising to the occasion.  While Donna was giving me head,

          Kim got off of me, and gave me a very passionate kiss.  That

          did it!  I was rock hard again. Kim straddled my cock, and

          Donna guided me into the hottest pussy I have ever had the

          pleasure to be in.  I couldn't believe it, her body didn't

          feel hot, but her pussy was burning hot.  She felt almost as

          tight as Donna.  Kim began moaning, and said, "Oh, you're so

          big!"  Donna kissed Kim, then trailed kisses down Kim's neck

          to her small, firm tits.  While Donna sucked away, I pulled

          her ass over so that she was straddling my face.  Donna's

          body began quivering as I sucked her clit, and she sucked

          Kim's tits.  Soon, we had our second simultaneous orgasm of

          the evening. 


          The ladies collapsed onto the bed, and I excused myself to

          go get a glass of water.  When I returned, I found Kim and

          Donna locked into the "69" position.  I stood and watched

          these two lovely nymphs lick and suck themselves into a

          blissful oblivion.  Instantly, my cock sprang to life.  I

          asked, "May I have some of that?"  Donna lifted her pretty,

          wet face from Kim's soaking pussy, and replied, "Sure!"  She

          got off of Kim, and sat back.  Kim made room for me on the

          bed, and I slipped between her legs.  I ran my tongue over

          her swollen pussy lips, and gently nibbled her clit.

          Meanwhile, Donna grabbed my cock and began licking it.  Kim

          rolled onto her side, and began licking Donna's pussy.  We

          lay there for the longest time, in our human triangle,

          driving each other into ecstasy.   


          Finally, Kim announced, I want that big cock inside of me,

          now!"  I rolled her over onto her back and placed her legs

          on my shoulders.  My cock slid right into Kim's soaked cunt.

          Donna fingered her pussy a minute, then straddled Kim's

          face, facing me.  As I banged away in Kim, I leaned forward

          and sucked Donna's hard nipples.  Kim was in ecstasy, being

          fucked hard by my ten inch cock, and lapping up Donna's

          flowing cunt juices.  By now, my cock was "in practice" and

          it was a long time before I came.  When I did cum, my cock

          stayed hard, wanting more.  I had Kim get on her knees, so I

          could fuck her "doggie-style".  Donna lay on her back in

          front of Kim, so Kim could continue eating her.  Kim was

          having a hard time keeping her face in Donna's cunt, as I

          pumped her from behind.  Finally, she resigned herself to

          sticking her tongue out, and tongue-fucking Donna as my

          strokes pushed her body forward.  Again, it seemed much

          longer than normal before I had an orgasm. 


          When I did cum, it felt as though my whole body was

          exploding.  I pulled out of Kim, and sat back on my heels.

          Kim collapsed on her belly, half-conscious.  Donna crawled

          across the bed to where I sat.  She looked me in the eyes

          and said, "I love you!"  She glanced down at my half-erect

          cock.  It was glistening with Kim's and my cum.  Without a

          word, Donna gently licked my cock clean.  I motioned toward

          Kim, with her cute little ass up in the air, lost in another

          world of ecstasy.  Donna said, "I love the taste of your cum

          mixed with her's."  She turned so that her back was to me,

          and proceeded to lap up Kim's and my cum from Kim's pussy.

          My cock was just hard enough to slide into Donna's soaked

          pussy.  Knowing that Donna was in heaven, with her face

          buried in Kim's cunt, I fucked her slowly from behind, so as

          to not disrupt her fun.  Watching my beautiful wife lick my

          cum from Kim's pussy, while I slowly slid my cock in and out

          of her, was too much.  Again, I had a powerful orgasm.  I

          was amazed that I was still alive, much less still able to



          Donna's ministrations had aroused Kim to the point that she

          was ready for more cock.  Donna suggested that Kim try out

          the taste of our cum on my half-erect cock.  Little did I

          know that it would be many hours before my cock would get

          completely soft again.  Kim pushed me onto my back.  She lay

          between my legs and sucked my cock into her mouth.  Donna

          excused herself, and went to the bathroom.  I noticed that

          she walked a little "bow-legged" as she left.  Kim started

          out by licking my cock from end to end, then moved down to

          my balls and gently sucked each one into her mouth.  She

          worked her way back up to the head of my cock, kissed it,

          and stopped.  Kim gave me a evil look, and then plunged my

          cock deep into her throat.  My cock was buried to the hilt

          in her throat.  Kim began fucking my cock with her throat,

          sucking very hard at the same time.  My eyes rolled up in my

          head, and in spite of the fact that I had aleady had five

          previous orgasms, I came again.  Kim swallowed my cum, and

          kept on sucking.  My cock stayed hard! 


          By then, Donna had returned from the bathroom, where she had

          douched herself.  She stood at the foot of the bed and

          fingered herself as she watched Kim sucking my cock.  She

          reached into her dresser drawer, and pulled out her

          vibrator.  Kim straddled my cock, so that her back was to

          me.  She bounced up and down on my cock, while we both

          watched Donna masturbate.  Donna was getting worked up

          watching Kim and I fuck, as well as enjoying putting on a

          show for us.  Donna climbed onto the bed, and let Kim lick

          her juices off of the vibrator.  Kim took the vibrator, and

          began fucking Donna with it, without missing a stroke on my

          cock.  Donna wrapped her arms around Kim and kissed her

          deeply.  Kim's pussy felt like a vise gripping my cock.  I

          squeezed her ass-cheeks while she bounced like a bucking

          bronco on my cock.  Soon I came for the seventh time.  By

          now, I was weak and famished, to say the very least!  I

          suggested that we get something to eat.  The ladies agreed. 


          We went into the kitchen to see what we could scrounge up.

          We decided on steak and eggs.  I began cooking the steak

          while Donna began making coffee.  Kim excused herself to the

          bathroom, to follow Donna's idea of a douche.  While she was

          gone, Donna finished getting the coffee-maker ready, and

          walked up to me from behind.  She hugged me, and whispered

          in my ear, "I love you.  Thank you."  I turned to face her,

          and said the same to her.  I had thought that I knew my wife

          pretty well, until this night.  I had never guessed that she

          was such a wild woman.  I looked at her with new eyes.  I

          couldn't help but think what a lucky man I was.  Never in my

          wildest dreams......!! 


          Kim came out of the bathroom all refreshed, and helped Donna

          and I prepare our breakfast.  It was 3:30am.  During this

          meal, there was a lot of conversation.  Nothing earthshaking,

          just idle chatter.  After finishing our meal, we decided to

          go to bed, to sleep.  When we snuggled together under the

          blankets, we had every intention of actually going to sleep.

          The feeling of closeness between us extended beyond the

          physical.  The three of us laying there together, with me

          laying between the ladies, felt so good.  Before you know

          it, our passions were rising again.  Soon we were making

          love, all over again.  Three orgasm's later, Kim and Donna

          collapsed in satiated exhaustion.  Unbelieveably, I was

          still ready for more.  I had had a grand total of ten

          orgasms during the evening.  I lay there between these

          beautiful women, and watched the sun rise.  I gradually

          dozed off into a deep, deep sleep.  I slept with a huge grin

          plastered across my face.   



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